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Accident - by SubVee - A young submissive female in search of her true Fem Dom. (Fdom/F, ws, oral, bond, strapon)

Accidents - by Homer Vargas - Steve's pretty superheroine wife keeps having "addicents." (Fdom/M, mc, preg, humor)

Acrophobia - by Marcia Hooper - Romona has a fear of heights. Also a fear of enclosed spaces. Can you imagine her horror then, of boarding a scenic elevator going to the top of New York's third tallest building? Only Romona has no idea how bad her fear of heights can be. Nor what being trapped in an elevator with her amorous boyfriend can lead to. This afternoon she will find out. So will her fellow passengers. Join Romona on her four-page odyssey of phobia busting. (MF, exh, reluc)

Adventures in Education - by Carleton The Backdoorman - Sometimes you get more of an education out of the classroom than in. (MM, Fm, reluc, 1st, anal)

After the Junior High Prom - by Mile End - During my junior year in high school, I had the opportunity to join a club called the International Band and Folkdancers. The members of this group were all flaky. I took it up because of loneliness, seeking female companionship. My partner, which I chose, was the best looking girl there, good looking, but a little bit messed up in the head. (MFF-teens, drugs, exh, oral, tripping)

Agreement, The - by Frank Downey - I met Jenny when we were freshmen in high school. We were both fifteen. I had just moved into the city, so didn't know anyone. We both lived close to the high school, and ended up walking in the same direction for a while, and she was in a couple of my classes. We became friends quickly. (MF, Mf, mF, mf m-1st, inc, ped)

A Happy Marriage - by C.D.E. - A newlywed husband discovers a quirk about his new wife that may contribute to their marital happiness. (MMF, wife, cuck, preg)

Alice - by Andy G. - A young woman shares her apartment with a female co-worker, and then her body too. (FF, 1st, work)

A Modern Love Story - by Octavian - A well written and provocative e-novel about a husband and wife relationship that is tested under fire. It has everything; swinger-lifestyle, wife-sharing, voyeurism, exhibitionism, betrayal, and most of all a passionate, well thought-out plot. Kelly's hot, and Ben's not, Carl's a well endowed goon. Their relationships jump out at you, keeping your interest, making the reader want more, more, more. (MMF, wife-sharing, voy, exh, huml, cuckold, creme-pie)

Around the World and Getting Laid - by Powerpop13 - Recently I had a rare (for me) opportunity to travel around the world. Among the many delights I was able to sample on my trip was a smorgasbord of exotic escorts. (M/F+, prostitution)

A Surf Trip to Remember - by Sunset - A meeting with an older woman turns a surf trip into a sexual adventure. (MF, rom, exh, oral, mast)

Aunt Kristy's Birthday Party - by Rick Dean - A young man ends up attending his Aunt's birthday party and ends up giving her the best present of the evening, in the front seat of his car. (MF, inc, oral)

Aunt Sheila and I - by Rick Dean - A young man and his Aunt discover their family ties go deeper than normal when a death in the family sends both into the other's arms. (MF, inc)

Aunty Monica... My Nipples Are So Hard - by MizSlash - Alex has her Aunt from New Zeeland over for the weekend. Over some trig, she gets her Aunt all hot and horny! (FF, inc)

Baby - by E.Z. Riter - Mandy and I started dating in the seventh grade. She's the only woman I've dated and I've always thought I was the luckiest man alive to have her. Why she picked me, I'll never know. (MF, wife, intr, hum, nc, preg)

Bank Robber, The - by Nogarder - A woman gets thoroughly molested by a bad, bad man during a bank heist, only to find that she likes it. (MF, forced, v)

Barntied - by Satin - My sister and I were very close growing up. We did everything together, including our early sexual experimentations. Now I know just how wrong that was, but at the time it just sort of happened and we thought it the most natural thing in the world. (Fdom/F, M+/F, inc, nc, mex)

Beauty and the Beast - by Katieslave - The tale of true love and going beyond looks -- turns dirty in this tale of bondage and deceit. (MMF, voy, nc, v, bd)

Bellboy, The - by Ann Douglas - Jim also finished his drink, taking his time to savor the taste. In his minds eyes he was also savoring the memory of the maid they had met on last years trip who was willing to put out for extra tips. (M+/m, oral)

Best Friends - by Raiderboy - Chris is obsessed thinking about his best friend Kevin spending the weekend in bed with his girlfriend. Then Kevin calls Chris and invites him to meet his girlfriend's cousin, who needs a boy to satisfy her that night. Chris is more than willing and ready! (mf-teens, rom, 1st)

Best of Show - by Norm DePloom - Girl stood waiting for her turn; her muscles trembled with nervous energy as her owner's hand moved soothingly over her stomach, inspecting one last time to assure that all was ready for her moment of glory. (fantasy, exh)

Bi-Friends - by 99PercentStraight - Two straight guys who grew up as wildly bi neighbor kids meet up for a wedding reception and the inevitable! A true story, and recently true, at that! (MM-teens)

Bi Friends: By Accident? By Design? - by 99PercentStraight - Bryn Mawr... U of P... Punk Rock and New Wave... Back in the 80s, my Indian girlfriend arranges a taste test with her boy cousin, to see just how far I'll go... (MF/m, BI, rom, inc, oral)

Bi-sexual in College - by Jason Hunter - My first bi-sexual experience came during my second semester of my freshman year in college. I had been dating Pam for some months and we enjoyed many nights fucking each other. On this particular night we decided to go to her dorm room... (MF, FF, MM, 1st-bi-experience)

Black(maled) Librarian - by MercySlayer - Christina and her husband get a little "frisky" after hours in the library where she's the librarian. What the couple doesn't know -- is that while they're having fun, some tough looking gang member types are watching them from their hiding place inside the library. (M+/F, wife, gb, intr, nc)

Blameless - by Ambrosia Vynne - Paula had not yet arrived. Tina was still so upset from their stormy argument just hours ago. Tina found herself blameless for what occurred, but it was bound to happen. Tina had been with Paula for almost 5 years. It was her first serious lesbian relationship. (MFF, FF, cheating)

Blindfolded - by Chac - Ever want to live out a fantasy? Well, watch out what you wish for, you might just get it. A kinky bondage story. (MF, rape, bdsm, snuff)

Boat Ride to Remember - by Sunset - A hot little teenager gives a runner more than he bargained for when she invites him up on board for some action. (M/F-teen, exh, oral, ped)

Bobby's Transformation - by Bobby - A reluctant Bobby learns the satisfaction of forced gay sex. (MM, reluc, oral, forced)

Bookstore, The - by Stoneyconn - An enovel about a virgin who is abducted and taken to a training center where she is instructed in the acts of submission and then later into domination as well. She wonders who sent her and why and does eventually find out. (MMFdom/F, slave, reluc, bdsm)

Boyfriend - by Jillgal - When I was fifteen, I fell in love with a boy that my parents said was bad. The more they told me how bad he was the more I wanted to show him how much I loved him. (Mdom/F-teen, reluc, beast)

Boystown - by Bobfr - Terri and Ryan had planned for a quiet getaway at the beach. When they crossed the border into Mexico their plans were changed. (MF, wife, exh, couples, swing)

Brat, The - by Dark Dreamer - My parents have always been extremely liberal, almost to the point of giving me near total freedom from an early age. I was an only child, with parents who seemed, at least to me, to pay little attention to what I did. (M+/f-teen, bdsm, S&M, nc)

Brittney, Chiann, and Chris - by Midnight Panther - A series of true stories about my sisters and me. This is the beginning: The first of many adventures of two identical twin sisters. It tells how it all began for them. Part one does not contain Chris yet. (teens, inc, ped) Part 2

Business Lunch to Remember - by Sunset - A business lunch with a prospective supplier turns into a first time gay experience. (MM, exh, 1st-gay experience)

Cathy's Spanking - by Oldster - A story about the first time I spanked my daughter. (M/f-pre-teen, inc, ped)

Caught In A Trap - by Sunset - After getting his tie caught in a printer, an IT support guy gets a little help from the girls in dispatch. (FFM, oral, mast, bd, work)

Caught Watching - by MercySlayer - Nancy prepared to go out on her weekly voyeurism tour. In the past several months, she discovered that she could drive around various neighborhoods late in the evening and find dim lights turned on in bedrooms. Nancy would creep up to the windows and peer inside. Nancy was looking for couples having sex. (M+F, voy, nc, gangbang)

Church Dance - by Theodore Spoonbender - I'd just hit town. I had to leave my last place as one of the bitches I'd knocked up had screamed blue murder and the cops were on my tail. So I grabbed my crack stash and high tailed it out of town. I'd seen a poster advertising a dance at a local hall down by the river and thought that'd be a good place to sell some gear while I got established. (M/ff, intr, v, nc)

Cindy, Gary and Scott - by Cynthia Dianec - How we had our first threesome of sort. (MMF, wife, voy, oral, cyber)

Closet Lesbians - by Phoebe - In silent anticipation, where sense of touch is heightened and the aroma of sex permeates the room. The feeling of skin against silken-skin, as she climbs atop me. The feel of her slithering along my body, her breath ragged at my ear. (FF)

Compulsion - by Cate Murray - We were both women, both naked and a little more than half drunk; just what I would call an ideal situation. (FF, bond, nc, mast)

Compulsive Masturbation - by Anonymous - Women who are compulsive masturbators fascinate me. I think it began with an experience I had over ten years ago. (MFF, voy, ws, mast)

Computer Installation Person - by Toofartogo - A man gets unusually good service when he buys a new computer and calls for home service to get it set up. (MF)

Confessions - by Ann Douglas - It would be hard to imagine two young women more different than Kathy Wu and Jiang Li. Aside from the closeness in their ages and the fact that both could trace their heritages back to China, they seemed to be total opposites. (FF, asians)

Contract for Sex - by WimpHub - My story is a warning to all those arrogant men who believe they are all their wives could want, and who are complacent about their spouse's fidelity. (M+/F, cuck, intr, hubby-huml)

Cousins: Tongue-Tied - by Eros - Laurie and I were first cousins and next-door neighbors. We were both fifteen, though I was six months older, and we were in the same grade in school. We were both only children, and not having brothers or sisters, we had grown up close to each other, almost like brother and sister. If asked, we would both characterize the other as best friend. But soon we would become even more than just best friends. (mf-teens, rom, inc, coa)

Creating a Slut - by Fruit - A story about how a middle-aged housewife becomes a total slut. (MF, wife, reluc)

Crew, The - by Marcia Hooper - Lacey is so miserable alone in the Philippines. No friends, a pig for a landlord, a boss who's worse and a cottage that's barely livable. One Saturday morning she is startled out of her self-pleasure by noises outside. Has she been seen through the open window? Did the landlord finally send the promised workers, only to catch her off guard? Read this ten-page short story to find out. (MMF, voy, orgy, reluc)

Creative Sex - by Internet Author - Sixteen different ways to have sex. (MF, mm, humor)

Cuckold Plumper - by The Fruit - A 50 something plumper gets used and abused. (MMF, voy, reluc)

Dane the Great - by Pan The Piper - I knew I was different when the entire boys' locker room was staring at me after I'd stripped down for my first public shower. (mf, teens, size, 1st)

Date with the Dead - by Hadit - A guy gets seduced by a woman he's always had the hots for. Only he's seduced into have sex with a dead woman. Or is she? Or is he? What? You'll just have to read the story to find out. (MF, necro?, voy)

Dawn and Ken and Maria and David - by Homer Vargas - David has a problem with his dominant housekeeper. Dawn has a problem with her dominant boyfriend. Dawn solves both problems, but not the way David thought. (Fdom, mc, preg)

Dawn's Dual Life - by MercySlayer - A husband and wife plan to live out a fantasy, but real life gets in the way and they end up living through a nightmare, or is it? (M+/F, slit-wife, intr, orgy) Part 2 - Part 3

Decived Sisters - by MercySlayer - Janette and her three sisters were looking forward to their trip to Atlantic City for many months. They saved every dime to make sure that there was enough money for a "girl's night out" while there. Janette suggested that the sisters all try to look as sexy as possible. (M+/F+, blkmail, orgy) Part 2

Diane finds her Xena - by Jan - My only friend is a neighbor girl named Linda. We have gone to school together all the way from preschool. I always felt crushed when we did not have the same homeroom. As close as we are she does not share my passion for Xena the Princess Warrior, but she tolerated my obsession. (Adult Youth, Encounters f/F)

Dog's Bitch - by Surfnut HT - I led a shelter life as a child. I was very naive about life, and sex. My dad passed away when I was ten, my mother raise me the remainder of my years with her. I was twelve when we moved to Florida. This move was so my mother could be close to her sister, my Aunt Bee. The neighborhood we moved into has always been very quiet. Our neighbor had a daughter a year older then me. Terry the neighbor and I became very close friends. (f-youth/beast, reluc, 1st)

Eighth Grade Experiences - by Sweetpleezer - 8th grade was such an exciting year for me. Though I've had many wonderful sexual experiences since, the 1981-'82 school year holds a very special place in my heart, a year of self-discovery and unimaginable pleasure. (mf, ff, mm, teens, orgy) Part 2 - Part 3

Elijah - by WZB - At once, silence fell about the huge tent. The serving girl dropped her tray to the floor, and even the hard dirt seemed to honor the moment as the pottery shards shattered and rolled and bounced across it but refused to break the silence. She immediately fell to her knees in front of him, her eyes shut and her arms shaking. "But, Lord, I..." (Mdom/F, fantasy, caution)

Email to Val - by Abby Mac - A young nurse in England writes to her American female friend, of her first sexual experience. (FFf, nc, ped, 1st)

Emails to My Master - by Fairfax - This is not fiction. These are real emails, dated when they were sent and apart note: This is not fiction. These are real emails, dated when they were sent and apart from the clearly indicated fantasies, everything described actually happened. I have edited them very slightly, but only to remove anything that would identify us. (Mdom/F, ws, reluc, bdsm) Part 2

Embedding Maria - by Emton - Getting back to the drop-ship was a definite no-no. With the APC gone it was twelve clicks on foot over open terrain with the aliens taking numbers to rip her to shreds. Add to the equation a pulse rifle nearly out of ammo, a sprained ankle and, oh yeah, she was the last one alive in the squad. She'd last as long as the average snowball in hell. (F/alien, reluc, preg, sci-fi)

Ex-Wife Videos - by Shorty - I caught my wife fucking my brother the week before he was killed in auto accident. I figured she would divorce me for a larger dick, because she'd told me that's why she was doing IT with her brother. (FM, FF, cheat-wife, voy, cuck)

Fat Office Girl Gets Some - by Fruit - Betty was one of my work colleagues, she was about 5' 4 and was overweight just the way I like my women. (MMF, wife, reluc, work)

Finally - by The Slippery Quill - I sit in the shadows across the room as you and your lover snuggle and make out on the couch. I can see our friend's bulge straining at his slacks as your hands roam over each other's bodies. (MMF, slutwife)

First Time - by Harry T - A young male learning that he is bi-sexual. (MM, rom, reluc, 1st)

First Time with Stepdaughter - by Tumi - A stepdad's first time with his pre-teen stepdaughter. (M/g, inc, ped)

First Time with a Dog - by BBW Pussy - Whilst reading porn a bbw girl gets a surprise from her dog. Her dog starts to lick her cunt and he girl finds that she likes it. (bbw/dog)

Flashing at the Hamburger Palace - by Laffwithme - While eating lunch I was treated to the most erotic flashing I have ever encountered. (MF, exh, voy)

Fleetwood Gash - by Jackie Juggs - Lady in distress gets assistance from a black minister in his Fleetwood Brougham. (MF, exh, inter)

F.O.O.L.S. - by C.D.E. - A husband finds out that being "Foolish" can be good for his marriage. (M+F, MM, mc, preg, cuck)

Forever Dreaming - by John M - Too many people are stuck in the rut of fantasy versus reality and 'Forever Dreaming' takes the reader by the hand to that place where dreams become reality. (MF, rom)

Fourth of July Fireworks - by Jimbo the Writer - I admit, I'm a writer. I've tried writing novels, and usually just do short stories. This, however, is a work of non-fiction. The events that I'm about to describe really happened to me, about 8 years ago, on the July 4, 1992. (MF-teens, exh)

Fourth of July Party - by Anonymous Author - About 10 years ago my girlfriend at the time and I were at a 4th of July BBQ. She was 20, Hispanic, 5'0", 100 lbs or so, very cute figure. Nice big boobs, which she complained were too big for her height. She was rather sexually conservative, but when she drank, she loosened up nicely. (MMF, nc, alcohol)

Fucking the Fat Lady - by The Fruit - A big fat customer wants some attention and gets some and more. (MF, reluc, anal, work)

Got Blackmail? - by Rick Dean - A tale of two friends in their late teens who, while surfing the 'net, find an adult website run by one young man's aunt. From there they introduce her to the joys of bestiality and incest by threats of exposure. (MMF, F/dog, inc, reluc, blkmail)

Heather, Misty and Kerry - by Raiderboy - Fun and consequences at Singing Pines summer camp. (F/m-teen, ped)

Helping Sis - by CerfNurf - A big brother and his dog help sis get over a bad breakup. And she helps him "get over" too. (MF, beast, inc) Part 2

Heros and Demons - by D-Ring - A warrior dies bravely to let his friends escape, but a demon offers him a guarantee of their escape if he gives over his soul. There's an added bonus of having the demon "in child form" to enjoy any way he wishes. His struggle with his conscience disappears once he sees the 14-year-old body in front of him. (M/f-teen, v, sn, oral, fant)

High School Big Brother - by Jephyrz - Two teens, one a freshman, the other a senior, meet, fall in love, and do the nasty. (MM-teens, 1st, oral, mast, anal)

Home Sweet Homeland - by David Shaw - Female Washington bureaucrat emails her secret thoughts to the wrong man at the wrong time. Now some Homeland Defense agents want to get to know her a lot better -- and if you thought the IRS was intrusive... (MMF, reluc, work)

House in the Woods - by Marcia Hooper - Ever wonder what really happened to Heather, Michael and Josh? And the Blair Witch herself? Well, this is an alternate ending to that very scary movie and one I like better. It picks up the morning after, with Heather and Michael still in the cellar. Joshua is present too. He's not alive. Heather and Michael are. Can they extract their revenge? (MF, rom, v, horror)

Huge: Chris and the Cheerleaders - by Heatheranne - Chris' mother decides to test her son's stamina by inviting his girlfriend, Cindy, and a few of Cindy's fellow cheerleaders over for afternoon snacks. (MF, voy, inc, size)

Huge Clit - by K.R.L. - I was still a virgin in my freshman year at College. I had never dated or even kissed a girl before. I had this reoccurring fantasy about sucking dick and I think that it was the cause of my shyness around girls. This is not to say that I am gay. I didn't fantasize about other guys, only my dick, or the image of a dick and balls. I was fascinated by my dick, even trying to suck it, but I wasn't loose jointed enough to do it. (MF, oral, rom)

Innocent No More - by Gryyswydyr - He drugs and uses his friend's daughter and has his way with her. (M/F-teen, blkmail, drugs, nc)

It Must Be Love: Flirting - by Shon Richards - His buddies can't figure out how he ever got such a fox to marry him. His wife is a world-class cock-tease, making them all crazy. But when it comes to actually doing something like cheating, she seems as faithful as can be. The guys just can't figure her out. (wife, tease)

Jane's Little Surprise - by Sunset - An invitation to a secret meeting turns into a first time bi-sexual adventure. (MMF, BI, orgy)

Janet Impregnates Herself - by Uma Love - This is my first attempt at erotic fiction. I am a female teacher of teenage mentally retarded children with interests in sexual fantasy and real life that range from the normal to the bizarre....(Fm, exh, ws, nc, ped, preg, snuff)

Jenny Gets Gangfucked - by Tommy - A married couple, Tom and Jenny, meet a group of fellow car enthusiasts and strike up a conversation. What starts out as enthusiasm for cars turns into enthusiasm for Jenny. (M+/F, wife, gb, preg)

Jenny Gets it at Last - by Tommy - Wife's first threesome with husband and friend. (MMF, wife, threesome, voy)

Jerarr - by Anonymous Author - No one would believe this story, even if it was told; About how a group of renegade biotech creations, originally intended as half human super soldiers had escaped from the illegal testing facilities that had spawned them, having been bred in the wild forest of the national park that concealed the facility. Still, even less would believe the story about the first group to escape -- an unlikely group of genetic misfits and a neocortical experiment gone horribly wrong. They establish a foothold in the wide dark arms of the forest growth -- No on would believe this story, no one except Sherryl that is. (MF, nc, sci-fi)

July 4th - by Anonymous Author - It's the 4th of July in DC. We're picnicking on the Virginia shoreline waiting for nightfall and the fireworks to start. I'm wearing a pair of running shorts and a tank top and you're simply in a sundress and panties. As we lounge on the grass your hem keeps riding up your long legs and I have to constantly avert my eyes so I won't get too turned on and embarrass myself. (MF, public, rom)

Juvie Hall - by Vince Lamar - A 14-year-old boy goes to Juvie Hall. He's afraid of everyone and everything until he meets Javier, a Mexican gang member who takes him under his wing. (M/m, teens, mexican, oral)

Karen the Burger Girl - by G. J. King - A teenager finds that prostitution pays more than working at a burger joint. And she likes it better too. (M+/F-teen, prost)

Lacy - by Zman1980 - Light romantic sex. About how my wife and I fell in love and came to be. (Mf-teens, rom, ped, oral)

Lake of Dreams - by Pulpfan - Gwendolyn's life changed forever the day she drowned. (MF, F, solo, fantasy)

Late Night Meetings - by Sunset - This is a story about my late night meetings with my girlfriend's older sister. (MF, voy, oral, mast, cheating)

Laura, Matt and Rob - by Mr. Spitroast - This story describes the bizarre day that I bumped into my lovely ex-girlfriend and ended up in bed with both her and her boyfriend. (MMF, sharing)

Lesbian Afternoon - by Jay - A new girl joins the cheering squad, then she and four other girls have the afternoon of their lives. (F+/F, lesbian orgy)

Little Blonde Cousin - by Tom Strutt - Cute teenage Karen doesn't know what to think when her biker cousin actually pays some attention to her. (M/f-teen, inc, reluc, 1st)

Loving Aunt Brittany - by Zule - Story about a boy who fantasizes about his mom's sister and later on he watches her fuck her big dog. Eventually they end up fucking together and he has the time of his life. (F/beast, F/m-teen, voy, inc)

Making of a Porn Star, The - by Bobby - Amy is secretly filmed by her husband and coerced into sex with one of his friends. (MMF, wife, exh, reluc)

Mandy and Jay - by Jay - Shower fun takes a fun twist. (MF, oral, anal, rom) Part 2

Massage Parlour - by TwoTone - My first experience in a massage parlour. (MM, 1st-gay experience, oral)

Mated - by Lee - About young wife being taken by a new family member, "the family pet," who makes her his bitch. (F/dog, MF, voy)

Mexican Bus Ride - by The Hombre - It was time for my vacation again. Either take it or lose it was the motto of our company. I'd been without a good lay for almost 10 months now so Mexico was my route and a curvy Mexican girl was my mission. (Mf-teen, ped, mast, true)

Mexican Fun - by Friendly Sam - I suppose it was headed in this direction all along. After three years of being together, our sex life was more exciting than ever. Donna and I always managed to find a way to push the envelope. (MMF, wife-sharing)

Mexican Girl In Minneapolis - by John Anais - I'm a traveling salesman. I was in Minneapolis with very little to do and plenty of time to kill. I left my motel to walk down by a river near by when I heard Mexican music. I followed the sound until I found a street party with hundreds of people, Mexican food, loud music, and lots of very pretty women. (MF, rom)

Miami - by Raiderboy - Candi was a flight attendant recovering from a broken relationship. Bart was male teenage model in search of losing his virginity to a girl, not one of the gay models that dominated his profession. They came together poolside at a hotel in Miami Beach, where both were able to fulfill their desires. (F/m-teen, ped, 1st)

Miss Black in Germany - by Fruit - My slut assistant gets more abuse against her will, from some nice German men. (M+/F, voy, nc, v)

Music to My Ears - by J - It can be said that the mark of intelligence is knowing when opportunity comes our way. Missed ones make us lament for "one more chance", and force us to wait untold amounts of time for that chance, which, we'll squander again anyway in most cases. Upon hearing of her favorite musician's upcoming concert tour, my older sister, Denise, panned and trolled for tickets immediately, just like the thousands of others who found out he was coming to the main arena in the city. (MF, bro/sis, inc)

My First Time - by Koba - I was nineteen years old near the end of the summer of 1977. To say that I was sexually inexperienced would be an understatement. I had made out with a girl one time. During the course of this frantic kissing spree I had moved my hand to her breast, cupping it through her blouse. After a prompt rebuff I didn't make a second attempt. I felt rejected. After that day I shied away from her, and never kissed her again. (MF, oral, prost)

My Master's Wishes - by Rick Dean - Dom has encounters with his primary submissive, then adds a secondary submissive woman from Australia. (FFM, bdsm)

My Part Time College Job - by The Iceman - I got a part-time job to help pay for college. I learned more from those experiences than I did in four years of college! (FFM, rom, college)

My Wife Fucks Her Old Classmates - by Hammer - My wife Debbie had received an invitation to her high school reunion, it was to be held in a small town in Florida. We thought it'd be fun to see how well her old classmates were doing so we planned to attend. (M+F, intr, voy, wife)

Neighbor Girl, The - by J. Paulie - A middle aged may has an affair with the pretty teenager next-door. (M-adult/F-teen, affair)

New Sheik, The - by Uma Love - An issueless docile Moslem heiress, wife of an oil rich sultan, cuckolds her husband into watching her impregnate herself with the help of a limbless young teenage boy, a young amputee stud... with the help of a female doctor.... (Fm, exh, ws, rp, v, ped, preg)

Obsessed - by Hornymother - Story of a mature mother and her obsession with having sex with boys. How her experiences growing up shaped her life. (Fm, inc, extreme-ped, preg) Part 2 - Part 3

Odd Love Affairs - by Lor Oldmann - Another heightened biographical contribution designed to illustrate the postulation that crazy mixed-up sexuality is not a particularly modern phenomenon, or something of the sort. (MF/pre-teen, ped)

Oh Derek - by Raiderboy - First time adolescent sex at the beach in San Clemente. A local boy's dream comes true in the bed of a visiting tourist girl. (teens, 1st, oral) - Part 2

Overtime Pleasures - by Sunset - I never realised overtime could be so much fun. I got to enjoy the sexual delights of two hot girls from the sales floor. (FFM, exh, voy, oral, mast)

Parent Game - by Phil Phantom - Dick couldn't believe that the same man who was sexually molesting his fourteen-year-old daughter and knocked her up, was the same man his wife was having an affair with and had knocked her up. (M/Ff, cuck, preg)

Peepers Treat - by Sunset - A randy teenager begins a routine of peeping at a neighbor when he gets more than he bargained for as she flashes him and gives him a special treat. (m-teen/F, voy, 1st, oral)

Plump Assistant - by The Fruit - A Plump assistant brings her boss home to meet the hubby. Then things get really interesting... (MMF, reluc) Part 2 - Part 3

Pool, The - by Anonymous Author - A wife left tied up to the diving board of their back yard pool by her husband, who is unexpectedly called away. Left helpless, she is raped by two black youths. (b+/F, wife, ped, intr, rp, bdsm)

Poor White Boy - by Eruption4u - A young boy finds his extended family are his best release. (mm, mf, teens, inc) - Part 2

Porn Theater Gangbang - by TraderJim - This is a somewhat true story about a guy and his girlfriend that I saw at a porno movie theatre a couple of years ago, rearranged in the form of a dream story. It was really something, he let her be used and abused by many erect penises, at random. (M+/F, exh, orgy, oral, public)

Potted Biographies: Dumas and Hugo - by Lor Oldmann - Another imaginative biographical contribution to cosmic culture in the form of the proposition that the shortest distance between two authors is a bent lineage. (M+/F+, exh, orgy)

Potted Biographies: The Witchfinders in General - by Lor Oldmann - Two teenaged girls in the Salem witch trials gave evidence that they 'rode through the night air on poles' and did other unchristianlike things like kiss each other in naughty places and dance naked together. (MF, FF, history, supernatural)

Pregnant Puzzle - by Homer Vargas - A young man writes Dr. Vargas for advice on dealing with the pregnancy of his mature superheroine's first pregnancy. (MF, preg, humor)

Presentation I: Belinda - by E. Cansell - An introvert family handles it's own fertility problems... (MMF, exh, orgy, ritual) - Part 2

Public Jerk - by Mike - A story about a teenage boy masturbating in public. (mff-teens, exh, mast)

Rape of Patricia - by D. Barney - A thirteen-year-old virgin goes out on a date with a much older man who has more in mind for the evening than just dinner and a movie. Young Patricia loses her virginity in a most brutal manner. (MM/f, rp, v, intr, ped)

Reaction Formation - by Andy G. - A man developes a technique for mind control that he uses to experiment on a number of individuals with unpredictable results. (MF, mc) - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Real Thing, The - by Zadanoff - I was a bit of a rebel when I was in high school. The only child and a single parent watching over me, and being a teenage girl to boot, made all of what I'm about to relate eveitaible I guess. (M/f-teen, inc, ped)

Removal Re-awakening - by Sunset - A mid forties lesbian rediscovers her straight side after a hunky teenage removal guy humps her box. (F-adult/M-teen, affair)

Reproved - by E. Cansell - AChildren commit a crime against the church and Mother tries to hide it from her husband and the church members, only to suffer the consequences of her actions. (M+/F, wife, voy, bd, preg) - Part 2

Retarded Rape - by Debbie Barney - A 20-year-old retarded man rapes his 10-year-old cousin. (M/f-pre-teen, inc, rp, ped)

Robbing the Wife - by The Fruit - A plan to rob my wife goes terribly wrong and I end up having to watch her being fucked and having to suck-off a whole gang. (M+/F, wife, nc, voy, orgy)

Romance Flowered in Kimono - by Fudi - Sex with younger friend, husband away, partner wants to repay the help, use of dildo, and finally incredible sex! (MF, work, wife-cheat, affair)

Rush, The - by BlueHat - A bookwormish college freshman, Marcie, has a pretty dismal social life. When she tries to fix the problem by rushing for a sorority, Kappa Mu Upsilon, she enters into a secretive world of sexual indulgence from which she may never emerge. (MF, orgy, nc, preg)

Sex After Fifty - by Rodney - We were into swinging very much during the mid 80's but now I am 69 and my dick has gone limp but my mind is very active and I'm into watching. I watch my 50 year old wife with her array of sexual partners while she does not know I am watching. I fixed a two way mirror in our basement storage closet where I hide and watch her at her pleasure. (M+/F, FF, cheating wife, voy, ped)

Sex At The Theme Park - by SusieQ - After a hot day at the theme park, Susie goes down on her brother and then rides him during the laser light show at the end of the day. (mf-teens, bro/sis, inc)

Sherry's Mom - by Homer Vargas - Mom has a problem. Sherry refuses to cuckold her husband to get pregnant. (MF, cuck, preg, intr, humor) Part 2 - Part 3

Shoe Store Slam: A Galaxy Slut Galina Story - by Sakka - Galina Barding reminisces about earlier adventures as a clerk at a shoe store, and later has a four-way (with her two daughters and a young man) at another shoe store. (FFM, feet, preg, sci-fi)

Sister's Son - by Vangie - My sister caught her 13-year-old boy sucking off his best friend and didn't want him to turn gay. (FM/m, inc, 1st, oral, ped)

Six Words - by Marcia Hooper - To please her brother and to save herself a whole lot of misery, Jennifer Banks has only to speak six words. Will she do it? Only one way to find out. A quick and simple two page story. (MF, rom, inc, reluc, spanking)

Society Lady at the Mall - by Andy G. - A very proper upper class lady learns a lesson about the dangers of treating others in a demeaning manner. (MF, nc, mc)

Sticks and Stones - by Blackzilla - All my life I have done what I was supposed to do. And what has it gotten me? Nothing. I've tried to do the right thing but the right thing never happens to me. I'm not even going to tell you about all the problems I've had with women over the past few years. Some of you bitches out there are really fucked up. You think you can just say and do anything to a man. You think you can use them and then cast their used up shell aside. Life is fucked up and I'm tired of being fucked. I guess that's why I did what I did the other night. (Mdom/F, v, rp)

Squirrel Talk - by Marcia Hooper - During a badly needed vacation in the Catskills, Lindsey finds herself alone one morning. She is joined on the front porch of her cabin by Morris the squirrel, who gets treated to dry roasted peanuts. What will the two newly aquainted friends talk about? Another quick and simple two page story. (MF, rom, exh)

Stretching the Limits - by Sapphire - A young babysitter gets the wrong and right ideas about mothers. This is my first story, so be gentle with me... (F/f, 1st, fist)

Strip Racquetball - by Johnny Boy - My most recent S/O and I had been playing racquetball together for several months. One day when we went to play, it was obvious that we were both feeling a little "frisky". When we got to the court and I bent over to touch my toes (stretching the backs of my legs) she placed a hand on my tush and slid it down to my balls. (MF, exh, sports)

Succubus - by Red Candle - A succubus (female sex demon) seduces a newlywed couple. (FFM, orgy, super-natural)

Summer Heat - by Stacie - A hot fourteen year-old girl and her mom meet a beach god while on vacation. (Ff/M, exh, inc, ped) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Sunrise Love - by Fudi - True Story from India. Sex with my friend's wife at sunrise, unexpected and incredible sex. (MF, rom)

Susie's Rape - by Anonymous Author - For whatever reason I have this fantasy about my little wife being raped by a large man, little did I know it was about to come true. (MF, voy, rp, bd, beast)

Swimming Sucks - by Sunset - A straight guy goes swimming during his lunch hour, only to find the lifeguard wants to help with his stroke. (MM, 1st-gay, oral, mast)

Teddy's Story - by Abby Mac - A young boy learns the pleasure of his gender from a mature man. (Mm, ped, 1st)

Tequilla Shooters - by Sunrise - It started innocently enough. Lori and her sister Tammy had been talking all month about joining the army and she was getting excited. They were starving and drove to a nearby Mexican restaurant in Santa Monica that happened to be having a Tequilla promotion. Without even a pair of shoes on, quite a few men soon surrounded her and her sister. The two women took shots of tequilla for a couple of hours and soon were feeling no pain. (M+/FF, alcohol, mexican gandbang)

Tie Me and Take Me Anyway You Want - by Slugger - Our affair started when my boss and I had a long liquid lunch one day this summer. I had only been working for Ben for a couple of weeks, but we had been spending as much time flirting with each other as we had spent writing up life insurance policies for Ben's corporate clients. I was enormously attracted to my new boss from the moment I met him for my interview. (MF, work, bdsm)

Turner's Fifteen Minutes - by Todd Sayre - Little pervert Turner likes sex, any kind of sex. He'll fuck anything with a body, animate or inanimate. (b/toddler, inc, oral, necro)

Uma's Asylum - by Uma Love - Grave sexual misconduct, pedophilia - love of retarded children, a hint of dirty kinky sex... water sports, scat etc... (Fm, exh, orgy, ws, rp, ped, scat)

Virgin Hunter - by Pleasureboy1 - A semi-romantic, semi-psychological story about a young girl's obsession with seducing virgin boys after her own self-idealized defloration turns out to be tragically disappointing. (teens, 1st, reluc, rom)

Wages of Sin - by Marlissa - Greer peeked in and enjoyed the view. Van Kamp was being lambasted by the Gallery's owner, flanked by several police detectives. His soon-to-be former boss was in the process of an interrogation she could never had imagined herself being a party to. Perspiration had left her usually sleek blonde helmet in disarray, her pale mien flushed. (Mdom/F, nc)

Wendy's Photo Shoot - by Bedo - Nineteen-year-old Wendy wants to give her husband a sexy photo shoot for his Birthday. But things aren't as they appear. (MMF, wife, voy, rp, gb, intr)

Window Watching - by Marcia Hooper - Kellie is in a terrible pickle. Not only is she bound and gagged in front of an open window, naked and with various toys stimulating her privates, but she has put herself there. With the help of her boyfriend, of course. Only where is her boyfriend now? And how long can she keep the second part of this humiating scenario from kicking in? Join Kellie as she desperately fights to keep from having her lifestyle exposed. (MF, exh, voy, reluc, bdsm)

Wolfen - by Anonymous Author - Attacked by Wolves Susie thinks she'll be killed, but she just didn't know the whole of it. (beast+/F, nc)

Working Wank Rendezvous - by Sunset - After starting a new job recently I discovered some erotic web pages and read them during my lunch hour. As you're aware they have the uncanny knack of getting you hot and the only release is to masturbate. Yeah sure, I could go to the toilet but where is the excitement in that. Anyway I've discovered a useful place to pull my pudding! The storeroom maybe I'll get caught? Well that's half the fun, right? (MF, mast, work)

Workout Tape - by Imposter - Husband gets what he always wanted, the hard way. (M+/MF, BI, wife, cuck)

Would You Like Any Help Sir? - by Sunset - A man takes a trip to the shops for a new shirt only to be offered free clothes for sexual entertainment in the changing room. (MM, exh, 1st-gay experience)

You Can Cum Anytime You Want - by Otto - When Bobby's father marries again, he will have new experiences. (M+F, mf, ff, mm, BI, orgy, inc, ws, family)

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