PZA Boy Stories

Story codes
Categories are listed below.

The following codes are used to describe stories in the PZA Boys Stories archive.
For stories in multiple parts or chapters, the codes are given for the whole story.
Codes in bold capitals are abundant, codes in bold are frequent, codes in italics only occasionally.

Gender and Age of participants (usually combined, eg: Mb Mt bb b-solo, etc.)
M / FAdult male / female
t / fTeen Male / female, 13 - 17 years of age
b / gPreteen boy / girl, 5 - 12 years of age
btod / gtodboy / girl, 3 - 4 years of age
E / eEunuch or castrated teen / boy

Level of consent
consFully consensual sex
relucReluctant: sex that starts out as unwilling, but becomes willing during story
coerCoercion: one of the participants is being non-violently forced into sex
nc, non-consNon-consensual, forced sex
mcMind-control, subject has no free will at all
slaveSlave (has no choice, anything from nc to cons) (code introduced Dec 2009)

Action codes
Dominance of boy(s) or teen(s) by Man/Woman/teen boy/other boy
(until Dec 2009 also used for slave situations)
nosexno intercourse in the story
analAnal sex
bestBestiality, sex with animals
oralOral-genital contact
piv"Straight" sex [Penis in vagina]
rimOral-anal contact

Fetish codes
Age-regressAge-regression; someone is being treated much younger than their physical age, e.g. teen babies
bd, bondBondage and discipline
bdsmBondage, domination, sado-masochism
bullySomeone is being bullied in the story
castrCastration, the removal of testicles
cbtCock and balls torture
chastChastity, someone isn't allowed to manipulate their genitals to orgasm, either by a device or verbal threats
diaperSomeone in the story wears diapers, whether it's necessary or not
electrSexually stimulation or torture by electricity
enemEnemas, someone is having their rectum cleansed by fluids
femin, sissyFeminisation of males, e.g. sissy boys
firstSomeone in the sex act is doing it for the first time
hist.factStory includes lots of non-erotic historical facts
humilHumiliation, e.g. forced nudity
hypSomeone in the story is being hypnotized by another
incIncest; sex between family members
med(Pseudo-)medical treatment
milkSomeone is being 'milked', masturbated until climax, repeatedly in the story.
modVarious (body) modifications
nepi, toddStory has very young boys or girls (toddler age) in it
nullNullification, complete removal of genitals
piercPiercings, someone is being pierced in the story
prostMale prostitution, e.g. boy brothels
scatScatology, feces (sex with "shit")
shaveShaving of pubic and/or body hair
spankDiscipline by spanking and/or whipping
tieupBoys' version of bondage games
tortTorture, sadism
toysVibrators or other sex toys are involved
violStory contains descriptions of extreme violence
wsWater sports, pissing, sex with urine

Story categories

FuturisticStory is taking place in the future.
ContemporaryStory is taking place in the present time.
Recent PastStory is taking place in the recent past.
HistoricalStory is taking place in the past.
Science-fictionStory has a science-fiction setting, often futuristic. Sometimes aliens appear in these stories.
FantasyStory has a fantasy setting, Tolkien/Rawlings/Martin inspired stories. Monsters, dwarves, elves and other fantasy creatures may appear in these stories, though not necessarily.
RomanticStory is a love story.
BSDMStory has a focus on BDSM: Bondage, Discipline, Sado-masochism.
Mind ControlStory has a primary focus on mind control.
Extreme!The story contains acts of extreme sadism, violence, murder, death, gore and other things not for those who are faint of heart.
DominanceStory has a focus on domination.
Tie-up GamesStory has a focus on lighter, 'kids' version of BDSM.
MilkingSomeone, usually a boy, is being 'milked' in the story, forced to climax repeatedly or prolonged edging.
SlaveryStory has a setting where slavery is part of society.
ProstitutionStory is about prostitution: Boy brothels, boys selling their bodies, or being pimped by others, freely or forcibly.
Eunuch/CastrationStory is set in a society where eunuchs and castration is normal, or one of the main characters is an eunuch or is being castrated.
CampStory has a (summer) camp setting.
SchoolStory has a (boarding/regular) school setting.
Reform School/
Youth Prison
Story has a setting in a correctional/prison facility for youths.
Female dominationStory has a focus on female domination of boys.
Feminisation/SissyStory is about a boy dressing up or acting like a girl, either freely or by force.
Boy/BoyStory is about a relationship with two pre-teen boys.
Teen/BoyStory is about a relationship with a teenaged boy and a pre-teen boy.
Man/BoyStory is about a relationship with a man and a pre-teen boy.
Teen/TeenStory is about a relationship with two teenaged boys.
Man/TeenStory is about a relationship with a man and a teenaged boy.
IncestStory has a focus on incest, sex between closely related family members.
OtherOnly used when a story doesn't fit into any of the previous listed categories.