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420 - by Byhdm303lj - A mother and her lesbian lover try to help her son solve a small problem with his sex life. (FF/M-teen, inc, underage, oral, intr)

A Beautiful Woman Is The Best - by Anon - A single mom comes home early from a date to find her daughter and some of her friends in a compromising condition. (F/FFF-teens, 1st-lesbian-expr)

A Christmas Present - by Kathy W - The author is telling the store (or part of the story) about her first lesbian experience with a friend. It's pretty much about "shaving" any actual sexual contact is left up to the reader's imagination. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, rom, true)

A Family Affair: The Trilogy - by Art S Healing - A young exhibitionist girl describes her recent past at the hands of her perverted family and how she finds out that showing off can yield some unusual benefits in her house. (MFbg, extreme-ped, bi, inc, exh, voy, 1st, mast, oral, anal, ws) Part 2 - Part 3

After The Match - by Marky92 - When Phil invites the gang over after the Leeds/Chelsea match his bird, Nicole, suggests that she invite her friend Lisa to come over to make a "party" of it. (M+/FF, oral, anal, orgy, alcohol)

Alana Does Dallas - by Holden Magroin - My beautiful wife makes me her willing cuckold again as we spend a wild three days in Dallas. I get to watch her as she finds several well hung men to give her pleasure. (MMF, bi, oral, wife, husb-voy, cuck swingers, cream-pie, size) Part 2 - Part 3

Alicia Silverstone: Gangrape - by CrushAJ - Alicia Silverstone is drugged and spirited away from a boring party, only to be subjected to a gangrape. (Mm+/F, nc, rp, beast, oral, anal, intr, celeb-parody)

Andrew James Wellington III, Esq. - by Sirbosk1 - A rich under endowed Philly Lawyer date-rapes a young virgin, then marries her to silence her and later tries to destroy her when she finds out his "normal" cock, isn't. She gets some help from an old college girlfriend to turn the tables on him. (MF, FFdom/M, nc, oral, anal, voy, bd, huml, toys)

An Intimate Recollection - by Xavier - A teenage boy moves to a quiet suburb in Somerset England and falls in with a group of boys and girls. He wants to fit in and soon finds a way to do so. (MF, MM-1st-gay-expr, teens, youths, mast, oral, exh)

Ann's Secret Room - by Anon - A beautiful Eurasian wife finds sex routine and very unsatisfying, until one day she has an affair, and then suddenly her husband begins to surprise her. (MF, wife, cheat, asian)

Anything - by Fenris KW - An affair lights up when to past coworkers meet while on the road for their separate companies. What she didn't know was that he was an expert in "delayed orgasms" he had the ability to keep a woman at her peek for as long as he wanted. (MF, affair, work)

A Picnic To Remember - by Anon - A couple like picnics and they also like to take risks in public. (MF, exh, public)

Aquatic Delights - by The Coffeed00d - A couple live out a mutual fantasy. Having sex underwater. (MF)

Artist, The - by Paris Waterman - A story about spontaneous sex between to strangers. (MF)

Aunt Sandy's Family - by Uncle Mike - I can tell you the exact moment my life changed for the better. It was when the shower door opened. (F/m-teen, 1st, inc)

Betrayal - by Art S Healing - A quick, heart-filled tale of what happens when a brutal father returns home from prison to find out that he has a daughter of which he was not aware. (Mg, ped, inc, extreme, nc, rp, 1st, v)

Bill-The-Traitor Dot Com - by Sirbosk1 - Bill, a gambling addict, tries to cheat his best friends, his former construction crew, and gets caught. They punish him and take their revenge by sexually humiliating him publicly. His bookie and his most important client, a gay man and president of a private BDSM club, discover Bill's dilemma and take advantage. Trying to back out of his services to the ruthless client and bookie, he tries to blackmail his family and they fix Bill's problem, permanently.(MM, nc, v, 1st, oral, anal, exh, tor, bd, blkmail, cast)

Birthday Party - by Losgud - A guy and his wife plan a romantic weekend together when his sister stops by and changes everyone's plans in a big way. (MFF, bi, inc, mast, oral, threesome, humor)

Breaking Him In - by Sturgeon - Terry felt himself an observer, a passive camera eye. She undid the buttons on his fly and stroked his limp penis and his balls. His reluctance was irrelevant - the realization of this clanged in his mind - and he reacted fearfully. He tried to pull away; he tried to push her off. She plunged her hand under his underwear and gripped his balls. He heard himself let out a whimper of protest. (Fdom/M, d/s, control, huml, v)

Coins: Cheryl: Two Times - by H.D. Meister - A confirmed lesbian's point of view, how she switched from men to women and never looked back. (FFF, toys, 1st-lesbian-expr, alcohol)

Boarder In The Loft - by Phil Phantom - The Smedleys become a decadent lot in a very short time, but that is bound to happen when you combine need, greed, money, four pussies, three dicks, and a dog under one roof. (M+/F-teens, inc, bi, mast, oral, anal, beast)

Breeding Bitch - by Anon - Janice seeks revenge on Carol for trying to seduce her boyfriend. So when her German Shepherd starts sniffing at Carol and then becomes sexually aggressive with her, Janice lets what happens, happen, offering no help whatsoever. (F/beast, nc, rp, voy)

Brenda Escapes Her Protectors To The Mountains - by LaPetiteMort - Ten year old Brenda is "saved" by a near hermit when her escape from the foster care system runs into trouble. (MMg, extreme-ped, oral, rom)

Camille's Indecent Proposal - by Blacklace - I caressed the pain as I did his cock. Needless to say, we never made it to the bath tub. My ass was raw and welted by the time he came in a gush in my mouth. I lapped up every drop of his cum like a suckling babe. He then probed my cunt to explore my piercings. I had been denied for so long it was hard to keep from cumming the instant he touched me but I knew better. And shortly Master was hard again and he penetrated me deeper and harder then I had ever been. (MF, d/s, s/m, toys, exh, beast)

Camping With Daddy - by CalOfThWlf - A father loses control when his daughter strips naked before him in preparation to washing in a hot springs while they are on a camping trip. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, cons)

Catching Amy - by El Guaton - A guy helps his lesbian friend experience a little hetero sex. (MF, oral, 1st-straight-expr)

Cat House - by Rosemerry - This is a zoo story, but has absolutely no bestiality. It's a story I wrote for a friend of mine as a possible fantasy of what might happen if we got together, so it's pretty damn revealing, all told. Yes, I have her permission to post it. (FF, public)

Champagne and Trains: New Year's Eve - by Bernadette - Two people find each other merely by chance on New Year's Eve. (MF, strangers, rom)

Cleave It To Beaver - by MrNatural - June Cleaver - in the erotic parody of the 1950 TV sitcom - finds Eddie Haskell, amazingly attractive. (F/m-teen, ped, mast, size, tv-parody)

Closing Up The Cottage - by Losgud - Older brother gets roped in to helping his younger sister clean up a rental house, more a cottage really. He wished he'd kept his mouth shut when he finds out what a big job it was going to be. But in the end, his sister makes it all worthwhile. (MF, inc, cons)

Cock Slave - by Imma Scared - A teenage girl who grows up with an alcoholic mother fending off her pervert boyfriends finally gets introduced to sex the hard way. (M+/f-teen, underage, nc, rp, anal, gb)

Coma - by SupMario - A guy wakes from a three year long coma only to find that his sister has been his caregiver; in every way. (MF, inc)

Coming Clean With Cassie - by Rick O - A guy explains why his new girlfriend makes him hard. (MF, oral, mouth soaping)

Corncobbed Hitchhiker - by Perfect 9 - Out in farm country, a man offers roadside assistance to a woman with a broken down car. Only he's a psychopath and takes her into a field to torture her. (MMF, nc, rp, extreme-anal, v, tort)

Creampie Eater - by Creampie Eater - A man shares his woman with another man and watches as he takes her. (MMF, oral, swing, creampie, voy)

Dancer - by Oscar - A pretty woman has an unnatural talent for dance and decides to use her talent to please men. (MF, exh, oral)

Darkness In Exactly Nowhere, Iowa - by Oscar - A couple experience a bisexual threesome because of the woman's infidelity. Not all that unpleasantly as it turns out. (MMF, bi)

Date Night - by Karen Kay - A true story about a white wife who loves to date black men. Follow along as she tells her story which results in an interracial pregnancy. (MF, wife, intr, hush-voy, cuck, preg)

Day Job - by Katie McN - A Hollywood power broker, gets all the breaks. (MFFF, reluc, humor)

Debra Begs For It - by Anon - A couple's car breaks down in the country and a good Samaritan stops to help. Only thing is this good Samaritan was the one who had fixed the car to break down in the first place. (MF, reluc, husb-voy, cuck)

Debra's Peeping Tom - by Will Cape Brown - A wife catches the neighbor boy jacking off outside her bedroom window. (F/m-teen, underage, voy, mast, cheating wife)

Debt, The - by Karen Kay - A gorgeous blonde housewife is forced to pay back her husband's gambling debt by spending a weekend at a black bikers club. (M+/F, nc, voy, intr, bd)

Delivery Surprise - by Showife - I play a little trick on my hot looking wife Samantha, with the pizza delivery man. (MF, wife-exh, husb-voy)

Derrick Gets A Father - by Mwriter65 - Derrick, an orphan who is struggling with his sexuality, runs away from his foster home looking for a new life. Unfortunately he runs into the wrong man. (Mm-teen, underage, nc, bd)

Detour In Chicago - by Otzchiim - Two government employees take a business trip and since one is a male and the other is a female, it only stands to reason that there would be a little buddy-fucking while on the road. Right? (MF, affair, job)

Didi On The Cross - by Tarquinius Rex - The emperor's soldiers have satisfied their brutal fill of your flesh. It seems as if almost every orifice of your body has been explored and reamed, then pumped full of their unwanted semen during the night. A soldier unties you from the wooden bench where you spent the night, bent over for their enjoyment. (M+/F, nc, rp, tor, oral, anal, gb, sn)

Dinner Show - by Showife - My with Samantha and I attend a big ballroom dinner at a convention. The only twist is that I talk my lovely wife into wearing a very shear white blouse with no bra. That blouse was so sheer that you could see her tan-lines, not to mention her sweet nipples. (wife-exh, husb-voy, public-exh)

Divorce Rape - by Ponera - A short story about a man and his corpse. (MF, nec)

Dressing Room Show - by Showife - A trip to the mall offers me the opportunity to show my wife off to other men. What can I say, I'm proud of Samantha's body and I like to let other guys see what I have all to myself. (F-exh, wife)

Eddie And His Sisters - by Emerson Laken-Palmer - The main focus of my life, at thirteen, wasn't alcohol or movies or cigarettes though. I could get those things. It was pussy. (mf-teens, inc, mast, oral, youths, voy)

Eight O'clock Class - by OddManOut - A college student likes to feel-up the sleepy girl sitting next to him in class. (MF, sleepy)

Equestrian Centre, The - by Spiney Norman - An 40-year-old male employee at the Equestrian Centre strikes up a relationship with the owner, and then the owner's 17-year-old daughter. (M+/f-teen, 1st, mast, oral, anal)

Family Fun - by Twiggy - Mom, Dad and their 15-year-old daughter have a threesome. (MF/f-teen, underage, inc, orgy)

Family Peepers - by Anon - This perverted family would all end up in jail in the real world, but in this virtual world they all have great fun fucking and sucking their way through life. (MFmf, family-inc, bi, voy, exh, mast, oral, anal, orgy)

Faster & Bollocks - by 12Monkeys - A snapshot in the life of a typical suburban couple. (F/M-teen, M/F-teen, oral, anal-play, cheat)

Feed The Night - by Brother Cadfael - A female vampire seduces a young stripper, but when she learns of her Sire's wish to eradicate all his progeny, the stripper may become more than just sustenance. She may be her savior. (FF, fantasy, rom)

First Love - by Anon - A poignant coming of age story and love story wrapped into one. Well written and sexy story about teenage lovers and life in general. Because of the length of the story it has been split into two books. (mf-teens, youths, 1st, rom) Part 2

First Time Ball Bashing - by Sturgeon - Three different women's experiences with ball busting. (Fdom/M, v)

"F" Is For Face - by Dulcinea - A couple tease each other. (MF, facial, rom)

Flying My Cessna - Skybird - This is a true story about a flight that I took in my Cessna. It's a great fun way to meet people. If you liked this story I have some great "Mile High" stories too. (MMF, oral-bi, threesome)

Football Match, The - by Marky92 - A bloke brings his pretty neighbour to a football match and is amply rewarded for his kindness. (MF, public places)

Freeway Show - by Showife - My wife Samantha loses a bet and has to pay up by standing on an overpass for 10minutes totally naked for all the world to see. (F-exh, wife, public)

Friends And Neighbors - by Jeff - Two neighbor's go shopping together to relieve some stress. (FFM, voy)

Garden, The - by Monocle - A young bored bride, is seduced into much more than petting in a secluded garden. (MF, reluc, cheat, rom, preg)

Gee Spot Run - by Sue - Neighbors bump into each other in the park and a conversation ensues. What they talk about and where that leads is the subject of this story. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, mast)

Giftwrapped - by Ny - What would you do if you found a pretty young woman tied up and stashed in your dorm room closet? (MF, bbw, bd, rom)

Girl Who Woke Up With A Hard-On - by Anon - A girl is forced by her boyfriend to give him head. Then the next day something strange happens and she soon understands why he did what he did when she began to want the same thing done to her. (MF-teens, FF, nc, oral, inc, tg, fantasy)

Good Vibes From A Big Brother - by Wayne Gibbous - A thoughtful birthday present from Ben for his sister's fourteenth birthday reaps a world of pleasurable rewards. (mf-teens, cpls, youths, 1st, mast, oral, inc)

Grandma's Window - by Schulzie - A teenage boy strays in his grandmother's apartment to take care of the place while she in the hospital and ends up giving special shows for some teenage girls from the apartment building. (F-teens-voy, M-teen-exh, solo-mast)

Her Little Sister - by Wood2Chuck - Allison with her angelic face, her compact young athlete's body, her high, soft breasts, her long, luscious legs and a light growth of neatly-trimmed hair on her pussy. Her mother longer and leaner, despite her more womanly shape, her body also firm and trim, her tits small and fine, drooping only slightly despite her age. And her glistening bare pussy. She certainly had nothing to be ashamed of, sitting beside her naked teenage daughter. They were both lovely, and I wondered how I got to be so lucky. (MFf-teen, inc, bi, underage, mast, oral, anal)

Her Name Was Yuki - Richard Rivers - Leaving her home, her school and her team to come to America had been difficult for her. The few friends she had were all still there, and she knew that by coming to America her volleyball skills could do nothing but get worse. She also told me that she had never been to a coed school before. Her girlfriends back home had teased and scared her with their stories about America, and in particular, American boys. (MF-teens, M-teen/F-adult, asian, volleyball, rom)

He Sells Me - by TxEric - I was in shock. I was to be sold as a whore. I would have to fuck anyone who paid the price to my husband. (Mdom/F, nc, wife, intr, bd, d/s, anal, ws)

High Jacking - by Lisa Rains - A hot wife enjoys a sexy, big-dicked stranger on a red-eye flight, playing with his cock and sharing him with a fun-loving flight attendant, while her husband sits, unaware, just five rows from the action. (FFM, mast, voy, swinger, size, rom)

Hot Summer Night - by Ann Douglas - The building superintendent dies in a car accident, which brings the tenants together to reminisce. (MF, bi, cheat)

Housewife Transformation - by KarenKay - Jim always wanted to see his lovely blonde wife screw another man. He finally gets his wish when he has to setup a meeting for a black client who wants Jim to find him a white woman "Based On A True Story". (MF, intr, wife, husb-voy, rom)

Incident In The Parking Garage - by Anon - A tired female attorney leaves the office late with nothing but work on her mind. That is, until she enters the building's parking garage. (MF, nc, rp, v, oral, anal)

Interview With R - by Slim n' Dusty - 'R' is a woman who has always been fascinated by death and corpses. After suffering sexual harassment from older boys at the age of 7, she was ostracized by her own school and community, which failed to address the traumatic experience. Her successes in both academic studies and in sport, made her peers jealous, whilst her non-conformism led to further isolation. (MF, nc, mast, nec)

Introduced To Black - by KarenKay - Jack, who is the husband of my good friend Chrissy, told me this story about how his wife had her first black cock. (MF, exh, voy, 1st-swing, intr)

Invisible Girlfriend - by DevoSpudC - The Lakota had a legend about what they called 'storm spirits;' unseen beings that would appear during thunderstorms and play tricks on the unwary. A guy staying at his grandfather's farm for a while, experiences one of these supernatural beings. (MF, sci-fi)

I Was A Teenage Sorceress - by J R D - A convoluted story about a teenage boy with special powers and the love in his life. Call this story "Strange" would be an understatement. (m/tg, rom, bd, fantasy)

Jack's Wife - by The Lizard King - This one is hard to categorize other than to say it's truly weird and yes, perverted. It all starts when a husband comes home to catch his wife under a big black man being plowed. (MMF, nc, v, tor, intr, oral, anal, huml, sn)

Jealousy - by Friar Dave - A man has an obsession for a pretty Latina woman, that burns whit hot when he finds out that she was once a pre-teen porn star and then they opportunity to see some of her videos together. (MF, ped, exh, beast, latina)

Jenny - by Ian - A young teenager is talked into doing some modeling by her friend, only to find out that there is more to it all than just posing for pictures. (M/f-teen, underage, 1st, ff-bi, drugs, anal)

Jodie Meets The Arkansas Black Snake - by Arc Light - Black construction crews with ulterior motives. Work around with folks houses and when possible compromise and control the white wives in their home while their husbands were at work, then blackmail them and rob them, but above all, fuck them white women into submission. (M+/F, nc, rp, mc, intr, wife, racist)

Josie - by Lynduke - A well intentioned woman knows unique ways to make young boys feel better and less homesick when away at school. (FFmb, extreme-ped, oral, mast)

Julie's Adventure - by Anon - A horny woman on the way to visit her boyfriend for a weekend of sex meets another woman and invites her to come along. (MFF, oral, bi, threesome)

Just Do It - by Zombie Nights - Several girls at college had sucked Mark's cock and two of the women teachers there had sucked him off quite frequently. And right there in his neighborhood, several married women, two of them his mother's very close friends, had sucked his cock. But his mother could put them all to shame. Whenever she blew him, which was pretty often, he knew beyond any doubt that he'd been worked over by the very best. (MF, inc, mast, oral, anal, voy, bd)

Katrina And Her Daddy - by Que? - A father steps over the line for just a couple of moments, with his 12-year-old daughter. (Mg, ped, mast, inc)

Ken's Christmas - by The Lovers - A girlfriend get's her pussy shaved for her boyfriend. (MF, shaved, true)

Kimberly - by Oyster50 - Tim's got a new job and a new apartment. He meets Kimberly, a gifted sixteen year old who's living with her lesbian aunt. Kimberly finds a friend, then more, and Tim finds a lover, and then much more. (MF/f-teen, underage, 1st, bi, oral, rom)

Kimberly's Humiliating Medical Seminar - by Nightarcher - A young college coed rear ends an expensive car. She doesn't have insurance and has to agree to "help" a medical merchandise sales executive with an upcoming seminar he is performing. (MF, reluc, exh, huml)

Lactation And You - by Cacheout - Husband treats his wife to some kinky fun at an x-rated book store. (FMM, wife, lac, oral, bi, glory, fetish)

Lakeview High - by Alli Cain - Marty, a geeky boy, finds popularity and acceptance when he cross-dress's as Mary. (MF-teens, bi, oral, cd)

Leonardo DiCaprio: Oscar Nominee - by Harm VanLang - On an invitation of the Veronica-network I was allowed to join their film crew at the Oscars. I was going to stay in the same hotel as all the major movie stars. What a chance to meet all those super hunks like Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio. For months now I'd been dreaming about meeting Leonardo, I'd had the wildest fantasies. (MM, oral, anal, celeb-parody)

Lifetime Of Guilt - by LaPetiteMort - An outcast at 16, Craig knew he could never disclose his secret. Now pushing 50, success, money and the internet had changed his attitudes. Chloe would change his life. (Mg, extreme-ped, 1st, oral) Part 2

Loft Insulation Crew, The - by Anon - I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, and have shown off my body from time to time. Actually that's how I met my husband. But this episode in my life was something that I probably shouldn't repeat, I mean, I could have been gang-raped, I guess I was lucky I wasn't. (M+/F, voy, exh, asian)

Lunch For Three - by Myschief - A romantic sexual encounter at the office. (MF, rom)

Lunch Hour Express - by Kansica - A man stops to help a young woman with a flat tire and ends up having oral sex with her in a gas station restroom. He thinks she's 17 and is worried that she's underage, but if her knew that she was really 14, he'd shit a brick. (M/f-teen, underage, public, oral)

Lunch Will Never Be The Same - by Monk - A normal guy turns voyeur by force. (Mg, extreme-ped, mast, voy)

Madonna's Big Day - by Chaos - Madonna has a memorable flight with horny passengers and crew. (MF, FF+, oral, anal, sluts, intr, size, celeb-parody)

Mandie And Girl Scout Camp - by Mandief29 - Mandie is a model student and a closeted lesbian with kinky interests. Concerned for her happiness, her parents find a place that would help their daughter find acceptance. (ff-teens, inc, scat)

Mass Transit - by Brother Cadfael - During her morning mass-transit commute, a young girl shares an intimate and arousing moment with a stranger. (MF, flirting, public)

Masturbation - by Eringobra - A boy finds out what an orgasm is all about for the very first time. (m-solo, mast)

Melani's Birthday - by Tunefulbob - A beautiful bisexual woman, agrees to share her well-endowed boyfriend with her young girlfriend and protégé. (FFM, FF, size, threesome)

Merciful Breeding - by Tannim - A night of swimming, turns into a lot more for Mercy. (Mg, extreme-ped, 1st, oral, beast, sci-fi)

Mick's Reward - by Anon - A psychopath likes to prey on women. This is a story about one of his adventures. (MF, nc, voy, sn)

Mom - by Yoni - It has all started with the renovation of mom's bedroom when I was fifteen. She had to spend two nights with me, in my bed. Wow! And the two nights turned into a lifetime, even more WOW! (F/m-teen, inc, reluc, mast, oral, preg)

Moriyama Sisters, The - by Gordie D - A Japanese woman and her two teenage daughters strike a friendship with an American and they end up becoming a threesome. (M/FF-teens, FF-teens, MF, inc, underage, oral, intr, asian)

Motel Show - by Showife - We were staying overnight at a motel on our way home from Florida. It was a college town and I was woken in the night by the noise outside our room. (wife-exh, nc, voy, mast)

Mouth - by Deirdre - A guy's girlfriend sucks another guy's cock while everyone watches, making him pretty much a cuckold. (MF, oral, cheat, voy)

Movie Show - by Showife - Sam and I go to a movie so we can cuddle in the dark, only to attract a couple of young admirers. (MF, wife, exh, mast, teens-voy)

My Aunt's Hot Box - by Studs Manly - A guy has an affair with his uncle's wife, Aunt Peggy. (MF, cheat, affair)

My Brilliant Hitchhiker - by Marc Proust - Marc, a post graduate on the way to a meeting down state to an important meeting, stops to pick up a woman hitch hiking, only to discover that she's a natural submissive. Only things don't turn out as expected. (MF, mast, oral, anal, light dom)

My Dad - by Racer-X - An Only daughter lets her sexual fantasies come to life. (M/Ff-teen, ped, inc, bi, con, preg?)

My Dad, My Pimp - by PRose1222 - His parents catch a teenage boy cross-dressing and their solution to the problem is to make his body conform to his choice of clothing. Since the family make the money by prostituting the daughter, now they had another child they could offer gay johns. (Mm-teen, underage, 1st-gay-expr, inc, cd, tg, huml, prost)

My Favourite Memory - by Sophie - After I had such wonderful feedback from my previous story, 'Sophie's Story', I decided to write another story, based entirely on one of my most prevalent sexual memories. (MMg, ped, nc, rp, inc)

My Girlfriend And I - by Anon - A fuck-buddy story; when a guy's girlfriend goes out with another gay, her boyfriend contents himself with his friend Kate. (MF, cheat)

My Girlfriend Ricki - by Anon - Ricki takes up with other men at her boyfriend's urging. All he wants is a blow by blow account of her escapades. But soon he wants to watch and their plans adjust to accommodate him. (MMMF, slut, oral, anal, voy, orgy)

My Night With Marilyn - by Aquamarine77 - A story about a guy remembering an encounter he had with the goddess of the silver screen, Marilyn Monroe. (MF, oral, anal, celeb-parody)

My Sexy Wife - by LD - A husband talks his wife into a swinger life-style that progresses into giving sex for money to complete strangers. All four parts of this story are included below. (M+/F, wife-exh, husb-voy, gb, intr, oral, anal, orgy, prost)

My Sister In The Mornings - by Anon - Brother sleeps naked during hot summer nights. Then he wonders if his sister does the same. (mf-teens, inc, 1st, youths, mast, oral, voy)

My True Story - by John Zipper - Growing up with exhibitionist tendencies can be fun and arousing, but you can also get into trouble if you're not careful. (mf-teens, mm-bi, exh, mast, oral)

My Wife Tina - by Anon - A guy talks his hot and horny wife into crossing the line in a big way. (M+/F, wife-exh, husb-voy, gb, intr, preg)

New Secretary, The - by David Rogers - Men think they are in control, but sometimes events prove otherwise as in the case in this story where two well endowed ladies take advantage an unsuspecting male's genatillia. (FFM, light dom, threesome)

Nina - by Oyster50 - One day a single guy goes to the park and meets a pretty, bright teenage girl. She's different, and he's single, and things just workout for them. A friendship turns to love. (M/f-teen, underage, 1st, oral, rom)

Occupation - by Wollstonecraft - A man let's his wife be taken by a soldier who is staying with them for a brief time, against her will. (MF, wife, nc, rp, voy, intr, preg)

Other - by Tom - A man is mysteriously transported back to his childhood, with the full knowledge of a 45 year old adult. (bbg, youths, bi, 1st, sci-fi)

Phil's Web Cam Mistake - by Sirbosk1 - One day on one of his many trips, Phil met and was seduced by a Dominant male and thereafter served his Master via his web cam until his submission is discovered by the one person he least wanted to know about his service. (MFM, MM-bi, reluc, oral, anal-play, voy, cream-pie)

Pictures Of My Wife - by Hotcouple - My wife's longtime friend has asked multiple times for nude pictures of her. We finally decide to not only give him some, but let him be in them with her as they're being taken. This is a true story. (MMF, wife, mast, exh, voy, bd, swingers)

Pills - by Karen Albright - A guy who likes to cross-dress but knows he can't "pass" in public takes a pill. (MM/M, oral, tg, cd, prost, fant)

The Pink Bow - by Ink - A man who should know better is seduced by a child that shouldn't know how. (Mg, ped, 1st)

Playing Doctor - by Art Montage - A doctor finds he must give a patient a physical after hours and that he really ends up enjoying the experience. (MF, intr, asian, oral, sex)

Playing With Two - by Little Flirt - I have been reading the newsgroups for years, and one of the more interesting fantasies this has generated in me. And, I think, my husband. My fantasy is that of basking in the joint attentions of two randy young men. This is the story of how I finally got to realize the pleasures of two men. (MMF, wife, oral)

Primal Duty - by Monocle - A cult called the Primal Man capture women they have stalked over time and decided would be right for their needs. Once captured dozens of men use her in a breeding ceremony to insure her pregnancy. (M+/F, nc, bd, gb, preg)

Punjabi Suit - by Yoni - This story is an attempt to imitate the inimitable style of Bhuralund: My wife and I entertain two Irish friends. They take a fancy to my wife's Punjabi suit and offer to buy it off her body. We had a lot of fun and we made a lot of money. (MMF, wife, oral, anal, cuck, orgy)

Quickie 1 - by Gooble Greyhammer - A moment in the life of a teenage computer programmer's sex-life. (MF-teens, underage, fist, oral)

Quickie 2 - by Gooble Greyhammer - Another moment in time of a computer programmer's sex life. (MF-teens, underage, oral, affair)

Rent Day - by KY Jelly - A man's experience during the hippie era, back in the day. (MFM, FF-MM-bi, mast, oral, anal, orgy)

Risks Of Playing Doctor - by Nick - Two young friends play doctor with each other behind the babysitter's back. (bg, youths, anal-play)

Room With A View - by Anon - In an alternate world, a son comes home after being away for a few months, only to be seduced by his mother and sister, poolside. (MFF, inc, oral)

Rubber Doll - by Gnjal - Jessica becomes a sweet orgasmic rubber doll for friends and coworkers to play with, over and over again. (MF, bi, latex, toys)

Samantha And Her Daddy - by CalOfThWlf - A father is caught jacking off to porno by his nine year old daughter and the inevitable pedophile act ensues. (Mg, extreme-ped, inc, 1st, oral)

Sandra The Swinger - by Norm - Sandra and her husband decide to pep up their love lives by swinging with another couple. Unfortunately for Sandra the couple's dog joins in. (MF-cpls, 1st-beast-expr, bd, swing)

Sarah Chalke's Lesbian Encounter - by PSGJLS - Sarah Chalke has her first lesbian experience with a guest star on the set of Scrubs. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, oral, celeb-parody)

Seducing Jennifer - Karen Kay - Mark always dreamed of seeing his gorgeous wife Jennifer seduced and screwed by another man. His dream comes true when his black neighbor finds out and decides to make it happen. (MF, exh, mast, intr, rom, fantasy)

Seventh Grade Lovers - by AB-2010 - Two teenage girls find an easy and pleasurable way to control their urge to "go too far" with their boyfriends. (FF-teens, 1st-lesbian-exp, oral)

Sex In His Tent - by Glossy - A story about a foot-loose, fancy-free woman who doesn't even make her one night stand wear a condom. (MF, seduction)

Sharon's All Tied Up - by Sharon Sweet - Two girlfriends Kellie and Sharon have a threesome with Kellie's husband. (FF, MFF, bi, forced oral, bd)

She Invited Me To Fuck Her Over The Net - by Lysander - A man with an unusual ability to control minds, but when he finds that he can manipulate inanimate objects, like computer porn on his computer screen, well, that is really unusual. (MF, mc, humor)

She Wins - by Zturgeon - A guy becomes involved with a woman with a really dominate personality and soon begins to regret it, but is sexually intimidated and intrigued at the same time. (Fdom/M, MM-bi, reluc, oral, anal, huml, v)

Shower Buddies - by Stone Wolf - A mishap in the coed showers. (MF, exh, no-sex)

Showing Her Off To His Colleague - by Anon - Husband talks his pretty wife into exhibitionism, that culminates in a live show for a business colleague. (MMF, exh, wife)

Showing Her Off To My Friends - by Big-R - A guy likes showing off his voluptuous girlfriend to other guys. This urge ends up getting a little out of control when he talks her into it with one of his coworkers. (MM/F, FF, oral, exh)

Sister Sleeping - by Wayne Gibbous - My sister has a nice nap after having some fun and it leads to much more fun for the two of us. (mf-teens, cpls, youths, inc, 1st, mast, oral)

Six Letter Word - by DrSpin - A guy's wife dosen't like to lose and when she does, she'll do anything it takes to get another chance to even the score. Anything. (MF, cpls, swap, swing)

Skinny Dipping With My Maiden Aunt - by Day Dreamer - A Story of Sexual Discovery: A 15-year-old boy is sent to live with his grandfather and his aunt. Things are definitely different there than they were at home, starting with the expectation that he would be sharing a bed with his Aunt Sue. (F/m-teen, underage, inc)

Skirt - by Lord Malinov - Buying clothes can be fun with the right people around. What would you do if you heard nefarious sounds coming from the next changing room over? (MF)

Slave Trade - by Anon - They'd always talked about it, about her being used by a group of strong, strapping black studs. Her being their Cum Dump. And they'd both loved it. The feeling she had of being used and abused all night long and their visits every few days for more of her hot cunt. The weekends she stayed overnight at one of their homes, her husband Len, back at their house waiting for her to return, to tell him about her weekend orgies. (M+/F, nc, rp, oral, anal, bd, intr, drugs, prost, preg)

Sleeping Tyrant Inn - by Caesar - A sexual encounter in a long ago time at a country inn. (MF, hist, affair, rom)

Sleepy Time Fun - by Birdman - PART ONE: Our pretty daughter likes to sleep with us. (MF/f-teen, inc, ped)

Slutty Marriage - by HamburgerJone - A husband lets his wife act out her wildest fantasies with strange men. (M+/F, wife-exh, husb-voy, cuck, oral, anal, orgy)

Snow Angels - by Saucy Wench - Two young women caring for one of their parent's mountain cabin and through a series of mistakes, they are locked out in the cold, totally naked. They have to make a plan, or freeze to death. (FF, exh, public)

Someone Was Watching - by LaPetiteMort - Salina and her two daughters were hiding out in a rented cabin in the mountains. She felt "Someone Was Watching." Maybe her hermit-like, mysterious neighbor could help. Then more bad news came, her crazed ex beat their address out of her sister and would soon be on his way to kill them all. (FFM, mast, oral, rom, cum-control, voy)

Spanked And Humiliated - by J.O. Writer - Children in the Cash household are disciplined by their parents a little differently than in most homes. (MF/mf-teens nc, underage, huml, spank, inc, enema, f-voy, scat)

Step by Step - by Anon - A teenage girl who is used to cock-teasing the boys in her classes, finds that it is a mistake doing it to the new teacher. (M/F-teen, nc, rp, oral, anal, v)

Struggle - by Perfect 9 - A woman is brutally and passionately raped by a stranger. So passionately in fact, that she starts to enjoy it. (MF, nc, rp, v, ws)

Swimsuit - by Mike Hunt - A man cheats with a co-worker of his wife. It all started with the fact that his wife didn't want to wear a swimsuit she'd bought and his offer to let her colleague have it at half price. But of course she would have to try it on to see if it fit. Right? (MF, husband-cheat, oral)

Tammy Meets Arnold - by Corn53 - A woman from out of town gets paid money to be really nasty at a party. (MF, alcohol, exh, beast)

Teacher's Conference - by Ann Douglas - A young teacher gets so drunk at a conference that she wakes up in a strange room, with a saved pussy. (FF, d/s)

Teacher's Pet - by Eli the Bearded - A female teacher helps her young female student get in touch with her feelings by molesting her after class. (Ff-teen, ped)

Teacher's Summer Sex School - by James Wellington - As a junior high school teacher I'm constantly surrounded by young girls who are just entering their teens and beginning to bloom into nubile young females. Their bodies suddenly become less flat and skinny and more round and full, and they seem much more physically aware of themselves and the effect they can have not only on boys their own age, but grown men, too. (M/mf-teens, underage, 1st, mast, oral, anal, inc, orgies)

Teaching Trish - by Beatmeat - Young Trish gets caught smoking a joint and is sent to the Principal's Office where she'll learn a lesson sure to stick. (M/f-teen, ped, nc, 1st, spank, school, drugs)

Teen Tit Fuck Sluts: A Road Trip - by Captain Atom - A story about the start of a road trip taken the summer before jobs have to be found and life has to become serious. Two guys have the time of their life. (MMF, tit-fuck)

Three Horny Fucking Moms - by Mr. Strawberry - Three horny moms and three horny sons, makes for three very horny vignettes. (Fm, ped, inc))

Tom's Family Home - by Sturdeeone - Thirteen year old Tom's family may be dysfunctional family, but even so, he begins to find out just what sex is all about, while keeping it in the family. (Fmg+, extreme-ped, youths, 1st, mast, oral, inc, cons) Part 2

Too Easy - by Chucktie - A story about a predator rapist and his victim. (MF, nc, rp, wife, oral, anal, bd)

Trish Sagat - by Arc Light - A female high school teacher becomes addicted to crack by one of her students. (MF, wife, intr, d/s, reluc, drugs)

True Story - by Anon - A married man who gets very little sex at home, takes the plunge and seeks out a gay experience. (MM, oral)

Truth Or Dare - by Mr. Slot - A pizza delivery guy makes the delivery of a lifetime. (F/M-teen, cons, oral)

Uncle And Me - by Susan - A sixteen year old niece seduces her fifty-five year old uncle. (M/F-teen, inc, oral)

Under The Table - by Aphrodite - A horny waitress gives really good service and gets a really nice tip for her services. (M+/F, group, oral, work)

Unwitting Porn Star - by Anon - A guy lets his buddy secretly videotape him having sex with his wife. (MF, nc?, exh, voy)

Vibrator, The - by DTR - A teenage girl finds her mother's vibrator and tries it out. Liking her experience with it, she ends up sharing with her best friend. (ff-teens, youths, 1st-lesbian-expr, inc, toy)

Violet Rose - by Ann Douglas - A women gets to try out the merchandize in a sex toy store. (FF, toys)

Visitors, The - by QuantumLeap - It happened very quickly. A knock at the door, my wife's innocent answer. (MMMF, wife, bi, nc, huml, intr, cuck, mc, v)

Voodoo At The Fair - by JR Parz - A guy meets a really sexy woman and is drawn into something that he can't quite explain, or even remember when all's said and done. (MF, mc, humor)

Waterpark Justice - by Purfect 9 - A young woman is kidnapped and raped by a bastard, only to turn the tables on him... permanently. (Mf, nc, rp, anal)

Wedding Present - by Parker - Three women on a road trip to a friend's wedding are sidetracked when they stop at a tavern to ask directions. (M+/FFF, nc, rp, gb, v, oral, anal)

We Gang Rape Mom - by PO469 - A bitchy Asian mother gets what she deserves from her son and his friends. (M+/F, nc, rp, oral, toys, asian, gb)

When Summer Comes - by Hawk Richards - A penniless college guy takes up yard work for a rich older lady and ends up in her bed enjoying a little cougar sex. (MF, affair)

Wife Comes Home - by Tezzezar - A couple enjoy master/slave bondage roll-playing. (MF, bd, slave, cons)

Wilson's Real Stories - by Wilson - True stories of my 'open' marriage. These episodes it our lives made for a lot of spicy memories. Don't do this at home unless you'll entirely sure of your spouse and you're own ability to put jealousy at bay. (M+/F+, wife, bi, toys, gb, voy, exh, swing, creampie)

Window Show - by Showife - A husband fucks his wife on the living room couch, while unbeknownst to her he'd arranged to have two of his buddies watching through the side window. (MF, nc, wife-exh, mast)

Wolves - by Belgae Silverfang - Imagine, if you will two wolves steeped in the lore of what is known today as the Native American. Add a little fantasy to the element, and you have this tale. (MF, rom, fantasy)

Woods Show - by Showife - The day I made Sam walk out of the woods naked in front of a bunch of construction workers was a day I'll never forget. (F-exh, wife)

Work Crush - by Illicit Writer - In Part 1: Two married co-workers are attracted to one another. How far will they go? (MF, mast, work, affair) Part 2

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