Part 1

By Daddy Dreams

(Mg, oral, 1st, apocolyptic)

It's the end of civilization and you do what you must do to survive...




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It doesn�t really matter what happened.It just happened fast.One day there were stories on the news about crazy stuff going on and then the next thing you knew governments across the world were falling like domino�s and it got scary quick. Then things started going bad in the States.Real bad real quick. And then the news stopped.All television stopped.Just stopped.Next electricity.There were soldiers and policemen for a while, trying to keep order.Soon you started seeing discarded uniforms in the street.Like whole platoons who decided to shuck their uniforms and walk away.Everybody was on their own.I got separated from my family at one of the �safety camps� and� I never saw them again.Either they are okay and getting by somewhere, or they aren�t.I keep my eye peeled for them, but I�m not hopeful.

People mostly kept to themselves and tried to avoid the gangs in the street.I heard people calling them rape gangs.They�d attack and fuck anybody they could get their hands on.From my hiding place, I had watched gangs attack and rape entire families, dads included.The girls always got the worst of it, but everybody, at any age, was fair game.I never checked on them after the gangs were done and gone, I don�t think there was much point. Maybe I should have scavenged and seen if they had anything I could use, but I think the gangs took everything before they left them naked and bleeding in the street.

I managed to set myself up in a pretty secure place.Hidden pretty well.I don�t think anybody would ever find it unless they saw me going in, and I was very careful about that.Sometimes hiding for an hour to make sure it was all clear before I went to the entrance.I must say I was pretty pleased with myself.I had made a fairly comfortable oasis amid the shit the world had turned to.Grabbed a solar shower set up from a sporting good place before they were all gone.The place already had a nice king bed in it when I found it.I think it was an artist live-in work space, but I�m not sure.I had some experience setting up a field kitchen from my catering days, so cooking was no problem.Finding food on the other hand... big problem.The population was a tiny fraction of what it was before the fall, but still, with no new deliveries, the city was down to nothing in no time flat. It was cat and rat for dinner.No fun, but I was living.

I spent my days scavenging through the rubble and burnt out stores.Had to be careful to avoid the gangs, but I did my best. You�d catch glimpses of people now and again, but people would always hide; everyone, including me, was scared.

That�s how I found Delores.I had shimmied under the secured grill of a drug store and was looking for any drugs not already taken.I heard a scuffling and assumed it was an animal until I came around the corner and saw her.Filthy from not bathing in weeks, almost unrecognizable, but I immediately knew it was Delores.She went to the same school as my kids and I had watched her bounce around on the playground before school many times.She was perfect;tall, starting to get some curves, but still flat, beautiful face and eyes.And her lips.Her lips was what always really got me, full and red. How I would have loved to kiss them.But that was a lifetime ago.I had a crush on her, but never in a million years did I think I had a chance to be with her.She was surrounded by family, safe at school and I wasn�t interested in going to jail.

So� fun to fantasize about, but I knew it would never happen.Just like I knew the world would never end. And I was wrong about that too.

Now here she was in front of me.Probably 12 now, she was a little taller, and a little curvier than when I last saw her, but still perfect.Then she ran.I made a grab for her and she dodged and duck and headed for the security gate.Then I shouted her name, �DELORES!�That stopped her.She turned and looked at me wildly, her eyes showing nothing but fear.Then I saw the recognition dawn on her face.

�Hey, Delores, remember me?From school?Are you okay?I�m sure that�s a stupid question��


She struggled to pull up my name� I knew her dad but we never socialized much.

"Holbrooke, Delores, it�s Mr. Holbrooke."

Then she melted into tears and ran to me.I hardly knew the kid, but I think she was so glad to see a friendly face that she was overwhelmed.She slowly walked a few steps towards me then ran into my arms and sobbed against my face.My perfect little girl was in my arms.

�Oh, my god, Mr. Holbrooke, I�ve been so scared!I�ve been alone for weeks.My dad went out for food and never came back.I waited and waited and he just never came back.I finally got so hungry I had to go out.Now I�ve been running and running and now you found me� You�ll take care of me, won�t you, Mr. Holbrooke?�

Delores said this all in one preteen rush of words and then ran out of steam.I was shocked at myself that the first thing I thought was� 'No way, she�ll slow me down, eat my food, put me in danger�I should leave the kid here and never look back,' was the thought going through my head when she looked shyly at the floor and whispered,

�Mr. Holbrooke... I... I�ll do anything you want if you�ll just protect me.I�m� I�m so scared all the time and hungry and dirty and�please... couldn�t you just take care of me and I�ll� I mean� I can�I will, I�ll do anything! Okay?Please!�

I lifted her chin to look in her eyes and see if she meant what I thought she meant.Taking care of her all of the sudden had a much more broad appeal.Her lip was trembling, but she met my eyes, a tear fell from the corner of one of hers, and she nodded and attempted a smile.

�Please, Mr. Holbrooke.I�ve seen what the gangs do� I don�t want to� They�d, you know... do it and then kill me!If we� if we were together, I wouldn�t have to� get killed.I mean� right?Please� You can show me� I�ll try really hard and you can�I�ll do anything you want, just please�" And then again she buried her head in my chest and cried.My fate was sealed.

We started the trek back to my hideout. I showed her land marks, hiding places, and weapon caches along the way.She might as well start learning now, maybe she could come in handy for watching my back.I knew she would come in handy for� well, for other things as well.

We finally got to my place and she let out a gasp when I opened the hidden door.I felt a glimmer of pride that I had made what, in these days, seemed quite luxurious to Delores. I showed Delores how to work the solar shower and then left her to it.I could hear her singing a little in the shower. I�m pretty sure she hadn�t had a hot shower or bath in literally months.Then I waited.

After what seemed like forever, Delores reappeared from the makeshift shower room.I saw that she had taken advantage of the big terry cloth bathrobe I kept in there for pampering myself, and came out looking 100% better than she had when she went in.This time when she smiled, it seemed genuine and she looked like a happy ten or eleven year old girl�..

�How's that, Delores?Feel better?� I asked mentally removing the bathrobe.

�Oh, my god, Mr. Holbrooke, I haven�t felt clean in forever.Thank you , thank you! �

She plopped down on the couch next to me and looked around the small living space.

�So .. how old are you now, Delores?�

�I�m eleven� but almost twelve.I lost track, but my birthday is soon.I�d have to find somebody who knew what day it was and��

�Hmmm, so� almost twelve, huh?Never had a boyfriend?�

She blushed prettily and looked down and whispered, �No, Mr. Holbrooke.Never.I�ve never even had a kiss or anything.�

Is it bad that I liked her calling me Mr. Holbrooke?I thought about telling her to call me Mark but, I don�t know, somehow it turns me on to have her call me that.

�So, Delores, let�s talk.You know me taking you on, taking care of you, is going to be hard for me?Right?�Her chin quivered and she nodded, her eyes looking misty. �What would be the benefit of me taking you on?�

She couldn't look me in the eyes.She was so timid.She was beautiful in that moment and she didn�t even know it.

Barely audibly she says, �Mr. Holbrooke, I know what you're talking about.I�m a kid, but not a dumb kid.I know you want to do � You know, sex stuff.�

�And what do you think about that, Delores?�

Finally she raised her eyes to meet mine, they were moist, but beautiful. �Mr. Holbrooke, I�ve seen what the gangs do.I saw them make a dad watch as they� raped� and killed his two daughters.They were younger than me.They screamed and cried until� they stopped. And then they walked up to the dad and slit his throat.I�ve seen that a bunch of times.I don�t want to get killed.And I don�t want to get hurt.I thought maybe if� you know� if I did it with you and� tried hard to be good, maybe you would kind of� you know � be nice about it and not hurt me.I know my older cousins always talked about sex like it was the greatest thing ever and felt totally great, so � it�s up to you I guess. I mean I know I don�t have boobs or anythingbut� If you would protect me, I would totally try to be good. But, you know� I mean � I don�t know� know anything really.�

Instead of answering her I leaned forward and pressed my lips to hers.She sat stock still and her lips were firm, her eyes wide open.

I chuckled, �Relax, Delores, try to enjoy.Let�s try and see and maybe you will really like it.Close your eyes, relax, and kiss me.�

This time when I leaned forward her eyes gently closed and her lips softened.She tried to mirror my lips as they moved gently on hers. I felt her body relax and settle back into the futon we were sitting on. I�ll say one thing for the kid, she was certainly willing to give it the old college try as they say.As she said, she was a kid, but not a dumb kid.Since the world had turned to shit making love to me must have seemed by far the lesser of two evils.She was awkward, unsure. She had clearly been telling the truth that she had never even kissed a boy, that just made it that much more sweet, no exciting, for me.I moved my hand to the back of her neck and caressed her before I flicked my tongue over her lips, she sighed quietly and parted her lips for me. I�m sure she had heard about �Frenching� and at least knew what to expect.Her tongue lay in her mouth until she thought to try, again, to mirror my actions and soon she was getting the hang of it and kissing me sweetly.

�What did you think of your first kiss, Delores?�

Slowly she opened her eyes.

�It was� it was pretty okay, Mr. Holbrooke�"

She was a little breathless

�I mean, uh, I mean, it was better than okay.I didn�t know it� I liked it� Did I do okay?I didn�t know what to do, I just tried��

This time it was Delores who leaned forward, eyes closed, and turned her mouth up to me. I met her kiss and she indeed was eager to please, a tiny bit less awkward.As we kissed I moved my hand to the tie on her big fluffy robe and started to work it loose.

I felt her flinch when I touched her bathrobe, but she didn�t resist.She was a smart kid indeed.She knew that her time with me, most likely, would be infinitely preferable to the time she would have spent with the rape gangs out on the street.She was scared, unsure.Hesitant.But she was willing to do what she needed to do to save her own life.

We kissed and she relaxed as I worked her robe open.She learned to respond to my lips on hers and gave as good as she got after a moment.I think she was actually enjoying her first kiss.I�m sure, months ago, she had whispered and giggled with her girlfriends about it.I�ve no doubt she never in a million years would have thought it would be like this, but� she was kissing me passionately.Passionately and eagerly as I slid my hand onto the bare flesh of her stomach.

She gasped quietly as my fingers touched her skin for the first time, but didn�t protest as I gently opened her robe.I pulled back for a moment to see her blush as I looked down at her 11 year old body.Just the promise of breasts, capped with small pale pink nipples crinkled cutely, her stomach flat, her very pronounced mound hairless but for the faintest wisp just about her slit.She laid there looking up at me and allowed me to take her in, her lip trembling as she fought to not be embarrassed.

�You�ve no need to be shy, Delores, you are absolutely beautiful.Perfect.�

I leaned down and took a small nipple between my lips, my tongue lightly tracing around it before I gently pulled it between my lips and bit at it. Again she gasped at the sensation and then moaned quietly.

Delores trembled gently as I began to explore her body. As I sucked first one nipple and then the other I crept my hand over her flat stomach until I cupped her hairless mound.She mewled above me as my fingers began to fondle her sex.I moved back up to kiss her eager lips asI spread her smooth lips and sought out her small clit.She jerked when I made contact and cried out as we kissed.I rubbed her clit, gently at first and then more aggressively as her slim hips began to move.She sighed and moaned in my mouth as we kissed.She was now quite good, and willingly spread her skinny legs for me.I pushed a finger into her now wet little 11 year old snatch and began to finger fuck her as she gasped.

�How�s that feel, Delores?You like that?It feels good doesn�t it?You like my hands and lips on you?�

�Uh�oh, Mr. Holbrooke� uh, yesss� I never� It feels so nice��

I almost didn�t know what I wanted more, to make Delores suck my rock hard cock or to go down on her hairless 11 year old pussy and give her the first oral of her young life.Ultimately I decided that getting her as hot as possible would make her even more eager to please me.

I kissed her neck and whispered in her ear.

�You�re doing great, Delores. It can feel nice, can�t it?You like me sucking your nips?Does it feel good?Can you feel me touching your little clit?�

She could only nod and try to catch her breath as I began to kiss my way down her body.I lingered on her nipples and kissed and tongued them until they were stiff little nubbins, my fingers playing with her small clit.I gently pushed a finger into her and felt her catch her breath and hold it as she adjusted to that new feeling.I felt her hips twitch involuntarily as I moved my finger in and out of her in small strokes.She was very wet by this point so it was not hard to do.

Finally, her breath coming quickly, I began to kiss down her stomach.I could feel her body tremble as I worked the robe off her shoulders.I wanted my prize naked, totally naked, and she was willingly allowing me to use her body for my pleasure.True to her promise she was trying hard to be good for me.There were no protests as my hands moved over her nude body.

I knelt on the floor between her legs and pushed her knees back and apart, spreading her obscenely for my mouth.Her clit was swollen and prominent, she was a very excited 11 year old girl.I leaned forward and she sighed deeply as my lips touched her smooth flesh down there for the first time.She actually placed her own hands behind her knees to help keep her legs spread.Her breath was coming quickly as I closed my lips around her wet sex and began to tongue her.Sucking her clit between my teeth and sucking it before biting it, hard.She yelped and jerked, but did not resist.Soon I was fucking my stiffened tongue into her sweet little snatch as she moaned and rotated her hips, trying to feed me the most sensitive parts of her smooth pussy.

As I fucked my tongue into Delores I pressed a finger into her impossibly tight little pussy.She moaned quietly and held still for a moment as she adjusted to the feeling of something inside her body for the first time.I loved that everything I did to her was the first time for her.Her first time being seen naked in a sexual situation.Her first time kissing a man in passion.Her first time being pleased and brought to orgasm.

Again, true to her word, she worked hard to be an eager little fuck toy for me.I think she truly enjoyed the sensations she was having and since it was her best chance for survival, she embraced it and tried to give as good as she got.When I dipped my mouth down to lick at her sweet, freshly washed little asshole she gasped and tensed for a moment, but never said no nor asked me to stop. She was mine, mine to do with as I pleased.

For my part I worked hard to get her off as well.I wanted her first time to be as fun as she would let it be.I slowly introduced a second finger into her smooth little 11 year old pussy and tried to open her for me.She worked her hips naturally and her breathing became erratic as she neared her first cum. I could see her straining and staring at the ceiling almost looking confused until her body finally arched and tensed as she rode through her first cum at my hands.

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod uhuhuhuhuhuh yyeesssssssss��.�

Delores finally collapsed back onto the couch and panted, staring at me.When her eyes refocused, she looked at me and I saw a smile creep across her pretty mouth.

When her breathing slowed a bit Delores licked her lips to wet them and whispered�breathless� �Uh Mr. Holbrooke... What� does that always happen?I felt like I was going to� I dunno� pee or burst or� I dunno� something� and then� I was like, I mean... it was the best feeling ever� Is that why my friends said, you know� Sex is so cool?�

�You came, Delores� Had an orgasm� You�ve heard of that?�

She nodded

�It does happen all the time if you are doing it for fun!Did you have fun? Enjoy yourself?Better than being out there, huh?�

She nodded vigorously saying, �Yeah, uh huh, of course Mr. Holbrooke!I mean� I dunno� Thanks!�Thanks for taking care of me... and making me, uh, cum..."

Biting her lip and blushing, she looked down and whispered,

�Do you� wanna kiss some more or... something?�

�Of course I�ll take a kiss, Delores��

She eagerly met my lips and kissed me sweetly, her tongue playing with mine as we lazily cuddled on the couch and made out for a few minutes, my hands roaming her young body, squeezing and touching. Delores almost purred.I think it was the first time in months for both of us that we weren�t solely focused on the shit happening just outside the door.

I kissed her ear and whispered to her, �Delores, honey, I need you to make me feel good now� Our deal, right?I want you to make me cum� Do you want to make me cum?�

She looked nervous and in that moment looked every inch an innocent 11 year old girl doing sex �stuff� that she was very shy about it, but she nodded without hesitation and stuttered out, �Wha�what should I do, Mr. Holbrooke?I mean, I heard about� stuff, but� what should I do?�

So eager to please and win my protection she was close to tears, desperate to please me.

�It�s okay, Delores�We�ll take it slow� Have you heard about giving head?A blowjob?� Her eyes widened and she nodded again, my sweet 11 year old lover.

I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply again, whispering reassurances to her, telling her she was a sexy little girl and that I knew she�d be great. My hands petting and squeezing as I kissed her, calming her and making her, I hoped, eager to find out what it was all about.Then I pointedly stood in front of her as she sat on the futon we had been making out on.

�It would make me very excited, Delores, if you got on your knees to do this the first time. I want you to get on your knees and make me feel good.Okay, honey?�

She nodded and slid of the cushion, kneeling naked in front of me, my perfect little 11year old fuck toy. Unbidden she raised her hands to my waist and started to work my belt. Delores was under no delusions as to what was being asked of her.She knew to survive, this was the way and she had better be good at it, or at least try hard to please me.I never imagined, before the fall, that I would ever find myself in a situation like this.A naked 11 year old girl kneeling at my feet and eager to give me her very first blow job with, really, no fear of repercussions.It was amazing.

�Please, Mr. Holbrooke, just tell me if I�m doing it okay. Please?I know I have to do good, so you�ll� you'll want me�to stay around. But, I don�t know what to do� I, I�ll try� I promise.� She trailed off as she pushed my shorts down around my ankles and my fully erect adult cock was uncovered.

"You'll do just fine, sweetie," I reassured her knowing full well that her first blowjob was going to be somewhat clumsy, but she'd learn. Yes, with lots of practice she would learn and learn well... if not...

She kneeled there for a moment taking it in, clearly it was the first cock she had seen in real life up close.She bit her lip and reached out, wrapping her tiny hand around the base of my cock, I almost came right then.She knew enough from whispered conversations that she was supposed to move her hand and so she awkwardly began to masturbate me.Her small fist tight around my shaft as she jacked me off.She took a deep breath then and leaned forward, opening her mouth and taking the head of my dick into her small, beautiful mouth.Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked the sensitive head, she closed her eyes and concentrated on her task.

MMmm that�s so good, honey," I praised. "Use your tongue too� And keep moving your hand, honey�ffuuuuuucckkk��

She obeyed each instruction and genuinely seemed to warm to her task.I didn�t even have to prompt her to move her lips up and down my shaft, taking more of me into her mouth.She naturally worked her mouth and head in counter to her hand jacking me into her sweet little mouth.She worked my cock over, getting it wet with her saliva.Lifting her mouth off my cock she looked up to me and quietly asked if she was doing okay; if I was going to keep her.Cruel though it was, I couldn�t help telling her that I was still deciding and that she should get to work.

Incredibly she took the head of my cock into her mouth, her eyes locked on mine, and slowly slid her mouth down my dick until it was buried to the hilt in her young throat, her cute little nose crushed into my wiry pubic hair.She appeared to have no gag reflex, or at least very little.I groaned audibly and she pulled off me again.

�Is that good, Mr. Holbrooke?Does that feel good?�

The little twinkle in her eye told me that she knew full well it felt good. Delores closed her pretty eyes and began to work my cock in and out of her 11 year old throat.I know she was anxious to win my approval and get me to �keep� her, but I also think she was genuinely getting off on it.The way she hummed and purred as she took my dick deep in her throat told me that she was enjoying herself.

I closed my eyes myself and groaned approval and put my hand to the back of her head though she did not need any prompting to suck my cock.When I opened my eyes I saw that hers were open as well and she was looking up to my face, watching my reaction. Her small hand rose from her side and she gently cupped my balls, massaging them tenderly and working her hand up and down the base of my cock.I took her head in my hands and began to fuck her pretty little mouth for no other reason than to let her know she was my toy to do with as I wanted.To her credit I felt her begin to work her tongue around the head of my cock whenever I was in her mouth.She endured my rape of her mouth willingly and worked hard to get me off.I�m not sure she truly knew what was coming, but I spewed filth to her as I felt the cum begin to boil in my balls.I realized I hadn�t got off in quite some time and knew she would get a mouthful soon.

Mmmm you like that, Delores?I never thought I�d get a chance to use your pretty little mouth, but you�re a great little cocksucker, aren�t you?Fucking jack that dick in your mouth, you little cock sucker�Aaahhh, yeah� You like the taste of my fat cock?Do you little fuck toy?"

All the while pumping deeply in and out of her mouth, she deep throated me like a champ, squeezing my cock with her tiny 11 year old hand and jacking me off into her mouth.I knew then that we�d have a long relationship.Delores was working hard to make me want to �keep� her and I knew she would only get better with experience and I think she was truly getting off on her new found sexuality.She whined and moaned as my cock slid between her soft pink lips and she worked her hand on my cock to make it as good as she could.She was more than willing to endure my relatively gentle rape of her preteen mouth to avoid the alternative.

I knew I was over the edge, so I punched forward and buried myself in her throat, my hand with a fistful of her hair holding her down on my dick.I could see puzzled concern on her face as she felt the head of my cock swell in her gullet just before I started to cum deep in her mouth.She whined and swallowed as quickly as she could, but my pent up load was too much for her.She finally retched and I let her come up for a mouthful of air before forcing my spurting cock back into her mouth, watching her face as she felt my load hitting her tongue and tasting me for the first time.

Delores jacked my cock into her mouth until I was done cumming and then looked up at me as she swallowed my thick load. She absentmindedly continued to stroke my cock while she sat on her heels, naked, and waited for my decision.I could see in her eyes she was afraid she hadn�t �done it right�or worked hard enough to get me off.I wasn�t about to let her off the hook until I was finished with her.My cock was still rock hard, so I gave her my hand and helped her to her feet.

She came in for a kiss, but instead I turned her around and forced her onto her knees on the futon.I manhandled her sweet 11 year old body until she was in the position I wanted her.Head down, ass up, knees splayed obscenely.I just stood and looked for a moment while she laid there with her head cradled in her arms.Panting slightly and almost quivering with anticipation, and I would assume, fear of what was to come next.

I stepped up to the futon between her legs and slapped her cute little ass lightly.

�Ready?�I asked.

Uhhuh�you�re� you�re going to fuck me now, Mr. Holbrooke?�

�Is that what you want, Delores?You want to feel my cock in you?�

�I� I just want to make you happy, Mr. Holbrooke.Like I said, I�ll... I�ll do anything�Whenever you want, if you help me stay alive. Please?�

�Please what, Delores?�

�Please�please, Mr. Holbrooke�I�I want��

�What do you want?�

�Fuck me, Mr. Holbrooke.Okay?I mean� I do kinda want to see what it�s like�Fuck me, okay?Fuck me, like your little... fuck toy.�

I smiled as Delores parroted back some of the filth I had whispered to her as I raped her tender young mouth.

�What do you want, Delores?�

I want� I want your cock.Fuck my little�pussy�Mr. Holbrooke. Just don�t, you know� don�t hurt me too bad.Okay?�

Oh, my God, Delores was everything I could have ever dreamed of, such a willing little girl.I guess she had no other choice though, no?

I just stood there for a second, taking it in.This gorgeous 11 year old girl had just willingly, hell eagerly, swallowed my cum after I fucked her throat and now was ready for me to take her cherry.And there would be no repercussions because�end of world.I just grinned and fisted my cock.

It looked huge as I ran the head up and down her bald little slit.She was already well lubricated.I was glad she was enjoying herself enough to get excited.She jerked a little when she first felt my cockhead touch her, but soon settled and tried to sway her hips back and forth, trying to be �sexy� I suppose, as an 11 year old understands it.

Delores looked tiny as she knelt before me and prepared to lose her virginity.For a second I felt bad, but only for a second, it was a hard world out there now.At least the goal of my rape was not to hurt or kill her, I wanted her to get off too, if possible.My left hand on her hip and my right fisting my cock, I felt her tense again for a moment when I began to press into her, but she quickly remembered she needed to please me and began to push back.She rocked her tiny ass back and forth, taking a fraction more of my large adult cock into her with each push. She began mewling and whining deep in her throat and that just inflamed me more.I stared down at her bald little pussy as it stretched obscenely to take in my horny dick.Little girls stretch.

Finally with a small yelp the head of my cock popped inside her and then it was over.I pulled back a bit to see a small amount of blood on my shaft before I put both hands on her hips and pulled her to me.She cried out then as my shaft sank into her.I let her adjust for a moment as my pubic hair was pushed up against her flawless ass. She panted heavily and said, "Ow," a few times, but she was a good girl with a reason to fuck.Unbidden she pulled herself a few inches off my cock before slowly sliding me back in her.Soon we had settled into a rhythm and her �Ows� were replaced by �Ohs�.My little fuck toy was enjoying getting fucked!I suppose it was nice to not be scared for a moment and be caught up in new and exciting sensations.She slid her knees a little bit further apart so I could enter her more deeply and expose her sensitive little clit to my cock.

I smiled to myself when I felt her hand reach under herself unbidden to toy with my sensitive balls.She would play with me for a moment and then frig her little clit for a moment, enjoying that sensation.Delores was murmuring to herself steadily, "Ah, ah ah, oh oh, oh, my God, so, so good�"

I steadily, and as slowly as I could make myself, fucked my little 11year old lover.Long slow strokes that let her feel my full length sliding in and out of her impossibly tight little bald pussy. My hands on her skinny hips let me use her like a little fuck toy to masturbate into.She worked to keep in sync with my movements, but she was so overwhelmed by the new feelings that she would forget and let me move her body as I liked as I fucked her wet little cunt.Delores was past pretending to be a good little girl as she enjoyed my rutting into her.She would swivel her hips and tilt her little ass up and down trying to get me to touch her in the right way.I didn�t really care at this point, I just want to cum in her little bald pussy.

Kneeling behind this gorgeous 11 year old and fucking myself into her was incredible.The fact that I had just popped her cherry and she was giving as good as she got was amazing.She was working her skinny little ass like a stripper trying to make an extra $20.She�d whine when I pulled my cock out and try to push back into me, wanting to be filled again.

I knew I was close and started fucking myself as deeply into her as I could, working myself closer and closer to dumping another load in this beautiful little fuck toy. As my seed spewed into her pristine pussy, I made my decision. Just so long as I could feed us both and we both survived, I would be keeping her.

THE END of Part 1



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