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Addy's Gog Girl - by Indysurfer - A father discovers his nine-year-old daughter having sex with her dog and decides to get in on the action. (M/g, inc, ped, beast)

A Game of Surrogate Wife - by Mannydcamp - A playful game gets out of hand between a wife, her husband and their best friend. (MMF, wife-sharing) Part 2

After The Party - by Rogue Writer - Two girls meet at a party and go find some privacy for their own party. (FF, rom, exh, oral, anal, food)

Alice Submits - by MercySlayer - Alice's salary was barely enough to make ends meet. Working in the department store, Alice worked the cash register and it was easy to "borrow" a ten or a twenty occasionally. (M+/F, intr, gb, forced)

All About Misty - by Kristen Marie - A pretty young mother dreams of being seduced and pleased by a man she has never met. But when he shows up with a friend, the twist is in her favor. (FFM, bi, oral, fant) Part 2

All Day Tease - by Biff Jones - This true story describes the great lengths a wife went to drive her husband wild one day by working his smoking fetish to the limits. (MF, exh, wife, mast, smoking) Part 2

Amber's Gift - by Kristen Marie - A retired widower is forced to move in with his son and Daughter-In-Law due to health issues. As his health fades, his kindness does not. So his son's wife decides to give him one last gift. (MF, wife, inc, oral, cons, sn)

A Mother's Nasty Thoughts - by Phoebe - I know it's nasty, but I had this thing for my son's girlfriend and she didn't seem to mind, and well... things just sort of happened. (F/MF-teens, inc, bi, preg)

An Affair With My Neighbor - by Race Gannon - A 43-year-old man is seduced by his young high school neighbor. (M/f-teen, ped, fant)

Another Day to Remember - by PervertedFemale - This is part two to A Day to Remember. Read part one in Directory 23. (teen-couples, rp, inc)

At Last - by Sabre - A man planning to surprise his wife is distracted. (MF, rom, affair)

At Your Mercy - by blacklaceguy14 - Minimalist, but no less erotic moment of love by a male submissive for his mistress. (Fdom/M, nc, v, bd)

Aunt Meg - by blacklaceguy14 - A graphic tale of adult incest. A nephew who has grown up with a secret passion for toilet sex accidentally discovers his attractive aunt shares his interest. Over time, he discovers other female members of his family do too. The conclusion is a vivid romp that finds the hapless Alex becoming a toilet for his aunt, mother and sister. Not for the faint hearted. (Fdom/M, inc, bi, scat, ws)

Bad Girl in Uniform - by Constable Laura DeLahuntey - An investigation turns intimate for the Avondale Heights Women Police Division - Senior Constable Rhonda McIntyre is busted in a rather compromising position by the woman she is investigating for rape! (FF, rp, police)

Bad Medicine - by BigStudlyDude - I find out my fiancee, Dee is an unrepentant racist. I hate racism and plan to cure her of any hate she may be harboring, only to find out that I relied on some bad really bad medicine. (MMF, nc, intr, intr, bd)

Barb's Seduction To Perversion - by Suewatcher - Young wife is seduced via e-mail, and becomes a slut for her black lover. (MF, intr, wife, preg) Part 2

BBW Black Gangster Lovin - by BBW lover - Some black gangster loving. (MF, intr, reluc, bbw)

BBW Cuckold Husband - by BBW lover - A whimpy husband owes money and it's his BBW wife who pays for him, but so does he. (MMF, voy, bbw-wife, bi, intr)

BBW School Teacher - by BBW lover - My wife is a school teacher of 39, the mother of my three children and a typical prim and proper mother and housewife. She was big when I meet her and I used to love her large breasts but after 15 years and three kids she had put on so much weight she hated herself and went off sex entirely. (M/MF, bi, bbw-wife, intr, cuck, v, huml)

BBW Teacher - by BBW lover - My wife's teacher friend gets her rocks off and mine too. (M+/F, gangbang, intr, bbw)

Better than Chocolate - by T.R. Murphy - Brad was dressed as a pirate, and Gillian was an angel. (F/m-teen, seduction, halloween)

Becky the Farmer's Daughter - by Obmuj - Becky was 15 and lived with her parents on a large farm. One day a couple of local boys stopped to buy some produce, that cost Becky her virginity. (ff-teens, m+ff, rom, 1st) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Black Hooker, The - by JupRyan - This is the tale of the first time I paid for a blowjob - completely real and unaltered. This is my experience - not just a sex scene, which means there is probably better jack-off material if that is all you're looking for. (MF, oral, mast, intr, prost)

Black Limo - by SeeShow - A cuckold gets the joy of seeing his wife and her black lovers together sexually for the first time. Of course, he has to accept the job as Limo driver for the night and a few humiliations along the way. (MMF, wife, cuck, intr, huml, cream-pie)

Black Magic - by BigStudlyDude - My wife to be, Trish, is a good Catholic girl who has never gone past second base with a man. I planned to marry her. Then I decided to check up on her bachelorette party her friends were throwing for her... (MF, voy, 1st, intr, size)

Blackmail For Good - by Fudi - Oral sex with friend's daughter. She blackmailed me to do it. (Mf, ped, rom, oral, blkmail)

Blindfolded Wife - by Michael - I'd been married to my wife Laura for just about three years when I began to fantasize about having a threesome. (MMF, wife-sharing, inc)

Bob Maloney's Boys - by xwriter2002 - Bob comes home from work to find his sons enjoying the kinky treatment of their friends and the local police department. (MM/t,b, inc, oral, anal, ws, fist, bd, tort)

Boy on Train - by Cuddles - A man on his regular daily commuter train and a boy going home after football practice find themselves thrust upon one another in a most exciting manner. (M/m-teen, ped, 1st)

Builder, The - by Dirty Carolyn - A widowed woman finds sexual release in the form of a carpenter. (MF)

Building Trust - by Paula - Jim seduces Claire by building a trust in him and in his ability to love her. (MF, rom, 1st)

Cabin Surprise - by Lucky Wife - As hubby and his black boss prepare for thier annual one-week hunting trip, the wife decides she wants to go along and see what a week in the cabin is like, quite? relaxing? and personally satisfying? A good book to read, or better yet, a pleasant surprise. (MF, wife, cheat, intr) Part 2

Cancun - by The Lizzard - Teens and college students were everywhere. I had moved into one of the top suites in the hotel, and watched them all very closely. I specifically pegged groups of girls to be watched. Since I had made my arrangements, I picked up several GPS chips. I had my workers plant them into the swimwear of various girls' that I especially liked. (MF, nc, sn, v, nec, cannib)

Casey Chronicals, The - by Casey - My husband taught me to enjoy sex for sex's sake. This is the story of the first time we brought a third person into our relationship. (MMF, voy, exh, reluc, mast) Part 2

Caught in the Act - by NTCOPLUVER - On night shift a female officer's friendly gesture turns into unexpected pleasures. (MFF, FF, reluc, oral, bi, police)

Chattel Females - by b biddle - In the near future laws change to make all woman property. Males are required to use and discipline them regularly. (MF, nc, sci-fi, bd, intr)

Cheerleader, The - by Ninja - Both Paul and Anne had been very careful to keep Anne's "normal" life separate from her life with Paul. Just a whisper of Anne's seeing an older man, older being anyone out of High School, would bring way too much scrutiny from Ann's father, and possibly the police. -- This is part of a larger work, but can stand alone -- (Mdom/F-teen, nc, bd)

Child Of The Ring - by Michaelmt1 - A young boy finds an enchanted ring that lets him explore first his own sexuality and then each and every member of his family. The subtitle mind control powers of the ring take a while to master but in time he creates his own community of willing sex slaves. (mf-teens, inc, nc, mc, 1st)

Chloe - by Michael Schumann - Slutty teen sisters try out the new boy next door. So does everybody else. (MF, org, inc)

Conversations with Martin - by dale10 - A story about the slow methodical destruction of a teenage boy. (M/m-teen, exh, mc, huml) Part 2 - Part 3

Coworker Conditions - by Toyman - An embarrassed coworker asks her mentor if he will participate in a threesome with her husband. He makes certain that she understands his conditions before he agrees. He sends her home full and satisfied to break the news to her husband. (Mdom/F, oral, work)

Crazy Afternoon - by LWM - A couple of good ole boys find ways to spice up the lazy country summer days. (MFf, beast, ped, bi, inc, bd, s&m)

Daddy's Special Valentine - by Ali2TeaseU - Daughter gives her daddy a special Valentine's Day treat. (M/f-teen, inc, ped)

Dance Misty Blue, Dance! - by Kristen Marie - For the past several months, Misty Blue had dreamed of going on stage at the local club on Amateur Night and dancing. Not just "dancing", but stripping down and turning on the audience. (FFM, exh, reluc, bi, fant) Part 2

Daughter Fulfills Daddy's Special Needs - by Lanka Cream - Father has his very attractive but very young daughter as his main masturbation fantasy. His fantasy does not involve penetration, but it is highly erotic and forbidden. His pubescent daughter secretly discovers him in torrid masturbation while crying out her name and his fantasy is revealed to her. She spies on him for months. Eventually, she succumbs to her young urges when fate and circumstances throw the opportunity her way. (Mf, ped, inc, 1st)

Daughters Halloween Party - by Lisa - Daughter plans a party for her daddy on Halloween night. (M/gg, inc, ped)

Day at the Spa - by b biddle - Barbara goes to the FemdomWorld Spa for a day of rest and relaxation at the hands of compliant, naked male slaves. (Fdom/M, orgy, reluc)

Dinner - by b biddle - A naked husband is preparing dinner for his dominant wife and musing about what the evening has in store for him. (Fdom/M, couple)

Dirty Fucking Pig Boys at Play - by dale10 - What goes on in the high school locker room. (mm-teens, exh, org, ws, oral)

Dog Pound - by Lamplight - The pound from a dog's eyes. In this alternate universe people are the animals really. (M/beast)

Do You Want to be My Slavegirl? - by b biddle - A girl is interviewed to become a slavegirl. (MF, bd)

Dr. Judy - by C.D.E. & Es2c - Mark and Millie, who are engaged, are having relationship problems. They are seeking the professional help of Dr. Judy, a Relationship Counselor, in an attempt to resolve their differences. Differences that Mark believed to be un-resolvable, that is, until he came under the counsel of Dr. Judy and was subjected to her unusual therapies. (MMF, cuck, mc, intr, preg)

Dreams Can Come True - by b biddle - I asked Mary to let me be her sex slave for my birthday present. Boy, did I love it! (Fdom/M, bd)

Dying Wish - by LWM - A Mom and Dad find out their 11-year-old daughter has a short time to live and try to grant her every wish. (MFb/g, family, ped, inc, bi, 1st)

Eleven Days - by Christie - A 23 year-old girl gets the housesitting job of her dreams and discovers it's really a nightmare. (MF, rp, extreme-v, tor, sci-fi, forced-impreg)

Enslave Your Man - by b biddle - Instructions on how to enslave a husband or boyfriend. (Fdom/M, d/s)

Erin Gets Knocked Up - by J.C. Rox - A guy has a fling with best friend's daughter; a nymphomaniac. (MF, exh, oral, preg)

Exhibition in the Car - by Bruce - Flashing women while driving on the interstate. (MF, exh, public-mast)

Exotic Dancer - by Sweet Irish - Sometime around my being 4 years old I would masturbate with either my little dog between my legs or rub off against the bathroom sink. Also this must have happened because of my dad bathing me over several years and our total relationship. (Mf, M+/F, extr-ped, inc, beast) Part 2 - Part 3

Fascinated With Richard - by jojo - Now I know you'll probably think I'm some kind of pervert, but sex is where it is at. And, although at my tender age (not to mention experience), I promised my mom, and myself that I wouldn't have (real) sex until I decided to marry. But, that allowed a lot of room for other things, as you will read. (teens, exh, mast, oral)

Family Care - by dale10 - Uncle Jim takes over his dead brother's family and forces them into perverted incest. (Mmmf, inc, ped, voy, bi, rp, huml, v, tort) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Fifty-something BBW Slut - by BBW lover - They where a nice couple both of them in there 50's or so it looked the wife Marge was huge with her massive body crammed into a knee length dress her double chin joining her enormous breasts that sat on her lap as she drank her beer. (MMF, wife, cream-pie, bi)

Final Conquest - by Dave - He preyed on unsuspecting teens and received and unexpected surprise. (MF, v)

Final Kiss, The - by Spen Sterling - Like many men, I often find myself fantasizing about watching my wife having an erotic encounter with another man. While our sex life is fantastic, and my fit, attractive wife indulges most of my fantasies with a passion, she has always drawn the line at involving other people. (MMF, wife, reluc, voy, rom)

Forced Family - by Splunge_Splash - Trick-or-treaters wreak havoc on family as mother and son are forced into sex on Halloween night. (m+/F, inc, nc, ped, v)

For Life - by Roke - Hanging there was the Zorro costume Shelly had persuaded him to buy. He took down the black leather pants and slipped into them, leaving the fly unbuttoned. Some friends of Shelly's owned a farm about 20 miles outside the city, and had agreed to host the halloween party this year. And they were going as a couple, a loving couple. (MF, rom, affair)

Friends - by Annon - Watching the neighbour put on a show with her dog. After a few drinks I get my girlfriend to join in too. (MFF, beast)

Full Circle - by JAZ - Daddy loves his little girls. Then Daddy loves his big girls. (M/f+, ped, inc, nc, huml, v)

Fulfilling My Fantasies - by T - There's a couple of fantasies I would like to fulfill. (FFM, voy, bd, mc, bi, tor)

Gets Out of Hand - by Tickler - A lonely housewife is surprised at her own reaction when a home repairman gets hold of her. (MF, reluc, wife-cheat)

Girl Next-Door, The - by Wallywood - The rape and humiliation of a woman who had just moved in next door. (MF, rp, mast, bd)

Girl's Revenge - by Perb69 - A reverse roles story, about women who rape men. I hated men, damn them all. All they wanted was sex, however they could get it. (Fdom+/M, rp, oral, bd, huml)

Giving Somthing Back - by LWM - A little innocent horseplay turns into something much more for a frustrated single mom and her horny son. (F/b, inc, reluc, 1st)

Goat Girl - by Catherine Murray - A Young girl tries to help out friends on a goat farm, only to find that it is just too much for her to handle. (f-teen/beast, nc, v) Part 2

Gramps Comes to Visit - by NADA - Gramps pays a visit on his son and daughter-in-law and their three children. (MMF/bgg, inc, ped, bi, mast) Part 2

Grocer's Boy, The - by Jenny Wanshel - The Club met for the second time last Thursday at the home of Mrs. Warrington on Alameda Street. A light luncheon was served and Mrs. Amelia Stringer, of 1124 Fillmore, gave a lively talk on the history of beekeeping in early California, followed by open discussion. The once a month sessions of "The Club" are closed to invited members only. (Fm, size, 1890's)

Hairdresser, The - by Bling Dooby - My wife's visit to her hairdresser. Fantasy or fact? (MF, wife-cheating)

Halloween Party - by BigStudlyDude - I plan to attend an annual Halloween party but when I am forced into changing my costume at the last moment it leads to a case of mistaken identity. (MF, wife, nc, voy, oral)

Hannah and I - by Becky P - A true story of my own awakening. (ff-teens, 1st lesbian-expr)

Hubby's Friend and I - by Happy Wife - When hubby announced that his old high school buddy was coming to town on business, I suggested that he stay with us, not realizing that it would lead to two horny guys getting it on with one horny wife, me! (MMF, wife, intr, threesome)

Helping Out My Sister In-Law - by Poster Boy - Loving a lonely sister inlaw, after the loss of her husband. (MF, exh, husband-sharing, affair)

Hot for Teacher - by Christie - A young high school girl gets in over her head with her English teacher. (M/f-teen, reluc, 1st, school)

How I Met Abby: My Nude Model - by Melanie Kay - A young bi-sexual artist meets a new younger nude model at her life class. They become friends. She takes her home where they have an enjoyable sexual encounter together. (FF, mast, 1st-les-expr)

Hungry Eyes - by Deputy Duffy - Fran gets more than a suntan at the public pool. (MMF, exh, nc, oral)

Identity Revealed - by J.C. Rox - My A young ad executive who has trouble finding women. Then he finds a haven in a website hottie. He finds out who she is, and makes her his personal sex slave. Partially based on true events! (M+/F, orgy, reluc, blkmail, feet)

Indian Holiday - by Biggles - (E-noval: Book 1) A holiday in India that's enjoyed by a Bi Cross-dresser who's also into sex with dogs. He meets up with another guy for sex and to share their mutual interest of cross-dressing, but there's a surprise when a female holidaymaker spots them in their undies and becomes actively involved - with the bi undie-wearers and with their doggy friends. (MMF, beast, bi, exh, oral, cd, 1st)

Indian Holiday, Afterward - by Biggles - (E-noval: Book 2) This is what happened after we came home from Goa. (MMF, bi, beast, cd, public)

LMB - by NADA - Being 14 can be a bitch! (mf-teens, inc, 1st, beast, mast)

In Loving Color - by Mr. Vandolay - A Pina Colade induced oral demonstration. (MF, exh, oral)

I Want You Badly - by Fudi - A romance with friend's wife. It's a true story. She'd wanted me for a long time, hence she cheated on her husband to go with me. It was all her initiative and we had good sex. (MF, rom, cheat)

Jack & Jill - by J.C. Rox - A man married to a hot older women is suddenly cut off from sex, only to turn to a 18 year old. (M/F-teen, rom, cheat)

Jackstraw - by Night Writer - A cheating husband gets his just deserts when his mistress turns the tables on him in a most bazaar way. (MF, cheat, sci-fi, v, sn)

Jr. Deputy, The - by Deputy Duffy - A lawman shows his apprentice just how much fun it can be, when you're playing on the right side of the law. (MMF, exh, nc, bd)

Just One of the Gang - by LWM - A young woman is willing to do anything to fit in with a motorcycle gang even if it means eating shit. (M+/F, FF, s&m, bd, scat, v)

Karakol by Starlight - by Ximenes - True story - a magic evening in Central Asia. About a lake, a beach, a line of mountains and a vast plain. (MF, rom)

Kim - by Michael Schumann - (E-novel) About 35,000 words, "Kim" was written mostly in August 2003. This is my first new novel since the late summer of 1988 (see "Mixed Up Family") and my first new fictional work of any kind in about a decade. It's a brother-sister initation story -- pretty civilized, considering the premise -- with a lot of tease and buildup, and more than a little of the sappiness of a teenage romance novel -- which, I should hasten to note, is completely intentional! (mf-teens, inc, 1st, rom)

Kyle and Mrs. Andrews - by blacklaceguy14 - A story of seduction, an older woman who works in fine lingerie, gives a younger man an education in pleasing women. Based upon my own experience. Sadly Mrs. Andrews and I are no more, and besides we're both a lot older now. (MF, rom, work)

L'ange Fonce - by M.D. Nadazdy - A playful walk in the rain turns to romantic, sensual teasing... (MF, rom, oral)

Laura's Peephole - by Shiva - Laura stepped out of her shoes as she closed the door behind her. With a sigh she wiggled her toes on the lush carpet, ready for some self-pleasuring after a long hard day... (F/M-teen, inc, voy)

Leash, The - by Scott Benson - Futuristic devices assist this dominatrix in leashing her newest slave. (MF, exh, nc, mast, sci-fi)

Little Boys at Old Charlie's Place - by xwritr2002 - Another adventure of Sheriff Hadley & Deputy Welton. This time they help a divorced dad give his sons and their friends the kind of nasty sex they need. (MM/t, org, inc, bd, ws, ped, beast)

Little Girls are Smarter - by Lanka Cream - Fantasy becomes reality when two young girlfriends exercise their brains and their initiative and find a way for one of their fathers to experience his forbidden fantasy. It has also been their fantasy. All their lives are changed for the better. (M/gg, inc, ped, 1st, preg)

Little Red Riding Hood - by Anonymous - A twist on a classic fairytale, with plenty in store. (Ff/M, inc, ws, ped, beast)

Massaging Mike's Mom - by ddwriter - Ben's ability to control himself is put to the test by his friend Mike's foxy Mom. (F/M-teen, exh, mast, size)

Mike's Mom's Friend - by ddwriter - Mike's mom's friend needs to explore her fantasy about large cocks to save her marriage. Ben is glad to oblige. (F/M-teen, exh, mast, ped, size)

Mixed Up Family - by Michael Schumann - (E-noval) This 35,000 word script was originally written in 1988 for a publisher who folded about the time I put the MS in the mail, so this posting is actually its first publication in any form. It's a highly improbable tale of multi-generational incestuous lowjinks among a group of California hedonists in the twilight of the Reagan years. (family, org, inc)

Mom Needs It Too - by Michael Schumann - (E-noval) Jacki and her daughter Natalie have something in common, Natalie's boyfriend. This story deals with the frustrations of the suddenly-single middle-aged mom, not to mention teenage lesbian crushes and the sexual rivalry of mothers and daughters when the mom hasn't stopped being hot while the daughter is just getting started. It also has a lot of anal sex. About 35,000 words, this is an extensively rewritten and revised oldie from my archives. (FFM, org, inc, anal)

Mother-Son Lust Fulfilled - by Lanka Cream - Single mother is desired by her young son. Mom is also lonely and hungry for sex but not with her son. Accidental circumstances put both the thought and incestuous temptation in her way. She succumbs to the wanton needs of the flesh in forbidden territory and both find a wicked heaven. (Fm, ped, inc, preg)

Mouthing Off - by Scott Benson - A man's first taste of bondage is overwhelming. (MF, mast, bd, feet)

My Buddy Dick - by Indysurfer - A story about taking it in hand and cumming to a solution. (mf-youths, MFF, ped, mast)

My Brother's Family - by Ham Barker - Jody pay's a visit to his brother's home and is surprised to find that he to is bi-sexual. When he further discovers just how sexual his brother's family actually is... there's no way he can tear himself away, so he finally accepts their invitation to stay longer. (family, inc, ws, bi, orgy) Part 2

My Happiest Halloween - by Shon Richards - I didn't have any happy Halloween memories growing up as a child. My stepfather was something of a control freak and he liked to keep the family terrified with stories of kidnappers, molesters and other monsters. After listening to these stories all year round, the idea of going outside and actually knocking on strangers' doors seemed like suicide. (MF, hot-wife, cheat)

My Pet - by T-Rae - A single encounter between a slave and her beloved master. (Mdom/F, rom, bd)

My Sister and I - by Anonymous - A story about the love life between a brother and sister. (Mteen/F, inc, foot-fetish)

My Surprise Present - by Biff Jones - A fictional story about Kelly arranging a surprise three-way for me with her friend from work. It focuses a lot on the seduction and tease elements and builds to a very hot climax. (FFM, oral, bi, creampie, smoking)

My Trans Secretary - by Anonymous Author - A special relationship between a boss and his secretary. (Fdom/M, tv, work)

My Wife and Max - by Trainman4566 - My wife and my brother's dog get friendly. (MF, reluc, voy, beast)

Nancy's Walk in the Alley - by Serfer - My wife's need to fill my desire for her to be laid by a stranger so that I could have sloppy seconds. (M+F, exh, wife, intr, orgy)

Never Remember Birthdays - by b biddle - A man forgets his wife's birthday and comes to not regret it. (A companion piece to "The Perfect Birthday Present". (Fdom/M)

Nice Way To Break The Ice - by Poster boy - This is a story of a niece visiting her beautiful Aunt and one lucky guy, namely me. (FFM, inc, oral, mast)

Not A Woman's Best Friend - by Kellie C. - You know all those stupid Internet stories floating around about how women like having sex with a dog and they have great orgasms and end up not only fucking them but sucking their dicks? What absolute bullshit! This is a more realistic story. (F/beast, rp, v) Part 2

Office Help - by Scott Benson - Getting caught while flying can be a good thing. (MF, exh, mast, work)

Once A Year - by Michael - A guy is willing to put up with anything to keep his pretty wife. (MF, wife, cuck, intr)

Pall Mall - by Scott Benson - A trip through the mall has seldom left so much of a... trail. (MF, exh, reluc, mast)

Penis Psychology for Women - by Dr. Andy - This article will cover the little known and even less admitted thoughts, urges and motivations of the human male. Even though the descriptions are a bit stereotypical, the underlying truth still prevails. (sex article)

Pepperment Patty - by Star Dust Memories - A famous actress seduces a small town girl in Vegas. (FF, orgy, 1st-lesbian expr)

Perfect Birthday Present, The - by b biddle - Bill's wife asks him to be her sex slave for her birthday weekend. He goes along and has a fantastic time. (Fdom/M, wife, rom, bd)

Pilgrim Thanksgiving - by Birdman - A historical piece: A young woman is daydreaming for a few moments when a couple of Indian Braves happen across her. The first thanksgiving ends up having a very special meaning for three young people. (MMF, intr, rp)

Plane Fun - by Scott Benson - A little blackmail, and getting a hand in the bargain has its rewards, and drawbacks. (MF, exh, reluc, mast, mile-hi)

Playful Friendship - by Mannydcamp - A playful friendship puts a wife and a good friend in a sexy situation. (MMF, exh, wife-cheat)

Play or Pay - by BBW lover - A whimpy husband owes money and it's his wife that pays for him, at a cost to him. (MMF, wife, intr, voy, nc, cuck)

Poison Huckleberry and the Student Nurses - by ddwriter - Ben's rash requires regular treatments with an anti-itch cream. The location of his problem is of great interest to the student nurses. (FFM, exh, nc, mast, size)

Potted Fairy Tales for Real - by Lor Oldmann - A serious attempt to explore, examine and experiment with the erogenous zones of traditional folk lore and fairy tale. (Mf, inc, rp, nec, tort)

Recovery from Rape Trauma - by ddwriter - My wife's friend needs to work through her emotional anxiety from being raped by a man with a large cock. I don't mind being a part of her therapy. (FFM, exh, mast, bd, size)

Red Box, The - by Deputy Duffy - Doesn't Weird Shit Always Happen on Halloween? It's A Battle Between Good And Evil. (MF, exh, org, nc)

Reduction of Katrina, The - by b biddle - The boss catches Katrina stealing from the company and as punishment he makes her his slave. (Mdom/F, nc, blkmail)

Remembrances From My Youth - by Oraldude - How I became interested in pee and poop of young girls when I was young. (m/f+, voy, inc, ws, scat)

Rich Man's Pleasures - by b biddle - An obscenely rich man fulfills his every violent and lascivious fantasy. (Mdom/F+, nc, v, sn, bd, tor)

Seattle Airport September 27th 2003 - by Michael - A middle age man has an exciting experience at the Seattle Airport. (MF, exh, mast, public)

Secrets Are Forever - by Juana - I have a White German father and a Black Cuban mother. My father was a military soldier, and always wanted for me to be able to protect myself. He introduced me to the world of martial arts. I won't say which kind or anything because this is a true story. I married and divorced at an early age. My father became even more protective after I left my abusive husband. He insisted that I get more involved in self defense. (MF, rp, intr, asian/blk, true)

Sexual Restraint - by Phoebe - A young woman is bored with her life until she takes up with an exciting stranger. (M+/F, exh, bd, gb)

Sheriff of Nottingham, The - by D. Brown - When he showed up in the movies and on TV, we weren't supposed to like the Sheriff of Nottingham--he was the villain--but he was rather sexy as an authority figure. A friend and I got to talking about that one day, and... well, if you read this, you'll see. (MM, nc, bd)

She Succumbs - by Lanka Cream - Young female architect finds herself sexually attracted to both her female employer and her employer's young daughter. A chance event allows this young professional to realise her fantasy, despite the risks and the fact that she has never had a prior lesbian experience. (F/Fg, inc, ped, 1st, oral)

Showing Off - by Margaret - These are some of my early memories of showing myself to others. I intend to write more later to bring things to the present day. (MF, exh)

Sindy and Her Son - by Colorado Kid - Sindy finally gives in to her true nature when she discovers her sons fantasies...but how far will she go? (Fm, ped, inc, 1st, oral)

Sister-in-law - by Annon - Fantasies about sex with sister-in-law are realised. (MF, rp, drugs, beast)

Slip Domination - by blacklaceguy14 - If like me, you have a passion for spike heels, stockings, fine lingerie, and above all else, slips as worn by women who like to exert control over men, then this story is for you. Based upon my own experience. (Fdom/M, rom, bd, cd)

Slow Night, Snow Night- by J.J. Onedime - On a snowy evening a man strikes up a conversation with a pretty 18-year-old waitress in a bar. One things leads to another and he gets incredibly lucky! (M/F-teen, 1st, oral, seduce)

Stars - by Michael Schumann - (E-novel) "Stars" is a continuation and expansion of "Screen Test," a short story by Video Guy that was posted in the archives some months ago. "Stars" begins where "Screen" left off; that's why there is no Chapter 1 in "Stars." "Screen Test" itself is Chapter 1, and you need to read it first. This is a long story -- 44000 words -- and be fully warned in advance that both stories are set in a parallel world, similar but not identical to our own, in which pedophile porn is not only legal, it's _mainstream_. "Stars" is concerned with the joys and woes of Ray Conklin, the artistic genius at the helm of the #1 pre-teen hardcore movie company in showbiz. And it's not just fun and games. (Mf, ped, exh, inc, 1st, rom)

Stat Boy - by Scott Benson - Being a statistics helper for the girl's basketball team has its rewards, frustrations, and luscious threats. (F+/M, mast, exh)

Submitting to the Pervert - by blacklaceguy14 - Asked to recount some of my experiences by an email friend, I am recountinga story about my submission and humiliation at the hands of like minded friends. (Fdom/MM, inc, ws, reluc, v, bi, cream-pie)

Summer Love - by Ali2TeaseU - Father and daughter find love in the summer heat. (MF, inc, oral)

Summer Time Business Benefits - by Posterboy - This happens in a very private place. Mother and daughter are both very attractive, the daughter asks if I would put lotion on her back, her skin feels so soft and warm to my touch. She said you really have nice hands, and you must make your lady friends, very happy. (M/MFf-teen, exh, orgy, inc)

Susan Gets What She Deserves - by Looney - A tease pays for her pleasure. (MF, rp, v, sn)

Sylvia's Story - by Bliss - The prequel to "What A Difference A Day Makes." (Also posted in this directory, under that title.) This story shows how Sylvia and Connie first began they incestuous relationship and how they decided to bring Curt into the fold. (pun) (F/F-teen, inc, reluc, 1st)

Tales Of The Pussy Pleaser: The Beginning - by PussyPleaser - The beginning of a fifteen year old boy's sexual education; when his shivering eighteen year old sister hops into his bed one night. (mf-teens, inc) Part 2

Tank, The - by Ximenes - A lonely teacher in the North West Frontier of Pakistan discovers that work can be play. (M/f-teen, ped, rom)

Taught by My Big Sister- by Frank McCoy - His older sister instructs her younger brother just entering puberty in the ways of sex. She convinces their younger sister to "play" sex with her bother and watches her siblings doing "it" just about every moment they can get away with it. (bg, inc, ped, voy, preg)

Teacher's Summer Sex School - by James Wellington - (E-novel) As a junior high school teacher I'm constantly surrounded by young girls who are just entering their teens and beginning to bloom into nubile young females. Their bodies suddenly become less flat and skinny and more round and full, and they seem much more physically aware of themselves and the effect they can have not only on boys their own age, but grown men, too. (Mf-mf-teens, ped, inc)

Tommy & Maggie 1 - by Mtnman - In 1959 a young brother and sister experiment sexually and they finally come of age accompanied by the sister's best girlfriend, turning a hot summer into an even hotter one. (ffm-teens, inc, ws, bi, 1st)

Tommy & Maggie 2 - by Mtnman - Tommy and Maggie continue to explore each other sexually and find an older woman and her young brother to expand their horizons with. (F/mf, inc, ws, ped, orgy)

Tommy & Maggie 3 - by Mtnman - Tommy continues to expand his horizons. After a stormy night with his sister and her friends, he meets a pretty teen by the creek and the explores new and even more exciting things together. (mf, m/f-teen, inc, ped)

Tommy & Maggie 4 - by Mtnman - During the long hot summer of 1959, Tommy and Maggie introduce a little rich girl to the pleasures of sex. (bg, gg, exh, inc, bi)

Trick or Treat - by Too Much Time - Henry felt like an idiot. Here it was, Halloween. All his friends were out egging people's doors, throwing water balloons at cars, and just generally causing trouble -- exactly what every 14 year-old boy SHOULD be doing on this day in a small town... exactly what he should be doing. Instead, thanks to his mom, who had to work an extra shift tonight, he got stuck walking his little sister Trish around for trick-or-treat. (m/F, 1st, voy)

Truth or Dare - by Anonymous - Innocent game losses its innocence along with two girls. (Mff, ped, rom, inc, 1st)

Unable To Move - by herhubby - I'm unable to move as someone ravishes my wife beside me. (MF, bd, voy, reluc, wife)

Unforgettable Paris Trip - by Xlgal - A Chinese gal went sightseeing in Paris. While taking the metro downtown, she was raped by two black men on an over-crowded train. (MMF, rp, intr, asian)

Visit, The - by Cumslut - A visit to a hooker, where I describe my bisexual experiences. (Mm+/Ff+, ped, bi, orgy, bd, inc, ws, swing)

Voyageur, The - by Flye - He looked up the aisle and behind him, and saw that almost everyone was asleep... all was quiet and the bus was quite dark. He knew the next stop was more than two hours away and found himself unable to resist any longer. (MF, strangers)

Wager - by BigStudlyDude - Tammy drinks to much at a party and Ron, my 55 year old 'ugly' friend bets he can "DO" this hot woman, who is married to a young stud, to the heights of pleasure. Jim thinks Ron is nuts and they enter into a wager. (M=55/F=20, voy, nc, alcohol)

Wages of Rape, The - by b biddle - A man is sentenced for a rape he didn't commit and turned over to his accuser for rehabilitation. (Fdom/M, bi, spank, reluc, v, bd)

What a Difference a Day Makes - by Bliss - Curt is convinced that he is a loser with no future. He learns that even a few hours can turn everything around for him when his daughter surprises him with a nice dinner. (Mf, ped, inc, 1st)

What's The Proof - by Spacey - A story about an engaged man who visits his once and future home town and has a one night fling with a high school crush. She takes control in the bedroom as things get a little kinky. (MF, cheat)

Who's Mother - by Llama Man - A mother gets blackmailed into being a sex slave for her son and his friends. (M+F, inc, nc, intr, bd, beast, drugs, tort)

Wife's Sexcapade at the Bookstore - by Royal Sword - A wife is talked into visiting an adult bookstore only to have her husband encourage her into lewd acts with strangers in the dark privacy of the video booths at the rear of the store. (M+/F, wife)

Wife's Temtation - by Military Wife - When her military hubby is deployed overseas, a white wife is left to deal with her sexual frustrations and is tempted by a young black airman. She decides to become a cheat and take him as her lover, giving him a white wife's secret garden to be planted with black seed. (Fm, intr, wife, military) Part 2

Work Sights - by Scott Benson - The story of a very adventurous woman taking advantage of a faculty member at a conservative college. (MF, exh, mast, mc, work)

You - by Midblu - Sex, drugs, group incest, violent fist and much, much more. From a larger piece of work named, Midnight Blue Meth Wars in the Heartland, a 145,000 word manuscript. (MMF, FF, intr, rp, inc, ped, ws, v, sn, bd, bi)

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