Alice squealed with excitement. "Oh my god! I can't wait!!"

"I'm looking forward to it myself," I said, a vision of calm.

"I bet you are!" Alice bubbled. "I bet Daddy's anxious to give his little girlfriend her 'guitar lesson' today!"

"Okay..." I said, looking stern at her. "Look, like I told you, Rachel is a bit nervous about this. We should try to play it cool."

"I'll be cool, Daddy," Alice said, "I'll play it cool, I promise." But she was still giggling.

Alice was quite cool, actually, when we went into Rachel's room an hour or two later. "So, are you guys gonna play some guitar?" she asked, sweetly directing her excitement to something innocuous.

"Um..." a visibly nervous Rachel stammered in response.

"Come on! Brian says you really like Dylan. Play me a Dylan song!"

Rachel looked up at me, and when I nodded reassuringly, she picked up her guitar. "Do you like Dylan, too?" she asked Alice.

"Yeah! He's the best!"

"Cool!" Rachel said, with the first smile she'd given us since we'd come into her room.

I picked up my guitar, too, and we played a couple songs--Masters of War, Maggie's Farm.

"You're good!" Alice said, between songs, and "You're really good!" again when we were done.

"You really think so?" Rachel asked, beaming now. I was impressed with Alice once again. She understood that she needed to do, to put Rachel at ease.

"Oh, yeah! I wish I could play!"

"Brian will teach you!" Rachel said, looking from Alice to me. "Right, Brian?"

"What about you?" I asked the girl, suddenly realizing that Alice had given us the perfect opportunity to help Rachel feel like she wasn't just a "little girl."


"Hell, yes! You should show her some chords!" I reached my guitar out to Alice.

Rachel had learned a hell of a lot these last few weeks, and I could tell that she was proud to have the opportunity to show off her skills to Alice. The two of them had a lot of fun for the next few mintues, Alice fumbling around, both girls giggling. It really isn't possible that there could have been anything that would have made Rachel feel more comfortable about having Alice with us that afternoon.

Eventually, Alice set my guitar down and snuggled up against me and kissed me on the cheek. "You've done a great job, giving Rachel guitar lessons!" No air quotes this time. "She's so good! What a good teacher you are!"

"He really is!" Rachel agreed.

Alice slipped a hand down my chest, to my belly. "We should give him a reward!" she said, smiling over at the young girl.

Now, instead of being nervous, Rachel had a great big smile. "We should!"

Man, Alice was good. Somehow she'd managed to get Rachel excited about this! I found that my admiration for the teenager increased exponentially every day. Daddy, it would seem, had a serious crush on his princess.

She moved her hand down to my crotch and started undoing my jeans. "Come on," she said to Rachel, "help me get his pants off!"

And shortly I was laying on the bed, naked from the waist down, my two little girlfriends up on their knees on either side of me.

Alice grinned over me at Rachel. "Let's examine his cock!"

"Like playing 'doctor!'" Rachel squealed.

Alice laughed. "I remember that game! I always loved it. I love looking at dicks!"

"I've never played it," Rachel confessed. "But I really love looking at Brian's dick!" She seemed to relish the opportunity to use the word "dick."

Alice leaned over me and lifted my erect shaft. "It's a fine specimen, isn't it? So big!"

"'Specimen,'" Rachel giggled. 'We're scientists!" She leaned over me, too, looking right at my "dick." "I can't believe how big it is."

"It's really thick," Alice said with an air of authority. "I don't like skinny cocks."

"Me neither!" Rachel agreed.

"But thick cocks are harder to suck, don't you think?"

Rachel nodded, as if she was actually an expert in the matter.

"This part--" Alice made a "peace sign" with her fingers and ran the inside of the fingers along either side of my cockhead. "--is particularly thick."

"It's called the head," Rachel proclaimed authoritatively. "That's why it's called 'giving head.'" She grinned proudly at her demonstration for her new friend of how much she knew about sex.

"Yep! The head of this specimen is particularly thick," Alice the Scientist grinned, "which means you have to open your mouth really wide when you suck it. Like--" She opened her mouth wide, leaned down, and engulfed the entirety of my head, giving a suck before pulling off.

"Yeah," Rachel said, her eyes glimmering at the sight of her new friend sucking her boyfriend's cock. "He always tells me to open wider."

Alice laughed. "Get used to it! All guys say that, all the time."

Rachel giggled. "It's hard, because my mouth is kinda small."

"Yeah, but that's good. Guys like putting their cocks in small holes." She looked up at me. "Don't you, Brian?"

All I could do was just laugh, and nod in agreement.

"Now," she said, returning to her specimen and her scientist mode, "this part of the head is called the crown." She ran a finger along the ridge of my glans.

"The crown!" Rachel giggled. "He has a royal penis!"

Alice giggled, too. "Don't tell him that, it'll go to his 'head!'" Both girls laughed, and her finger followed the ridge to the underside. "This part, right here, is the most sensitive part." She gently ran her finger along the skin just below where the two sides of my crown joined together. "From the hole--" She lifted the tip of finger to my hole, "‐‐down," sliding the finger down.

I let out a breathy moan, and my cock lurched at the touch, and I could see Rachel's eyes go wide.

"See? It's so sensitive! If you want to really turn a guy on, lick him right there!"

Rachel nodded, fascinated.

"Give it a try," Alice told her.

"Okay!" Rachel leaned over, and her beautiful little pink tongue came out of her mouth, and she set the tip right on my hole and slid it down underneath my head. I moaned louder, and I felt a little foamy bead of precum forming at my hole.

"Ooh, he likes that!" Alice said. "Do it again!"

This time, when Rachel put her tongue on my hole, she licked the precum off.

"Nice!" Alice said. "Look at him, he's really turned on!" Both girls looked up at me, giggling.

"This," the first scientist said, pointing a bit lower, "is from when he was circumcised. You know what that means?"

Rachel nodded uncertainly.

"Guys have a flap of skin called the 'foreskin,' that covers the head. Sometimes, when they're babies, the doctor cuts off the skin."


"I don't really know. It's a religious thing I guess. But it's good--it's easier to suck a cock that's been circumcised."


"'Cause the head's just right here, out in the open! You don't have to do anything to suck it."


"Now, let's look at his testicles."

Rachel giggled, and Alice lifted my shaft to better expose my ballsack.

"Brian's are really big, aren't they?" Rachel said, staring at them.

"Yes," the other scientist said. "Huge!" Still holding up my shaft, Alice reached her other hand down and lifted my balls. "And heavy."

"That's because he has a lot of sperm!" Rachel giggled. "He always cums so much!"

"He does! Did you know that the scrotum‐‐you know what the scrotum is?"

Rachel nodded. "The sack that his balls--his 'testicles'" the little science student corrected herself--"are in."

"Right, the sack. Did you know that it's the same thing as your pussy lips?"

Rachel looked confused. "Huh?"

"Yeah. When you're a baby inside your mom, when you're a fetus, if you're a girl baby, you get ovaries. But for a boy baby, the things that become ovaries move down and become his balls--his testicles."


"Yeah! And when the testicles move down, they end up in the pussy lips. They kinda move inside them. That's why there's this funny seam right down the middle." She ran a finger down the seam in my scrotum. "That's where the lips join together to make a sack."

"Oh, wow!" her science partner intoned with the excitement of new discovery.

"And that's why guys like it when you play with their balls," Alice authoritatively informed the girl. It's just like when we play with our pussy lips!"

"Oh! And that's why Brian likes to have his balls kissed! Just like how I like it when..." she paused, momentarily embarrassed at the confession she was making. But she bravely plowed ahead. "...when he kisses my pussy."

Alice gleamed. "Yep! It's exactly like that! In fact, did you know that the whole penis is the same thing as your clitty?"

"It is?" Rachel said, with rapt attention.

"Yeah! In girl fetuses, it becomes a clit, and in boy fetuses, it becomes a dick!"

"Cool!" Rachel's eyes glimmered wih this new-found understanding.

"So think about what you do when you play with your clitty, and then you can try to do the same kind of things to Brian's dick. It'll probably make him feel really good!"


"Now let's talk about how to make a guy cum," our resident sex educator said.

"Yes! Let's!" her student agreed, unabashedly enthusiastic now.

"When a guy has sex with you, he moves his cock in and out of your pussy, right?"

Rachel nodded, obviously enthralled.

"And after doing that for a while, it gets really stimulated, and he cums."

"Right," the little sex science student said authoritatively. "The same thing happens when he uses his hands."

"Exactly!" the teacher responded. "That's how guys masturbate. The hand goes up and down, like it's a pussy." Alice wrapped her fingers around my shaft. "A girl can do that to a guy, too," she said, demonstrating her point by sliding her hand up and down.

"Yeah," Rachel said with her adorable sense of authority. "That's exactly what he does, before he cums."

"Your turn," Alice said, letting go of my shaft. Rachel reached out with both hands, and her cool little fingers wrapped around my cock, and she started jacking me.

"Good! He likes it!" The girls looked up at me and giggled. "But, what's one thing about a pussy that's different from a hand?"

Rachel looked thoughtful for a moment while she stroked me. "The pussy's tighter?"

"Not necessarily. And you can always make your hand tighter."

In response, Rachel squeezed my cock. "True."

"What happens to your pussy when you get excited?"

Rachel was thoughtful again. "It gets slippery?"

"Right! Your pussy is wet!"

"Ohhh!" Rachel said with a big excited grin. "That's why guys like blow jobs! Because your mouth is wet!"

"Exactly!" Alice was all smiles at how well her student was doing with her studies. "When you give a guy a blow job, your mouth is like a pussy."

Rachel's eyes glimmered with delight. "That's so sexy!" She looked up at me. "My mouth is like my pussy!!!"

I just nodded, too enthralled by all of this to respond.

Alice was grinning huge. "So when you give head, you want to use your mouth just like it's your pussy. Slide it up and down, and use your hand, too, slide it up and down, just like you're fucking him with your pussy."

Rachel was gleaming with delight. "Okay!"

"Give it a try!"


Rachel leaned down, opened wide, and took my head into her mouth. She wrapped both hands around my shaft, and started sliding her lips and her hands up and down.

"Oooh," I moaned, rolling my head back in pleasure.

"I think it's easier to just use one hand," Alice instructed. "And then you can play with his balls with the other one."

Rachel immediately dropped one hand down to pet my nutsack. "Uuugghh!" I moaned again.

"He really likes it!" Alice said, grinning up at me in triumph. I groaned some more in response.

Alice, with a little approving smile, watched the girl for a while, just observing. Then she reached a hand out and put it on Rachel's head and gently stroked her hair. "You're really good at this, Rachel," she said. "You're a natural! And... And, you're really beautiful, and sexy."

I got the feeling that Alice wanted to say all the things to Rachel that she wished her first guy would have said to her. Taking the hint, I reached down and stroked the young girl's hair as well.

"You are..." I said with breathy excitement, "You're really, really good. It feels so wonderful, I'm so lucky. You're so sexy!"

Alice looked up at me with a great big smile. She knew I understood. Then she looked back down at her little friend. "It's kinda hard to make a guy cum," she said. "It can take a long time." Rachel nodded her understanding, my dick still in her mouth. "When a guy fucks your pussy," Alice expanded on her point, "sometimes it takes ten or fifteen minutes before he finishes."

Rachel pulled off for a moment. "Really?" she said, surprised. "Ten or fifteen minutes?" She went right back to bobbing on my cock.

"Yeah, sometimes. And the longer it takes, the better it feels for him, when he cums. Like, it builds up pressure, and the longer it takes, the more pressure it builds up. Right, Brian?" She looked up at me, but didn't wait for a response. Which is good, because I was pretty much non-vocal by now. Maybe I could have grunted a reply. "That's when he just explodes. All that pressure makes him cum so hard!"

"Wuw," Rachel said excitedly, her words muffled around my head.

"So," the sex instructor continued, "it's good that it takes a long time when you give head. It feels better for him. And it's more fun for you, too, because he cums more!"

Rachel indicated her understanding by nodding around my cock.

"Sometimes, though, you want it to be done quicker, and that's okay, too. Or maybe he wants you to be done quicker, like, if you only have a couple minutes before his wife gets home."

Rachel pulled off momentarily. "His wife?" she said, confused.

"Well, yeah," Alice answered, "if you're giving a married guy a blow job."

"You give married guys blow jobs?"

"Sometimes, yeah. I mean, I have. It's no big deal, but some guys don't want their wives to find out."

Rachel gave my head a quick suck before continuing the conversation. "Right, like how we probably don't want my parents to find out that I give Brian blow jobs."

"Exaxtly. So, like, maybe you know your parents are coming home, so you want to get it done quick." Rachel nodded, looking up at Alice and sucking again. "When you get better at it," Alice continued, "you figure out how to do it quick. And that's good, because even if you're not in a hurry, sometimes your jaw starts getting sore."

Rachel looked at Alice and nodded, in full agreement on that point.

"You can take breaks, when your jaw gets sore," Alice instructed.

Rachel pulled off again. "Okay."

"When you're taking a break, you can lick him all over. Get him really slippery, and then use your hand!"

"Then your hand's wet like a pussy!"

"Exactly! And you can kiss his balls, too, when you need a break."

"Oh, perfect! Brian loves that!"

"Do you ever lick them?"

Rachel lifted my shaft to present my balls and leaned down. Her little pink tongue came out and she dragged it along my scrotum.

"Get them all wet. Guys love it when their balls get all wet with your spit." Rachel licked and licked. "And you can suck them. One boyfriend I had used to call me is 'little ballsucker.'" Alice giggled at the thought.

Rachel looked up at me, my cock right in front of her face. "Do you want me to be your little ballsucker, Brian?"

I nodded vigorously. "Yeah!"

The young girl opened her mouth wide, and planted it right on my scrotum. She pulled off a moment later. "I think his balls are too big to fit in my mouth."

Alice smiled sweetly at her. "Try just one."

Rachel went back down, this time wrapping her lips around one of my testicles.

"There you go!" Alice said excitedly. Rachel sucked the ball for a moment, then moved to the other, then backed off. "I'm a ballsucker!" she said to Alice, and they both started giggling.

Then Rachel went back down and sucked my balls some more, and Alice petted her hair and said all sorts of sweet things to her again. "You are so good at this, Rachel! You're so sexy and beautiful and talented. You're perfect, Rachel."

And I did my part, joining in the compliments. "You're a wonderful lover, Rachel. I'm the luckiest man on Earth to have a girlfriend as wonderful as you."

Rachel pulled off momentarily. "And Alice, too," the little sweetheart said. "You're lucky to have a girlfriend as wonderful as Alice, too."

"Oh, yes, totally!" I said. "You're wonderful, too, Alice!"

Alice grinned at me. "And another thing," she said to the girl, who was busy at the balls again, "if you need a break, it's good to have another girl with you. That's why I love giving a blow job with another girl, 'cause she can take a turn when you need a break."

Rachel sat back and looked at Alice with a big smile on her beautiful face. "Like us!"


"Do you want a turn?" the young girl asked Alice.

"Yes!" Alice answered.

And so in that glorious afternoon, there in the old maid's quarters in the Hillcroft Manor, I lay on the bed feeling like the king of the world while the two sweetest, most beautiful girls I've ever known took turns giving me a blow job, Alice constantly giving Rachel encouragement and telling her how beautiful and sexy she was, and me taking her cue and doing the same, and then Rachel giving the same encouragement to Alice. "You're so sexy, Alice," she said as she watched the other girl at work. "You're so beautiful!" Damn, that was the cutest thing, the little ten year old giving encouragement to the teenager!

The two of them worked it for ten minutes, sometimes solo, sometimes one sucking while the other jacked, sometimes one working with both hand and mouth while the other kissed my balls, or came up and kissed my lips. At one point, Alice pulled her shirt off and offered me a nipple to suck. Now, that was heavenly, equally as heavenly as when Rachel did the same during her next break, offering a tender little nipple to my hungry mouth.

This was the most fantastic blow job I could ever imagine.

Eventually Alice decided it was time to get me off, and she know how to bring that about. But she definitely wanted to make sure that it happened in Rachel's mouth. She gave the girl some advice: "When he cums, it'll seem like a lot, but just let him fill your mouth with it, it'll be okay. And you should swallow it after."


Then Rachel sucked while Alice stroked. By now, the two of them had found a nice rhythm, and Alice knew what she was doing, and it was only another minute before my balls boiled, my cock stiffened in the ten year old's mouth, and I exploded. The first shot erupted out of me with such force that it fired directly down Rachel's throat, and she gagged and sputtered, pulling away involuntarily just as the second shot fired, coating her face while she coughed.

When I'd finished, she turned to look at Alice, although "look" isn't quite the right word, because her eyes were squinting shut tight. "It went down my throat!" she said. "I couldn't--"

I was just lying back, panting. "Oh fuck," I moaned.

"That happens sometimes!" Alice said. "But you made him cum! With your mouth!"

The girl wiped her eyes off with the back of her knuckles. "I did!" she said, smiling big.

Alice reached out and wiped some cum off of Rachel's cheek, then sucked it off her fingers. "I love the taste of cum," she said.

Rachel smacked her lips thoughtfully. "It tastes... weird."

"You get used to it," Alice said. "Here--" She wiped some more cum from her cheek. "--try some more." She stuck her fingers in Rachel's mouth.

Rachel sucked the cum off of her friend's fingers, then swallowed it. "It's okay," she said.

"Well, you did great, Rachel! Look at him!" Both girls looked over at me. "He's so satisfied he can't even talk!"

I smiled up at the giggling girls. "It was fantastic. The best blow job ever!"

Rachel beamed as she lay down next to me and snuggled against my chest. I kissed the top of her head. "The two best girlfriends ever." Both of them laughed.

After a bit, i suggested that Rachel should show Alice some more guitar chords.

"Okay," she said, sitting up and picking up her guitar. Still shirtless, she starting laying down the bass notes of a twelve bar blues pattern. "Play something, Alice! Just noodle!"

Alice laughed, and picked up my guitar, and the two of them played, both topless and absolutely adorable, while I got dressed.


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