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A Beach Ball of a Situation - by Helia - A weird fantasy about becoming pregnant by a magical beach ball. (preg)

A School Story - by L. Burning - A nerdy high school boy has to stay after class. He doesn't mind because he's been having sexual fantasies about his pretty teacher and wouldn't mind spending more time in her presence. (Ff/m, school)

Adopted Lover - by Anon - A single man adopts a young girl from Russia and makes her his lover. (Mf, ped)

African Nightmare - by C.D.E. - Five white couples are captured by African terrorists during a vacation there. The wives are made into the soldier's concubines, but the husbands find an even worse fate awaiting them. (M+/F+, intr, rp, M-bi)

After School Wank - by Venus - High schooler Mandy gets disciplined by her teacher for turning in her homework with a boys come smeared all over it. (Mf, mast, school)

After the Party - by Alex Jonson - A teenage boy comes home from a party sexually frustrated that none of the girls will give him a tumble. He begins to wonder if something is wrong with him. His mother sets him straight. (mF, teen/mom, inc, 1st)

After the Wedding - by LastOne - Two boys get drunk at a wedding reception and force themselves on a girl afterward. (mmf-teens, nc, alcohol)

Ask Dr. Vargas - by Homer Vargas - This one is a strange assortment of clinical cases from an altered world. "Ask Dr. Vargas" and you might get answers that keep you up at night. (MF, twisted, sci-fi)

Awesome - by Jill - A woman decides to show a young bag boy at her local supermarket what sex is all about before he departs for college. (mF, teen/adult, oral)

Aztec Secrets - by Alyssa Renoir - A fantastical story about gender changing and Aztec treasure. Two archaeologists stumble on an Aztec ruin and one of them finds a set of earrings. For some reason he tries them on and to his amazement he's transformed into a beautiful young Indian female. He can't help himself, he has an incredible urge to seduce his fellow explorer, and does. (tg, FF, fant)

Bath Time - by damage37 - A young teenage boy has a "thing" for his best friend Jamie's mother. He stays over at his friend's house and stumbles on Jamie's mother taking a shower. (Fb, voy, 1st)

Beach Riders - by NixPixer Author - A guy takes a day trip to the beach. He notices a sign that advertises "Beach Rides" that pictures a beautiful woman riding bareback on a stallion. He's intrigued, and decides to take one. (MF, MM, exh, orgy)

Beach Was Never Like This! - by Lambchop - Two guys attract two beautiful young women by offering them a smoking deal on swimwear at they swimsuit shop. But there is a hidden agenda here; the guys want to try an experiment on these two beauties. (MF, FF, mc)

Bea's Bored - by Bob Fischl - Bea finds that she has too much time of her hands when her husband takes a business trip. So she invites a couple of girl friends over to share a little barbecue and the hot tub. (FFF)

Beautiful Imbecile - by NixPixer Author - A beautiful young woman grows up in a bordello and learns all the secrets of pleasuring a man. (MF, FF, M+/F, oral, anal, prost)

Belinda's Big Night - by NixPixer Author - An account of Steve and Belinda's big night at their Swingers club in Portland Oregon. Belinda decides to pull all the stops out and swing with the whole group. (MF, swingers, orgy)

Belly Riders - by Jillian and Pomponio - Down Rio way there's a tradition that still persists today that would shock many a gringo. It's called "Belly Riding" and has adherents who are wealthy and maybe a little eccentric. Belly riding is an art that only women can perform. It take a special harness that "slings" the willing female underneath a stallion. She controls the animal with her arms and feet, and an expert can gallop. It's a dangerous sport, because the stallion has his huge erect penis firmly planted in the woman's vagina the whole time. Their joining can last as long as five or six hours, so isn't something for the faint of heart. This story is about just such a Brazilian family, their lives and times. (F/horses, exh)

Best Blowjob Ever - by NixPixer Author - A business that supplies special entertainment for party's. These young couples perform sex-acts in public for money and pleasure. (MF, orgy, exh)

Bet, The - by Heatheranne - Robert is crazy for Erika, the foxiest girl in his senior class at their high school. He wants her, but knows that in the real world he doesn't have a chance. Then he comes up with an idea. Use his sister as bait to lure away Erika's boyfriend, and bet Erika that it will really happen. Erika of course can't believe that any boyfriend that she had would even dream of cheating on her. So she takes the bet. (MF-teens, 1st, oral, inc)

Black Friday - by Celia Garr - A promiscuous young white woman finds herself with a dominating Black military man, and she loves it. (Mdom/F, intr, hum, cons)

Blowjob Artist - by Mojo - A girl is trained to give head from a very early age boy her older brother. (Mf, Ff, 1st, ped)

Bookstore - by Willie - A teenage boy is taken to an adult bookstore by his dad. He becomes pimped out to his dad's friends and quickly becomes a favorite in the booths in the back room. (M+/m, adult/teen, orgy)

Boy on the Bank - by DVC - A young couple is traveling around the country on vacation when they stop at a roadside rest area. The wife fantasizes about a young boy sitting on the bank of the river, fishing. The couple talks about him and she finally "has" to go over to the lad and show him things he'd never even dreamed about before. (F/m, exh, ped)

Boys Meet Mom - by Anon - A depraved tale in which a young man arranges for his own Mother to be gang-raped. (m+/F, rp, gb, inc)

Breeding Mary Jane - by UnClear - This strange story has a pretty young teenager's mother offering her as a sex object to her fathers Boss, behind his pridefull back. Pretty well written, even if it is a little strange. (M/f-teen, preg, nc)

Brittany I - by Steve Jensen - A story about a brothers fascination with his pretty younger sister, and their first sexual experience together. (mf, bro/sis, mast, oral, inc)

Brother Sister, Inc. - by Pipercub - A sister moves in with her brother after a messy divorce. They start doing "it" and after a while they figure why not make money doing it on film for others to watch. (MF, bro/sis, inc, exh)

Bus to Paradise - by F11-Tiger - It's a romance story about a man and a woman who meet on the bus, and take their relationship "at lightning speed" to an intimate level. (A first submission, so how about giving the author some feedback?) (MF, con, rom)

Carrie Blows My Mind - by Teckcru - A boy takes his girlfriend home when his parents are away with lustful intent on his mind. To his surprise his girlfriend blows his mind. (MF, oral, anal, 1st)

Castle Blackbern - by Lisa & Sharon - A ghostly story about rape murders and pillage from the 14th century. Only this story takes place in the now, and during a tour of "Castle Blackbern" between the loveliest ghost you'll ever see -- and an unsuspecting tourist. (MF, gang rape, v)

Cheerleader's Rape - by Perfect 9 - Pretty young Caroline strikes up a conversation with a fellow student after the big game. He talks her into his van and has his way with her. (MT-teens, nc?)

Child Bride - by Varangian - A man moves to a mountain community and runs into a sweet young girl. He becomes infatuated with her and begins to have impure thoughts. But he's surprised and shocked when her parents show up with a proposal that he can't believe. (Mf, 1st, ped)

Chris Looses Her Virginity - by Chris Whitworth - A story about a teenage girl losing her virginity to a family friend. (mf, teen/adult, 1st)

Cock Thief - by Dreamtiny - A story about the occult and a woman who loves the male sexual organs, but hates men. (Fdom/M, mutilation)

Coming Mother - by Kathy Andrews - This long incestuous story is about Shellie and the events that take place with her family and their assorted boyfriends and girlfriends. (MF, mf, FF, Ff, inc, ped, family, exh, voy) - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 -

Coming of Age - by Terri Madison - Michelle Martin had just turned 16 and had also just received her driver's license. An officer of the law promptly stops Michelle on her first venture out alone in the car. Michelle can't believe what happens next. (Mdom/F-teen, nc, mc)

Consenting Adults - by Kristen - This story is about a young wife who is less than happy in the "bedroom" and how, during a weeks vacation at the bosses mountain retreat something unforeseen happens. (MF, wife-sharing, voy)

Crowded Club - by Hiccup - The show was sold out and the club was packed to the rafters. At least 800 people were stuffed into a room that could barely hold 600. There was no room to move at all. And a guy is standing behind a fantastic looking woman. The music comes on and she starts to dance in front of him. There's more, but you'll have to read it to find out what it is. (MF, exh)

Cum Provider - by TipMra - A college student is recruited for his come. Yes his cum! There's a "club" that provides male come for discerning "drinkers" from around the world. This story is about one such person and his recruitment experience. (MF, MM, mast, oral)

Daddy Makes On Me - by Radioman - "My daddy pees on me and I like it. Sometimes I even beg him to whip out his big dick and take a leak right on my face. How did I get this perverted, some people may wonder? Well, it all started last year when my father and I went on vacation to the Jersey shore. We shared a room because we didn't have enough money for separate quarters..." (Mf, inc, ped, ws)

Dad's Outhouse - by Mark Thomas - A coming of age story: A teenage boy hates his father -- but over time becomes fascinated with him, then obsessed. (Mm, 1st, scat, ped)

Darkest Night - by Phil BS - This story is about a young man's seduction by a beautiful Vampire. (Fdom/M, vampire)

Date Rape - by Bad Mojo - Sam traps his sister in a compromising position and takes advantage of her against her will. (mf-teens, bro/sis, inc-rape)

David's Sister - by Anon - This one's a little unusual both because it was sent to me by Kristen as a story she liked, and also because it's so realistically written it could be true. You be the judge. (bb, bg, inc, exh, 1st)

Desert Rendezvous - by Very Horni - A professor on a quest to find a lost tomb in the Middle East stumbles across a beautiful Arab woman. (MF, arab)

Donna's Summer Golfing Vacation - by Heatheranne - Donna has a messy breakup with her long-standing boyfriend and decides to get away from it all. She takes an early trip to the town where she will be going to college in the new school year. She stays at her cousins and his wife's place, and has interesting adventures. I'm not saying any more. (MF, teen, wife-cheat, mast)

Don't Speak - by J.D. Phydeaux - A young farm boy spy's on a pretty female on the other side of a river. She's pleasuring herself, and he has the urge to attend to her need. (mf-teens, voy)

Dreaming Into Reality - by Lambchop - A guy who keeps dreaming about his perfect woman, then one day at a work related function he unexpectedly meets her. (MF, inc, ws)

Dreams Do Come True - by Super547 - Tom, an unassuming teenage high school boy takes a job at a local fast food restaurant only to find that the hottest girl at school is working there. After some time Megan and Tom becomes friends -- then one night his "dreams" really do come true. (mf-teens, 1st)

Drive By - by Peter Principle - A better-sweet story about a couple who's love affair couldn't sustain it's self. The narrator comes back to "drive by" his old girlfriend's neighborhood and reminisces about their relationship. (MF)

Duty Medic - by Mad Gerald - A story about forced sex, drugs, blackmail and the English Military. (MF, military, nc, blkmail)

Elevator Encounter - by Terri Madison - A pretty executive is scornful toward her co-worker, even when they become trapped in a malfunctioning elevator together. The co-worker exacts some revenge after she receives another tongue lashing from the pretty executive. (Fdom/F, nc, work)

Encounter With My Cousin - by OvidMeta - A guy and his wife attend a family reunion and while upstairs he stumbles upon his cousin in a state of need. (MF, cheat, inc, family)

Experiencing Richard - by Sarah Anne Talley - Sarah is pretty will known for writing squick stories, and this is no exception. This one's about a boys mother who falls for her son's friend. I guess since he's supposed to be 18, this couldn't be put in the same class as "Bobby's Baby-sitter," but it's basically the same story thread. (MF, intr, wife-cheat)

Father Flanigan - by Slowwhiite - "I was watching when it happened. When he pushed you into the corner and you just crumbled. I don't know how it started, but you were shaking. Something dirty strapped over your mouth and a face full of tears. You were sweating. Your body was trembling and your hands were in a jumble. Your shirt was torn so I could see the curve of your left breast and the pailness of your flesh..." (Mmf, tort, nc)

Fireman's Carnival - by Kathy Bxx - Kathy tends the "pie throwing" booth at the fireman's charity carnival. When it's her turn to be the bull's eye and she has her head stuck though the canvas, her husband goes around back and teases her from behind. At least that's what Kathy thinks is happening. (M+F, wife, nc?)

First Lover - by Beth - A twenty-nine year old closet-lesbian is attracted to the young daughter of her next door neighbors, and becomes her first lover. (Ff, lesbian, pre-teens)

Force of Nature - by Sarah Anne Talley - The mother of teenaged children finds that "after all these years" she's attracted to her son's best friend. She try's to resist the sexual urges that he creates deep down within her every time the lad comes over to the Hamelton household. Needless to say, she doesn't! (F/M-teen, wife cheat)

Fourteen Inches - by NixPixer Author - A man and his wife are happily married until his old buddy Steve shows up. Steve talks the husband into trying a penis expansion contraption, saying that it had made his much bigger. The happy-go-lucky husband abstains from sex with his pretty wife while going through the procedure suggested by his buddy Steve. Well, you'll have to read the story to find out what happens because if I say any more, I'll be giving it all away. (MF, wife-share, size, cuckold)

Francine St. Claire: Sex Queen - A gay teenager likes to expose himself, and dress up in his sister's clothes. (gay/solo, cd, dildo)

Generic Erotic Story - by Verihorny - Did you ever wish you could write an erotic story? Well, if you did then here's one for you! This story was written with suggested inserts such as names and genders. Just fill in these areas to customize and make the story your very own. (MF)

Getting Little Sister Pregnant - by Frank McCoy - Marcia and Sherry are a wild pair of teenagers. They are always in trouble, and their boyfriend's are in it with them Mike is Marcia's brother, and Sherry's boyfriend. The girls are at the stage where sex seems very interesting, and Sherry has set Marcia up for a practical joke. A joke that just might get her pregnant by her own brother! (mf-teens, preg, inc)

Girl From Across The Street - by Jason Bender - A first time story set in the country farming life style. Although this story could have been written better, it seems to be sincere. (M-teen/f-pre, 1st)

Girl From Principles - by Homer Vargas - This story is about the wife of a businessman in South America who becomes lost in the jungle. His wife try's to stay faithful, but it's hard when you have a sex drive like hers. Also when you feel best when pregnant, the longing becomes even harder to withstand. (FM, FF, mc, preg)

Giving Good Head - by Kristen - A young woman is given lessons on "giving good head" by an older couple in her apartment building, while her boyfriend is away. (FF, MF, oral, cheat)

Giving Head - by Poison Ivan - A short story about a husband and his new wife, and his efforts to get her to give him a blowjob. (MF, oral)

Graduation Trip - by Lisa & Sharon - Kamiko and her best friend Cindy get a high school graduation gift. They get permission to take a week long trip to New York City, all by themselves. What their parents don't know is that they plan on visiting a Lesbian bar in the hopes of being "picked up" by real Lesbians. (FF, teen, lesbian)

Gun Control: How to Load a Gun - by Kyoko - Kyoko writes a little story about "how to load a gun." Read it and you will learn all about gun control. (MF, oral, mast, mc)

Hank - by Greatness - Hank and his buddies head out to the drive-in to meet up with their girlfriends for a little heavy petting. But things don't turn out as expected when his little sister appears on the scene. (MF-teens, inc, alcohol)

Happy Birthday Daddy - by Frank McCoy - Another Frank McCoy "family" story. This one's a little over the top for me, but for "incest" lovers it should hit the bill. Beth who is 16 is being groomed by her mother to take over Mom's sexual obligations. Beth's mother plans a "special" birthday "evening" for her husband with only the three of them. (family, teen, inc, 1st)

Happy Camper - by Mark E. Dassad - A shy boy attends summer camp only to be set upon by the tough youths who are from a rough neighborhood, on special assistance. (MM-teens+/b, gang-rp, oral, anal, v)

Hershey's Thursdays - by Kristen - A woman who's been around the block a few times finds that she's pregnant and alone at thirty-eight. She ends up at Murphy's bar and grill on the night they put on their very own version of mud wrestling called "Hershey's Thursdays. The woman gets into an altercation with a patron and as the penalty for breaking the "no fighting rule" she has to decide whether or not to take it into the ring, or being banned from the bar for a month. (MF, exh, rp)

High School Band - by Don Tracy - This is essentially a gay story between a teacher and teenage student. It starts out with the boy making a deal with his band teacher to let him watch from a hiding place, as the student seduces his girl friend in the band room. Afterwards, the teacher is so turned on that he is willing to let his student watch him masturbate. But the teenager isn't able to just watch. (mf, mm, teens, oral, mast, voy)

I Enjoy Being A Girl - by Lisa and Sharon - Angie is a beautiful young woman who discovers the power that she has over boys at an early age. She uses her sexual magnetism to her advantage. (b+/g, exh, ff, mf)

In The Woods - by Dr. Phil - A strong young man escorts two beautiful sisters home. As they pass by the haunted woods in their horse drawn carriage, one of the sisters exclaims that they are so late that their daddy will be very angry. The brave strong gentleman escort insists that they go through the haunted woods to save time. Against there better judgment the sisters agree and off they go -- never to be heard from again. (F/M-beasts, fantasy, v)

Incestuous Accident - Chelsea B - The first time my little brother and I fucked, it was an accident, really. Certainly we never meant for it to happen; we'd never thought of each other in a sexual way until that night. Now we're inseparable... (bro/sis, teen, inc)

Intersection - by David Lawrence - Another romantic story by David Lawrence. A couple's up's and down's in a relationship, and how they grow together. (MF, rom)

Invisible Gun - by Carl Ross - A guy from the upstairs apartment exercises mind control over his friend's susceptible wife. He excites her with the thought of being raped, then he dose it to her, not entirely against her will. Or does she have a will of her own? (MF, fant/rp, mc)

It Happened One Evening - by Bhandwalker - A story about a threesome, a husband and wife get a little carried away in front of the husbands good friend, who eventually gets into the act. (MMF, wife sharing, alcohol)

Jackoff - by HrdRob - This story is about a boy whose Korean Mother and American Father are going through a difficult patch in their relationship. One thing leads to another and The Mother stumbles across her son in "her" bed beating his meat. Although the characters never actually have sex with each other the tease is pretty good. (Fm, mom/son, mast, tease)

Jamaican Holiday - by Jennifer Conners - Twenty-three year old Jennifer takes a vacation to Jamaica to get away from the cold. She quickly strikes up a sexual relationship with the Jamaican manager of the resort where she's staying. (MF, intr)

Japanese Stories - by Andreas - "I don't know whether you've ever been to Japan or not, but I can tell you that the girls there are really something. They also go wild over Western men, and will do anything to please them. (Mf, asian, exh, ws, panties)

Jenn's Stockings - by Cooch - This one is about Jenn who finds out that other men are much more satisfying than she was used to. Jenn starts putting out for everybody while husband joins in afterwards. (MF, wife, seconds, lingerie)

Jimmy and Kenny Complete Their Education - by Lisa and Sharon - Jimmy and Kenny are up in Jimmy's room shortly after experiencing a little sex show having been put on for them by their friend Angie at their vacant lot club house earlier that afternoon. The two boys are still very aroused and notice Jimmy's attractive aunt Karen. (bbf, inc, first)

Jumping Through Hoops - by Kristen - Two virgin high school freshmen visit Karen the school slut. She's a senior and has a reputation with the boys -- "She'll do anything with them for money" and of course she will. But this day she makes her two little virgins earn their "piece" the hard way. By making them jump through some pretty big hoops. (mmf-teens, bi, 1st, prost)

Katie Becomes A Woman - by Lisa and Sharon - Authors note: For those who enjoyed our story of Melissa (Melissa's Special Afternoon), we offer this story about Melissa's friend Katie and the advent of her womanhood. We dedicate this story to a special friend (Hi Hon! You know who you are!) who does so appreciate the special delights of the young adolescent female. As always, this fantasy is intended for mature adults and those like our Katie, while old enough to star in our fantasy, are certainly not old enough to read it. If you are underage, be gone! (M/f-teen, 1st)

Kay Takes a Second Husband - by KayAL - A husband talks his pretty wife into screwing a friend because he had always fantasized about such a thing, and because they wanted a child but couldn't seem to get pregnant. Kay is reluctant at first, but after her first experience with her new lover, hubby takes a back seat. (MMF, wife-sharing, preg)

Klan's Woman - by Zifferman - Tammi is the wife of the grand wizard of the KKK in a southern town. She doesn't like her husband all that much and starts to stray, you guessed it! (MF, intr, wife cheat)

Krissy's Discoveries - by Lisa and Sharon - This story is about 8 year-old Krissy who likes to spy on her parents doing it in bed. Then she graduates into "do it" with her teenaged uncle who gets the sh*t beaten out of him by Krissy's father when he catches them in the act. It goes on from there, but you get the idea. (mf, voy, extreme ped)

Laura Makes a Sale - by CaroleAT - Laura and her husband decide to take a third person into their relationship. (MMF, Wife-sharing, exh)

Lesbian Nurse - by Wendy Stanton - A sexually satisfied wife is seduced by the head nurse that hires her to work in the local hospital. (MF, Fdom/F)

Lickety Split - by Candy Kane - Pretty young Angela attends an exclusive academy paid for by her rich parents. She's supposed to be learning the secrets of successful models; the tricks of the trade. But pretty young Angela learns much more than her parents ever imagined. (F+/F, orgy)

Lifeguard - by jjinior17 - This story is about girl's revenge on a rude boy. (m/f+, teens, nc, mast, hum)

Little Home Wrecker - by Phil Phantom - (This one may be offensive to most) The story starts out with the wife laying in bed wide awake listing to her husband making love to their daughter. It gets weirder from there, if you can believe that... (Mf, inc, husb-cheat, ped)

Little Mouse - by Jean Anonime - In this story a guy stops by to pick up his girl after work. He drives over to her house expecting a "hot" date, only to find out that his honey has a little tagalong tonight. His girlfriend Suzy has a cousin who has come for a visit and Suzy's mother has pushed the "little mouse" onto the kid's, potentially ruining their date. But things are not what they seem... (Well written good character development, and several good surprises in this one.) (mff-teens)

Little Slut - by Writn' Roy - It all started a couple of weeks ago when I met this girl named Taylor. This chick came to my school a year ago as an 8th grader. Man was she a hot ticket. Every guy in the school was like, "man I'd like to screw her." She was a ditzy little chick, always walking around in the sluttiest little outfits, bending over in skirts, stuff like that. She hung with the ghetto people, and got caught smoking up, the usual slutty girl routine. It seemed to me like she was whoring herself out to every lowlife in the school, so I was shocked to find out that she hadn't gone farther than second! (mf, ff, exh, teen, school, alcohol)

Lord of the Ring - Pricking My Thumb - by mrsmither - A man obtains a "special" ring that make other people do things that they might not otherwise. (MF, oral, mc)

Love Lessons - by Candy Kane - Nancy takes a baby-sitting for her neighbor. She's mightily surprised by the affection that her two charges show for one another. Surprised and aroused. (F/ff-teens, lesbian)

Lucy Stays - by Miles Naismith - (Nominated for the "Story of the Year" by This well written piece of erotica is about two suburban housewives looking for something missing in their sex lives. One of them falls into an affair with a strange hypnotic man, who brings the other into their little circle almost against her will. (MF, FF, MFF, voy, exh, wife cheat)

Makin' Pagans - by Homer Vargas - The Gods have a Y2K problem: declining worshipership. Solution: more pagan babies. But how to find enough sexy pagan mommies-to-be and pursueade them to do the deed? Well, if Hermes's eloquence is not enough, there are other ways. (MF, FF, mc, preg)

Margaret Turns Forty - by C Hump - Margaret has just turned forty and decides to treat herself. A little time away from husband and children is what she needs. So, she gets a hotel room down town and lets her hair down. (M+/F, wife-slut) - Part 2 - Part 3

Mating Game - by Joanna De Brito - A very well done sci-fi story. This one gets a spotlight in "sex.stories.d". It's about a human couple in an alternate universe. Set on earth, but an earth where humans are an endangered species. The author has crafted a story where you could imagine such a scenario. Lots of interesting glimpses into this alternative world will fascinate the most cynical ass reader. (MF, bd, voy, sci-fi)

Mean Mom - by Anon - Bobby and his best friend get caught masturbating together by his frustrated and angry Mother. She decides to teach both 15 year-olds a lesson they won't soon forget. (Fdom/mm, inc, reluc)

Melissa's Special Afternoon - by Lisa & Sharon - A young girl is caught masturbating after school by her Father. (M/f, inc, 1st)

Mike's Great Dane - by Xeen650 - "My wife does anything I ask, so that basically leaves the door wide open for me to do as I please." (M+/F, F/beast, wife)

Modeled - by JackBro - A beautiful young woman starts photographing still lives, then graduates to portraits. But when she starts on nude models, then becomes one, the story gets interesting. (MF, voy, exh)

Momma's Boy - by Buster Brown - Sixteen year-old gets an introduction to sex when his Mother's sister comes to stay. (FF/b, inc)

Mommy Rape - by "D" - A woman's boyfriend likes to take videos of her being "raped" by other men. But this time he sets the scene with her two sons. (mm/F, inc, exh, nc?)

Monica Sleeps Over - by Dr. Prodigy - This story starts out as masturbation, foot fetish fantasy. (MF, drugs, bd, nc)

Morning & Waking Dream - by Lara - This one is titled "This Morning," and says plenty I think even in just a short time. I wrote this in 1996. (MFf)

Morning Stretch - by Lara - A couple making love -- she knows what he really wants -- and gives it to him as only she can. (MF, fisting)

Moving Day - by BassettHound - A young woman excitedly awaits her wedding day. As she's finishing up the packing of her old apartment and is just about ready to lock the place up and drive over to her best friend's house to stay the night before her wedding, she hears a noise coming from the bedroom. (MF, virgin, rp)

My 33rd Birthday - by Alden Bradley - A husband finally talks his wife into doing some kinky sex for his birthday. She really goes all the way for him -- and her NEW lover. (MMF, wife-sharing)

My Brother Made Me a Cuckold - by C.D.E. - A husband's problems start when he and his wife want children. It's found that his sperm count is very low, and his family scheme behind his back to get his wife pregnant by another member of the family. The reason is so that the child's genes will be from the same gene pool as the rest of the family. (MF, hum, bi, cuck, preg)

My Brother, My Lover - by Sistergirl - A naughty younger sister seduces her older brother. (mf-teens, bro/sis, inc. 1st)

My Cousin John and his Cock Tricks - by Cynthia Brakendoorfer - A girl hangs out during the summer with her older cousin and learns some new tricks. (Mf, inc, 1st, exh)

My Dad's so Busy - by Lauta Lumly - Nineteen year-old daughter seduces hard-working dad to get more attention from him. (daughter/father)

My First Handjob by a Girl - by Anon - A teenage boy talks his way into a handjob by the girl next door. (mf-teens, mast, 1st)

My Little Party Girl - by J. Boswell - Jake's version of a cheating couple. There's a party, and one of the wives is a big slut who takes on all comers. In this story the host samples her charms in an exhibitionist style reminiscent to an old Roman orgy. The only problem is that it really pisses off his wife who decides what's good for the goose is good for the gander. (M+F, wife, gb, exh)

My Meter's Running - by Latamure Tamalman - A rich-bitch tries to stiff a cabby his fare. But he won't let her go until she pays him in kind. (MF, fs, crude)

My Wife and I Swing - by Billy - Husband and wife attend a "swinger" convention in Florida, and things go wrong. (M+/F, wife, swing, preg, intr)

My Wife Gets Stretched - by Anon - The opening sentence in this story says it all: "The day my wife told me that she wanted to find out what it would be like to fuck a guy with a really big cock, I cried." Well, ... maybe it doesn't tell you everything. The husband takes responsibility for his wife's actions because he's the one who introduced her to pornography and sex-toys. She starts fantasizing about sex with other men, and one day announces that she is going to do it. (MF, wife-share, size)

My Wife's Night Out - by Anon - A husband and wife go bar hopping in search of sex for her. They end up in an almost empty bar; only one patron and the bar tender. That's when the fun starts and the patron and bar tender get into the act. (MMF, wife-share)

Neighbor - by Deirdre - Young domitrex Lauren first captivates her older male neighbor, then dominates him. First she fixes him up with her mother, then she films it all. Then she joins in the fun. (Fdom/MF, mf, voy, exh, bd)

Neighbor's Wife - by Greg - The teenage boy next door develops an obsession with the pretty young wife of his neighbor. He fantasizes about her incessantly, and finally takes action. (F/m-teen, wife, cheat)

New Family - by TomBoy - A man marries what he thinks is a beautiful demure young mother of two. But on their family "honeymoon" trip to Mexico he finds out about her unusual attitude towards sex and family. (Mf, ff, bb, teen/adult, inc)

New Infection - by Homer Vargas - (Dr. Mercedes Cortez was doing a routine gene sequence when the wail of the All Seal alarm froze her heart.) This story is set in the not too distant future -- in a top secret bio-lab under some mountain, somewhere in the USA. A bio-virus has been released into the atmosphere and is ravaging the globe. This virus turns women into mindless sexual objects. The scientists in the sealed bio-lab are working night and day to find an anecdote. (Well written and very funny) (MF, FF, mc, preg)

New Life For Susan - by Swann - Susan is tricked into taking a "swinger" vacation with her husband Jim. Her husband is less than hopeful that things will work out since he believes that Susan is a prude. Jim gets the surprise of his life when Susan lets her hair down and becomes the wife-slut he'd been dreaming about! (MF, FF, orgy swingers)

New Neighbors - by Scamp (UK) - A teenage boy falls for his next door neighbor's wife. First he gets her drunk at a party and takes advantage of her, and then she gets her revenge. (m-teen/F, wife, cheat)

Next Steps - by Lovcouple - She worked hard all day, but her mind was distracted. No matter how hard she tried to concentrate, to focus on what she was doing, she kept slipping away in her thoughts and daydreams, beginning to imagine what might happen that night when she got home. (MF, rom, bdsm)

On The Job Training - by Loch Raveena - A young college student takes a job at the local hospital morgue. He and his friend get off playing with the bodies. Until one day it's his body, and his friend gets to play. (MM, necro)

Our First Penetration - by Scott S. Stevens - With my younger sister and I being as competitive as we were, romance and seduction was not usually the way one got the other interested in sex. We usually played a "role game", or made a wager with sex as the payment. I would usually suggest that if she lost a bet she had to show me her pussy, or I would get to touch it, or she would have to play with my penis. If trying to be more subtle, the wager involved a backrub with roaming hands. One such incident resulted in our first attempt at intercourse. (mf-teens, inc, anal 1st)

Our Story: The Board Game - by Jess C. - A couple discovers the joys of swinging and take full advantage of their opportunities. A serial about a horny husband and his lovely wife Sue, and their sexual encounters. (couple swapping)

Our Story: The Competition - by Jess C. - A couple discovers the joys of swinging and take full advantage of their opportunities. A serial about a horny husband and his lovely wife Sue, and their sexual encounters. (MF)

Our Story: The Englishman - by Jess C. - A couple discovers the joys of swinging and take full advantage of their opportunities. A serial about a horny husband and his lovely wife Sue, and their sexual encounters. (couples)

Our Story: The Gift - by Jess C. - A couple discovers the joys of swinging and take full advantage of their opportunities. A serial about a horny husband and his lovely wife Sue, and their sexual encounters. (MMF, hum)

Our Story: The Trip - by Jess C. - A couple discovers the joys of swinging and take full advantage of their opportunities. A serial about a horny husband and his lovely wife Sue, and their sexual encounters. (MMF, wife)

Our Story: The Visit - by Jess C. - A couple discovers the joys of swinging and take full advantage of their opportunities. A serial about a horny husband and his lovely wife Sue, and their sexual encounters. (MMF, cuckold)

Panty Slave - by Anon - A tale about a young single guy caught by a couple doing something he shouldn't. They take advantage of his indiscretion to teach him a lesson, and have a little perverted fun of their own. (MF, MM, hum, fetish)

Party Swapping - by Sarah Ann Talley - Mike and Sarah attend a party at their friends Kevin and June's house and end up partnering up with them. (couple swapping)

Passing The Test - by C.D.E. - A husband's wife won't let him fuck her until he can control his premature ejaculation problem. But she can't wait around for him to get to that point and dates other men to get the satisfaction she needs. (M+/Fdom, preg, wife)

Patricia and Her Son - by R. Wood - Patricia, Andy's mom can't seem to resist his charms after he comes home from college during summer vacation. Lots of dangerous sex in this story. Even one episode with Andy playing with his mom while his dad is sleeping next to her in her bedroom. (F/m, inc, cuck)

Peep Show for Scott - by Cadimane - Scott watches his sister all the time. He's at that age where his hormones are running wild. He has worked out a way to see her changing her clothes, and fantasizes about her while masturbating. (All the time.) The story get really improbable when Scott's sister, Chrissy and her best friend Karen sleep over. (MFF-teens, inc, 1st, exh)

Practicing Birth-Control - by Frank McCoy - Those of you who know McCoy will guess right away what this one's all about. Another strange family incest story, that has every family member "doing it" with each other. (m+f+, inc, ped, preg)

Quiet Shy Guy - by Skyler Swanson - A receptionist seduces a quiet shy administrator at her place of work, and finds out that "sometimes" quiet ones are surprises to offer. (MF, work)

Rape Stop - by Imma Scared - Imma Scared writes rape stories. You see she has this reoccurring fantasy about being raped by a powerful bald man. But this story isn't about that, it's about a woman who stops at a rest stop along a highway somewhere in the US, and is attacked by three men. I won't go on, but if you are familiar with Imma's plots, you'll know that there's always some kind of twisted ending. (M+/F, rp)

Rehearsal - by Jasmine - A young woman agrees to help her actor boyfriend who has landed at part in an upcoming movie. He's playing the part of a rapist and wants her to play the victim to give him the "feeling" of a rapist. They set the scene by in the part at midnight, where the boyfriend will attack her as it will be in the movie. (MF, nc)

Remember - by Snowwhite - "I remember when I saw you, bouncing down the road. Loose breasts moving underneath your shirt and the soft curve of your ass. I see women like you all the time. You make me want to do hurtful things. Ruin your life a little. Nothing permanent, just a dark little memory to eat at your soul and make you sweat at night..." (Mdom/F, nc, v)

Riding Bareback (Her) - by Sleazy Liz - A 12 year-old give living on her folks ranch walked to the bus stop every day for the long ride into town to go to school. She has only one companion, an older boy down the road who has horses and is a senior in high school. Over time they become friends until one day he offers to let the young girl ride one of his horses. They become even closer friends during the long lazy country afternoons, just the two of them, all alone. (M-teen/f-pre, ped)

Riding Bareback (Him) - by Carmel - A guy intentionally tricks his girlfriends into unprotected sex. It's a power trip for him to take the chance of making them pregnant. (MF, reluc, preg)

Road Trip - by Swann - A couple set out on a car trip and entertain themselves by flashing passerby's as they go along. (MF, wife, exh, oral)

Safe Sex - by S.A. Talley - This story is about two brothers and their little sister staying home over a long weekend while their parents drive up to Reno. The author uses the "Safe Sex" plot as has been done before. (Sister's too young to become pregnant, therefore they call it "safe sex") (mm-teens/f-pre, 1st, inc)

Safe Sex - by Wollstonecraft - Billy begged and pleaded, but I kept saying no. He said he'd be careful, he'd pull out, he'd only do it when I was "safe." I knew better. I knew what the result of actually doing it would be, though. There were more than a few girls who'd gotten themselves "in trouble" at school. Maybe I'd be careful at first and only do it in the "safe" times. Maybe I'd be lucky the first few times. But I knew me all too well. It'd be just like everything else. Once we started, I'd just want to do it all the time. And I'd end up with a baby in my belly for sure. (mf-teens, preg)

Sheer Luck - by Motionman - A fellow student becomes involved with a beautiful college girl due to her life changing difficulties, proving the sometimes "sheer luck" really happens. (MF, college, 1st)

Showing It Off In The Theater - by KnT Hot Couple - A couple like to visit the local X-rated movie theater so they can flaunt their bodies in front of the men who frequent the place. (MF, exh, public)

Sleeping Natasha - by Strawface - One night Natasha and a few friends came back to my place after a long drinking session. It all wound up about 3 a.m. with my offer of a bed for everyone present, however after all the spare beds, mattresses and quilts had been taken Natasha and another male friend, Simon, were still without a place to sleep. (mf-teens, sleep, con?)

Sleeping Sister - by Strawface - A boy takes sexual advantage of his sleeping sister one night. Then the next night, and then on a regular basis. It becomes kind of a game between them until one night he tries to actually penetrate her. (mf-teens, inc, sleep, con?)

Slice of Life - by Anon - This one is about a guy who has a "thing" for Asian girls. He lives in Southern California and dates them in high school. Then after college he takes a job at a school in Japan. This story is a slice of the author's life that he decided to share with the world. (M/f, asian school-girl)

Smart Kid - by Karen Conners - Karen has had a rather strange upbringing. Her home is *way* open about sexual matters. She seems not to mind just about anything, and comes to sex at an early age. This story is about her "safe" years. That means "before" she had to worry about getting pregnant. It would appear that there might be further adventures coming from Karen Conners since this story stops when she is 12-years-old - when she has her first period. (mf, ff, inc, ped)

Snowy Night - by Lisa & Sharon - A first time story. Although Bill and Cheryl had been dating for almost a year, Cheryl was saving her virginity for marriage. That is she was saving it until a snowy night spent in Bill's dorm room. (mf, 1st, college)

Sound Sleeper - by CW - Kevin honestly hadn't planned for it to happen. It just had. And all because his sister fell asleep in front of the TV with no panties on. (mf-teens, inc, nc)

Stacy Gets Caught - by Stacy - Purportedly written by a 14-year-old girl. She's having family trouble, specifically with her mother. She is humiliated and she and her older brother end up running away from home. (youth, hum, mast, inc)

Steamy Summer Day - by Lisa & Sharon - Natalie seduces her boyfriend Dan and his best buddy Joe into giving her a little show. If Joe will suck on Dan's dick, Natalie will let him have her while Dan watches them. (mmf-teens, 1st-bi exp)

Surrogate Father - by Racing Dude - A beautiful new employee begins working at the business. The boss becomes infatuated with her and they become fast and close friends. Then she finds out that her husband's sperm count is so low that she will most likely never be able to have a child with him. She confides in her friend/boss... (MF, work, cheat, preg)

Swedish Farm Girls - by Gordie D - An American college student on summer vacations travels around Europe. He finds that he's a little short of funds and decides to find a job. This decision is made when he's just outside of Stockholm Sweden. Guess what, he finds a job working on a farm for a widowed Swedish lady and her two beautiful daughters. Nuf said. (M/Ff+, cons, nc)

Swimming Time - by Damage37 - A 12-year-old boy is being baby-sat by his mother's friend Katie. They end up at the local swimming pool, and he gets much more than he bargained for. (bf, oral, first)

Tailhook in Vegas, What Really Happened - by Screwloose - A female Navy Ensign recounts what really happened at that infamous Navy Pilot gathering in Las Vegas. (M+/F, exh, oral, nc)

Taking of Ali - by MrMojo - Mike sat on the sofa in Ali's apartment. He looked at the clock. 5:45. Good. She would be home soon. In anticipation, Mike undressed. His 9-inch cock was already beginning to harden. Soon, he heard her car in the parking lot. (MF, rp, v)

Tennis 30/love - by Swann - Two young pretty women play tennis with each other several times a year. Both being a bit competitive they usually place a bet on who the winner would be. The wager had always been the price of lunch at the club. That is until this particular day. One of the women upped the ante. (FF, lesbain, oral)

Tight Jeans - S.A. Talley - A young woman goes to the mall to buy a new pair of "tight" jeans for an upcoming "hot" date. She goes into the clothing story, finds the pair that she likes and goes into the changing booth to try them on. But those pants are just too tight, so the sales lady helps the young woman out. (FF, lesbian, nc)

Too Much - by George - A couple are going to be wed on the weekend. They stay at her family's home where the reception is going to be held. The night before, her mother and sister's sample the goods. (MFFF, husband-cheat)

Tree Trimmers, The - by Anon - A woman decides to indulge her exhibitionist tendencies and lays out to get some rays in her backyard, knowing full well that there is a young stud in the yard next door trimming a tree. This woman puts on a "show" for the tree trimmer and his assistant. (MMF, exh, mast)

Two Naughty Japanese Schoolgirls - by Gordon D. - A guy gets instructions in no uncertain terms to make a porno movie using a couple of young Japanese Schoolgirls. (M/ff, asian, adult/teen, exh, ped)

U.S. Navy - by Poink - A serious case of "peeping-tomisim" An enlisted man finds a hole into the female officers showers, and take full advantage of it. (FF, M-voy, oral, mast)

Undercover Deep - by Phillip BS - This is an interesting story written my a first time author. It's about Beth who is an undercover police officer detailed to distract a bad guy on his own turf. She goes undercover as a seductress and ends up having to put up or shut up. (MF, police, nc)

Varsity Boys - by Mr. Cream Jeans - Two popular Varsity athletes question their sexual orientation. Or maybe it's just that their girlfriends tease them too much and they need something more... (MF, MM, teens, mast, 1st)

Village Idiot - by Will Brown - A big man who's mental capacity is limited takes a fancy to a neighbor house wife, even though she's not a willing participant. At least at the beginning. (MF, wife, nc)

Vintage Wine - by NixPixer Author - A guy living next to two good looking women gets drawn into a threesome that he'll never forget. (MFF, threesome)

Virgin Kristen - by Arthur Reily - A man meets up with his neighbor's daughter and teaches her all kinds of tricks. (Mf, 1st, cheat)

Virtually Yours - by The Ferrous Juggler - A couple who had been communicating over the Internet finally meet. In Virtually Yours, the author has them meeting in a park like setting, and having sex sort of in public. (MF, public)

Wedding Conception - by Mon & EzRiter - This is a two-part story, written by two different authors. The first story is about a cheating wife, and the second story is about the husband's revenge. THE STORY: A wife of a high-powered business man attends a wedding reception by herself. She and her husband had been desperately trying to have a baby and that was going to be the night. Everything was set, she had been on special fertility drugs and they had abstained from sex for 6 weeks in preparation for the event. But at the last minute her husband couldn't get away from work, and insisted that she attend the reception on her own and then later they would do the deed. But things don't work as planned. (MF, wife-cheat, preg, v, murder)

While Baby Sleeps - by Bad Dog - This story deals in interracial sexual situations. The variance here is that the author likes his characters to have forbidden sex while the young woman's baby is present. I'm not sure what genre this is, so I won't try and label it. (MF, intr, wife-cheat, baby)

Wild Wife - by Big D & ProG - This is a true story about how my wife and I realized a fantasy of ours. (MMF, wife-sharing)

Will and Polly - by Lara - A man and woman sex romance between Will and Polly. This is a story about middle-age love partners. (MF)

Work Out - by Swann - A woman decides to join a health club. But due to a self-image problem she decides on an all-female gym. What she didn't bargain for though was that the Gym's management gives much more for the membership fee than she could have ever imagined. (FF, 1st lesbian exp)

You And I - by Cyberkitty - A story written in the first-person present tense about a young couple's love making experience outdoors in the wood. (MF)

Yumi - by Rivers - Well written lingerie story about a fellow who falls for a colleague's Japanese wife. He steels her underwear and gets caught. Interestingly written; with a believable style. (MF, asian, lingerie, cheating-wife)

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