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A Baby Out Of Wedlock - by Wild Orchid - During the summer of 1948 a boy from Boston meets a young beautiful black girl while vacationing with a relative in Alabama. This story is fictional but it is based on five intriguing entries in my grandfather�s journal. I changed the names in case something like it actually happened. (mf-teens, youths, 1st, rom, preg)

Adventures of Stampley Plantation - by WannabeWhitman - A Northern Abolitionist inherits his Uncle's Georgia plantation along with its slaves, and soon begins to discover the many temptations and possibilities his new position provides. (Mmb, ped, nc, rp, intr) Part 2 - Part 3
Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9

A Family Rape - by Stargazer - At fifteen Dillon King was a typical teenager, big for his age he played football, yet he was awkward around girls. Like all teenagers Dillon jerked off every chance he got, except his mom would always call him before he could cum, for some reason or other. Dillon came up with a way to fix both problems; He would get to cum and get revenge on his mother by raping her while his dad was away at work. (F/M-teen, reluc, inc, oral, mast)

A Father-Daughter Liaison - by Lukeleia - A girl gives herself freely to her divorced father. (Mf-teen, ped, inc, 1st)

A Good Host - by A.R.C. - A lucky teenager gains the ability to take over other people's bodies. (MF, exh, mast, oral, mc, sci-fi)

A Holiday In Africa - by Author on Africa - A white cheerleader sneaks off for a holiday in Africa while her rich parents think she is staying with friends. (M+/f-teen, 1st, orgy, intr)

A Hot Day At The Beach - by Kylie - A story about a fantasy encounter with a man while swimming on a hot summer's day. (MF, oral, size, rom)

A Housewife With Frustrations - by Lracson - Some women just plain needs sex. (MF, wife, reluc, 1st, rom)

Alex's Anal Audition - by Kip Hawk - A stage father convinces a producer that his fourteen-year-old son will do anything to get a part in a new TV show. (Mm, ped, anal)

Allie Gets Cold - by Jimmy James - At 13 I had been having wet dreams for almost a year and was very self conscious about it. One cold winter night I had an especially vivid and graphic wet dream. I woke with a start and was shocked to learn I had just fucked my 10 year old sister Allie! (m-teen/g, extreme-youths, inc, 1st)

And All The Pussy You Can Eat - by Hot&Hard - I've never been one to indulge in sexual fantasy, but since I'm now living the fantasy of all fantasies, I have to tell my story. I am now enjoying a life, at least for the immediate future, of more pussy than any one man deserves. (MF, inc, mast, oral)

Angel On Her Knees - by Author on Africa - Igwe demands satisfaction, and Angel does a perverted act against her will... well it was the first time... (MF, reluc, oral, intr)

An Unfinished Story - by Anonym - A tie-up game turns into making love. The girl however changes her mind after she has lost the control. (MF, nc, rp, bd)

Anything Goes Wife - by Stargazer - Wife is filmed inserting large objects in her cunt. Then her girlfriend assists and they eat each others pussy. Then they both fuck dogs, a nice time is had by all. (FFM, wife, exh, toys, beast)

A Remade Family - by Erected - Parents discover a new world of incest on the Internet and decide to introduce their children to their newfound pleasures. (family-inc, ped, orgy, cons)

Asiafuck - by Michael - The first time I saw Min Young-ju was the day she came in for a job interview. She was from Korea and new to our country. (MFF, FF, asian, voy, preg)

Attorney Cum Laude - by Ringle - A woman confronts her fears of sexuality. (FF, nc, exh, bd, tor, s&m, rom)

Autofellatio - by AB-2006 - A very flexible guy learns how to give himself satisfying head. (M-solo, exh)

A Visit To New York - by Ickric - A British couple on their first visit to the Big Apple take in some of the City's night life. But is Jenny suffering jet lag? It can't be rape if it's consensual, can it? (MMF, nc, intr, drugs)

A Walk On The Wild Side - by Hardy - Our marriage was severely tested when we became involved with another couple. They arranged a sexual tryst, which broadened our horizons and radically changed our lives. (MF-couples, reluc, voy, swing)

Awesome Pussy - by Stroker - Chris' mom becomes uncontrollably horny after several years without sex and finally turns to her son for relief. (F/M-teen, inc)

A Wicked Beginning - by Pallidan - Two daughters plot the demise of their mothers. (FF, nc, dom, bi, bd, toys, spank)

Babydoll - by Your Ghost - Warren was never attracted to girls that young before, but then he saw Erica in her babydoll nightie and everything changed. (Mg, ped, 1st, oral)

Back To The Future - by Peter Pan - Seven and a bit years is a long time between drinks. It's a helluva wait between bra-straps! (MF, mast, rom)

Barbara and Tim... and Rodney - by Anon - A lovely, petite, 59-year-old woman becomes lovers with her nearly 6-year-old grandson when he visits her. During their lovemaking, she has a reverie anticipating the upcoming visit from another lover, a muscular, huge black athlete - virile and several years younger than she, but whom she matches in sexual proclivity and appetite. (MF, Fb, extreme-ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral, rom, intr)

Barnes Get's His Raise - by Stam - Barnes has a new boss and his wife wants him to ask for a raise. Barnes is reluctant, so at a party his wife ensures that he will get a raise. She also negotiates things for herself. (MF, wife, cheat, voy, bi, cuck, smoking)

Beach Trip - by PeeWee - A church beach party that turns out to be a trip to remember for 4 boys. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st, mast, oral, orgy)

Billy and Steffie - by dale10 - To get into the gang of older boys, Billy has to fuck his own sister. (MMg, extreme-ped, nc, rp, inc, v, ws, bi, huml)

Blue Balls - by Durango Dan - When Jeff comes home from his girlfriend's house with a bad case of blue balls, his younger brother offers a solution to the problem. (mm-teens, youths, inc, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal)

Boating Fun - by Sailorman - Hypnotism aboard a sailboat leads to sexual exploration. (MF, mc)

Book Model - by Beating Off Bob - Julie, bored and lonely, decides to get a job posing for illustrations for a sex manual. Imagine her surprise when the male half of her team turns out to be her step brother! The photo session heats up and more develops than just photographs. (MF, inc, exh, oral, cheat, preg)

Bondage Rape Reversal - by Phantom - He dominates his wife and makes her subnmit to several strangers. (M+/F, wife, reluc, orgy, dom)

Bride's Hairdresser, The - by Beating Off Bob - Bob has done his sister's hair their whole life, and she demands he do it for her wedding too. But something else is going on, something strange. Why is the Doctor there? What is he DOING? Wait! What's SHE doing? And where did all that money come from? (MF, inc, 1st, mast, oral, rom, preg)

Britney's First Real Man - by Stam - Twelve-year-old Britney is developing into a real cock-hound! But, so far, she has only been doing high-school boys. But then her Mom brings home a new lover. Britney listens while this new lover gives Mom a real work-over. It gives Britney ideas. (Mg, ped, smoking)

California Beach - by Darkman - Man at nude beach has sex with a young sister and brother. (MM, Mbg, ped, bi, oral)

Can't Help Falling In Love - by Your Ghost - A brother and sister haven't seen each other for three years. When they meet again, they realized that they feel more for each other than they should. (MF, inc, oral, rom)

Carpenter Family Affair - by Megansdaddie - The tale of how the Carpenter parent's began a family orgy the night of their youngest daughter's 12th birthday. (family-inc, ped, 1st, orgy)

Caught: Dressed And Knotted - by Jimmy James - This is the story about getting dressed up, stumbling onto a dog and being knotted to him when the owners catch me! O.M.G! (MMM, M-teen/beast, cd, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal)

Conned By The Cons - by Ickric - Jenny begins working with young offenders and naively thinks she is doing a great job. These young convicts have their own agenda, however. (M+/F, nc, blkmail, 1st, intr, orgy) Part 2

Cum Sucking Speedo Boy - by CSSB - Ten year old boy who loves to wear speedos soon learns his mission in life is to please other speedo wearing guys by 'servicing' them. (M+/b, extreme-ped, oral)

Cyn, and Drew, and Bob, and Frank - by Drew - Cyn likes cock, and I like to share her. A romantic weekend getaway gives us both what we like. (MMF, wife, intr, orgy, rom)

Dad And Daryl's Dick - by Kip Hawk - A man is crazy for his sixteen year old son's cock. (M/m-teen, ped, inc, oral)

Dad's Bucking Bronco - by Kip Hawk - A father rewards his sixteen-year old son with a blowjob after the boy wins a junior rodeo. (Mm-teen, ped, inc, oral)

Dinner And A Tip - by Slowngentle - Told from my wife's point of view. My wife and I go out for dinner. I get her so hot during dinner that she agrees to provide the waiter his tip. (MF, rom)

Dinner Guest, The - by Author on Africa - A white professional couple entertain their new African Boss as their guest. He takes what he really wants. (MF, intr, cuck)

Doing Debbie - by Kathy S. - Debbie a naive fifteen year old girl, who upon leaving school finds work in a department store. But because of her innocence, her department manager takes advantage of her. Susan, her friend, takes her out one evening and Debbie loses her virginity during a gangbang. As a result Debbie is made aware of the pleasures of sex, and becomes hooked. (M+/f-teen, nc, 1st, orgy, gb)

Favors - by RomeoWriter - A young son, hot for his beautiful mother, wants to spend 'quality time' with her. He just has to do one simple thing for her first. (F/m-teen/g, extreme-ped, nc, rp, bi, inc, 1st, voy)

Feather Bed, The - by Beating Off Bob - Every year during the family reunion, the cousins always slept together in the big feather bed on the screened in porch. This year they're older - and doing more than just sleeping. (MF-teens, reluc, inc, voy, preg)

Fingers - by Phantom - I end up fucking a friend when my wife is drunk and my friend fingers my wife's cunt. (MFF, bi, cheat, alcohol)

From Burglary to Buggery - by Kato - Thieves break in for cash but find something far more enjoyable to raid. (MM, nc, rp, oral, anal)

Fun With The Neighbors - by Pallidan - Ever thought of finding out that your neighbors were submissive and that you had the opportunity to take advantage of it? (Fdom/MF, nc, voy, bd, spank, toys)

GA Dive Trip: Going Down, Getting Fucked - by Willing - A group of guys go diving, and they all fuck me and I suck all of them. (MM, oral, anal, orgy)

George And Lisa Discover The Plan - by R. Wells - George's father and Lisa's mother have been dating for eight months during which time George and Lisa's relationship develops into something very special. Their parents notice how well things are going and make a 'plan' to help everybody along. (MF, MF-teens, 1st, rom, preg)

Girl And Dog, Or Mindy Gets A Bone - by Photo Wolfy - A wife held down by a demanding husband gets set free by her best friend, Spot and how! (MF, nc, F/beast)

Getting Back At A Mate - by Bigman76 - Me and my mate's sister hit it off, much to his disapproval. (MF, anal, 1st, rom)

Give Me That Old Time Religion: The First Plainsong: Prepare the Way - by Fowler Gray - Set in the late Sixties "Give Me That Old Time Religion," or OTR for short, tells the story of how joining the Agapemone Bethel changes young Jake Gledhill's life. (MF-teens, M-solo, mast) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Good Morning - by Stroker - A grandma fetish story for your enjoyment. (MF, inc)

Good Samaritan, The - by Silvergun - A modern day spin on the biblical story of the good Samaritan with a sexual twist. (MMF, nc, rp, wife, exh, v, bd)

Grandma Em - by MikeX - An innocent joke takes me all the way. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, oral)

Happy Wife - by Easy girl8 - I thought I married a great girl, but within a few years we decided to divorce. We stayed fuck buddies for a time and then she decided to do something that would make me forever hers. (FFM, reluc, v, bd, cast, bd) Part 2

Having Your Own White Slave Family - by Pallidan - Joy was angry when Rufus told her that he had been dominating a white slave family without her knowledge. That is, until she found out it was his boss' family and her and the daughters were invited to share in. (MF-couples, nc, dom, bi, v, tor, bd, intr, orgy)

Heidi Gets Caught - by Boxxname - Heidi, a sixteen year old school gal, starts having sex with a married guy and gets caught by the brother-law. Heidi ends up having to entertain both guys in order to keep the brother-law quiet. (M/f-teen, ped, reluc, voy, 1st, mast, oral)

His Favorite Sister, His Only Sister - by Lracson - Billy and Mindy were siblings living on a 40,000 acre ranch. They find interesting ways to keep each other happy, while still doing their share of the ranch work. Even their parents find time to enjoy life to the fullest - but should they? (family-inc, exh, nc, rp, ws, sn)

His Son's Sweet Little Ass - by Kip Hawk - A man decides he has to fuck his 13-year-old son after watching him at soccer practice. (Mm-teen, nc, inc, 1st-gay-expr, anal)

Horny Bob - by Anonymous - Couples have fun and games. (MF-couples, wife-sharing, creampie)

Hospital Stay - by J.D. - A very pleasant stay in a hospital. (MFF, mast, oral)

Hot August Night With Dad - by Kip Hawk - The summer night was hot for more reason than one for Jeff and his sexy fourteen year old son. (Mm-teen, ped, inc, oral, anal)

Houseboy, The - by Phantom - I encourage and help, the houseboy to fuck my drunk and passed out wife. (MF, nc, rp, wife, voy, intr, alcohol)

How Daddy Got Over His Reluctance - by Signa - A fifteen year old girl seduces her confused father into slaking her lust and fulfilling her fantasy. (M/f-teen, ped, inc)

Hunter - by Your Ghost - I began to make a plan, which meant I'd become something new to myself, I'd crossed an imaginary line and gone over to an area of human behavior I'd never visited before. I had become a hunter in the world of little girls. (Mg, ped, oral)

I Love My Boyfriend - by Strength+Wisdom - What is it about a sleeping man that is so erotic for me? (MF, voy, mast, cd, alcohol)

I'm Danny, Your New Paperboy - by Ironsides - Danny, who had just become the new local paper boy, is 11 years old, and deaf. He finds his new job entails new sexual experiences he never imagined. (FMm/b, bg, ped, nc, bi, 1st)

Initiating Sam - by Phantom - Sam, a virgin, is initiated into sex and has a wild time with his aunt. His uncle guides and assists him as he explores her holes. (Fm, ped, inc, 1st) Part 2

Innocent Eva - by The Devil Himself - A prudish young woman goes into an adult bookstore and learns a thing or two about the underground. (M+/F, voy, mast, oral, anal, rough, intr, glory)

Instant Attraction - by Fool in Love - A 40 year old man meets a 20-ish blond who's having hard times and they get together, then fuck and form a bond within a matter of hours. She's his fantasy girl. (MF, rom)

In The Swimming Pool - by Worrak - I agree to go to the swimming pool with my wife. I'm in for a surprise when she gets friendly with the couple next to us. (MF-couples, wife, voy, cheat, oral) Part 2

Jennifer's Crush - by Yamityger - Jennifer was a sweet young girl who lived in my neighborhood. I would routinely keep the kids in the neighborhood entertained by playing basketball or baseball with them. Jenn was always close to me, holding my hand and stuff like that. Only 10 years old, she was already a very precocious child. One day, her mother asked me to watch her while she took her younger sister to the hospital. (M-teen/g, extreme-ped, inc, bi, 1st)

Jenny My Wife, Our Fuck Pig - by Tommy - Wife is a slut for hubby and his friend for a whole day. (MMF, wife, exh)

Jessica Shows Off - by Y4Y - My obsession with Jessica grows, and I earn her parents trust so we can spend a Saturday together. I wanted to explore the exhibitionist tendencies I'd noticed in her, and she doesn't disappoint me. (Mf, ped, voy, bi, rom)

Ken's Summers' Tale - by Lukeleia - A collection of the tales of Ken Summers' encounters with his married secretary and her two daughters. The first part was previous posted under a former penname. (MFF, voy, oral, rom)

Landlord - by Ickric - A story written to order. Jenny is living in a shared house and the Landlord is an old man and totally perverted. When Mark brings Jenny home totally drunk, he goes in search of a receptacle for her to throw up in but, upon his return, he finds her being stripped and fucked by the old man. Like any self respecting boyfriend would do, he stands and watches until the old man has had his way. (MMF, nc, voy, alcohol)

Latex Vine - by Vine - If the hottest girl in your high school offered you sex you'd take it right? Things may have gotten kinky that night but the after effects were worth it. (MF-teens, M/plant, reluc, 1st, mast, oral, mc, sci-fi, preg)

Leanne - by Author on Africa - A couple newly arrived in Zimbabwe attend their first company party to the satisfaction of the Company Directors. (MMF, intr, cuck)

Letting Lisa In On Our Secret - by Signa - Father's daughter let's her youngest sister in on their incestuous secret. (Mff, ped, 1st, inc, beast)

Limousine Lust - by Stan - Sally and I pick rent a limousine and pick up men at bars so she can suck and fuck them. (MMF, wife)

Lori: A Neighbor's Delight - by Kacey1999 - Lori's next door neighbor is a disgusting man but she has a secret admiration for the man. He gets very lucky and accumulates enough blackmail evidence to force Lori to become his fantasy woman. Lori's life suddenly changes and she falls under the spell of Ken and his two teenage sons. The three Paterson males are about to find out just how sexy and fun loving Lori can be. (MMF, exh, voy, reluc, mc, orgy) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 15

Lori Drives Alone - by Buttercup - At eighteen Lori was at the height of her life. Her father had bought her a Mustang GT and she was driving it to cheerleader camp because she had made the team and would begin when college started in the fall. The virgin girl found traveling with her father rewarding, for both of them as it turned out. (M/F-teen, inc, 1st, rom)

Losing My Virginity To An Older Woman - by RS - How at 17 I lost my virginity an older woman. (F/M-teen, 1st, oral)

Lost In The Woods - by Crotch Johnson - Sarah finds herself lost in the woods while out camping with her family. As night falls she happens upon an abandoned house but soon realizes that its not all that abandoned. (M+/F, reluc, voy, mast, oral, glory)

Maintenance - by Willing - Partied-out sleeping guy gets awakened by the black maintenance guy for the apartment complex to party more with mj and coke. (MM, intr, oral, anal, drugs)

Making Of A Cocksman - by Beating Off Bob - Bobby earned a reputation for going only as far as a curious girl wanted to go, and it served him well. Then his sister and her friends entered the full blush of puberty and got... curious. To Bobby's constant surprise, it turned out that being a cocksman was a lot harder than he thought it would be. (mf-teens, youths, voy, inc, 1st, cheat, group, rom, preg)

Man And Boy - by Mr. Blue skies - A married man has an unexpected encounter with a teenage boy. This is a story set in England, hence the English spelling and grammar. The title says it all really, although the boy in this case is eighteen and the man is fifty-plus. (M/M-teen, 1st-gay-expr)

Maria Louise Goes To The Festival - by Buttercup - As a pretty teenage girl with breasts already cupping out in a size 36, Maria Louise wants romance. Her encounters at fourteen included her father. (Mf, mf-teens, ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral, ws, rom)

Marilyn - by Pskao - Marilyn discovers after having a baby boy, that her husband has a low sperm count. She finds a way to have several more children a couple of decades later. (MF, wife, cheat, inc, preg)

Meanderings - by Phantom - The difficulties of fucking my wife. (MF, nc, alcohol, drugs, toys)

Meagan - by Durango Dan - Twelve year old Megan gets her dad to show her all about sex. (Mg, ped, inc, 1st, oral)

Mom Gets Her Way - by Scooter Jones - A Boy gets lucky one day and gets to fuck both his sister and his mom. His mother even sits in cum that he'd sprayed from fucking sister. (F/mf-teens, ped, inc, rom)

Mom Sets The Pace - by Michael L. - Mother discovers her son has reached "that age," when she finds a copy of the movie "Taboo" in his drawer. She confronts the issue head on, much to the delight of her son. As the story progresses, some of the boy's friends join in too. (F/m+-teens, ped, exh, inc, bi, mast) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Morning Delight - by Mikes49 - The company computer guy shows up early to fix a problem. The hot secretary also comes in early to fix a problem of her own. (MF, work)

Mother In-Law Heard Me - by Slim - A man and his mother in-law do it. (MF, rom, cheat)

Mr. Gosford's Dilemma - by Bert Hart - In the spring of 1813, Mr. Gosford rides to Dallylong to see his beloved Elizabeth Carleton. His longstanding fantasies are fulfilled. (MF, 1st, humor, rom)

Mrs. Roads and Franklin - by Jones - Mrs. Roads is a very good-looking mother, fun to be around and also very horny. One night while she is getting fucked by her husband when she notices her 13 year old son Franklin peeking in through the window. She has a tremendous orgasm at the thought that her son is watching. (F/m-teen, ped, inc, exh, rom)

Mum's The Word - by Scorpio00155 - Mark is a foster kid who finally finds a haven with a "very" understanding foster family. (MFm-teen, ped)

Mushroom Theif, The - by Anonymous - A Hobbit story that probably shouldn't have been in the original book. (MF, beast, fantasy)

My Dad Is A Poppers-Crazy Cocksucker - by Kip Hawk - Dad gives his young son a blowjob as the two enjoy a bottle of poppers. (Mm, ped, inc, 1st-gay-expr, oral)

My Darling Little Angels - by Bounder53 - A story of sexual discovery by young twin girls and their older brother. Their mother also becomes involved when she catches them at it, and eventually teaches the kids what it's all about. (Fbgg, ped, family-inc, mast, oral, 1st)

My Incredible Birthday Night - by Sweetmeat - My husband takes me out for my birthday dinner and I get the best present ever. (MMF, wife, bi, tv, oral, anal)

My Journey - by Sweetmeat - I meet a really hot girl on the bus who makes love to me and then takes me captive. (MF/F-teen, reluc, 1st, bi, oral, anal, beast, bd, orgies)

My New Girlfriend - by Dudester - A middle aged retiree meets a young goddess who wants a lustful daddy. (MF, exh, rom)

My Son Ricky - by Hornylisa - A story I wrote for a friend of mine. It's just a fantasy about my son and his best friend. None of this has happened, not yet anyway. (F/mm-teens, ped, bi, inc, mast, oral, anal, voy) Part 2

My Time With Dogs - by Horn3dog - My True life account of some of my sexual encounters ranging from my coming of age sex and many teenage attempts at being seduced by dogs, some close encounters with some gay guys and growing up with some sex play with my sister. Now I want to share my wife with dogs and men and get her to flash herself to young guys. (b/beast, teen couples, bi, exh, 1st, inc)

My Wife: Expert Bridge Player and Semi-Pro Whore - by MuffDiver - An unexpected event occurs in the life of duplicate bridge players, Fred and his wife, Christy, that awakens in Fred hidden sexual desires and fantasies leading to the opening up of vast new vistas of sexual experiences and erotic pleasures far beyond both Fred and Christy's most private and secret wildest hopes and dreams. (MFF, wife, voy, swing)

My Wife, My Slut, Gangbang - by Verythick06 - My wife wants a gangbang for her 35th birthday. (M+F, wife, orgy)

Nance - by Hot Daddy - A father discovers his daughter's luscious preteen body. (Mg, ped, inc, 1st)

Neha's Sexual Past - by Urbanslut - I am an Indian. This is the story of the time after one boyfriend cheated on me, and the other was bad at sex. My older American chat friend taught me the ropes of exhibitionism and risk-taking. (MF, exh, india)

New House, New Neighbor - by Sweetmeat - Pregnant, I move into a new house and enlist the help of my sexy neighbor, who takes the meaning of the word Help to new heights. (MF, wife, cheat)

Not So Ugly Duckling - by Beating Off Bob - Maggie's hidden under shapeless clothes, her bangs and braces for years, and very successfully too. But when her "uncle" sees the real her she can't hide any more. Moreover, she doesn't want to. Geese and ducks can chase you all over the place, and "Uncle" Bob doesn't stand a chance. (Mf, ped, inc, reluc, preg)

Obsession - by Your Ghost - Fifteen year old Jane, not only discovers her father's secret fetish, but her own. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, reluc, mast, oral)

Oh Fuck, Mrs. Huving - by Doctor Dan - Teenage boy is initiated into bareback sex by a horny older woman and her equally horny teen daughter. (Ff/m-teen, inc, bi, ws, preg)

On The Banks Of The Ohio - by Peter Pan - Memories, both fond and otherwise, can be recalled by the least expected of external stimuli. A snatch of conversation, the scent of a Spring blossom, a few bars of a tune long since in vogue. Many things. (Mf, ped, 1st, mast, rom)

Our Domineering Slut - by FIN - A husband and wife are interrupted during sex and then joined by a domineering slut. (Fdom/FM, voy, bi, oral) Part 2

Our First Threesome - by The Pack - After many years I finally see my wife fucked by my best mate. I also try something new and wow! (MMF, wife, bi, voy)

Overseas Holiday Weekend - by Sweetmeat - Overseas on business and with a few days to myself, I checked into a female run pleasure palace that catered to women. (Fdom/FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, oral, bd, spank)

Part Time Barman, The - by Kewtieboy - A true story of an 18 year old being gently seduced by a straight, married guy. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal)

Paul's Holiday Awakening - by Kewtieboy - An ordinary married, thirty-something homophobic guy, with racist tendencies, takes a liking to a young girl he sees while on holiday, only to find out things are not as they seem. His taste in sex takes a decidedly different turn. (MMM, 1st-gay-expr, voy, mast, oral, anal)

Payback The Bitch - by Mikes49 - A man finds his wife having sex with another man and arranges a payback for her, and discovers a new reward for himself. (M+/F, wife, nc, bi, voy, oral, anal, orgy, alcohol)

Phoebe's Guide to Oral Sex: The Pleasures of Fellatio - by Phoebe - Notes on oral sex, from a woman who considers herself an artist on the subject. (MF, oral)

Playlinda Nude Beach, Jacksonville: The "O" Club - by Willing - One hot day and night with all sexes and ages. (MMFFf, ped, bi, inc, oral)

Pleasure Beyond Belief - by Lanka Cream - A young niece is adopted from overseas by her aunt whom she has never met. It turns out that all is not as it first seems. Niece and aunt fall in love in the broadest purest sense, but the conclusion reaps an unexpected benefit for both of them. Very naughty "girls". (Fg?, ped, inc, tv, lac, preg)

Pledge Horror - by dale10 - Sean Larson shares the horror of his college fraternity pledging days. He is sexually abused and humiliated and degraded. (M+/M, nc, mast, oral, bd, huml)

Poker - Texas Hold'em - by Momentum - At 17 Danny is too young to play poker in a casino so he makes do playing with his buddies. The stakes soon get out of hand and Danny pays the price. (mm-teens, reluc, 1st-gay-expr, oral)

Pregnant At Seventeen - by Lracson - Pretty and traveling in Europe with members of her private school class, Esther, named after the woman in the Bible, met an older Frenchman. Romance followed and her virginity was left in a hotel bed in Paris. She returned to the US with twins growing in her belly. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, preg)

Preparation of Louise - by Author on Africa - A pretty white teenager in Africa answers the door when her parents are away... she really shouldn't have... (MMF, intr, 1st, orgy)

Pretending He's You - by Batguana - A wife's letter to an injured soldier in a military hospital in Iraq describes her journey from a lonely (but faithful) wife to being the fuckmeat for over one-hundred men. (M+/F, wife, orgy, ws, scat)

Pretty Kitty's Webcam - by Silvergun - My friends and I watched this chick do anything we told her to do on her webcam. Then I found out that it was my wife! (M+F, exh, wife, voy, mast, orgy)

Pull A Pig - by Ickric - Mark has been trying to get Jenny to fuck someone else but without success. He talks her into going clubbing and playing "Pull a pig" where you pull the ugliest person there and tease them, lead them on then dump them. But Mark has another plan. (MF, reluc, mast, oral, anal, swing)

Ranger's Sister, The - by Beating Off Bob - Mandy goes to intern in the watchtower where her brother Ted is a forest ranger. Close quarters and a storm create the perfect environment for their attraction to each other to mature. Now something's maturing inside her too. (Mf-teen, ped, voy, inc, 1st, rom, preg)

Rebecca - by Phantom - He enjoys Rebecca for the last time, again and again. (MF, nec)

Rob And Kim - by Anon - A doting father is home alone with his beautiful young daughter, while his wife is away tending to her sick mother. He and his precocious, nubile child, not yet five, enter into a mutually-erotic, sexual relationship during this period they're home by themselves. (Mg, extreme-ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral, anal-play)

Sarah - by Y4Y - Sarah collects on a promise that I never expected would even be remembered. (Mf, ped, 1st, voy, rom)

Saving Barbano's Semen - by Stiffy010 - Our story takes place in an equine hospital where a race horse with a broken leg is housed and in failing condition. A young woman working there is placed charged of collecting his semen to use to garner stud fees in the case of his death. (F/beast)

Saving Mother's Life - by Cody Ray - A teenager accidentally fucks his mother as he tussles with her to keep her from driving drunk. (F/M-teen, nc, inc, alochol)

School Marm, The - by Beating Off Bob - Young widowed school marm Livvy gets snowed into her one room school house with a young man and set of siblings. They're going to have to huddle to keep warm - and the boys refuse to huddle with each other. As everybody knows, friction makes heat and things heat up nicely! (F/m-teen, ped, reluc, voy, inc, 1st, size, rom, preg)

Seconds At Last - by Phantom - My wife has to let me have sloppy seconds to maintain a lie. (MMF, wife, cheat)

Senior Prom Night - by Lracson - Four girls, friends from K-12 find out the problems remaining a virgin until they complete high school. They plan on giving up their cherries on the night of their senior prom. Things don't always end up the way these rich little teens plan. (MF-teens, F/b, youths, extreme-ped bi, nc, rp, inc, mast, oral, anal)

Sexual Confessions Of Becky, The - by Ironsides - Becky, 13 years old, had a rare disease that required all of her limbs to be amputated. Her parents had abondoned her as a ward of the state and she was placed in a nursing home. She thought life could be no more cruel, until the new black night nurse entered her room one night. (M/f-teen, ped, nc, rp, v, 1st)

Shelby And The Niece, The - by Beating Off Bob - Bob's niece is rebuilding a classic Shelby in his garage, but the body he's looking at isn't made of metal. When he tries to back her down, she'd rather rev it up, and once she hits the Nitrous, he can't compete. (MF, reluc, inc, 1st, preg)

Signing The New Contract - by Author on Africa - An African boss uses his white employee's wife to keep his African client happy. (MF, intr)

Single For The Summer - by Tickled Pink - Faithful Wife is given singles privileges by her Husband for the Summer. They abstain from sex but eventually the wife realizes being single has it's advantages. (MF, wife, cheat, cuck)

Sixteen And No Idea - by Ronnie Carlson - A sixteen year old girl gets surprised with a first lesbian experience. (F/f-teen, enema, catheter-play, ws)

Sixty-Four And Still Squirting - by David - We have been married 42 years and my wife has been squirting since the start. Of course we did not know what to call it until I found out about female ejaculation from my computer about 3 years ago. (MF, mast, rom)

Sleepover At Misty's - by Beating Off Bob - Misty begs her Daddy to let her have some girlfriends over. They had new nightgowns and they wanted his appreciation. He appreciated them. Then they wanted his attention, so he gave them his attention. Then they wanted to feel sexy, but what they ended up feeling was pregnant. (Mf+, ped, reluc, 1st, inc, mast, oral, preg)

Someone Else's Wife - by Crossdresser - Liz was a happy middle class housewife who I met while taking my child to school. (MF, rom, cheat, affair)

Sophie - by Diomedes - Sophie, a submissive lover is traded into a life of a total sexual slavery. (M+F, v, tor, orgy) Part 2

Special Chocolates - by Lowrider86 - A special box of chocolates brings more than one guy expected. (FFM, bi, oral, rom, preg)

Stabbing Dad With A Dildo - by Sakrum - A 17 year old kid rapes his Dad in a hospital bed. (MM, nc, inc, toys)

Stepdaughter's Wedding - by Phantom - The groom shares his bride, my stepdaughter, with a select group of friends. (M+/F, orgy)

Summer Sweat - by Dr Tomas - A hot night at the local bar, gets even hotter. (MF)

Summer Tim Became Thirteen, The - by Buttercup - Tim had just turned 13 when he came across a lovely woman who was about to fall into the creek from the bridge in the city park. Tim grew into a man that day. (F+/m-teen, ped, inc, 1st, preg)

Surprise Honey, Mistress Is Here - by Pallidan - A couple's desire to be dominated by a black mistress comes true. (Fdom/MF, nc, huml, oral, anal, intr, bd)

Swinging Holiday - by Art West - A young married couple who have not managed to have a baby go on a last holiday with two other couples before undergoing egg harvesting and in-vitro fertilization. They expect that some swinging will occur, but are not worried as the other two men they are playing with have had vasectomies. But there's been some misunderstanding. (M+/F, swing, preg)

Taming Donna - by Pallidan - A teacher gets caught playing with herself in her car by one of her students. That's when she gets played for what she's worth. (FF, reluc, 1st-lesbian-expr, exh, intr, dom)

Taut Pussy - by Willing - College students fuck one of their horny mothers; and then do each other too. (MF, inc, oral, orgy)

Teacher's Conference - by Beating Off Bob - Robin has a conference with her daughter's teacher to discuss her future. Neither of them could know her future involves getting knocked up by her teacher. This author's attempt at telling a story primarily from a female point of view. (MFf, ped, bi, reluc, 1st, rom, preg)

Teacher's Indiscretion - by Dick Coxxx - The new teacher is asked to be the cheerleader's sponsor. Then she is asked to do much, much more, for the sake of the football team. (F/Mm+, ped, reluc, orgy, intr) Part 2

Teen-Line Cindi - by Tinman - A telephone-system quirk puts horny teens in touch with each other and older guys too in the Denver area. Jim makes contact with teenager Cindi leading to, well, just read the story, okay. (M/f-teen, ped, rom)

Third Wheel Takes Over - by Ryanj41015 - My hot date was going great until he showed up. (MMF, reluc, bi, voy, oral)

Threesome On The Landing - by Willynonymous - A remodeler gets an unexpected bonus from his client. (MMF, exh, mast, oral, orgy)

Tina Goes Shopping - by Buttercup - Tina is a cute preteen who goes shopping and meets a man who is shopping for girls just like Tina. Under the guise of helping her, he finds she has no quams about undressing and letting him see her cute little nude body. (Mg, extreme-ped, nc, rp, v, 1st, sn)

Town Whore, The - by Sweetmeat - My journey goes from being an every day housewife to becoming the town whore. (MF, wife, cheat oral, anal)

Training Of A White Slut, The - by Pallidan - A black mistress gets a new white slut to train. (FF, exh, reluc, bd, intr)

Tutor, The - by Stargazer - Ronny Wallace needs a tutor to better his grades so he can play football in the Fall. His Mother finds Ellen Faulk, an older woman. She will teach him many things along the way. (Fm, ped, 1st, oral)

Twins, The - by LJJ - Fourteen year old twins, fuck several young females and then they get their dad involved as well. (mf-teens, MFmf-teens, ped, inc, voy, orgy)

Under Her Thumb - by Kewtieboy - A well built, red haired geeky guy pulls the horniest and sluttist girl at school and ends up marrying her. She starts as the perfect wife but soon her old desires return and get kinkier and kinkier as she insists he is included in her fun. (MMF, bi, exh, voy, orgy, swing, cuck, intr)

Victory Girl - by Your Ghost - Wendy's brother returns from Afghanistan and she redefines what it means to support our troops. (MF, inc, 1st, rom, military)

Wheelchair Sex - by Rich - Sometimes bad things happen to good people, but with a little help from their friends, it can all be made better. (MF, rom)

White Counselor, The - by Pallidan - A school counselor decides to go to a troubled student's home and gets counseled herself. (FF, nc, v, dom, oral, anal, intr, spank)

Why Did I Do It - by Cuffed - Wife organises a 'special' night for her and husband, but its hijacked by his boss and her lesbian lover, Katrina. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, bd)

With A Little Help From My Friends - by Ickric - Jenny and her hubby cannot conceive and artificial insemination is costly. The natural method is all they can afford. They scour the internet to find a helpful stranger. Trouble is, the stranger has his own agenda and lots of friends. (M+/F, reluc, orgy, intr, preg)

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