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4th of July Weekend - by Jim - My wife Jennifer is a gorgeous blonde with a hard, sexy body. She has nice firm tits and an ass that turns heads wherever she goes. Jennifer also has an extreme passion for showing herself off whenever the mood strikes her. (MMF, wife-sharing, exh)

A Brewster Thanksgiving - by J.O. Dickingson - This is a story involving four brothers, two preteens and two thirteen-year-olds, two of their long-forgotten kin, and an assortment of their classmates putting on a community Thanksgiving pageant. (gay, teen/pre, family, inc)

Absolutely Proud - by Bad Uncle - Even now I wonder if it was all a dream. My two nieces, sisters and by marriage, were visiting at the same time. April was fifteen and Laurie was fourteen. Both had bodies that wouldn't quit. Laurie thus far was lacking in the tit area but I, being an ass man, didn't really care. (M/ff-teens, inc)

Abused Policewoman - by MercySlayer - Cindy was a tough policewoman, tall, 40D breast, leggy and proud until she stumbles upon a setup on the turf of the Red Bloods. The gang's leader eventually breaks Cindy and her fate is to be a whore for the gang. (M+F, rp, v, beast, hum)

Addie's Babies - by Sakka - Horny, lonely grandmother seduces grandson and unwittingly gets herself pregnant; later, son also manages to impregnate his mother, with his grandmother's connivance. (FFM, inc, preg, feet)

Adventures With My Angel - by WD - A man confides to his lover that he wants her to pleasure him anally. Although she does not want him to do it to her, or to fulfill his fantasy of being spanked, she becomes even more interested in his ass than he could have hoped for. (Fdom/M, anal)

A Fantasy Lived - by UncleJoe85 - Unhappy at home, an older man seeks to fulfill his secret fantasy to be loved by another man. (MM, 1st gay experience)

A Gay Fantasy - by Steve Jensen - I am a fairly straight, normal guy in his mid-30's who really doesn't do a lot out of the norm. I have a wife, two kids, a mortgage, and had always considered myself pretty much the stereotype of a young urban professional. I even belong to a fairly exclusive health club that I visit three nights a week. I thought I knew everything about myself -- until last week. (M/m-teen, 1st gay experience)

A Little Vacation - by Lily - Jen comes back to visit her home state and best friend Audrey for a week. The two haven't seen each other in a few years and even though Jen made Audrey promise to behave while she was up, the tables turn and the two get it on. (FF, rom, oral)

A Simple Plan - by Patrick Flanagan - Depraved man kidnaps the object of his pent up lusts. (Mf, rp, v, 1st)

As It Was: Childhood Age-6 - by Dr. Chuck - This is the one of a series of many personal experiences I wrote originally for personal therapy and now share for everyone to read. These stories are based upon real events that took place in my life. (gay, coming-of-age, ped, inc) - Part 2

A Thanksgiving to Remember - by J Taylor - As the yams came out of the oven, burned as usual, Joshua Chasez cursed at himself. "Why am I doing this again?" he asked the empty air. "Because you put your proverbial foot in your proverbial mouth and said that you would do Thanksgiving this year." His boyfriend of one year, and fellow bandmate, Lance Bass said as he came into the kitchen with a bag of last minute groceries for some of the Thanksgiving fixings. (family, mm, inc)

A Thanksgiving with the Leary Men - by Joe Jones - Mike Leary was genuinely excited about Thanksgiving that year, though it had never much mattered to him before. Maybe it was part of getting older - he had just turned sixteen that past summer. Or it might have been the company. There would be all men in the Leary household this Thanksgiving, and Mike looked forward to seeing them all.(M+/b, inc)

Aunt Abby's Boarding House - by Jockey1948 - True story of a first sexual encounter as a young boy during World War II. (F/m-teen, inc, 1st)

A Face to Cum On - by Wifeseducer - Now a senior in charge of the freshman dorm fat Mary is unable to control her urges to voyeur the younger cuties. When she finds that Lisa will be the last to leave for vacation Mary plans and executes a drug-induced rape. (FF, teens, voy, rp)

A Halloween Story - by RC - I walked into the club and just stood there, looking at the wide variety of costumes. Dancing girls, Chippendale men, monsters, vampires, the usual royalty, they were all there. I myself was what I hoped was a sexy maid. Then I noticed a raven-haired woman who sat alone at a table. Her costume reminded me of that woman on TV called Elvira, a sexy vampiress. (FF, vampire)

A Monster Among Us - by Trismegistus - A squabbling father and daughter have a meeting with fate on Halloween eve. (F-teen/vampire)

Ample Patient - by JackBro - A female receptionist gets to play nurse on a patient, and the patient turns out to be well endowed. (MF, voy, size)

An Episode in My Life - by Sven - Older man's encounters with his lover's teenage daughter. (M/f-teen, voy, orgy, mast)

A Potter Tale - by Bad Uncle - I promised my ten-year-old sister in law I'd take her to see Harry Potter while her sister was in LA. We would do the movie, McD's and she could even spend the night. Then on Saturday we would pick up her brother and do pizza and games. A fun time for all. It turned out an incredible time for me. (M/f, inc, ped)

A Very Special Halloween - by Debonair - Hi boys and girls! It's time for the incredible tale of a little boy named Arlo. A kid just like you maybe, who didn't believe anything special happened on the night of the 31st of October. After all, he already knew Santa was actually uncle Frank with a fake white beard. And magic was something you could do with swift hands. (M/b, b/b, snuff)

Bad Luck? - by Janet Stickney - I was a lad of seventeen when this all started. How it started is an odd bit of joke, circumstance, bad luck, a pushy mother, a dotty father, and my own growing realization all rolled into one. My name is Fredrick Garrison Grant, at least I keep telling myself that, as my husband kisses, and caresses me. I'm trying very hard to remember it, really, I am. (MF, tg, fant)

Bad Uncle - by Bad Uncle - The story continues as April and I decide that incest is best. (M/f-teen, inc)

Bachelor Party - by Bedo - Wife helps plan a bachelor party. The stripper can't make it, so she has to take her place to keep things going without a hitch. (M+/F, exh, wife, gangbang)

Back Window - by Charlotte B. - A female flight attendant comes home tired and ready to relax when she by chance sees through the back window of the apartment across the way and notices a nearly naked man is sitting on his bed. (M-F, voy, exh)

Ballbuster - by E.Z. Riter - Some would say Ellen is not beautiful. Some would say she is not even pretty because her features are sharp. Some consider her ass a little broad. But, when she wants to, she has a gleam in her eye which attracts men without repelling women. She is personable and intelligent, easily managing an excellent career and many friendships. She has a passion for life and enjoys everything from cooking to golfing. When she wants to be, she is a world-class lovemaking machine in bed. (MF, rom, D/s, spank)

Becoming Sexual - by Anonymous - I discovered my sexual potential later than most people. As an exchange student I learned to masturbate and now I'm an addict. (M/F-teen, 1st, mast)

Black Kid - by Richard G. - A young married teacher succumbs to a young black students aggressive sexual advances. (F/m, teacher, reluc, intr)

Blackmailed Sister - by Anon NixPixer 1994 - Mark lay on his bed, on top of his hastily made covers, and roamed his own Naked body. His hand slowly moved down to his hard cock and wrapped around the shaft. He began to stroke himself, only one image, one girl, filled thoughts 24-hours a day. It was his sister. He wanted her. Her face danced before his eyes as his stroking increased. He saw himself fucking her, using her body. He felt that familiar churning in his groin and increased the rhythm... (Mm+/f-teen, blkmail, inc, beast, reluc)

Blackmailed Sister In-law - by Anonymous - An E-novel: Mike McBride was driven to adultery by his inability to satisfy his lustful appetite with his wife. Even though he loved her, he craved certain acts which she absolutely refused to participate in. But then, activating his desires on others only made him crave his wife more. It was she he wanted to do these things to. What Mike didn't know was that his wife had been involved in lascivious behavior before they met. Would he find out? Only if she didn't pay the blackmailer. (M+/F, reluc, blkmail)

Bonnie Spends the Night - by Snake - A husband and wife are attracted to their pretty divorced neighbor and they begin to include her in their daily plans, and even in their lovemaking. (MMF)

Boss's Revenge - by MercySlayer - Carol straightened her skirt and took one more look in the mirror. She detested being stuck in this horrible country, but she was trying to work her way up to anchor, and this was the place to find the news stories. Her boss at the network sent her here to find the leader of the rebel forces, interview him, and bring the videotape back as an exclusive. If she did that, he promised her a weekend night anchor on the news. (M-hispanics+/F-caucasion, rp, bdsm)

Brother's Halloween Switch - by NixPix Author - A brother's obsession with his pretty sister and what he finally does about it one Halloween eve. (teens, bro/sis, inc)

Caught in the Spotlight - by Peder Ast - It was one of my first forays outside naked, and I was nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. (M-solo, exh)

Change, The - 2 - by Esor - Susan and her husband return to face her party infidelity. But things take a different turn when he comes home early to find the house empty. (MF, FF, voy, wife) Read Part One first?

Christe - by Patrick Flanagan - A sexual predator takes advantage of trusting friend. (MF, reluc, 1st)

Club, The - by NixPix - A story about a younger brother who lusts after his older brother and then suddenly finds an opportunity to act on his feelings without getting caught. (MM, oral, anal, inc)

Co-ed Corruption - by Wife Seducer - A middle-aged man befriends a cute college co-ed named Lena. His friendliness extends to the use of his house while he's away. His voyuering of her leads him to want more, eventually drugging her for use as his sleeping sex doll. (MF, drugged, nc, rp, voy)

College Widow, The - by Jenny Wanshel - He was 48, she was 22. He was virile and experienced and on their honeymoon he taught her the art of love. She had her first orgasm on ship in the middle of the Atlantic, one night late after midnight, and a purser passing by on the deck heard her little cry... (Not rated)

Cooties - by JF Porter - Amy Wilson was a nice, clean, and above all rational young woman. Her sober, calm approach to life hadn't made her popular in high school, where all the social opportunities seemed to go to the blonde airheads. On a Saturday night when most of her female classmates would be out with boys, Amy would most likely be at home watching something mindless on the tube, or even doing homework, staring dully into a book with her pencil tucked behind one ear. So what ended up happening to her was even more unlikely than one would have expected. (F, nc, drugs, sci-fi)

Coven, The - by Kandy Cane - Night fell quickly as I moved at a steady pace along the seldom-used trail. The thick elms and sugar maples darkened in the twilight, their shadows turning from charcoal to coal. I wrapped myself tightly in my cloak against the late September chill, pulling its hood further down over my face. It was the autumn of 1692, and the evening brought a chilly reminder that an early winter was on the way, one this fifteen-year-old girl didn't relish... (FFF)

Cutters Creek - by Homer Vargas - Fertile Valley's not the only place where strange things are happening. I was talking to Jimmy the other day, and even he had not heard about Cutters Creek, about five miles up the mountain from Fertile Valley. So I thought *I*'d better tell you folks about that. (MF, humor, mc, preg) - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

Dark Coercion #1: Grade A Pussymeat - by Jaz - When is rape not rape? When she says yes. (MF, rom, voy, rp, blkmail, v)

Dance For Me - by R.A. - Sister thinks nothing of walking around the house in nothing but her underwear, even when her brother has friends over. (M/F-teen, 1st time)

Deanna's Story: My Sex Doll - by Wife Seducer - I slowly eased my still hard cock out of her. I looked down at the naked unconscious figure beneath me. Her perfect little body glistened with sweat, my sweat that is. Her pretty eyes still hidden behind her lids, peaceful, still unaware that her body had been violated, treated no better than any porn store fuck doll. (MF, drugged-wife, nc, voy)

Dirty Cheerleaders Come Clean - by Red - College cheerleaders find out that the shower in their locker room is broken. However, the shower in the boy's locker room works. The guys are showering. The girls decide to join them! (F+/M+, college, exh, org)

Do Unto Others - by Bad Uncle - And so the story continues as the Bad Uncle continues to get spoiled by the love making of his beautiful and sexy niece. (M/f-teen, inc)

Draconis - by Dracon - The snow is coming down heavily -- a lone figure is walking through the storm looking for a cave to weather the cold until the storm breaks -- but he passes out in the snow, as the fearce wind whips snowy flakes up into the air, soon beginning to cover his body with a white feathery down of ice crystals. (MM, fantasy)

Dragon's Breath - by DarkZilla - A pretty Asian girl is accosted by a black man who she thought she was attracted to. (MF, asian, intr, rp, 1st)

Entering Shadows - by Blackzilla - I was working As I was approaching my car I just had this weird feeling, like some one was following me. I turned around quickly. There was a short dirty looking baldheaded white man standing in front of me. I was terrified and I didn't know what to do. He just stared at me. He looked very angry. (MF, rp, v, anal)

Football Fun - by Flipper60 - Two friends, a married man and a bachelor liked to bet on their favorite teams. The competition built up more and more each year, until one year the married guy's wife wanted to wager on a team. (MMF, wife-sharing, gambling)

First Time - by The Sensualist - I lost my virginity to a prostitute when I was twenty two. (MF, 1st)

Free Association - by Puck - When I was thirteen, more than a full year after my dick had started growing hard for reasons known only to itself I started desperately trying to piece together the holy grail called sex. (m/m-teens, 1st-gay experience)

Ghetto Tales #1: Saved by an Angel - by Blackzilla - Being black and growing up in Brooklyn NY, was no joke. You live and die by whom you knew. I was lucky, my father and my uncle were hustlers from the old school. In other words they where drug dealers. It was only natural that I followed their footsteps. (MF, black, forced, drugs)

Ghetto Tales #2: A Motionless Masterpiece - by Youngzilla - At the age of 15 it seemed like I was always up to no good. I was always in trouble with my parents or with the law. It wasn't that I was a bad kid I just hated living in Westchester. We used to live in Brooklyn up until 3 months years ago when my father landed a good job with the telephone company. (MF, black, forced, drugged)

Girl Next Door - by Lloyd - Batchelor is pleased to find a new neigbor has moved in next door. Little did he realize what a good neighbor she would turn out to be! (M/f, rom, voy, ped)

Good Deed - by Bad Uncle - A neice and an uncle exchange good deeds and form a special bond. (MM/f-teen, inc)

Guardhouse - by Michael - The whores were ushered into the room where there was an air of expectation as the twenty shaggy looking guardsmen stood gawking. They were arrayed around the edge of the rough-hewn room watching the two women with a hungry look in their eyes. (M+/FF, orgy, MM, 1st gay, voy, medievel)

Halloween - by Kelly Adams - Happy Halloween, lover! This is one of my favorite nights of the year, don't you agree? I love being able to dress up in costume and go out in public. What's this I'm wearing? It's my costume of course. I'm on my way to a Halloween party. I'm supposed to be a harem girl; can't you tell from all the veils? If you're good tonight, maybe I'll do a dance for you... (M+/F, FF, group)

Halloween Costume Party - by Felix Dartmouth - When my new boyfriend asked me to his firm's costume party, I was kind of surprised. He seemed real insistent on his getting the costumes. We had dated a few times, but things did not seem to be progressing real well between us, in fact we hadn't even slept together. But things really changed between us after that party... (MF, bbw, bdsm, no sex)

Halloween Party Friday 26th - by Cheryl - The first Halloween party I attended this year was on October 26th, which was a Friday night. I had my pick of several parties to go to as well several different outfits to choose from. I had decided to go to Packers, a sports bar that I've been too before and I had decided to wear the Oakland Raider's cheerleader outfit that I had bought several years before. (F, exh)

Halloween Party Saturday 27th - by Cheryl - A story about a woman who decides to attend a costume party at a club dressed as a hooker. Only after she arrives she meets a guy who wants to be pimp. (MF, role-play, exh)

Halloween Weenie - by Dale-10 - A bully dominates and humiliates both his girlfriend and his gay friend at a Halloween party in front of fellow jocks and their girlfriends. (M+f, M+m, teens, rp, hum)

Have a Coke - by Henry IX - A respectable young wife is pleased to have found a discreet source for the purchase of the occasional illegal substance. Suddenly she is told that her money is no longer any good, and she is aghast to find out about the new coin of the realm. (MMF, org, reluc, wife, drugs)

Heather - by Aameal - This is a remake of a story I downloaded a while ago in which a couple arrives home early surprising their babysitter and her boyfriend. In the original (I don't recall who the author was) the boyfriend runs off and the sitter pleads with the couple not to tell her parents promising to do "anything" with predictable and exciting results. This version has a different twist. (Mf, Fm, Ff, orgy, anal)

Hit and Run - by Patrick Flanagan - A man is victimized by a hit and run driver, then he turns the tables on her. (MF, rp, bdsm, 1st)

I Know Your Secret - by Kieyra - I found it! The thing you must have been afraid I would find. Downloading porn from Usenet - you always seemed uneasy when I'd mention that, and I thought you were just taken aback by a female's honest enthusiasm for pornography. But you never elaborated - you must have realized that I'd figure out there was something deeper going on if you made a big deal about it... (F-voy, MM, exh-nc)

Inseminate Amy Club, The - by BigD - Husband finds videotape of cheating wife having sex with other men, including her own brother and finds out he is not the father of their children. (M+/F, inc, voy, preg, wife, cuck)

In the Cementary - by Dave B. - A Halloween excursion in a cemetery with malice and evil in their hearts, a group of guys want to get their rocks off with a corpse. (mmm/F, rp, v, ghost)

Jessica's Halloween - by Wing - The girl in this story is real, but nobody else is. These events are completely fictitious and so if something similar happens anywhere tonight... Well, I can't tell the future, so don't blame it on me. (M/g, rp, ped, v, size)

Knife - by Averti - A little gift creeping out of the notebook, perverts and pervettes... this didn't happen, of course, but it could have... and it still might. (MF, F-solo, voy)

Lead Shack - by Frederick T. - Al could hardly wait for Thanksgiving - four days with no school. He was going to spend as much time as he could at his dad's. His mom was totally in the dark about the goings on at Gary's. She just figured that father and son were getting to know each other. She often asked her son what he and his father did on the weekends that he spent at Gary's place. (family, orgy, inc)

Leah Pays Her Debts - by MercySlayer - A woman gets over her head in debt due to gambling losses and has to find an innovative way to pay them off. (M+/F, blkmail, bdsm, nc) - (For more episodes of Leah Pays Her Debts, go to Directory 17)

Love of Teaching - by Anon NixPixer - I represented our state in the Miss America contest when I was eighteen. My family and friends all think I'm beautiful, as does my husband, but most of them know nothing of my real self. If they did, I'd probably be labeled promiscuous, but that's not the right word at all to describe what I really am. (M+F, F/m-teen, nepho-wife, inc)

Lovey Kravsit Goes Straight - by Cheryl - It was her first day on the job and Lovey Kravsit (yeah yeah I know) reported to the warden's office as his newest officer at the state prison. She was all of 21 and newly graduated from the academy and had in fact graduated at the head of her class making her none to popular with all the macho men in her class. (M+/F, reluc, blkml, inc, preg)

Madeleine - by Wendy G. - Madeleine has been working late with her new boss. They have at last got up to date - time for a celebration but not the way that Madeleine expects... (FF, 1st time)

Masks: A Horror Story - by Tom Bombadil - Squeamish? Prone to nightmares? Afraid of strange noises in the night? Maybe you'd better try a different story. This one is for those who like cold chills, shivers, and goosebumps, as well as other things that rise up and get hard. It is not for the faint of heart. (MF, FF, fant)

Massage, The - by The Monk - A high school boy gives frequent massages to a friend but wants to go farther. (MF, voy, reluc, mast)

Melinda and Grandma Bear II - by Tayla - Melinda again spys on her parents. Later, as she masturbates her teddy bear comes to life and teaches her about oral sex. Read Part 1 first?

Melissa: A Chance Encounter - by Eros - Ted loved his afternoon jog. Not only did it keep him in shape, but the path he usually took was always filled with gorgeous young women and girls, most of whom used jogging as an excuse to show off their firm, sexy bods. The sight of so many pretty young things bouncing along the path usually made Ted hot by the time he got home to his wife. (family, inc, orgys)

Merci Donnee - by Saffy8 - A woman goes back to school after her children grow up and move away. She finds a new kind of love with students she meets. (MF, FF, MM)

Molly's Adventures in Babysitting - by T J - Chlidren at play, erotic play that is. Then dad gets involved and mayhem insues. (M/b/g, ped, ws, family, inc)

Mom's Surprise - by DMAC - How an accidental encounter led to a fulfilling night of sex with mum, including oral and anal sex. It was late autumn and despite football practice being well underway I was home early as coach had cancelled team practice to concentrate on the forward play. (Fm, mother/son, inc)

Monastery: The Early Years - by Amritha - Hi folks, I am a resident of a holy monastery situated in the Himalayas. This is a very high place covered by snow. We can see only the edges of coniferous trees around. This is a lonely place where we pray. Even though it is away from society I like this place very much. I am now 45 years old. I have been leading the life of a holy sister to god from my earliest memories. Let me tell you the story of my introduction to this holy life. (FFFf, orgy)

Miss Lucy - by Anonymous - In 1950, when I was 12, we moved across town into a nicer rental house. It was an older 2-bedroom house, with a small house in the back yard. This back yard house was rented by an lady who was about 55 years old. Her name was Miss Lucy... (F/b, 1st, ped, coming-of-age)

Munich 1957 - by Varangian - Delightful little story about an American student living in Germany back in 1957 and his friendship with a German man and his sister. (MF, 1st, rom, prostitutes)

My Adventures With Keiko: We Meet - by Carlos Tomas - Keiko, the beautiful Japanese exhibitionist, moves to San Francisco, where I meet her and we have many exciting adventures together. (MF, rom, exh, ws, asian)

My Adventures With Keiko: Shopping - by Carlos Tomas - Keiko takes me shopping and furthers my exhibitionist education. (MFF, rom, exh, ws, asian)

My Crossdressing Fetish - by Anon NixPix Author - I was born lucky, I guess. I was always slender, and graceful, and had smooth features and soft eyes. Back in high school it was called effeminate, though I never tried for that effect, not back then, anyway. It was just a natural look for me. Which came in very handy when I found that I enjoyed dressing female. (MM, cd, anal, oral)

My Daughters Costume - by Pedro Vila - My little girl wanted to dress up like a movie star for Halloween. I suggested Julia Roberts and I helped her decide that the most famous one was "Pretty Woman". I've been trying to get my nine year old to dress sexy for years, since she was six. Some days she would drive me out of my skull just to look at her with make up and a slinky dress. (M+g, inc, ped)

My Father - by Mystical Ashes - Daughter becomes sexually active with boyfriend and then turns to good old dad one day while swimming in the back yard pool. (M/F-teen, inc)

My First Time - by Michael - It was Halloween night and I was 16 years old. Too old to go trick-or-treating. But young enough not to wish I could. Anyway, I was bored just hanging around the house watching my folks handing out candy to the kids that came by all night long. (MF-teens, 1st time)

My First Time With A Goat - by Rob UK - A young farmhand gets more than he expected when mucking out the goats... (M/beast, zoo)

My New Brother and Sister - by MA - A story propertied to be true about half-siblings and their experimental sexual awakening. (bg/m-teen, inc, ped, coming-of-age, preg)

My New Stepsister - by Jimmy Bond - A young lad has to go through his parent's divorce, only to endure his mother's remarriage and a move to a strange town with his new dad and stepsister. He soon finds that it isn't so bad when he and his new sister hit it off. (mf-teens, inc, oral, mast)

My Transexual Girlfriend - by NixPix - I'd only moved into town a few weeks before, and so far hadn't met many people in Los Angeles. The first person I noticed right off was the woman who lived upstairs and across two apartments from my own place. She had long brown hair, and a slender build, and she was attractive in a way I couldn't quite pin down. (M/?, oral, anal)

New Lesbians - by Mickie Bee - A Somewhat Reluctant Confession by Mickey Bee... (FF, exh, 1st lesbian experience)

New Years Eve - by Al Steiner - Thanks to the alcohol we consumed, quite an intimate rapport had developed between the four of us. We could say things to each other that would have caused other couples to storm out of the house in outrage. For instance, I could say how nice my friend's wife's tits looked in her new sweater and then make a snide comment about how much I'd like to squeeze them. (couples, wife swapping)

Note, The - by Spookee - This is a blackmail story. I've always wanted to write such a story so I decided to go for it. (MMF, reluc, blkmail)

One Day a Year - by E.Z. Riter - A story about a guys obsession with a beautiful girl and what happens when he gets what he wants. (M/FFF, college, mc)

On The Beach - by Fantam - An evening run on the beach quickly transforms into an intense workout during a storm. (MF, rom)

Our New Year - by The Lovers - Our new year was a hectic one. We spent New Year's Eve moving into our new condo, and by the time that was finished, we were both exhausted. But we were determined to go to our swing club's New Year's Eve party. By the time we arrived the party seemed to be in full swing (pun intended). Everyone was wearing formal outfits and they were already having a lot of fun, however the action was a bit tame. But that changed after midnight... (MMF, wife, exh, swingers)

Persuasive Workmen - by Svensyn - A straight white guy is surprised by a group of Philipino construction workers and leads to humiliation and a gangbang. (asian/white, gay, reluc)

Present from Bangkok - by Theodore Spoonbender - Two beautiful young American girls vacation in Thailand, only to find themselves on the wrong side of the law when one of them tries to shoplift something in the marketplace. The law was never like this back in the states. (M+/FF, asian, rp)

Professional III, The - by Repeat Offender - Mr. Smith reports for his first day on the job and shows his unfortunate partner and her father why his services are in such high demand. (Mf, rp, v, ped) - Care to read part 1 and 2 first?

Public Nudity on New Years Eve - by Elad456 - I am somewhat an exhibitionist - and my husband Elliott doesn't mind helping show me off. (wife, exh)

Rachel's Story - by Major Falconer - A young girl pays the price for a mistake at work. (M/f-teen, voy, rp, work)

Richard's - by Lara Writer - A story about how a wife betrays her husband and is renewed and empowered by the act. Lara begins as an ordinary woman but becomes a sexy slave to the physical and intellectual thrill of cheating on her husband. (MF, rom, oral, mast, cheat)

Ringing In the New Year with Kelly - by Kelly Adams - I'll admit that I'm feeling a little nervous. It's New Year's Eve, and I'm alone in a motel room in a strange city. We've talked many times, but this will be our first time to meet in person... (MF, rom)

Saigon Remembered - by Captain Steve - A romantic enterlude during the war. (MF, rom)

Sara at the Center - by SoulMayte - Sara and her husband fulfill a fantasy as he, and an African-American friend of theirs provide her a sexual encounter they will not forget. (MMF)

Sarah's Teen Lover - by Wfwatcher - Sarah is a sexy housewife in her early 40's that has spent her entire 20+ year marriage cuckolding her very happy husband. She decides that she wants to try out some "young stuff" and hubby is more than willing to help her find a new lover! (F/m-teen, wife, voy) Part 2

School Boy - by Richard G. - A teacher with secret urges gives in to her young student's sexual advances. (F/m, seduction, ped)

Seance - by Wiseguy - Three couples have a great time together on Halloween eve. (couples, orgy, swingers)

Sister's 10th Birthday - by Mike - Ten year old sister loses her virginity anally to her older brother. (Mf, inc, ped)

Slick When Wet - by Anonymous - My name is Colin and I'm writing to tell you about my experience of a popular theme, judging by the other stories I read on the subject. That is, men who get a kick out of watching other men screwing their wives. (MF, wife-sharing, intr)

Spear, The - by Michael - A handsome Knight just back from the Crusades brings his friend, a black Moor warrior, home with him only to find that his companion is very popular with the ladies, even more popular than a handsome Knight! (M/F+, intr, cuck, preg, medievel)

St. Tropez - by Anon NixPixer - Amber strolled down the beach, marveling at the sheer beauty of the strip of white sand know around the world as St. Tropez. Made famous in the sixties by Brigitte Bardot, it was now the playground for the idle rich of Europe. When she was far enough away from the main beach area, she slipped behind some rocks and removed her shorts and halter-top, and then lay down on her blanket for some serious sunning... (MF, public)

Stud Rape - by Anonymous - Sometimes you get what you want, even if you don't know that you want it. In this story a high-powered female exec gets a surprise that she needed all along. (MF, forced, bdsm)

Survivor - by Patrick Flanagan - A hard-hearted man rescues a young lady who, in turn, rescues him. (MF, rom, reluc, 1st)

Switch, The - by NixPix - A story about a guy and his girlfriend who try out a threesome with two females and him. And then just for kicks his girlfriend makes a switch on him without his knowledge when he expresses his curiosity to her about how it feels to be fucked. (MF/M, FF, bi, anal, swingers, dildo)

Taken in Her John - by Ken Poulmann - She had been my sitter on similar occasions, but never did I fathom that this 53 year-old-woman would take my virginity. With my adolescent hormones raging, I masturbated whenever and wherever I could get away with it in her guest bedroom, in the bathroom. Like any normal juvenile boy my curiosity got the best of me until I'd even snatched a pair of Sandra's panties to sniff as I jerked off. (F/m, 1st, reluc, smoking fetish)

Tarzan: The Movie - by Argent-AJ - I spent part of a week daydreaming at work about what ideas might lurk in Disney's Tarzan. Several actually. The movie didn't give the supporting cast a lot of screen time, and at least I think Terk and Tantor deserved more character development. But the result turned out a bit ... strange. I do not believe I just wrote this. (animal sex)

Teacher's Peril - by MercySlayer - Ms Sams was tired. It had been a long day at school, longer than usual. She glanced at the clock and noted it was well after 6 pm. Since her divorce, Ms. Sams had dedicated herself to her work. It had been quite a while since she had made love to anybody except her own hand. (M+/F, D/s, teacher, reluc)

Thanksgiving - by PD Michael - I felt like a child when Gisele began to remove my things but the ache in my back made me welcome her attentiveness. Yet, it felt so strange. We had frequently seen each other naked whenever we changed or showered at the club. But now, to have her hovering so close and undressing me was making me tremble. (MF, FF, affair)

Thanksgiving - by Todd Sayre - It was a tradition that lingered in our family for nearly a hundred years. Living in such a tiny town where there were less than a hundred people, we could get away with tradition without anyone, other than my family, knowing what we do... what we love doing even on a daily basis. (MF/bg, toddler, family, inc, ped)

Thanksgiving - by Tom - They say that a man has a sexual thought every 15 or 20 seconds, and I was certainly having one about Sue. (couples, cons, affair)

Thanksgiving 1894 - by Jenny McClain - I know it is not lady like to think about sex and especially to enjoy making love to your husband. The ladies down at the hospital will sometimes talk about the Matrimonial burden@ and ways of dissuading their husbands from being amorous. If only they knew what you and I have? If only they could share with their husbands the joy I share with you. (MF, wife, rom)

Thanksgiving, A Family Holiday - by Suki - If you've ever experienced a Thanksgiving, or any holiday with my family, you have experienced a unique family. Are you familiar with the cartoons of a family gathering where everyone is talking in different directions and the scene is one of mass confusion? Well, there you have it. A regular Smith gathering. (MF, cons)

Thanksgiving Dinner With Dungeonmaster - by Anon - Dungeonmaster and I had spent most of the afternoon cooking our Thanksgiving Dinner. Most people have turkey but we decided to have rabbit this year. (Mdom/Fslave)

Thanksgiving Feast - by Scarlett Minx - Thanksgiving. I had been busy in the kitchen all morning, getting everything ready. Lisa had been in a foul temper all week, and I hoped that a good dinner would help to improve her mood. Since last Friday, I have been on her bad side when I made the mistake of laughing at her when she got splashed by a passing bus on our walk home from classes. (Fdom/F, beast)

Thanksgiving Visit with My Father - by Dunthat - Sammie was seventeen and having to share her room with her half-sister. After one big argument it was decided she would go spend the week of Thanksgiving vacation with her father. She wants to stay with him. What will she do? (M/F-teen, inc, preg)

Thanksgiving Weekend Get Together - by Northcox - The holidays were rolling around and Sue invited me to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with her. I had no plans myself and thought it would be great to have a few days of hot sex with her. (family, inc, orgy, ped)

Theater Slut - by Gene Moreland - As I walked out of the hot Arizona sun into the darkened sex shop, I gave a little shedder at the chill in the air and the smells assaulting my senses. My cock, already stirring in my shorts. (MM, exh, public)

Thighs Like Us - by Shon Richards - Andy Valentine backed into the Parallax Technologies office, pulling the liftcart filled with soft drinks. He could have pushed the cart and it certainly would have been easier, but then he wouldn't be showing the secretary behind the desk his best assets. He knew she was staring at his fit ass, clearly defined and on display in his tight blue jeans. (MF, work, affair, fant)

Things That Go Bump In The Night - by Miles Naismith - She lay naked under the covers, the echoes of timid little extortionists' cries of "Trick or Treat" having long since died away, waiting for her husband to dress up like a burglar and come "ravish" her -- his adolescent Halloween rape fantasy. Idly, she yawned, wondering where he could be. It was already late, and she was tired. When she could wait no longer, she slept. (wife, succubi)

Trick or Treat - by Saucy Wench - We knew we had found the right house when we saw all the cars parked along the street. My friend Brandi was dressed as a witch. I was her witch's Familiar... a black cat. I didn't have anything on beneath the leotard except a black pair of hose. I'm about Brandi's height, slim and petite, a pretty good figure I think, even if my breasts are a tad on the small size. As we stood on the porch waiting to be let in Brandi turned to me and said, "Remember our dare!" My heart almost stopped beating! (FF, MF, orgy, exh)

Trick or Treat - by Zonepig - A man and a woman all dressed up for Halloween parties meet unexpectedly. The weirdness of the night and the flirting that goes on between them leads to a romantic encounter. (MF, seduction)

Uncle Ted's Thanksgiving Visit - by Jennifer - Hi I'm Jennifer I'm 13 years old, 5'2" tall short brown hair, small tits and what I'm told is a nice round butt. I've been having sex since this past summer, with my best girlfriend, my brother and recently some guys from school. This story is about my uncle Ted's visit. (M/f-teen, inc, oral)

Vacation for Mom - by Svensyn - Inviting my mother to use her vacation to visit me overseas, and a boyhood fantasy comes true. (MF, inc, reluc, oral)

Visiting Sister - by JerzyJon - A young Chinese American girl visits her sister and her husband in Connecticut. (MMF, exh, org, asian)

What Else Could I Do? - by Jaz - Tender love story, with lots of rape, a modicum of reluctance, a pinch of incest and a dash of violence. (MF, inc, rp, v, oral, anal)

Working Late - by Chris - A young man helps a pretty pregnant co-worker out at a critical moment and is rewarded ten-fold. (MF, work, preg, lact, oral)

Young Amy In Her Bedroom - by Amy C. - Amy lay prone on her bed, her lower legs dangling over the edge. The ponytail of her thick blond hair smelling of wild strawberry shampoo curled behind her head, and her full lips were puckered in a pout. She had been crying; her father wouldn't allow her to go out on dates with boys yet. Not until she was sixteen, almost a whole year away. What a poop he was, Amy thought as she wiped tears from her eyes with the back of her hand. (f-solo, beast, 1st)

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