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A Brutal And Violent Beating And Fuck - by Littledickboy111 - I called my girlfriend's cell phone and instead of her answering it was her attacker who had brutally beaten, raped and was now destroying my girlfriend. (MF, nc, rp, v, oral, anal, tor, mc)

Amy's Abduction - by Ufpe - Amy is kidnapped from the mental institute. (MF, 1st)

Andrea: My Young Niece - by Aquarius - My 18-year-old niece is sent half way across the country to live with me while she attends a local state college. However, things turn out a bit different than my sweet sister-in-law planned for. (M/F-teen, underage, 1st, inc, rom)

Applicant, The - by Jacobin - The successful applicant will do what it takes to get the job. (MF, affair, work)

A Space Port Story - by Aziza Sanura - A Zeltron military operative is caught by surprise at a space port while hunting an elusive Falleen criminal and is at the mercy of his desire. Star Wars setting - commission story. (MF, nc, rp, oral, bd, mc, sci-fi)

Assistance In Lingerie Department - by Tiffany E. - A lovely young woman teases then plays with a male lingerie dept. clerk with an unusual twist. (MF, exh, oral)

Assistance In The Terminal - by Tiffany E. - A bored woman begins to enjoy a flight delay. (MMF, voy, mast, oral, strangers)

Atlanta Wife - by TxDoc - Financial problems drive an Atlanta housewife to her first interracial encounter. (MF, wife, exh, intr) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8

A Visit From The Military - by Adel5000 - A man makes a delivery to the wife of a soldier serving overseas. (MF, cheat, military)

A Winter Cabin - by Sumddy - Giselle and her father are alone together at the cabin as he he reminisces about he and his sister at the lake, and her mother approves of her becoming Daddy's big girl. (Mf, ped, inc, mast, oral)

Babysitter's Mistake - by Johndough - Annie babysits overnight for the first time at her neighbors house when the wife is on weekend duty with the reserves and the husband is going to be gone at an all night stag party for one of his friends. The husband is the best man for his friend and believes he should be free for the entire night, hence the sleepover. Some communication mix-ups occur in the middle of the night with some surprises for little Annie. (M+/f-teen, ped, reluc, 1st, swing, preg?)

Beauty Queen Slut - by Chickenchocker - Cheating beauty queen wife teases two men who teach her a hard lesson along with their big black friend. Husband realizes what a slut he married and leaves her with them for two weeks while he heads for National Guard summer camp. (MMF, wife, cheat, drugs, orgy)

Betty's Boys - by Pskao - Betty is tired of anonymous sex, so one night after she's all ready to go out, she gets drunk instead. Her four sons come home and find her skirt up to her hips, and extremely drunk. They help her to bed, making sure to undress her nice clothes and lingerie before doing so. (MFF, inc, preg)

Blue Planet - by Mararch - Robert and Debbie, newly married innocents, get pulled into the far future in order to help free humanity from a race of Dominant females. Novel length. (MF, bi, nc, 1st, orgy, bd, mc, sci-fi) Part 2

Bobby And His Mother - by Jones - Bobby was a nice looking 12-year-old who had an overload of hormones. He was turned onto the boys in the gym class shower. His mother Sally was a drunk who came home drunk and fucked every night. He was also turned onto her. He knew she was peeking when he jacked-off in the shower. He also knew she listened at his bedroom door when he beat off on the sheets she washed. He wanted to fuck her and suck cock too. (MFb, ped, bi, inc, exh, mast, oral, 1st, alcohol, drugs) Part 2

Brady Bunch: Greg Brady Takes The Virgin Jan In The Den - by Flying Pervert Man - Greg Brady has sex with his little sister Jan Brady and pope her cherry. (mf, youths, inc)

Brother Busted - by Dr. Wu - A teenage boy is teased and hurt badly by his sister and his aunt. Kyle was trapped, his sister's eyes glowed as if possessed by Satan in a horror movie and his Aunt was making threats that sounded pretty heavy and he was trapped, with no way out. (F/fm-teens, underage, fdom, denial, tease, oral, anal, inc, huml)

Bus Ride - by Dawn1958 - Lori was a school bus driver and nothing very eventful happened to her until one day when Jimmy decided he wanted to see more of his sexy bus driver. (mmm-teens/F, nc, 1st, oral, mc, orgy)

Calendar Girl - by Johndough - A young girl thinks she is helping out her cousin by filling in for a model who couldn't do the shoot because of an injury. Too late does she realize she was the intended model all alone and something other than a calendar shoot was on their minds. (MMf, reluc, 1st, inc, orgy)

Candy Cums To Her Brother's Stag Party - by Johndough - A young girl becomes a teenager on the day of her brother's stag party for his upcoming marriage. Angry that her birthday party is to be delayed she decides to attend her brother's party instead as the entertainment unaware of what is expected of her as the "dancer who jumps out of the cake". The dancer who was hired sets her up for her big night perfectly. (M+/g, ped, nc, inc, 1st, exh, orgy, preg?)

Car Jacked - by Ufpe - A young prostitute becomes a roommate. (MF, oral, prost)

Casey - by Miss Alicia - A truck stop hooker learns that the best things in life are free, especially when they are only fifteen-years old. (F/m-teen, underage)

Cathy's Permission And Fall - by Anon - My wife gave me permission for anything, to do anything. So I asked for a little help from my friends. (M+/F, wife, reluc, exh, orgy, bd)

Collision In The Corridor - by Johndough - At the start of a school day a female student rounds a corner and bumps into her principal who has just arrived with coffee for his colleagues. This bump spills the coffee all over them so the principal takes her down to the locker area to wash and dry their clothes. The principal is also the girl's uncle and a little more goes on than laundry. (M/f, ped, reluc, inc, 1st, preg)

Concubine - by Captive - A concubine's virginity is stolen when she is forced to be a sex slave. (MF, nc, v, d/s, 1st, oral, bd)

Connection - by Vert - Kasey is a thirteen year old girl who dreams of becoming a writer, frustrated by living in an unimaginative suburb. Chris is a frustrated creative spirit, trapped by a loveless marriage. When they find each other, they fall in love. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, mast, oral, cheat, rom)

Cookie Delivery Gone Bad - by Johndough - Delivering her Girl Scout cookies to her neighbor when he is drunk and expecting a call girl leads to a young girl's sexual awakening in a most unexpected way. (M+/f-teen, ped, nc, inc, 1st, preg?)

Corruption Of The Candy Striper - by Johndough - A maintenance man's poor penmanship leads to a mix-up in the planned entertainment for his co-worker's impromptu stag party at work. (M+/F-teen, underage, reluc, 1st, intr, gb)

Curious Camping Trip - by Sexperimental - When I studied abroad I took a brief camping trip with a guy I had just met. We hiked into the Andes and I never could have predicted what I was in for. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral)

Custom Shoot - by Dudester - Mike is an ordinary guy, who in his private life is a pedophile. Checking out modeling websites, he sees the face of a Goddess and becomes besotted. He has no idea that once he joins the site, it will set forth a chain of events that will change his life forever. (Mf, ped, exh, rom)

Daddy Loves Nicole - by Blank in the Blank - A loving father becomes attracted to his 13-year-old daughter's developing young body. Curiosity ensues. (M/f-teen, ped, voy, inc)

Dance Instructor - by Eddie Altemus - A father takes advantage of the situation when a storm causes a power-outage in the auditorium, when just he and his kid's dance instructor are along in the big building. (MF)

Dani Loses The Game - by Dawn1958 - Dani babysits for her neighbor's two teens who invite an older cousin over. Dani is just too naive to know that the teenagers will take advantage of her when they talk her into playing poker with them. (FFm, teens, reluc, 1st oral)

Derrick - by Anon - A young man discovers rough sex and starts meeting girls in his neighborhood. (mf-teens, ped, v, 1st, oral, anal)

Dog Fucking Dogger - by Jane the bitch Adams - A story of two people falling in love at a dogging site and finding out sex with a dog can be fun. (MF, exh, beast)

Dream Maker - by LoveJet - A wife does something bold with her husband's best friend, while he watches. Husband finds he likes what he sees and invites him to share his wife. (MMF, wife-sharing, husb-voy)

Drew - by Principal Peter - Twelve year old Drew needs money in a hurry. Dave uses the submissive boy's dilemma to his own advantage. (Mb, extreme-ped, d/s, reluc, mast, anal) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8

E-mail Mother Love - by Motherlover6969 - I had always loved my mother, but I wanted to move beyond fantasizing, so I had an idea, using technology I achieved my goal. (Fm, underage, 1st, inc)

Earthquake - by Herr Doktor - Trapped in an elevator after an major earthquake two women alone do the unthinkable. As a result, they have a bond forever. (FF, oral, anal, scat, ws, fisting)

Exotic Farm Sex - by Sexperimental - I met a wonderful and beautiful Brazilian girl in my Latin class. When summer came, I went out to her farm to visit. We made love, but I had no idea what kind of sex she was really in to. (MF/beast)

Family Ties - by Fdowg - The story of an almost 14-year-old girl who does everything in her power to protect her 9-year-old sister. Fate however is very cruel and they both get brutally raped in the end. It contains predominantly sex and not a lot of plot or character development. (M+/f-teen, extreme-ped, nc, rp, v, 1st, oral, anal, bd, tor)

Fantasy Fest - by Biker - My wife and I finally visit Fantasy Fest. She lets the mood of the event take over and behaves in a fashion she never would at home. (M+/F, wife-exh, husb-voy, bi, drugs, orgy)

First Cross Dress - by Cassss - Straight guy gets talked into cross-dress situation by a MLIF and he ends up really getting off on it. (MF, affair, cd, true-story)

Forbidden Love - by Maussie - A boy and a girl meet at school, they fall in love, and end up sleeping with each other. It starts to get serious between the two, so plans are made for the families to meet, during Christmas, and then everything changes for the two lovers. (mf-teens, youths, inc, preg, rom)

Frontier Woman - by YellowYenko - Two men stake out a pretty woman and visit her when they know she's all along. (MMF, nc, rp, v, sn, size, oral)

Foursome To Be Or Not To Be - by Jim - My wife and I meet up with her coworker and her husband. The first few times we go out together he gives my wife friendly type hugs. As time goes by the hugs start to turn into full embraces then hands rubbing over her ass. I start doing the same thing with his wife. She turns up the heat. Things start to quickly get out of control. My fantasy about a foursome starts to approach reality. (MF-cpls, MMF, swingers)

Futuristic Blues - by Johnny Trash - The beginning of a hopefully multi-chaptered series in the not-too distant future - try to imagine an R-rated Jetsons. If you dare. (MF, rom, M/Fembot, sci-fi)

Girl Next Door - by BigGuy006 - Watching a teenage girl through a window. (M/f-teen, underage, voy, oral, anal)

Goodbye Patti - by Old Grey Duck - They had communicated on-line for years. Now they would meet. However, things did NOT go as she had planned. (MF, d/s, v, oral, anal, bd, mc, ws, scat)

Good Neighbour - by Big Blaa - A story about getting to know my new neighbour. (Fm, ped, 1st, oral)

Grandpa Helps Judy With Her Homework - by Johndough - A girl's grandfather does his best to help his granddaughter with her homework assignments, until one day because of a mix-up in communications, result in a more "hands on" lesson than she expected. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, reluc, 1st, oral, preg?)

Halloween Zombie Massacre - by Twiggy - Brigette and her brother's plans for Halloween get turned upside down when some unexpected zombies show up. This is not the usual type of zombie story: it has some surprising and shocking events that don't follow the conventional zombie rules. (mf-teens, nc, rp, inc, 1st, mast, oral, orgy)

Hell And Heaven; Denise's Story - by Anon - A man's obsession with an older woman leads to fear and rape and changes her outlook toward sex and life in general. (MF, F/beast, nc, rp, anal)

His First Piece Of Ass - by Dreamwalker - LeeAnn and Ray pick up a young man at a bar for a threesome when they find out that he's a virgin. (MMF, bi, 1st)

Home With Mom - by Snow Ghost - A young man wants to spend some time alone with his Mom before he heads out for college. But he walks into a home robbery, and ends up spending more time with her than he ever imagined. (MMF, forced, inc)

Hot Little Army Brats - by Billy69boy - This is a story about Nicole and April, two of the cutest Army dependents a young man could ever hope to meet. It happened long ago, but the memories are quite clear, and you'll see why. (MFF-teens, oral, anal, military, threesome)

If The Spirit Is Willing - by Invid Fan - Since last summer, 8th Grader Bill could see them. The reason, he assumed, teen boys randomly sported wood: the creatures. Translucent, blue grey creatures, one per boy, silently teasing and tormenting those in the throes of puberty. His own companion appeared to be a girl about his age, with dead eyes and no soul. Until... (mf-teens, 1st, mast, fantasy)

I Love You Mum - by Jane the bitch Adams - Mum finds out what her son is getting up to and wants to join in. (MF, bi, inc)

Initiation - by Foxi2 - A young schoolgirl wants to be socially accepted and finds out that it takes more than just good looks. (F/mf-teens, reluc, inc, mast, oral, anal, orgy, beast, voy)

Initiation Night Part 1 - by Karen Kay - This is initiation night. Two gorgeous housewives join an interracial swingers club. They are about to be initiated into the club tonight as their husbands watch them take their first black cock. (MMF, exh, voy, intr, swing)

Intimacy - by H. Jekyll - On a cruise, romance blooms. (FF, MF, mast, oral, voy)

I Thirst - by Ufpe - A young thief is found by the night watchman. (Mf, ped, sci-fi)

Jane's Story - by Dawn1958 - Jane is a teacher who is married and lover her job. Then the school gives her two teacher interns, Brad and Josh, and her life changes forever. The young men make a bet... who can get into the sexiest teacher's pants first and Jane quickly finds out just how naive she is. (MF, nc, oral, mc)

Jenny's Ride - by Jenny R - A young slutty teen needs a ride home. (M/f-teen, underage, oral)

Just Like My Wife - by Johndough - A man finds himself with the opportunity to seduce his lovely young babysitter when his wife is called to her mother's bedside and takes the children with her. Using the ploy of a back injury and the knowledge that she wants to be a nurse like his wife he talks her through a "treatment plan" that helps his back in a most rewarding way. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, mc, preg?)

Kasey - by Skylara - A hooker is willing to go the extra mile for a $1000 trick. (MF, beast, oral, prost, blindfold, bd)

Kimmy and Amy's Haunted House Adventure - by Principal Peter - Kimberly Conrad and her best friend Amy go trick or treating. On a dare, the two preteens enter the neighborhood "haunted house". What they find there isn't what they expected. It's better! (MMg, ped, nc, rp, v, oral, anal, exh, bd, gb, extreme)

Lake House, The - by LunkJohnson - A coming of age story about a 15 year old boy named Eric who's girl friend moves away. Eric then finds comfort and a little something extra in the arms and body of her best friend Shayna. (mf-teens, mast, oral, creampie)

Lara: A Weekend To Remember - by Dawn1958 - Lara was 28 and it had been four years since her life was changed forever. At 24, she was babysitting when the most dramatic thing happened to her. Even four years later, the event was still in her everyday thinking. (FFm, nc, 1st, mc, orgy)

Last Dance - by Dawn1958 - Doris, her husband and some friends went to a nightclub to celebrate and Doris and her girlfriends danced all night and then she was confronted by a man who wanted to have sex with her. She thought by going to the washroom that she would get away from the man, but she was wrong. (M+/F, nc, oral, mc, orgy)

Liam Seduces A Dancer - by Anon - Seventeen-year-old gay boy Liam, brings home a young male ballet dancer. (mm-teens, youths, mast, oral, anal)

Life As A Teenage Sex-Slave - by Maussie - Deborah, a sixteen year old girl, had been out with some friends during the evening. The next morning, she wakes up in a strange bed. She's naked, handcuffed, legcuffed, collared, and chained to the wall. She can't remember how she had ended up there, or what happened during the previous night, but she understands that she's in serious trouble now. (M/F-teen, underage, nc, rp, oral, anal, bd, drugs)

Like Mother, Like Daughter - by FOXI2 - A very sexy mother visits her daughter in the city to find out she is working for a photographer that shoots nudes for men's magazines. Little does she realize how profound an effect it will have on her and her relationship with her equally sexy daughter. (FF, inc, mast, oral, anal, voy)

Little Lori - by Foxi2 - A small girl who is prematurely obsessed with sexual feelings finds relief with her dog Buster. (Fg, extreme-ped, inc, voy, beast)

London Cab Ride - by Ps2geneve - Caroline had enjoyed her night out with her friends, but a forgotten purse meant the Cab driver demanded payment in an unexpected way. (MF, reluc, oral, voy)

Love Unexpected - by Invid Fan - A man alone on a weeklong canoe trip, a far distant scream at sunset, and an unknown swimmer crossing the lake at midnight. Four part story. (MF, rom) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Lucy Loses It - by Pskaoy - Lucy took a step back to get Bill's hand out of her cleavage, bumped into Eric, and suddenly knew she was going to get well-fucked tonight. (MMF, inc, buddy-fuck, orgy, work)

Marcia - by Principal Peter - Marcia, a typical suburban housewife with a typically unsatisfying marriage, meets a young teenage girl at a mall, and falls under her spell. (Ff, ped, oral, affair) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Maudlin Stepmother - by Thursday - A seventeen year old is shares illicit pleasures with his stepmother behind his father's back. (F/M-teen, underage, stepmother, cheat, true)

Melanie Is A Real Doll: A Magic Moment In Heaven - by Aquiarius - Was it narcissism that brought the full size female sex-doll to life or some other mechanism that made the sex-doll respond to the need to give its owner and master uninhibited sex? (MF, sci-fi, rom)

Men And Boy's Clinic - by Jones - Bill loved his 11-year-old son Billy. One evening his uptight wife came crying to him, saying she had caught Billy masturbating under the sheets. Bill told her that it was only natural. But she demanded that their boy receive counseling. Of course she didn't know that Billy knew all about pleasure from his dad's big cum shooting cock. So, Bill made arrangements to take Billy to the Men and Boy's Clinic. How could they know that the clinic was a front for men and boys to get to know each other intimately? (Mb, ped, inc, mast, oral, anal, drugs) Part 2

Merry Christmas - by Hambone Jones - Nurses Katie and Amy give the men under their care a special present. (MF, bi, mast, oral, rom, military)

Michelle's Story - by Dawn1958 - Michelle goes to visit Africa with her husband and they quickly find out how devious some African airport security guards can be. Michelle is a refined white lady who has never had an interracial relationship and she never expected it to happen on a trip with her husband. (MMF, nc, mc, intr, orgy) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Mixed Interests - by Max Chase - A mother asks her friend who works at an employment agency if she can help her 18 year old son find a job. But when her son and her friend finally meet up to discuss jobs, things take a dramatic turn in a different direction. (FF/M-teen, inc, bi, mast, oral, anal, orgy)

Mom, Kids And A New Life - by Anon - A mother develops a kinky new bond with her son and daughter after the death of her husband. (Fbg, extreme-ped, 1st, voy, oral, beast, ws)

Mother's Little Helper - by FOXI2 - Little Billy knows that his mom's a whore and invites men and women to their apartment late in the evening. He's learning more about sex than any textbook could ever teach him. One evening he gets a nice surprise, one that will change his relationship with his mother forever. (MMMFb, ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral, anal, voy)

My Cousin Becky - by Aquarius - Sometimes family can be a real pain in the neck, then there are times you can't help but love those who need it most; my cousin Becky was one who I took a liking to when she needed it most. Love is the answer. (mf-teens, youths, 1st, inc, rom)

My First Time With A Guy - by Anon - One teenage boy talks another teenage boy into having sex with him. (mm-teens, 1st-gay-expr, true)

My Lovely Niece - by Uncle Jonno - A first sexual encounter with my young niece. (M/F-teen, underage, 1st, inc, oral, anal) Part 2

My Naughty Cousin And Me - by PussyHound - Incidences that led me and my cousin to do naughty things. (f-teen/b, extreme-ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral, voy)

My Sleeping Girlfriend - by First Timer - She was beautiful, she always had been. We'd been having sex for a while, but not like this... (MF-teens, sleepy, asian, rom)

My Stepdaughter - by BigGuy006 - I finally got my stepdaughter after waiting for a long, long time. (M/f-teen, underage, inc, 1st) Part 2

My True Life Sex Stories - by Markit - A true telling of my life of sex. From persuading my wife to get naked in public to starting a swing club and many of our sexual experiences. (M+F, wife, swinger, bd) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Neighbor's Daughter - by Sexperimental - The neighbors left me to house-sit for two weeks. The first week I was alone, however their young daughter would be coming home from her friends to join me. My attraction would quickly turn into uncontrollable lust and the unexpected would happen. (M-teen/g, ped, reluc, 1st)

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition - by Daniel Waterhouse - The Spanish Inquisition kidnaps, tortures and sexually molests Isabella Punani. (MFFFg, ped, nc, rp, v, tor, fist, huml, beast, ws)

Olive's Walkabout - by Olive's Mob - Daughter seeks out her missing father's whereabouts and decides to cohabit. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, rom)

One Helluva Road Trip - by CrazedJack - Late night road trip with masturbation by a hot woman and ends with a blowjob of epic intensity. (MF, voy, mast, oral)

Oscar And Mara - by Abelard - An older friend of mine got to talking about his affair with a "younger" woman and he inspired me to write this tale of a camping trip he took with her. This story evokes the essential kindness of a particular woman toward a particular man's aging (and sometimes impotent) body. (MF, affair, cheat)

Our Loft Adventure - by Flinders - Dad and Daughter experiment in the loft. (MF, inc, rom)

Pastor's Wife, The - by Phyllis - Phyllis and her dear friend tempt fate and find the devil can be quite real. (FFM, beast, sacrilegious)

Petra And The Wolf - by Demonna - Petra, 20 years old, is working at a kids activity camp in the New Forest, England, over the hot dry summer of 2003. She is missing her boyfriend and the privacy she has at home, and when she arrives at a secluded clearing her sex drive begins to make its demands. She decides to take the opportunity to indulge in a little masturbitory pleasure. (F/beast, nc, rp)

Possession - by Bow to Her - I am caught in a trap partially of my own making: caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, as it were, ensnared by my need to serve and submit totally to a woman and torn between that desire and the horrible, sickening realization that my wife is sleeping with another man... and I am helpless to stop it. (Fdom/M, forced-fem, bi, mc, huml)

Primeval Business Man - by Cowboy - A business man looking for a specific woman. And he was willing to pay well for the right to fuck her. (MMF, nc, bi, voy, oral, orgy)

Ranger - by Aquarius - A married professional woman meets a man she never expected to find more desirable than her husband while on vacation. She becomes infatuated with his memory until one day weeks later a chance meeting leads to a night on white satin � and forever. (MF, wife, cheat, rom)

Refueling - by Ufpe - An alien parasite causes orgasmic havoc. (MF, sci-fi)

Repairman - by Jaxom64 - A repairman likes his job because of the fringe benefits. Neglected women need their appliances maintained just like anyone else. (MF, wife, cheat, oral)

Rick's Story Part 1 - by Sweet F A - Rick is a man who finds love with a mother and young daughter (MFg, ped, bi, inc anal)

Rocky And Her Son - by Jones - Rocky and her son Jack live in a shack near the river. While washing mud from her 13 year old son his virgin cock it gets hard. Rocky shows him what to do with it. When his mom's date Bill arrived with a bottle of vodka, they get drunk and Jack applies what he's learned from him mom on Bill. (FMm, ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral, bi, alcohol)

Ruth's Story - by Dawn1958 - Ruth tells her story about when she had a crush on her athletic coach, Ronny. She fantasized about Ronny for a long time and then her girlfriend promised her that she could get them together for a possible sexual encounter. Ruth was in heaven. (MF, fantasy, mc, rom)

Santa's Helper - by Johndough - A young girl receives a very special sex education program to make her ready to be a very special Santa's Helper. (MMf, ped, inc, 1st, reluc)

Saturday Morning Surprise - by Oedipus Maximus - Karen forgets her shopping list on Saturday morning. When she returns home, she finds something she does not expect. Her daughter Rachel is in bed with her Daddy. Karen must decide in that moment what to do, and her life changes forever. (MFf, ped, inc) Part 2 - Part 3

Screwed And Glued - by Red Crow - A young boy and his sister are force to have sex with each other while the neighbor man watches. (mf-teens, ped, nc, inc, voy, bd, drugs)

Serviced - by Tiffany E. - A woman waits out the snow storm at a service station. (MF, exh, oral, anal, affair, ws)

Sexy Little Amber - by Jimmy696981212 - A single adult male is seduced by his sexy pre-teen neighbor. Eventually her Mom enters the picture for a big surprise. (MFg, ped, inc)

Sharing Samantha - by Bigmd666 - A long, very descriptive story about a man's fantasy of sharing his wife with his best friend becomes a reality. (MMF, bi, wife-sharing, husb-voy)

Skaterboy Nightmare - by RudeXboy - An old perverted man is fed up with the local little punk kids. It�s time he taught them a lesson. He�ll show them that they're not tuff at all. Just little girls. (Mfm, ped, bi, nc, 1st, oral, anal, feminize, bd) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 3

Summer With My Cousins - by Sexperimental - The summer after my sophomore year in high school, I visited my cousins. They truly surprised me with the kind of relationship they had and what they would include me in. (mff-teens, inc, 1st, bi, oral, anal, threesome)

Sunny - by Abelard - How do you spend your weekend mornings? Here's how my wife, Martha, our four year old daughter, Sunny and I, spent one, last spring. (MF/toddler, extreme-ped, inc)

Sweet Sixteen - by Tash - Nikki a 16-year-old finds her dog Rex to be quite the turn on, then her father joins in. (M/f-teen, underage, inc, mast, beast, voy)

Taking Sheila's Pussy - by Giovanni - Wife gets raped, and loves it! (MMF, wife, forced, husb-voy, intr, swingers)

Thanksgiving Surprise - by Bob R - After a bad divorce I never, my family ended up being my supporter and my next sexual relationship. (MMF, inc, bi, orgy)

Thanksgiving Vacation - by OgieogleThorpe - On the way to relatives to celebrate Thanksgiving, brother and sister have some illicit pleasure in the back seat of their parent's car, under the blanket. (MF-teens, youths, inc, oral)

The End Of James - by Master Matt - This story involves a straight cash-master who treats gays terribly. One takes revenge on him and we see the fruits of that revenge. (MM, nc, rp, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal, tor, v, bd) Part 2

The More The Merrier Christmas - by Bob R. - After joining my parents aunt and cousin and his wife sexually on Thanksgiving, we seek others to join us at Christmas time. (MF-cpls, inc, bi, singers, orgy)

Thinking Of You - by Grindel327 - Sometimes when waxing, the mind and the hands seem to wander a bit. Be able to call up specific memories is a definite plus. (MF, mast, oral, anal)

Till - by Mugrb - When I was 12-years-old my anal cherry was taken by a stranger that I had met through a friend.(Mb, ped, 1st-MM-expr, anal) Part 2 - Part 3

TJ's Education - by Anon - A teenager, whose still a virgin, but horny all the time, gets taken under the wing of an older more experienced guy. (MMF, 1st, bi, mast, oral, threesome)

Transforming The Relationship - by ChDa - Mikaela Barnes wakes up and her boyfriend, Sam, is nowhere to be found. She results to letting her horniness going to waste until she discovers Sam's dad is the only one home. (MF, oral, celeb-parody)

Twenty-One Today - by Entusko - Chris is now legal to buy alcohol but his friends are not. Trying to celebrate with them puts him between the law and the manipulation of a convenience store owner. (MF, reluc, anal, voy)

Uncle's Whisper - by MatureCockRider - I couldn't believe what was happening! My uncle was whispering in my ear saying things, making me wet! Never did I ever imagine I'd hear those world coming from his mouth. (MF, inc, fetish)

Vacation Trip With Best Friend's Family - by Johndough - With her mother working evenings and weekends and her father posted overseas, Hazel spends a lot of time with her best friend and her family. When they announce they're going on a two week vacation Hazel permission from her mom to go with them. Little does she know that Paradise Valley Family Camp is not only a nudist camp. (MMFfm, ped, inc, 1st, exh, oral, anal, swinger, preg) Part 2

Watching Mom - by Angelica - Virgin daughter has an encounter with her Mother's boyfriend. (Mf, underage, mast, oral)

Watching My Wife - by LikeTowatch - She picks up a guy and I watch her fuck him. (MF, husb-voy)

Watching You - by Pskao - A boy has been watching his father and wants to grow to be just like him. (FFm, ped, inc, 1st, orgy)

Wife, Husband and Bi Guy - by CR4UBI - A husband is willing to try out a little bi-action to please his wife's fantasy and finds out that he likes it. (MMF, bi, oral, anal, threesome)

Wife's First Orgasm - by Cowboy - Wife's first real taste of man-meat. Husband talks wife into doing it with another man while he watches, then that turns into two men and then she ends up pulling a train in the back of a Caravan. (M+/F, wife, voy, reluc, bi, orgy, cuck)

Young And Nasty: Innocence Lost - by FOXI2 - A story about a little girl whose sexual innocence is lost. Her incestial mother wants her badly. Hot and nasty sex and an aggressive family make her their slave to raw hot sex. (FFg, ped, bi, reluc, 1st, mast, oral, anal, toys)

You're My Favorite Writer - by Maussie - A chance encounter with a fan leads to a romantic evening. (MF, mast, oral, cons, rom)

Zelda's Reward - by Hornybunny - Zelda sends her loftwing to deliver a letter and wake link up. after waking him in an unusual way Zelda gives him a reward and gets caught by link. (MF, voy, 1st, mast, oral, beast, creampie, fantasy)

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