"Alice and I talked again this morning!" Rachel said excitedly as we lay down next to each other on her bed before our guitar lesson the next afternoon.


"She's so nice!"

"She is!"

"I think she really likes you, too. She talks about you a lot."


"Yeah... I think she wants to be your girlfriend."

"Hmm..." I wasn't sure how I should respond to that. Was Rachel jealous of me and Alice? It didn't seem like she was, but maybe? I figured that my best course of action was to make sure that she understood that I wanted her to be my girlfriend, not Alice. "That's sweet," I said, "but--"

"I feel bad," Rachel continued, unabated, "'cause, I mean, she's really nice and... and sexy and everything. If you want her to be your girlfriend, that's okay."

I tried to look a little hurt when she said that, and I guess it worked, partly because I kind of was. I stammered out some lame response like, "But I like having you as my girlfriend!," but she quickly answered, "Oh! I didn't mean that you and I should break up! I mean, like, maybe you could have two girlfriends? Guys can have two girlfriends, right?"

"I guess..." An interesting turn in the conversation!

"She's just so nice, I would really like it if you were her boyfriend. I'm okay, sharing you with her, 'cause she likes you so much."

"You're so sweet, Rachel."

The girl was beaming.

"You have the prettiest smile, Rachel." I decided it was time to heap on the flattery.

"I do?"

"Yes. I love your smile."

"You do?"

"I love everything about you."


"I love the way you sing and play guitar. I love how sweet you are, and how smart you are."

"You think I'm smart?"

"I love... I love how sexy you are. I love the way you give me head."


"Yeah, when you--"

"Ohhh... I know what you mean. Your--" She pointed down. "It has a head!"

"Yeah, that's what it's called, the--"

"And you like it? You like it when I 'give you head?' I don't think I'm very good at it."

"You are, sweetie. You are."

"But Alice is better at it, right?"

"That's not true! She just has more experience."

Rachel nodded thoughtfully. "Maybe I should ask her for advice? About how to do it better? She gave Mom advice, right? She showed her what to do."

"Yeah, she did. If you want to, I'm sure she'd be happy to help."

"The only thing is, she doesn't know about us. I didn't tell her that you're my boyfriend."

"You didn't?"

"No, I didn't want to make her jealous."

"I can tell her, if you want."

"Okay! But only after you ask her to be your girlfriend. That way she won't be jealous."




"You're the best boyfriend ever!"

"You're the best girlfriend ever!"

Rachel beamed again. "Wait, though..." she said. "Isn't Alice the best girlfriend ever, too?"

"Okay, you're both the best girlfriends ever."

Rachel beamed some more. "We are!"

"Okay, let's play some guitar, silly one." I picked up my guitar.

"'Silly one?'" she objected, picking up her guitar, too.

"Yes. You're very silly. Now‐‐" I strummed a D chord. "Substitute."

I played the opening riff, and Alice's clear sweet voice rang out, "I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth..." and she joined me on the riff.

That night, Alice and Emily were set on getting John hard again.

"I just sucked him a lot, really hard, while Brian fucked me from behind," Alice strategized with Emily. "So I think if you just suck him a whole lot, really enthusiastically, it might work!"

Emily was willing to give it a shot, and I of course was happy to do my part. All four of us were going at it, John on his back on the bed, Emily crouched between his legs with his limp cock in her mouth and her ass up in the air, me behind her, holding tight and fucking her like a buck in heat. Alice, of course, was sitting on Richter's face, grinding like a hussy into his tongue.

A couple minutes into the event, and Emily excitedly announced, "I think it's working!" She kept at her appointed task, sucking her husband like a whore, until eventually she slid forward, away from me, climbed onto him, and directed his half-erect cock into her now well-used cunt.

"Oh, god!" she moaned loudly, humping her husband's cock for the first time in... well, the first time ever, most likely, given the missionary-only sex of their youth. Alice, having orgasmed already two or three times on Richter's tongue, climbed off, and the two of us watched as Emily, red-face and smiling like a girl who had just discovered the joy of sex, legs quivering and breasts shaking, came on her husband's cock for the first time in her life.

Alice was pretty damned proud of herself when we gathered up our clothes and left the two lovebirds to their post coital kissing, both of us naked as we walked down the hall to my room. "I can't believe it worked! That's so awesome, can you imagine? What a trip! Poor Mrs. Richter hasn't 'known' her husband in ten years!"

"Yep, that's pretty cool."

"And man, Mrs. Richter came so hard on Mr. Richter's cock! And so did I, on his magic tongue! He really knows what to do with his tongue!" We turned into my bedroom. "But poor Daddy, you didn't have a cum, did you? You wanna cum on my face tonight? I know I'm not your little girlfriend, but still, you might like it." She got down on her knees in front of me.

"Speaking of my little girlfriend," I said, starting to jack in front of her face, "she seems to really like you."

Alice looked up at me. "She's so sweet!" She leaned down and gave my cockhead a little lick.

"She thinks you 'like' me."

"Sho's wight!" Alice said, lips around my head now.

"She wants to ask you for advice about giving head, but she's worried that you'll be jealous."

She took her mouth off of my cock and looked up at me. "Jealous?"

"Yeah, because you 'like' me, but she's my girlfriend." I returned to masturbating in front of her face.

"Oh my god she's so adorable!"

"She made me promise to ask you to be my girlfriend, too, so you won't be jealous."

"So she's okay with you having two girlfriends?"

"She seems to like the idea..." I panted, "...at least if you're my other girlfriend."

"God, she's so cute!. You're very lucky, Daddy, to have such a cute little girlfriend!"

"I am!" I could feel my orgasm about to start. "So how about it?"

"How about what?" Alice asked with a teasing smile.

"Will you... Ugggh... be my girlfriend? My other girlfriend? Uhhhh!"

"Yes, Daddy!" she shouted as my orgasm commenced. "I'll be your other little girlfriend!" And with those words, I exploded, a huge surge of cum splatting against Alice's beautiful cheek and across her mouth. She closed her eyes and gave an open-mouth smile as I finished dumping my load onto her.

She sat back, not bothering to clean my cum off of her face. "Daddy cums so much!"

"Because my little girlfriend turns me on so much!"

"Both your little girlfriends turn you on, don't we?"


"I bet you'd like to cum on both of us at the same time!"

"That would be a dream come true!"

Alice giggled, finally wiping some of the cum off of her face and licking her fingers. "I'll see what I can do!"

Em and I were having coffee and English muffins the next morning in the kitchen, when Alice and Rachel waltzed in to join us. Emily was all smiles the whole time, which wasn't all that surprising. A bit more surprising was how smiley both of the girls were.

Eventually, Emily finished off her breakfast and left me and the girls alone, at which point Alice gave Rachel a little wink. This sent the young girl into giggling frenzy, and Alice excused herself as well, and it was only me and my "little girlfriend" (well, one of them) alone at the kitchen table.

"Alice and I were talking in my room, before we came down here," Rachel said, quiet but excited, the second we were alone.


"You asked her to be your girlfriend!!!"

"Yep! She said 'yes.'"

"I know! She's really happy about it! And so am I!"

"Me, too."

"She said... She said you ejaculated on her face, just like you do to me! She said you asked her about being your girlfriend, and she said 'yes,' and you were so excited that... that right away, you ejaculated all over her!!"

I raised my eyebrows. The girls are exchanging intimate details! "I'm not sure that's exactly how it happened, but okay..."

Rachel giggled. "She's probably exaggerating, but that just means she liked it! She said she did. But she says she likes it even more when she makes you cum with her mouth, and she wants to teach me how!"


"She says she could show me, if I want. Like, you know, show me with you."

"That seems like a good idea," I said, trying to act as cool as possible about the prospect of getting a dual blow job from my two little girlfriends.

"You think so?" From the tone of her voice, she seemed skeptical.

"It seems like maybe you don't?"

Rachel sat quiet for a moment. "It's just, I really like Alice. I don't want her to think I'm a little kid who doesn't know anything."

"She won't think that," I tried to reassure her.

"It's different with you," she said, ignoring my attempt at reassurance. "You're my boyfriend, and we've know each other a long time." I couldn't help but smile at that. I suppose a month and a half is a "long time" for a ten year old.

"Alice isn't going to be judgmental at all," I said. "She just wants to help."

"I know..."

"And she's not as experienced as you think. She told me she only had sex the first time a year ago."

"Really?" Rachel squinted her eyes in surprise. "You said she has sex with all the guys."

"She likes sex, but that doesn't mean she's all that experienced."

"So you think it'll be okay, if she shows me what to do?"

"I think so. I could ask her to join us for 'guitar lessons' today." Rachel giggled at my air quotes when I said "guitar lessons."

"Okay," still sounding uncertain but at least willing to try.

For the next chapter in this story, see Chapter Eleven: The Girls Make Sweet Music Together.


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