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ASSTR is home to over 1000 authors of erotic literature, host of the newsgroup, mirror site for, and host of several popular erotic literature archives.

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If you're a connoisseur of erotic literature, you've come to the right place. Below you'll find a menu to all the fine delectables just waiting to be enjoyed by you.

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 Author Spotlights

Here the authors of ASSTR spotlight their own works. Usually these works are still hot off the press at the time the spotlights are posted.

For older spotlights, visit the Spotlights Archive

 New Authors

Here ASSTR presents the newest authors at ASSTR as well as authors who have recently updated their web site or FTP directory.

 Author Profiles

Many of the authors at ASSTR have provided profiles of themselves so ASSTR's visitors can see what they're all about when trying to find a good story to read.

Note: This page is rather large and as such takes a little while to download over a conventional modem.


Here ASSTR presents random samples of the works by ASSTR authors. If you don't see something you like at first, check back later. This page is updated thrice per day.

 ASSTR Top 100

Find out what's popular with everyone else! This list presents the one hundred most popular works of the past week.

 Newest Additions

If you're a frequent visitor and want to keep up on the latest additions, check out this list. Here you'll find the fiction newest to the site from the past seven days.

 Random Story

Feeling lucky? How about trying a random story. Just click the link above. There's no telling what you may get.

Main Entr�es

 Authors at ASSTR

ASSTR is honored to be home to hundreds of authors of erotic literature, some of whom are arguably the best in their field. The diversity and quality you'll find here may keep you reading forever.

 Collections of Erotic Literature

ASSTR is proud to host some of the most well known collections of erotic literature on the 'net. Browse through over twenty such collections - there's sure to be something to please even the most discriminating tastes.

 ASSTR FTP Repository

Some authors and archivists don't wish to make a web site with their works and instead post them directly to the FTP archive. Here you'll find no pretty web pages decorated with pictures; FTP is just the stories.

 Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated Newsgroup Archive

ASSTR is the organization that oversees the operation of the Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated newsgroup and maintains the newsgroup's official archive. Some excellent authors only post their works to ASSM, so don't miss out on this collection.

Fine Desserts

 Alt.Sex.Stories Hall of Fame

The ASS Hall of Fame recognizes those members of the community that are no longer active but gave great service during the time they were with us.

 Story Graveyard

Sometimes authors will begin a work and then, for one reason or another, never finish it. The graveyard is a collection of such stories.

 All-Time Favourite Stories List

Maintained by Rui Jorge, this is a list of the top picks of various contributors to the list. Perhaps by exploring this list, you'll find a recommendation for a story you'll love too. If you have a list of favorite stories, Rui invites additions to the list.

The Bill

 Donations Center

ASSTR needs your help to survive! Find out the details on why we need your help, what our goals our, where to send donations, and more.

 Make a Donation by Credit Card

ASSTR accepts donations by VISA or Mastercard. It just takes a few minutes and will help out a great deal.

Made to Order

 ASSTR Search Engine

The ASSTR Search Engine is the most powerful and comprehensive engine offered at the ASSTR site. This engine searches the entirety of ASSTR and ASSM, permits phrase (consecutive word) searches, allows for searching just the ASSM archives, and more.

 ASSM Subject Line Search

This engine only searches the subject lines of ASSM posts, thus making searches for works by title and author name fast and easy.


 Collection of Frequent Asked Questions

If you're in need of assistance, check out the FAQs section at ASSTR. Find answers to questions about story codes, the Usenet sex story newsgroups, are more.


This FAQ contains questions and answers directly related to ASSTR services, such as the web and FTP sites.

 Resources for Writers of Erotic Literature

Geared toward writers, this area contains links to grammar rules, dictionaries, thesauruses, and more.

 ASSTR Help Center

If you've read the FAQs and still can't find the answer to your question, you can head over to the help center to ask your question.

 ASSTR News Archive

If you're new to ASSTR and are curious about our history, read the news archive to learn about past events.

 Privacy Policy

Find out what ASSTR will and won't do with any personal information you give us.

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