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Profile last updated: 2007-12-21

FTP: /files/Authors/21st_century_femdom/

A 21st Century woman who believes that the age of Woman has come.

Profile last updated: 2010-05-08

FTP: /files/Authors/2Faces/

Herzlichst willkommen auf meinem Profil, ich m�chte �ber diese Plattform die Geschichten und Phantasien zu Papier bringen, die mir seid geraumer Zeit durch den Kopf geistern.

Schauen Sie einfach mal rein, vielleicht finden auch Sie daran gefallen.

F�r spezielle W�nsche, kritiken, Lob oder alles andere bin ich sehr dankbar und per Email nat�rlich immer erreichbar :-)

Story cateogires: MF/b ; M/b ; ped/tort/b ; bond/M/b


Profile last updated: 2010-06-12

FTP: /files/Authors/3y3g0r/

I am a middle aged man, writing fantasies for my woman. She has given me permission to share with you, my interested readers.


Profile last updated: 2003-11-21

FTP: /files/Authors/4play/

I am a happily married man with two kids. My wife and I are into the swinging lifestyle, although not as active as we once were. The stories I write reflect some of my wild fantasies and a bit of truth.

Story categories: TG, Fm, Mm and forced feminization


Profile last updated: 2008-06-30

FTP: /files/Authors/606_Zip/

A new writer to ASSTR, 606_Zip is still defining himself as a writer of erotic fiction.
He hopes to blend humor and sex, with realism in his characters. Positive feedback is welcome, but since he admits he is a new writer, don't bother with crazy angry stuff or flames.
Grammar/spelling edits most welcome. He expects to post stories in the following areas: MF mf ROM mc Time Stop Humor Tragedy Hetero Mf group mffff Mffff MILF Scouting Stage Outdoors Chicago Camping Trains Bus.
606_zip refers to the fact that he has spent a good deal of his time in the Chicago Metropolitan area.
Other than the occasional ff or FF you will be better off looking for gay work among those with experience therein under the theory that it is better that people write what they know about and not write what they don't know about.

Story categories: MF mf ROM mc TS Humor Tragedy Het Mf group Outdoors Chicago Camping Trains Bus


Profile last updated: 2013-08-16

FTP: /files/Authors/808/

Mid 40's male who finds the art of written erotica so arousing. I have a number of stories on the way. Let me know if you like my stories, i would love to hear your feedback. Equally if you want a story written for you, feel free to mail me.


A Nony Mous
Profile last updated: 2001-08-02

Web: /~A_Nony_Mous/
FTP: /files/Authors/A_Nony_Mous/

Story categories for:

1.) Total Unbirthing (Vaginal Body Insertion)
2.) Partial Unbirthing (Vaginal Head Insertion)
3.) Large Vaginal Stretching (Nonviolent Erotic)
4.) Related Nonviolent, Erotic, Consentual Materials
5.) Factual or Educational Vaginal Stretching Materials

This site is for Nonviolent, Consentual Materials... only.

Profile last updated: 2010-12-06

Web: /~AAARGH/
FTP: /files/Authors/AAARGH/

Story cateogires: (Fdom)


Abdul Fata
Profile last updated: 2015-12-27

FTP: /files/Authors/Abdul_Fata/

Je suis le plus grand m�taphysicien de la p�dophilie/p�d�rastie et je compte le prouver au monde.

Story cateogires: MM, Mb, bb, MF, b+b, Fb, M+b, zoo, oral anal, necro, religion, romance, ped, vegetal, violence, gore


Profile last updated: 2014-02-08

Web: /~Ache4Fun/
FTP: /files/Authors/Ache4Fun/

Here are my stories for your reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy them, providing food for your own fantasies and realities. There is much bisexual content in my stories.

Please provide feedback!


Profile last updated: 2017-06-11

Web: /~AdamCunny/
FTP: /files/Authors/AdamCunny/

I like to write erotica about a fantasy parallel dimension where sex between all ages is normalized and enjoyed.

Story cateogires: Mmb Ffg Mb Fb Mg Fg+ inc ped con


Profile last updated: 2003-07-24

FTP: /files/Authors/Addesso/

Originally a graphic designer, I turned back to fine arts and oil painting when I grew tired of corporate life. At that time, I also embraced philosophy as well as literature, reading with a voracious appetite. Not long after, I also began writing.

I've always been interested in telling stories, but it was quite a surprise to me when the first one I truly wrote was a long, forced sex affair for an anonymous poster on CraigsList. AND it was only the first part of a longer endeavor! Since then, I've written many more erotic stories which I'm slowly converting for this site.

My stories range from lighthearted personal events doused in creative license to darker fantasies purged from the black depths of my imagination.

I am 27.

Story Categories: MF, bd
More to come surely.



Web: /~Adhara
FTP: /files/Authors/Adhara/

Adhara is an astrophysics student who also enjoys writing in her spare time. She lives in the western United States with her husband. She writes mainstream fiction and erotic fiction and poetry, and is a member of the Erotic Readers Association.


Adiemus Bacchante
Profile last updated: 2012-11-06

FTP: /files/Authors/Adiemus_Bacchante/

My stories are somewhat cathartic in nature, and not to everyone's tastes. For this, however, I make no apologies, these are my fantasies shared with others for their enjoyment and my own sanity.

Also, I occasionally accept requests for stories, if you have one, and I find your idea intriguing, I may use it!

Story categories: tentacle,alien,nc,preg,teen,inc,beast


Alex S. Sexton
Profile last updated: 2007-10-22

Web: /~A_S_Sexton/
FTP: /files/Authors/A_S_Sexton/

Some of these stories (Luca, Truckstop) were posted over a decade ago. There is newer material that I've written over the last couple of years. Stories are based are real and fictional experiences. I have lived in the South since moving to the US 20 years ago, and spent the first half of my life in Europe and Asia.


Profile last updated: 2014-10-29

FTP: /files/Authors/AManImmortal/

Hi folks, I am AManImmortal from over at HentaiFoundry. I write (relatively eloquent) filth and then get my works turned into commissions!

While I put myself in the furry category, I feel I write more about 'monsters' and all of my works will have a mostly sci-fi bent to them.

I am a cuckold and I love biological adaptations specifically for fucking. So expect a bit of 'the wife getting banged by something with an odd dick and some extra arms'. The devil is in the details.

Most of all, enjoy.

Story cateogires: MF reluc furry zoo wife


Anonymous Writer
Profile last updated: 2011-10-06

FTP: /files/Authors/Anonymous_Writer/

Story cateogires: ped

I write stories that involve sex with kids for adults who enjoy the subject matter. The stories are fiction.


Arthur Kay
Profile last updated: 2004-02-22

Web: /~Arthur_Kay/
FTP: /files/Authors/Arthur_Kay/

Arthur Kay's Lurid Library

My stories are of an eclectic mix, where you can usually count on hot sex wrapped in humor and driven by oddball characters.

I've polished all these stories to the finest gloss I can give them. And I try very hard to reach the prurient level, so people can have something hot to read while they masturbate, and, when finished, can get back to an interesting plot.

Now don't get me wrong. It's not all sex, sex, sex. I try to make my characters fully-drawn, and drawn fully into situations that display their human frailties along with their sexual passions.

And, in my sex stories, no one gets killed (almost), maimed, or even beaten, but threats do hover in the air at times. So, get reading! I think you'll like what you see in Arthur Kay's Lurid Library.

Arthur Kay's Lurid Library

Profile last updated: 2012-10-15

FTP: /files/Authors/badpinguin/

i`m a young wrytter from portugal, western europe, author off political romances and sometimes children stories, ... but like any human on earth, y have a dark side that fills my dreams and tortures my soul,... so i�m letting my fantasies free in this site, fo the enjoyement off everybody, ... fell free o enjoy the sweet flavour off depravity.

Story cateogires: teen;preteen;incest;romance


Profile last updated: 2012-09-21

FTP: /files/Authors/caesarslegions/

Story cateogires: pedo rape torture snuff


Charley Ace
Profile last updated: 2002-03-27

Web: /~Charley_Ace/
FTP: /files/Authors/Charley_Ace/

I'm a dirty old man who enjoys telling stories, that just happen to be erotic. If you enjoy a plot and a little character development with your sex, there's a good chance that you'll like my stories. If you read one and like it, email me and tell me so, if you don't like it, keep your thoughts to Truthfully, any and all comments are welcome and appreciated.
In general, my stories are moralistic, realistic and sometimes even romantic. They're a combination of my life experiences, my fantasies and pure fiction (the largest part).

Story categories: adultery, cheating, romance, group sex, mature, swapping, slut wives


Profile last updated: 2005-06-30

FTP: /files/Authors/coming_together/

I am happily married. I like to write. My wife wants to be exposed to more stories.

Stories will come from our experiences, my imagination, my fantasies or my wife's fantasies. You will not find anything here containng young children, scat, or beastiality. If it doesn't turn one of us on it won't be written. Even I don't know where all this will lead just yet.

I encourage feedback but am not interested in hooking up.

Story categories: bi, bdsm, straight, blackmail, masturbation, anything that comes to mind

Profile last updated: 2015-03-12

FTP: /files/Authors/Eighteen_holes/

Story cateogires: MF, intr, cream pie, cuckold, cheating, nc, preg


Profile last updated: 2010-05-22

FTP: /files/Authors/Elephant/

I am a 20 year old male; fond of music, math and nature. However, I get easily horny, and I find myself constantly getting a dirtier mind. You know - once it was extreme for me even the thought of blowjob. Now I watch movies where a single woman is penetrated in every hole - some of them with two cocks, and women taking horse schlongs.

I read stories about incest and underage girls, rape...I guess I really get off by things that you ignore when you are "on fire". In real life of course I would be mentally unable to do most of the things I will write about where males are involved.

For a naughty and imaginative mind a lot of things I'd like to read in erotica is not to be found. Therefore, I'd like to share some of those fantasies with other horny people. I hope that my stories will be interesting for both sexes.

I won't write anything of homosexual nature, but alot of it will be "sick" and "wrong" and probably all of them will contain big cocks, young women or girls and sometimes animals like horses and elephants.


Fra. Peter Abelard
Profile last updated: 2000-05-21

FTP: /files/Authors/Abelard_Fra_Peter/

I am, of course, Fra. Peter Abelard, 11th century French philosopher and theologian. In my forties, my brilliant academic career was cut short by the consequences of my love affair with the beautiful Heloise, the young (oh, how deliciously young) niece of Canon Fulbert of Notre Dame. That son-of-a-bitch had me castrated, but he will never quench my love for fair pubescent damsels. My stories involve not only them but, occasionally both their younger and their older sisters.

Story categories: Alas, fair Heloise, castrated Benedictine monk though I am, I love thee still (and all thy pubescent sisters). I must admit that I do occasionally drift into fantasies of both thy more and less mature sisters.


Frederic Lemetre
Profile last updated: 2012-06-30

FTP: /files/Authors/Frederic_Lemetre/

Hi, ich bin Frederic Lemetre,
ich bin ein freier Autor. Was ich schreibe beruht zum Teil
auf W�nsche und Anregungen meiner Leser und/oder auch
aus eigner Fantasie.

Ich bin Bisexuell schreibe aber am liebsten �ber Jungs,
was ich rechtaufregend und intressand finde ist wenn die
Jungs uriniren m�ssen, dieses baue ich auch gerne in meine
Story's ein.
Was ich nicht mag ist der einbezug des Kots oder k�rperliche
Gewalt und/oder Verst�mmelungen...

�ber W�nsche, Kommentare oder Anregungen w�rde ich
mich sehr freuen...

Frederic Lemetre

Story cateogires: b+ , bm+ , b+m , m+ , ws , oral , anal


Profile last updated: 2014-02-04

FTP: /files/Authors/FUCKTOR/

I am a Russian man who loves to read, write and translate porn stories.
My interest is a Heterosexual adult sex. I love sex and women.

Story cateogires: MF


Profile last updated: 2007-06-24

FTP: /files/Authors/hushmate2/

The stories are all based on real experiences. Once pencil goes to paper names are changed and locations are altered but the heart of the content is real. I may of course sprinkle some fantasy into the experience but it is never more than a pinch here and there. [email protected]

Story categories: cuckold, bdsm, swap, gb, gangbang, mf, mg, fb, mmmmf


Profile last updated: 2013-01-05

FTP: /files/Authors/JayGhetto/

I am a regular ole nine to five guy (attending community colloege tho lol). who loves to write stories with nasty and alternative and unfriendly catfight endings with eroticism and extreme sex. the stories are fantasies involving things i have seen growing up. catfights that have flashed in my face between the biggest baddest girls over senseless things. i also have fantasies that involve sci fi, and super herione demise.

Story cateogires: Nasty Ghetto Women Lesbian Catfight Stories/ twisted dark lesbian stories with diffrent settings and themes, like medieval times, super heriones in cities. bars, clubs etc.


Profile last updated: 2017-03-12

FTP: /files/Authors/JimmysWilly/

Aspirant poet, playwright, pervert. Caledonian abroad.
Lover of fine wine, fine women, not so great at the song.
Happy to meet in cyber-world critiquesse for literary co-llaboration and other co-stuff


LT Studio
Profile last updated: 2015-11-06

Web: /~LT_Studio/
FTP: /files/Authors/LT_Studio/

LT Studio creates stories (and illustrations) centered around the eponymous photography studio. Lucia doms Tom, and they seduce teens with their words and lenses. Seduction is the key here: everything is consentual and mind-focused. Lucia might have you hold a difficult position until you'r about to collapse, but you'll thank her afterwards.

I only check my email irregularly, so quick correspondence isn't guaranteed.

Story cateogires: Ff, Mf, ds, first, bi, Mm, MF,


Profile last updated: 2010-03-18

FTP: /files/Authors/Malice_in_Bandarland/

23, single, female, student, psychology/economics major, bi, submissive to men, dominant with women, avid reader (of books and of erotica). Thats all the truncated descriptions I can think of.

Story cateogires: M/F, non-con, reluc, rp


Mr. Longfello
Profile last updated: 2014-10-26

FTP: /files/Authors/Mr._Longfello/

I write adult fiction for those who enjoy unusual subjects. Such as preteen hookers. A man who becomes infatuated with a much younger girl named Rhiannon. And a Secret society that helps men adopt young girls who have been taught the fine art of sexual pleasure. I've posted on an old story site called Loliwood Studio's, and I've posted on xnxx sex stories. In the coming months I'll be posting my older writings here, along with any new stories I can imagine.


Profile last updated: 2013-06-12

Web: /~OneHeavyHand/
FTP: /files/Authors/OneHeavyHand/

Just a simple Kentucky man that loves life. I tend to write stories like most, about things I either know or have fantasys about, including force, BDSM, MC, and family fun.


Rat Tails
Profile last updated: 2014-03-30

FTP: /files/Authors/Rat_Tails/

Rat Tails writes erotic tales that involve the beatings of preteen and teenage girls and boys with accompanying sex, humiliation and satire.

Story cateogires: spank ca Mdom Fdom pb pt b g m f hu


Red Letter
Profile last updated: 2014-03-30

FTP: /files/Authors/Red_Letter/

I really love to read. I read in nearly all my spare time, even time that I don't have to spare. My job takes up WAY too much of my time.
I have written a story. My one and only completed work. Inspired far too much by my time spent reading in The Kristen Archives.
Like most all writers, I would imagine, I now have a pathetically powerful urge to share this story with other like minded readers. Since I have been led here, this must be the place.

Story cateogires: MF,NC,V


Profile last updated: 2010-07-11

FTP: /files/Authors/Rupert/

Story categories: Stories in German; Mg, mg, Fm, MF nc


Profile last updated: 2010-11-03

FTP: /files/Authors/scribbles/

i love little girls. i think they are the most beautiful thing in the world! i am very artistic and creative and like to explore the world in my mind. anything new is extremely exciting to me. i would like to make some new friends to talk to who share the same interests as me.


Profile last updated: 2014-11-19

FTP: /files/Authors/SensualSavant/

Starting author looking at righting a new type of story.

Story cateogires: Mind control


Profile last updated: 2006-05-18

FTP: /files/Authors/Nasty_Little_Girls/

Story categories: Lesbian Bondage
It's the tale, not she who tells it

The Passing Stranger
Profile last updated: 2015-12-28

FTP: /files/Authors/The_Passing_Stranger/

I live a very self-controlled existence in a World which disapproves of me. This is my outlet, my release. Here I can imagine of things that might be, without the consequences affecting anyone malignly. I hope you enjoy my grubby underworld to find your own release as well, for I need to keep my readers, not lose them to the State's retribution.

Story cateogires: Underage


Profile last updated: 2016-03-09

FTP: /files/Authors/Tickler1991/

I am a nerdy young adult who loves Sci-fi especially time travel, especially alternate universes. I am also a heavy gamer who loves ace combat and mmorpg like battlestar Galactica. I have a very strong tickling fetish and I always loved tickling others and being tickled myself. I often got turned on when involved in tickle fights as a young boy with other boys and girls by age. Maybe I am bisexual. When I reached 18 I forced myself to stop getting into tickle fights because I was afraid I would be considered a pedophile and even if someone would want to have a tickle fight I would not participate. What's worse is that I am single and still a virgin and have been single my entire life.

I also have a problem with my metabolism (no matter how little I eat I can't lose weight) my doctor told me that because I'm eating so little that my vitamins and sugar levels are dangerously low levels. Even my cholesterol, my doctor told me is too low, yet I weigh over 220 pounds.

This could be part of the reason I am still single. On an average day I eat about between 1000 and 1200 calories. Also, despite having a tickling fetish I am hardly Tickle-ish at all. My only ticklish spots are on the soles of my feet, my ribs and my penis.

The last time I have ever been tickled was when I was 15 by my gym teacher who liked tickling students. Though she did not tickle me in a sexual way, the fact that he took my shoes off and tickled me got me extremely turned on and I masturbated on that's not for several weeks. It's still occasionally do today several years later.

Story cateogires: BDSM, tort, ped


Tim Barnes
Profile last updated: 2015-06-22

Web: /~Tim_Barnes/
FTP: /files/Authors/Tim_Barnes/

Novice author writing about his own fantasies. I have ideas for about 3 stories right now, but I don't know how quickly I will finish them

Story codes: MF Mf Fm Ff ff

Story cateogires: Story codes: MF Mf Fm Ff ff


Todd Iceberg
Profile last updated: 2014-06-30

FTP: /files/Authors/Todd_Iceberg/

Retired automotive trades worker, with lots of time on my hands.

Story cateogires: mF,FF,Fff,con,nc*,(Mild)sm


Profile last updated: 2004-06-28

Web: /~Too-Kay/
FTP: /files/Authors/Too-Kay/

I live in the UK, I am female, and all my stories are the product of my fevered(?) imagination and must be read as such.

I cannot predict how often I will update this site as my writing is in 'fits and starts' and I *probably* will not want to post everything I write.

Story categories: fantasy, and VERY DEFINITELY not real life.

Profile last updated: 2003-10-20

FTP: /files/Authors/taboooo/

Hi. I don't advocate any of this in real life. I am an adult female and fantasize about role-playing these situations, but can separate reality and fantasy. If you can't, don't read my stuff.

Story categories: rape incest underage

mostly m/f
some m/m

By the way, I do write custom stories. Let me know if you want one.

Profile last updated: 2017-01-16

FTP: /files/Authors/wirepaladin/

I'm an old man, 71, living in Florida. I enjoy reading and writing erotic stories, many of which are fetish based, ie. spanking, enema, etc. I solicit input from my readers, that's the only way I can improve my writing.


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