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$10 Whore - by J Zug - This story is about a middle-aged man's journey into sexual frustration. His wife's sexual drive as slowed to a stop and he begins to visit prostitutes for relief. As things progress, he finds that there is more to life than just sexual gratification. (MF, prostitutes)

20th Hole, The - by Motionman - An older more mature Steve helps his next door neighbor, Andrea, a young collage graduate, with her plumbing, and much more. (MF, rom)

A Dancers Debut - by Joe Jasper - It all started innocently enough. Jennifer liked to go out on the weekends around campus, drinking with friends. She saw him there, with some of his friends and they started talking. He invited her back to his place and they talked some more before she made her move. She wanted to have sex for the first time and she wanted it that night. She knew that her roommates had sex on a regular basis and she was going to join them in their conversations the mornings after. (MF, college, 1st)

A Letter to my Doctor - by Edward - A guilt-ridden father writes a letter to his therapist explaining why he's been having sex with his daughter. (Mf, father/daughter, inc, ped)

A Little Fairy Tale - by Heatheranne - This story is set about 20 years in the future where high schoolers get their own laptops, and all the kids get vaccinations against sexually transmitted diseases. Reggie gets a substance "slipped" to him by someone and becomes a "stud" over vacation. Afterwards he has no problem getting girls and his life has changed beyond recognition. (mf, voy, teens)

A Skater's Fantasy - by Kristen - Katerina Bronislow was a picture of beauty and grace. The young champion glided to an abrupt stop, sparkles cascading from her silver blades as they bit into the ice. A moment of silence, then the music came back to life in a burst of joy, as the young woman flexed at the knees to push herself into another change-double-three. (MF, fant)

Accepting Gina - by Bernadette - Jessica Preston was slowly recovering from her sister's untimely death, but still couldn't quit accept that her sister had been gay. Then Jessica took a poetry class and met Cassandra. This very wonderfully written story is poignant and beautiful with characters are believable and appealing. (FF, 1st lesbian exp, rom)

Agency, The - by J. Taylor - This story is about white slavery. An owner of an oriental "talent" agency seduces attractive young American girls with drugs and money. (MF, mc, drugs, nc)

Alleyway Encounter - by HotSmile - This story comes from a "saved" chat session. Through the miracle of a word processor, VIOLA! The dialogue is real and has only been changed for certain tenses. (Mdom/b, orgy)

Amazonian Mistress - by Sarah Anne Talley - A man admired a beautiful athletic woman at the local gym. He hits on her and gets a date. She's so strong she can do most things better then him, but he doesn't really mind because the sex is good. Over time she dominates him, even intimidates him into do all kinds of rather humiliating things. (Fdom/M, mc)

Andrea, Andy and Me - by Anon - A husband fantasized about his beautiful wife with another man. They both play with the idea in bed. Beautiful Andrea sees how the fantasy affects her husband and eventually agrees to "do it" with another man. (MF, wife-sharing)

Annie's Dad 1: First Contact - by Aprille - A friend and I were talking about our "firsts" and she loved my story. So I thought I would try and write it out for anyone who wanted to read it. This is my true story. It's up to you whether or not you believe it. It happened over 2 years, from when I was 12 to 14 years old. I still miss my best friend's dad.... (M/f, ped)

Annie's Dad 2: Home Alone - by Aprille - A friend and I were talking about our "firsts" and she loved my story. So I thought I would try and write it out for anyone who wanted to read it. This is my true story. It's up to you whether or not you believe it. It happened over 2 years, from when I was 12 to 14 years old. I still miss my best friend's dad. (M/f, ped)

Annie's Dad 3: Birthday Present - by Aprille - A friend and I were talking about our "firsts" and she loved my story. So I thought I would try and write it out for anyone who wanted to read it. This is my true story. It's up to you whether or not you believe it. It happened over 2 years, from when I was 12 to 14 years old. I still miss my best friend's dad. (M/f, F/f, ped)

Annie's Dad 4: Phone sex and Smokes - by Aprille - A friend and I were talking about our "firsts" and she loved my story. So I thought I would try and write it out for anyone who wanted to read it. This is my true story. It's up to you whether or not you believe it. It happened over 2 years, from when I was 12 to 14 years old. I still miss my best friend's dad. (M/f, ped, beast)

Annie's Dad 5: Summer Vacation - by Aprille - A friend and I were talking about our "firsts" and she loved my story. So I thought I would try and write it out for anyone who wanted to read it. This is my true story. It's up to you whether or not you believe it. It happened over 2 years, from when I was 12 to 14 years old. I still miss my best friend's dad. (M/f, ped, anal)

Annie's Dad 6: The Eclipse - by Aprille - A friend and I were talking about our "firsts" and she loved my story. So I thought I would try and write it out for anyone who wanted to read it. This is my true story. It's up to you whether or not you believe it. It happened over 2 years, from when I was 12 to 14 years old. I still miss my best friend's dad. (M/f, ped, outside)

Apartment - by Anon - "Having the right neighbors can stimulate showing off." A young yuppie couple moves into a new apartment complex and the pretty wife gives a little impromptu show for her neighbors. (MF, voy, exh)

Asian Trucker Groupie - by Jocob Fishbinder - A pretty Korean woman learns about sex at an early age. As she grows into a stunning Asian beauty, she develops a lopsided view of sex. (MF, asian, slut-wife)

Baby-Sitter's Slave - by JRFox - Boy loves to be dominated by Lori, his baby-sitter. It all starts out innocently enough but turns into a sexual thing after a very short time. (fdom/bb, cd)

Bad Girls - by Michael D. - Two young precocious high school girls find out about sex, drugs and rock and roll. Kaitlyn Crosby lives with her Mother who has a drinking problem. She finds a friend in the neighbor who lives across the hall. He's a college student with a ready supply of marijuana, and a healthy libido. (M/ff-teens, 1st)

Bar Mitzvah Present - by Ed. - Young Charles is complaining that he didn't get any good bar mitzvah presents. But he gets the present of his life when his Aunt Viv comes to stay a while. (FF, Fm, inc, 1st)

Birthday Rape - by Anon - A college student computer geek gets a real surprise birthday present from his brother and his brother's friends. (MM, rp, inc)

Black Master - by Jigglejug - Two women decide to go to an X rated movie after work. One is disgusted and tries to talk the other into leaving with no success. After her friend leaves the lone remaining woman finds out what it's like to have her very own "black master". (MF, gang, oral, mc, intr, hum)

The Bobbi Sue Series

This unusual series is purported to have been written by Bobbi Sue an exhibitionist working wife. This series of stories takes the reader from Bobbi Sues first encounter with exhibitionism into a life style revolving around wild sex and games with strange men and women. The whole series is available in zip form by clicking on the button below, or just read an individual story, they are written to stand alone.

Get the whole Bobbi Sue series in zip format

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 01 - "It all started when I discovered this newsgroup. Actually, my husband showed it to me as an example of how perverted some areas of the Internet were. He is pretty prudish for a young guy (he's 26 and I'm 30), and I guess he thinks I am too. I guess I never gave him any indication that I might like some things that might sound a little kinky." (M/F, mast, exh)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 02 - "To relieve some of my sexual frustration on Saturday morning, I attacked Tom and fucked him senseless. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to completely satisfy me, but it was good. I decided that I still needed to get a workout in, so I made plans to go to the gym." (voy, exh)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 03 - "Just thought I'd update you all on what's been happening. I did see my friend the mountain biker (turns out his name is Dan) as I had predicted. He was pretty disappointed that it had rained all weekend, too. I saw him today, and he told me he'd been looking for me since Monday. Seems he was anxious to see me again. Today, I was running (as usual) and he was riding along beside me." (F-mast, exh)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 04 - "This is just a quick post to let you know what happened on my run with Bob today. I wore my running shorts with the brief cut out of them, and when we got to the trail, I pulled down my panties and stashed them. Bob was pretty blown away by this, and spent the first few minutes on the trail running behind me to look at my behind (for those of you who haven't been following my posts, lets just say that these particular running shorts provide anyone who watches with a view of my ass)." (MF, voy, exh)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 05 - "Well, it is Monday and I've had one hell of a weekend! If you've been following my posts, you'll remember that I was supposed to meet Dan (the mountain biker I'd met before) and a group of his friends on Saturday for a little fun..." (M+/F, mast, oral, orgy)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 06 - "If you remember, in my last post, I said that I was going to take it easy for a while. Well, I'm afraid I wasn't able to last very long. For those of you who haven't been following my posts, I should tell you that I've been a very bad girl. I have gone from being a closet exhibitionist, to flashing, to taking on a group of six guys. This wouldn't have been so bad, but I am a happily married 30 year old woman, whose husband knows nothing about my new activities." (MF, mast, exh)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 07 - "I can't believe it's almost Saturday. It was only a few days ago that I was telling you about my fling last Saturday with three guys from the gym where I work out. Let me just say that I haven't been a good girl since then." (MF, mast, exh)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 08 - "Well, let me just say that things around here have changed pretty radically since my last post. I was able to find out that my husband Tom liked it when I flashed guys. This was a big surprise to me and it gave me hope that some day I would be able to tell him what it was that I really liked, fucking strange guys!" (MF, mast, gb, exh)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 09 - "For those of you who have been keeping up on my letters, I plan on getting together with a group of college guys this coming weekend..." (M+/F, wife, exh)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 10 - "Well, this weekend I got to show off a lot more than my ass! In my last letter, I told you that I was going to get the chance to meet with a group of college guys at their fraternity house. Well, I finally got the chance to do it." (M+/F, wife, gb, exh)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 11 - "Well, the party at Mary's didn't work out as she'd planned. At the last minute, she got cold feet, so we didn't put on our show for the guys. I guess some people showed up who shouldn't have, and Mary was afraid that they would lose their cool if we had gone ahead with our plan to make love in front of the other party guests." (FF, MF, exh)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 12 - "I've been told that my best feature is my nicely shaped butt. I have always had a voracious appetite for sex, but for the last two months, I've been satisfying myself with men (and one woman) other than my husband. At first I kept it a secret from my husband (Tom), but have since found out that he enjoys having his wife fill herself with other men's cocks." (MF, FF, anal, exh)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 13 - "I love to show off my body outside. One of my favorite ways of doing this is by running with very little on. There are some trails near work, and I often go for a run at noon. Once on the trail, I strip off as much of my outfit as I feel like. I always stash my clothes, because it makes me hot knowing that I can't cover up if I see someone. And I do see people. I remember the first time I ran topless. I ran into a guy on a mountain bike (almost literally)." (MF, exh, wife)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 14 - "What I really wanted to tell you about though, was the camping trip that Tom and I went on over the Fourth of July. We traveled south to a state park that has this really great sandy beach. It is also the closest place that allows thong swimsuits!" (MMF, exh, wife)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 15 - Well, as I promised last week, I'll get you up to date on my Fourth of July camping trip. My husband, Tom, and I found this great campground with a practically endless sandy beach, and we were there for the holiday weekend. After I had finished with the group of four guys, I'd made Tom promise to find me someone with a really big cock." (M+/F, wife, exh)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 16 - "I've been accumulating some sex toys through mail order companies, and just recently, Tom (my husband) bought me a medium-sized, black butt plug. I really like the way it feels inside of me, and Monday morning I told Tom that I'd wear it all day at work." (M+/F, exh, wife)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 17 - " Remember the other day when I said I wished I could fuck the guys in the break room at work? Well, I told Bob (one of my coworkers who knows the real me) on Friday, and he suggested a way to make it happen." (M+F, wife, exh)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 18 - "My friend Mary has a house nearby where I work, and she agreed to let me use it for my meeting. A friend from work (Bob) who knows all about what I like, told a bunch of other guys at work that he knew of a really hot woman who was looking for some fun." (M+/F, exh, wife)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 19 - "This past weekend I had a very interesting time, and I thought I'd share it with you. As most of you know, last week I met with and fucked six guys from work. I did it wearing a disguise, but it was pretty hot anyway. All last week, I got off talking with the guys who had fucked me, knowing they didn't know it had been me. Like I said, that was pretty hot, and you know I love to be hot! But it got me wishing that I could have a regular group of guys that I could fuck who would know who I was. Well, this past weekend, I kind of stumbled into a situation just like that." (M+/F, exh, wife)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 20 - "I've been busy at work, but also busy in bed. In the last couple of weeks, I've probably had over twenty guys, and I've been to bed with my friend Mary twice. At work I've been really teasing the guys in the lunch-room. I like to go in there at break time and bend over to get a pop out of the refrigerator. I've been wearing short, light summer dresses to work with thong panties, and when I bend over I make sure they get a look at my ass." (M+/F, exh, wife)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 21 - " Tom and I had been invited to spend the day at a friend's cottage, so we packed up our things and looked forward to a relaxing day. Tom's friend (Gary) was recently divorced after being married for almost 20 years, and he had yet to get back into the dating scene. Gary had no idea of the kind of woman I'd become, but he was to soon find out." (M+/F, exh, wife)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 22 - "Last night I went to the gym to lift weights and I ran into Gary and Scott from the frat house (where I'd fucked and sucked sixteen guys one Saturday night!) I was wearing the outfit that I usually wear at the gym; a little crop top, and baggy athletic shorts, and nothing else but shoes and socks." (M+/F, exh, wife)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 23 - "Tom and I had talked about going back down south (to the campground we went to over the Fourth), but we decided to stay home instead. Tom did surprise me by arranging for a couple of friends (remember Alan and Joseph?) to visit, though, and it was a pretty wild weekend." (M+/F, exh, wife)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 24 - "We pulled up to the motel, I was the first one out of the car, and I waited impatiently for Tom, Alan and Joseph to join me. I was really hot, and I needed to feel those giant cocks filling me up!" (M+/F, exh, wife)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 25 - "I was at the grocery store with my friend Bob from work (I was flashing guys, and he was there to watch), and while he was off in another isle, a cute guy approached me and invited me to a fraternity party." (M+/F, exh, wife)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 26 - "Last Monday, as I dressed for work, I expected that Larry was going to tell the other guys about me, and that he would make me fuck some or all of them. I was nervous about it, too! I had managed to keep my slutty behavior a secret from most of the guys at work, and now I thought that would change." (M+/F, exh, wife)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 27 - "Today I went to the local gym. I had already flashed a couple of guys when I saw this group of teenaged boys enter the gym. I counted eight boys as they walked past to get to the locker room. There were several cute guys among them, and I kind-of fantasized about showing off to them. They were all pretty fit looking and I guessed they probably played on a high school sports team." (M+/F, exh, wife)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 28 - "Tom and I left town after work on Friday, and we drove for four hours (with a stop for supper) to reach our destination. There aren't any big stores where we live, so once in a while we go to the city to do some shopping. I also like these trips for another reason. We stay in a hotel, and I get to show off to the other lodgers." (M+/F, exh, wife)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 29 - "Tom and I arrived kind-of late at our hotel on Friday night, but I was still able to take on a couple of guys (Karl and David) in the hot tub and sauna. Saturday morning I teased Tom a little by showing him the shopping outfit I had in mind, and by sucking his cock as I told him about what I wanted to do that day." (M+/F, exh, wife)

Bobbi Sue's Sex Adventures - by Bobbi Sue - 30 - "It was almost seven o'clock when we heard the first knock on the door. I got up and opened the door wide, exposing myself to whomever might be standing in the hallway. I recognized the guy from the adult bookstore, and I invited him in. I asked him if he was ready for a wild ride, and while he looked me over, he said that he sure was! I shut the door and led him over to the bed. "How do you want me?" (M+/F, exh, wife)

Bobby's Baby-sitter - by Sarah Anne Talley - This strange story revolves around Cynthia who is a senior in high school. A very popular girl who baby-sits for her next door neighbors children. But Cynthia has a dirty little secret that only she and Bobby know about. (F-teen/ m-toddler, oral, mast, ped)

Bob's First Time - by BigBob - This is a true story as told to me by a friend on an Internet chat. It is about boy-teenage sex so if you find that offensive...hit the road. If you enjoyed it, feel free to e-mail me with your comments. This is my first attempt at this so any feedback would be welcome. (mm-teens, mast, 1st gay exp)

Boy Magnets - by Jenny Wanshel - "I am the last teacher in the world I would expect to sleep with one of her students. I am good-looking, I have had plenty of boyfriends, and have never been what I would consider some kind of slut. (f/b, teacher, 1st, size)

Brazilian Welcome - by Carmengia - A first lesbian experience story, with a young American high school exchange student's trip to Brazil. (FF, teens, 1st-lesbian exp)

Brother grows Up - by Jennifer O'Reilly - Kris comes home from college for vacation and she notices how much her younger brother has grown. Rob notices his sister too. (MF, bro/sis, inc)

Brothers - by Jason A. Quest - A younger brother's idle worship for his older brother turns into something else, when his older brother comes home from college and teaches him what he has learned. (mm, teens, inc, 1st gay exp)

Car Party - by Sarah Anne Talley - Kathy Clausen has a hard childhood, and ends up getting married at 16 to a real creep. After he abuses her for a number of years she leaves him and gets a divorce. Then she finds a real upstanding citizen and gets married again. But soon she becomes bored and starts to fool around on the side. Things progress and one day Kathy has her first "car party". (M+/F, wife-cheat, gb, reluc)

Caught by Her Parents - by Mark - This story is purported to have been written by a 16 year-old high school student, as a true experience. It could be... It's about the time he and his girlfriend had sex at her house and got caught doing it. (f-teen, mast, v)

Cheating Bride - by Valerie - Pretty young Valerie's new husband is too drunk to sexually perform, so her father-in-law upholds the family honor and willingly takes his son's place on the young couple's wedding night. (MF, cheating wife, preg)

Christmas Eve - by Anon - Aunt Jill comes to house-sit for her sister and brother in-law, while they take their second honeymoon in France. Their 18 year-old son spends Christmas Eve with his Aunt by the fire on the couch, snuggled up... (F/m-teen, inc)

Christmas Magic - by The Englishman - Penny feels that she is too old at twelve, to visit Santa's grotto. Her mum persuades her to go. She gets a gift from Santa that definitely was not on her list. (Mf, reluc, ped, 1st)

Christmas Shopping - by Rick R - While Christmas Shopping Rick has car trouble and has to beg his way into the mall after-hours to call for help. Cindy obliges him by letting him in past the security guard. She obliges him in other was once they get to her shop. (MF, cons, cheat)

Coming On A Bus - by Rod Stiffener - A high school field trip was never like this, was it? Boy and girl sitting beside each other on a cold bus: enduring a long trip at night with all the other students crowded in. The boy and girl have a blanket tucked up to their chins trying to stay warm. But something happens to make them warm and the trip more interesting than they could have ever imagined. (mf-teens, mast, 1st)

Coming to America - by Kristen - Special Edition: A story about a young woman's odyssey - Discovered in a small village in rural Russia, Nikki finds herself in the fast lane in New York as an up-and-coming fashion model, literally over-night. (FF, 1st-lesbian exp, intr)

Cool Beach - by The Ferrous Juggler - Lesbian lovers make love by the sea. On the beach. This story has all the sensual description that describes great sex between two girls. If you like lesbian love, then you'll like this short story. (FF, mast, oral)

Debra Fucks My Car - by Larry Niederst - A Northern California College student is dating Debra. She's a real hot number and loves all kinds of sex. One day they are going into school on a Saturday to study at the college library, but are distracted in the parking lot, where Debra puts on a sexy show for her boyfriend. (MF, F/automobile)

Debt to be Paid - by Alden Bradley - Twenty-eight year-old Laura walks into her brother-in-law's office and throws herself on his mercy, begging for his help. Apparently she had a little indiscretion with a jerk who is blackmailing her. If she doesn't pay him $30,000 the jerk will tell her husband. Laura's brother-in-law isn't all that much better than the blackmailer, but they do "come" to an agreement. (MF, in-law, cheat, prost)

Delighted In His Daughter - by Cherry Charles - Both Betsy and Linda had perfectly awful reputations, and Pam had wondered at the time if they would have gone right ahead with the obscene conversation even if they had known she was sitting in one of the stalls at the far end of the restroom. (MF, FF, inc)

Demented Weekend: Crazy Parents - by Kyous - "I grew up in an alcoholic family. My mother and father were both drunks of the first order. They were like normal parents - concerned about their kids, worried about money, etc., but their need for drink and their need for each other came before anything else. They had the usual parental attitudes about sex for that era - they gave us a very dry and clinical talk about the subject and then never spoke of it again. But their drunkenness led to some displays that I'll never forget." (mf, exh, voy, inc, ped)

Deviant - by MC - A viscous weirdo invades a young teenage girl's bedroom, and threatens her with a knife to make her satisfy his lust. He is in control, or at least he thinks he is... (M/f, rp, v)

Diplomatic Incident - by Rod Stiffener - "I am a First Secretary at our Embassy, one of several such diplomats who are next rank down from the Ambassador himself. The one oasis in this social desert was the functions held at the Residence of the new British Ambassador. He was an old fart, but his wife Samantha was smashing. (MMF, wife-sharing)

Dirty Old Men - by xx x - Meena, a pretty young teenager knows this older man who is always flirting with her. One day she tells him that she her friend Anita, a fellow teenager wants to lose her virginity to some old gross guy as a rebellious act against her parents or society in general. After a brief protest that he wasn't all that gross, the narrator gives in and even invites one of his friends to share in the fun. (MMF, first)

Dirty Sex - by Penfold & Kathy - A couple moves into a new town. The wife makes friends with neighbor wives. They invite her out on the town for a wives night out. She has fun, but then gets drugged and taken advantage of. A lot goes on in this one as you can tell be the story codes. (slut-wife, cheat, preg, unsafe sex, drugs, intr, gb, exh, voy, nc, oral, cuckhold)

Donkey Kong - by Brian Smith - A young Japanese girl must take to the life of petty crime and prostitution to keep her destitute parents in some comfort and supplied with food. After sometime she runs across a "john" who makes her an offer: "become the sex-mate of a genetically engineered gorilla for one year." (f-teen/ape, cons, asian)

Double Your Pleasure - by NixPixer Author - "Ann and I have been married for over four years and we continue to have an electrifying relationship. However, we have had one difference in our sexual thinking. Ann believes in marital fidelity while I'm an advocate of sexual freedom, believing that sex between two or more consenting adults is beautiful regardless of their marital status." (MMF, wife-sharing)

Dysfunctional - by Rod Stiffener - Jake had only been in town for a couple of months. A bit of a loner, he had been drifting around picking up work where he could get it. But now that he was on trial at the machine shop, he had some steady income and could think about putting down a few roots again. Very different from working in trucking. And he could start accumulating the wherewithal to get another Harley, to replace the one lost to bike thieves the previous year. No more Sidewalk Commando status for him. (MF, voy, preg)

Fanny Hill - by John Cleland - A classic about a young woman's coming of age. Many sexual things happen to this innocent along the way. (MMF, voy)

Fever - by Parker - A housewife has a fever and is sick in bed. The doorbell rings and she stumbles down stairs to answer the door. It's beautiful Nurse Welles. She's there to care for our feverish little housewife. (FF, mast, dream)

First Day Of Summer - by Foster - "The first day of freedom. There's nothing like the first day of summer after a hard year at high school. Nothing like it! Four of your best friends crammed into one car, driving way faster than the speed limit, to your favorite place in the whole world. Excitement was nothing compared to what four small town kids felt that day. This was heaven to me. 16 years old, on the first day of summer..." (mf-teens, friends, 1st)

First Kiss - by Cindie Carlyle - Cindie and Sarah spend a raining weekend afternoon together. They play board games and have long lazy conversations. Finally the pre-teen girls get a little bored and Cindie begins to experiment... with her friend Sarah's body. (ff, young, oral, 1st lesbian exp)

Fogger - by Babylon - A boy visits Disney World with his family and finds that he has the power to alter people's perceptions of the world. He quickly and tragically learns how to control other people, especially pretty girls. (MF, mc, nc, inc, teen, preg)

Foursome - by Jim Manley - Barbara, Rob, Carol and Jim become friends, in the biblical sense. They meet at a party and Barbara is mysteriously attracted to Carol. One thing leads to another. (MF, FF, swingers)

Gas Station at 2 a.m. - by Anon - John pulls into a gas station at 2 a.m. and sees a very handsome young man working there. It turns out that the young man is selling more than gas. (MM, orgy)

Gloria - by NixPixer Author - "One of the first things that happens at PacTech (as we all knew the place) was "Freshman Camp", a place where all the students went to learn about the honor code and meet the various fraternities. It's generally a three-day affair which takes place in a small cove just south of Avon on Santa Catalina Island. (MF, 1st)

Greek Lessons - by TheRant - This story is about a pretty college professor (Erica) and a young male student, (Simon). There is also some reminiscing about a past incestuous relationship with Erica's uncle. (MF, inc, student-teacher)

Guns06 - Spanish Fly - by Anon - This is another story from the GUNS series. It's typical of all the others as it deals with violence, rape and humiliation while perpetrating the crime using a gun. Man breaks in to couples house, over powers husband and rapes wife. (MF, rp, v)

Hairdresser - by Les Brian - A man visit's his hair stylist and gets a pleasant surprise during an after hours appointment. (MF, cons)

Halloween Party - by Moonlite - "A true story about my boyfriend and myself last Halloween. It may not be as wild as some of the stories you've read, but since it is true, I'd like to see if you would have had the nerve to do what we did in real life." (MF)

Horse Barn - by Kanga - A couple hides in the hay loft to catch a rancher who is rumored to have been cruel to his horses. But what they end up seeing is something they would never have thought of. This story has some grammar problems, but a member who thought it was different from the run of the mill animal stories submitted it. (MF, f/horse, voy, exh)

Hots for a Hooker - by J Boswell - A poignant account of a mans infatuation with a classy call girl. This is a very well constructed story and is, as of this date, Boswell's newest story. You'll enjoy the surprise ending too. (MF, FF, prost, voy, oral, etc) - Part 2 - Part 3

Hypnotized Roommates - by The Wax Tadpole - Two college students, one guy and one gal, are just friends and study partners. But the guy has a thing from his partner's roommate. One day they are studying and his study partner can't seem to remember the material for an upcoming test. He offers to hypnotize her, and ends up by accident hypnotizing both girls. Guess what happens from that point. (MFF, 1st, mc)

I Want To Watch - by Martina Lee - This story is but one in the Oh, Susana series. It's about Susana watching as Erica gives head to her boyfriend Neil. It's a well-written erotic story about a swinger couple and a little threesome orgy. Pure stroke. (MFF, swingers, orgy)

It Happens all the Time - by Dr. V More - A brother sister story. They don't like there home life; mom's shacked up with a brutish boyfriend who try's to make it with sister. There's a fight and the two teens leave home for parts unknown. (bro/sis, inc, 1st)

Jailbait - by Jenny Wanshel - Friend's and family come to stay at the Wanshel home over the holidays. Young Jenny becomes infatuated with the husband of one of her mother's friends. She flirts with him, but one day they are left alone in the house together, and young Jenny decides to do more than flirt. (M/f-teen, 1st, cheat)

Japanese Sex Show - by Osaka - An American couple vacation in Osaka Japan. Toward the end of their time there, the husband stumbles on a secret sex club. (MF, mast, exh, cheat, asian)

Jeffrey and Jennifer - by The Sender - This couple experiments with the sexual arousal of bondage and humiliation. They both like what they do, and are over 18, so I guess if this is your thing, you'll be "bound" to like it. Well written. (MF, bd, cons)

Just a Girl from Iowa - by Cynthia Candle - A cautionary story about a girl from a small town in Iowa goes away to college in a big city. One of her teachers takes an interest in her, and an interest in her body. He talks the young woman into going to an X rated book and video store. (MF, gb, unsafe sex, slut)

Just a Little Country Girl - by Jake Boswell - "Born and raised on a farm in a small West Virginia town, I certainly was not prepared for the fantastic things that have happened to me in the last year." (MF, cheating wife, slut)

Just Desserts - by NixPixer Author - "My wife Paula and I have a very special relationship. Paula loves nothing better than taking on two guys at once, and I love to see her giving head to one of our friends. Watching her take a gigantic cock in her mouth fascinates me. There's nothing more beautiful than having my lovely wife turn to me with a smile on her face after she's just blown one of my buddies..." (MMF, wife)

Juvenile Delinquents - by Kristen - Natalie Bradshaw was a juvenile delinquent. At least that's what her mother called her all the time. She didn't mean to get into trouble, it just seemed to happen to her. Maybe it was the friends she hung out with; like her Mom kept saying. But she liked Livia and Brad, and she wasn't going to stop seeing them just because her mother wanted her to. (mf, ff, Mm, teens, orgy)

Kathy Eats My Cum - by NixPixer Author - Kathy gets drunk with her married friend and one thing leads to another. (MF, cheat, oral, mast, alcohol)

Korean Affair - by Sarah Anne Talley - An American couple moves to Seoul Korea because of a job opportunity. The wife soon finds a Korean lover who she meets most everyday in the woods outside of the local country club. Unfortunately for the two cheating lovers they are spied upon by a group of men who just happen to be Korean Mafia types. (MF, cheat, gang-rp, v)

Kristen the Pervert - by Lawrence Castlewich - Kristen spies on her friend Janet and Janet's boyfriend while staying at their house. One thing leads to another and a threesome develops. (MFF, lesbian)

Lady Jane I - by Rod Stiffener - A well-written story about a middle-aged socialite named Jane. She's kind of a bitch, and very stuck-up. But she has a secret. She likes to be bound and taken advantage of. This is a three-part story about Jane's new sex life. (MMF, voy, bond) - Part 2 - Part 3

Learning To Love Again - by Lambchop - Harry is a decent hardworking single parent, who has an encounter with his daughter's teacher. It's well written and a very poignant story. (MF, rom)

Legalities of Sex, The - by Rod Stiffener - This story is a parody of real life. The Primus for the story is "what is legally sex". It may remind you of a certain presidential scandal during the latter part of 1998. But it's not anything to do with that of coarse. This story is about a student and her teacher, and their relationship. You'll just have to read it to see what I'm talking about. (MF, teen, ped, chesting, legal)

Live Sex Show with Sheila - by Anon - This story describes what a live sex show might be like in Australia. Sheila likes to show her body to the guys and they certainly enjoy the show. (MF, exh, mast)

Love Fuck - by Pussy Barber - "This is perverted." Kristen thought to herself as she crept down the hallway, moving closer to the soft moans coming from the guest bedroom. It was almost three in the morning, and Kristen, clad in her flimsy powder blue nightie kept fighting the urge to peek. Images of being caught peeking in flashed into her mind, the outrage of her friends, the embarrassment of it. But other images flashed too. Of passionate, wriggling bodies, of glistening skin, a hard cock, swaying testicles, sensual legs spread wide and spasming. (MF, FF, orgy)

Lust With A Salesman - by Carol Collins - A husband and wife decide that they need something to add excitement to their sex life. They actively search for a bachelor to make up a threesome swinger situation. They advertise and fine Ron. (MF, wife share, exh)

Ma's Decree - by Rymer - A very controlling and strong-willed Mother takes advantage of her rather weak 18 year-old son. They begin to have sex while her husband is away on an extended business trip, and then become regular lovers. (MF, inc)

Matthew - Mother Fucker, Cock Sucker - by Matthew - "I'll just charge ahead here and share a couple things and hope anyone out there would do the same. I'd love to hear, via e-mail or posts to these groups, from others who get off on mother-fucking or bi-incest. (MF, FF, inc, bi)

Midnight Movie - by The Ferrous Juggler - Wendy is ferrous when her boyfriend stands her up. But what the heck, she's standing in line at the "Midnight Movies" so she might as well go in and see the movie. She experiences a slight irritation when someone sits beside her in the almost empty theater. Glancing at the offending person she notices that it is a woman, a very pretty woman. (FF, mast, oral)

Momma Started It All - by George - A story about a mother's incest with her "sleeping" son. This story travels over the years and eventually brings other siblings into the action. (F/m, 1st, inc, ped)

Monica - by NixPixer Author Author - "My sister Monica is four years older than I am, and more than a little attractive. That's something I noticed early on, maybe when I was around ten. I know that seems awfully young to notice such a thing, but that's the way guys are..." (bro/sis, inc)

My First Time - by Ice - At sixteen, I was ashamed to admit that I was a virgin. Like most teenage males, I put up a macho front. When I was with my best friend Chuck, we would swap stories of our "past sexual experiences. Then the day came when Chuck told me that he'd gotten lucky, and I knew he was telling me the truth!" (mf-teens, 1st)

My First Time With A Woman - by H. Wolf & Kathy - A boy becomes a good friend with the girl next door. Over the years they become best friends, but what happens between her mother and him changes everything. (F/m, 1st, ped)

My Friend's Pregnant Wife - by Big Daddy - A woman's husband finds her unattractive when she's pregnant but a good friend of his thinks entirely differently. (MF, cheating wife, preg)

My Magical Lover - by C.D. - This story is about a single woman who has a "Munchkin" for a lover. He can transform into a hunky guy, and satisfy her every need. The only problem is that sometimes he gets carried away. (MF, preg, magic)

My Roommates - by Johnny - Two guys are looking for digs while attending college. They find two girls who are looking for people to share the rent with, and don't really care about gender. So all four live in a platonic relationship. That is until one of the guys drop out and the other fellow finds that the fringe benefits of having to female roommates out weighs the savings of a forth. (MFF, FF, 1st, college)

My Wife's Video - by Arthur Reily - A husband finds incriminating videotape of his wife with another man. This one act begins a chain of events that change their lives "sexually" forever. (MMF, wife sharing)

Mystery Lady - by Rod Stiffener - I was in a big department store wanting to buy some jeans, and had picked out a couple of pairs. I asked an assistant whether I could try them for size, and was directed to the changing rooms at the rear of the casual wear section. That's where it happened, I still can't quite believe it. (MF, mast, voy)

Naughty Baby Sitter - by Netstud - It's about Joey and Christine. Joey is 18 and Christine is 20 something. The plot is a little confusing as it describes Christine's discipline of Joey in a way that makes him seem much younger than her. (Fdom/M, teens, spank)

Never Enough - by Rosa - A story about Rosa's sexual experiences while growing up. At this time only the first chapter has been written, but with encouragement, she might write more. (MF, beast, prost)

New Years Neighbor - by NixPixer Author Author - Annmarie and her husband are on the lookout for a threesome. Hubby wants to watch her fuck another man and they go out of their way to find him. Al moves in down the street and the couple think they may have found just the right guy. (MMF, wife)

Oldest Profession - by Spoonbender - This is a story about the newest little prostitute in a bordello. The Madam is discussing the child with a colleague. The new "employee" is expected to take on 30 men a day, but there is some question weather or not she's strong enough to do so. (no sex, conversation, twist)

On The Brink - by Rod Stiffener - A husband becomes disenchanted with his pretty wife. Their sexless life style overcomes him. That is until they take a vacation and things take an entirely different direction. (MMF, wife sharing)

On The Job Experience - by LaffWithMe - High school student Brad gets a job at the mall to pay his car insurance. It turns out that the only place hiring is at Victoria's Secret, and the lady boss is infatuated by young Brad. (MF, voy, exh, 1st)

Pal Gals - by Carla - This story is about a hooker "Julie" who does "business" with the husband of a provocative female named Tangerine. Julie sees pictures of Tangerine and decides to meet her. She feels sorry for her because the "john", her husband, can only get off by masturbating. Julie wants to find out how deep the waters run in Tangerine. (MF, oral, hooker, smoking)

Park Bench - by Jigglejug - Another interracial dominance story. This one is about a young white girl who sits on a park bench thinking sexy thoughts. She squirms around on feeling horny then notices that a black man is sitting close to her watching. (Mdom/F, intr)

Party Favor - by NixPixer Author Author - A young husband fantasizes about sharing his wife with another. Then the New Years eve party comes around at work, and the boss is eyeing his wife's sexy outfit and the body underneath it. (MF, wife-sharing)

Peeping Blonde - by NixPixer Author Author - A divorced man moves into an apartment complex and finds out that he has an inclination toward peeping at his neighbors. He is attracted to the pretty Latin woman across the way and ends up buying a telescope just to see her from a distance. (MF, voy, frustration)

Persian Boy - by John Cornelis - "As I was coming out of my condominium, a young Iranian-looking boy and girl were coming out of the elevator. Shit, he's cute!' I thought to myself. As we had almost ran each other over, they both shyly apologized. "No problem," I replied, carefully scanning the boy's ass as they walked down the hall. (Fm, Mm, ped)

Playing Games - by MC - A story about a woman who's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. A man drives by and stops to "help" her. This story is not what it seems, and has a surprise twist ending. (MF)

Poker Passion - by NixPixer Author Author - Bob's a sailor who just got home from an extended cruse. He has a really hot wife named Donna. The couple invites one of Bob's navy buddies home for dinner and end up playing strip poker which of course gets out of hand. (MMF, wife-share)

Porterville High: Miss Sara's Revenge - by Wiley06 - Miss Sara Ellsworth is a wealthy woman who teaches at Porterville High School. No one can understand why someone as wealthy and attractive as Sara wants to teach high school. But three teenage boys know why. Sara's a nymphomaniac. And now one of the girls in her class knows about Miss Sara too. (Mm+Ff, voy, rp, blkmail, v) - Part 02 - Part 03 - Part 04 - Part 05 - Part 06 - Part 07 - Part 08 - Part 09 - Part 10 - Part 11

Private Practice - by The Ferrous Juggler - Two exotic dancers get an offer from a patron. He wants them both to give him a lap dance. Since he'll double tip them, the girls agree. Once things start, they quickly get out of hand. At least between the dancers. (FF, MF, public)

Private School Cherry Popper - by Two Or More - Amy attends a private school, and is careless about her grades. One day her teacher tells her she's going to fail if she doesn't pull herself together. He offers to help, and then offers for something else. (MM/f, mc, blkmail, ped)

Professor, The - by Lord Malinov - A middle-aged college professor has developed a "thing" for pretty young Karen Anderson - a student in his English Lit class. Malinov weaves several stories into one, and covers a lot of bases sexually speaking. (MF, spank, voy, oral)

Public Dick, The - by Heatheranne - A story about the odyssey that "Karen Stark" travels through. Danger and sexual tension abound throughout this well written sexy mystery tale. (MMF, voy, bd)

Punishment Homework - by JRFox - Two college students find out that they like bondage sex, especially Nancy. She gets tied up by her friend and ends up having the orgasm of her life. (Mdom/F, cons, oral, college)

Pure-Bred - by Frank McCoy - A strange story about a family who has been in-breeding for generations, and their philosophy on the subject. (family, inc)

Rachel - by Lisa and Sharon - This story is a departure from Lisa and Sharon's usual fare. It's about betrayal and pain. There are some moments in this story that are hard to read. But it is also very well written. You be the judge. (MF, gang-rp, death)

Real Women: Lucy - by Seth Pen - A professional photographer decides to go into the porno-film business. He advertises for a "real" woman, not wanting those bleach-blondes that seem to show up so much in regular porno-flicks. After some effort the photographer finds just the right woman. She's a housewife, and she's hot! (MF, wife cheat, voy, exh)

Restroom Reaction - by Rajah Dodger - An "at work" story revolving around a guy who goes into the ladies restroom and spy's on a co-worker who is making some interesting noises in one of the stalls. The voyeur gets a lot more than he bargained for when he gets caught "in the act" so to speak. (MF, voy, mast, nc)

Santa's Helper - by Anon - A Husband sharing story. A young wife decides to give her husband a very special Christmas present. They're just about ready to have children, and she feels that this would be their last chance to do something really wild. Her best friend Brenda volunteers to help. (MFF, sharing)

Screw You Too, Richard - by Rod Stiffener - Sex in the workplace with a twist. This couple make a mess to revenge themselves. You'll just have to read the story... (MF, alcohol)

Secret Room, The - by Rachel & Kathy - Two young girls are playing hide and seek when they find themselves in tight quarters. This story is about their first lesbian experience. (ff, pre-teen, 1st lesbian exp)

Sex in the Sauna - by Jeff Dosure - After a hard day at work a guy decides to relax in the apartment complex's hot tub/sauna. As he sits there with the hot bubbly water massaging his tired body he becomes aroused and begins to daydream about having sex. His eyes fly open in surprise when his daydream becomes reality. (MFF, oral, orgy)

Sex Shop Adventure - by EOF - A rather liberated woman visits a sex shop video store complete with viewing booths. You guessed it, she samples the more carnal delights that the store has too offer. (M+/F, voy, exh, unsafe sex)

Sexual - by Randy - A purportedly true story about a man's "BI" lifestyle. This story takes the author from his earliest years to the present. (mostly mm)

Sharing It With Juan - by Cavilere Carl - Juan, a Guatemalan college student becomes involved with a young couple who likes threesomes. It all starts when the couple invite Juan to go with them on an off-road jeeping weekend. None of them has a lot of money and they must all share a motel room. You take it from there... (MMF, wife-share)

Sharri and Char - by Charlotte - Fifteen year-old Charlotte is hangin' with friends at the mall, when a woman sits at her table in the food court. Sharri, who is much older, strikes up a conversation with the teen, quickly turning the topic of their conversation to sex. Char doesn't mind, in fact she's intrigued by the older woman's attention. (F/f, bd, 1st lesbian exp)

Shy Wife: Revisited - by Mick - This is a very depressing story, but then it's supposed to be, A pretty young wife begins to exhibit strange behavior, and takes her husband on an erotic roller coaster until everything comes to a head. (MF, wife-cheating, cuck)

Sight - by Lord Malinov - A man's birthday starts out to be pretty dismal. All of his friends are gone to other places and his girlfriend has to work all day at the mall. But all is not lost. He receives a call from his girlfriend to come to the mall the next day at opening. He gets the "birthday present" of his life, which turns out to be a voyeur's dream. (MF, voy, exh)

Sleeping Beautifully - by DarkVive - "This is unbelievable, I never thought anything like this happens in real life. My best friend is my computer and the Internet is my playground. The sex newsgroups feed my adolescent mind with vivid fantasies that are just out of reach in reality. If only I could take that first step to fulfill those dreams with the opposite sex. I never thought I would be living out one of those hot sex stories I ravenously read about on the net. (mf, inc, preg, nc)

Sloppy Seconds - by NixPixer Author Author - "I kept badgering my wife about fucking other men. When we fucked I kept telling her how much I wanted to suck another guy's cum out of her. Just saying it could often push me over the edge. Still, you can imagine my amazement when I came home one day and she told me in vivid detail about having it off with the neighbors! (M+/F, bg, wife sharing)

So-Shy - by Scott Sanders - Young Jenny Gallagher has a problem... She stutters, and because of the speech impediment she's super shy. Along comes classmate Scott with a unique speech therapy program. (mf-teens, 1st)

Starr Report, The - by Ken Starr - Excerpts from the Starr document pertaining to the President and Monica Lewinsky's love affair in the White House. (MF, oral, cheat)

Strange Encounter - by Al Steiner - A cautionary story about a teenage boy being caught defacing Catholic School property and being assigned by the court to make restitution by performing "community service" for the school. Sister Mary is put in charge with the wayward teen, and a truly "strange encounter" takes place. (F/m, ped, religion)

Strip Darts - by Lambchop - This story centers on a pair of young couples who get together for their usual card game. But one of the husbands starts up a game of strip darts, and things quickly heat up. This is the author's first work, and I think he would like any feedback that you'd care to give. (Couples, swapping)

Summer Camp Gloryhole - by Linda Bolens - Purported to be a "true" story which is very hard to believe. This one revolves around a couple of mothers attending a summer camp as counselors. Their daughters are in the cabin that has a reputation. They get their rocks off voyeuristically watching the young girls giving head through the "gloryhole" to the neighboring "boys camp" boys. Eventually they join in. (Ff, Fm, oral, ped)

Swapmeet - by SAT - "We thought that some of you might like to hear about our club and I was selected to tell our story. The club had its start about five years ago when Suzi and Bob and Candy and Paul began swapping in college. They continued to swap after graduation and slowly added to the group. We are currently six couples and have an auxiliary member, Linda..." (MF, FF, wife, strip, exh)

Taking Care of Business - by Juicy Girl - A 28 year-old wife, who is on a tour giving seminars, gets permission from her husband to look for physical love while on the road. She finds a couple of guys in the hotel bar, and you can guess what happens. (MMF, wife-sharing)

Taking of Belgium, The - by Tom Boutell - A funny and light hearted story about a young son asking his dad about the birds and the bees and how he was made. (MF, no sex)

Tales Of Green Fields - by Jessica - Hi, my name is Jessica Greenfield. You don't believe me? Well, you're right, I'm not going to tell you my real name. Maybe you've met me before or maybe you might meet me some day. And I really am quite shy - even though you probably won't believe that after you've read my stories. Still, it won't be easy for me to find the right 'balance' between telling you enough so you can enjoy my story and not revealing too much so everybody recognizes me like a famous film star. So where should I start? (MF, F-mast, alcohol, voy)

Tales of the Seeding - by Wollstonecraft - "It seems silly saying so now, but I was nervous about the seeding. I guess we all were, except for Rosemary. They tell you all sorts of things, girls getting hurt, girls dying. I guess they do that to make sure you've exercised and are ready. It's a lot of work, you know, getting ready. (MF, alien, preg)

Teaching Them How Boys Masturbate - by Arthur B and Cindy C - A wife feels it necessary to have her husband demonstrate a male's masturbation technique to a group of neighborhood teenage girls. (M-mast, f-teens, voy, exh)

Tease, The - by NixPixer Author Author - A wife's account about how she teased her married friend into fucking her on the couch in the living room with her husband asleep in the guest bedroom, while his wife was asleep in theirs. (MF, exh, wife, alcohol)

Twins - by Ira - A husband stands beside his pretty young wife in the hospital as she gives birth to their twin sons. Only ... one of the newborns is black! How could that have happened?! (MF, cheating-wife, intr, preg)

Vicki Sells her Body for Charity - by Lingus - A story about a rather strange neighborhood association where the folks get together and auction off their husbands and wives as sex slaves to the highest bidder, and all for charitable causes. The story revolves around Vicki and Bill Holman who are a new couple to the neighborhood. She is auctioned off for the first time, and there is considerable interest in the "new" woman in the group. Needless to say Vicki brings a pretty good price. (MF, wife, exh, gb)

Virgin - by Pves - This story describes how a young man takes the virginity of his girlfriend. Lots of conflicting emotions and descriptions in this one. If you like "first time" stories, you'll probably like this one. (MF, 1st, nc?)

Visual - by Lord Malinov - A hip young couple attends a party and find out that everyone there is watching pornography films on a TV set. Only it turns out that the films are being shot live from the next room. Then they are invited to play... (MF, voy, exh)

Wet Day - by Dafney Dewitt - Jenny meets her significant others new friend. Susan is perfect in every way, she's beautiful, smart, can cook up a storm, and makes Jenny feel inferior. She can't even find it in her heart to like her. But that doesn't stop her from having an impromptu lesbian affair with her. (FF, cheat)

Wife Sharing Nightmare - by Karl Kramer - A man has an obsession about sharing his wife sexually. She resists for a long time, but finally gives in. As the big even is about to take place, the husband changes his mind. They must suffer the unexpected consequences. (MF, wife-share, nc, rp?)

Workout - by Mark White - A handsome black Gym owner succumbs to the pleas of two pretty girls for late night access to the gym. More things end up going on than exercise. (MFF, intr)

Yankee's First Time - by Michael - This story is purportedly true. It's about Michael's first sexual experience with a woman. She's a Southern Belle type and he's a freshman in college. It could be true... (MF, 1st)

You Only Live Once - by Rod Stiffener - John and Mary are teachers at a school somewhere in the south pacific. Mary is less than satisfied with their home-life, sex-life, and just about everything else in life. (MF, cheat)

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