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ASSTR is home to over 1000 authors of erotic literature, host of the newsgroup, mirror site for, and host of several popular erotic literature archives.

You have stumbled upon the Writers of Erotic Literature Conglomeration Of Materials for writing Excellence (WELCOME) at ASSTR. The purpose of this page is to provide authors with links to various websites and other useful online information in the pursuit of better writing.

In addition to the links provided here, if you're new to online erotic literature writing, you may also wish to check out the ASSTR FAQs page which contains numerous FAQs and other useful information related to the Alt.Sex.Stories.* newsgroups.

Become an Author at ASSTR This page explains all the benefits of posting your works at ASSTR (accounts are 100% free)
/proofreaders.html This ASSTR page contains information for authors on people who volunteer to proofread or edit erotic literature.
/~authortips Maintained by Rui Jorge, ASS Bytes contains insightful wisdom from fellow writers.
Michael K. Smith's "How to Write Sex Stories Good"
/~Uther_Pendragon/code/scfa.htm Maintained by Uther Pendragon, this guide is for authors who want to learn what "story codes" are all about and how to use them to properly code their stories.
NameMaker This program, written by one of ASSTR's authors, generates first and last names for male and females. The ReadMe file for the program is available here.
NetAuthor This site is an "on-line resource for writers." Among the information available is a page discussing point of view and a list of web resources for writers. Bartlett's Familiar Quotations - useful site with just about every quotation ever recorded. Fowler: "The King's English" Strunk: "The Elements of Style" One of the world's most well known encyclopedias Lots of items under the Author's Library section (market guidelines, references, copyright) A good resource site with several dictionairies (English/Computing/Rhyme/Pronounce/Law), a thesaurus, translator, and more - all easily accessible from the main page. 400,000 baby names - when you just can't think of another character name. (They give 'free' analysis for first names. . . and you can browse them) Dictionaries Online Center for Human Sexuality Roget's thesuaus is searchable both alphabetically and categorically. Dictionary and Thesaurus
http:// Writers University (wealth of info for new writers) Common Errors in English, by Paul Brians, Professor English at Washington State University.

If there's an online resource you think would be useful for authors of erotic literature and you don't see it listed above, please email . Be sure to include the full link to the resource and a small description similar to those above.

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