Winning A Genie Harem

Chapter Twelve: Exposing the Naughty Genies

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2019

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Main Characters

Corey Derrickson: High school senior, friend of Kyle Unmei, given the chance to marry one of four genie, each from a different tribe, if he can find them at St. Maria Theodora Catholic School! Aleah Buckley: Corey's first sex slave. High school senior. He claimed her after Kyle suggested she'd be a good candidate for starting Corey's harem. Tania Buckley: Aleah's younger sister. Corey's second sex slave. High school sophomore. Seduced into the harem by Aleah.


Asra Duff: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Philosophy and PE. A goth lesbian who doesn't like Corey being at her school and is trying to get him expelled.
Bettie Black: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's English and History classes. A spoiled princess dripping for a man to take her in hand. Now his sex slave.
Briana Hamilton: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's English and PE classes.
Brenda Nevada: A senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math and Chemistry classes.
Debbie Goffe: Sophomore at St. Maria Theodora.
Franny Keighley: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.
Jennifer Nielson: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.
Hallie Hunt: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's English and Chemistry classes.
Havva Najjar: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math class. After eating her pussy and seeing her submissive nature, Corey suspects she is the Jann. She is also his sex slave.
In'am Alfarsi: Junior at St. Maria Theodora. A slutty Arab girl who waited naked in Corey's locker room eager to enjoy the only boy at school. Corey suspects she is the Si'lat. After obeying his command, now his sex slave.
Lisa Comstock: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math class.
Megan Scrivenor: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.
Nadia Rivers: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's PE class. Challenges Corey to a hot race. When he caught her, he claimed her. Now his girlfriend.
Natiqua Osbourne: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math class.
Regina Florence: Girl who moved in next door to Corey, sophomore at St. Maria Theodora. In Tania's math class. Is seduced by Tania and becomes Corey's girlfriend.
Pita Reyes: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Philosophy and Chemistry class.
Ritsuko Takayama: A Sophmore at St. Maria Theodora.
Rita Pickle: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.
Sheila Thorne: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's History and PE class.
Tammy Fredrick: A Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math and PE Class
Ursula Bannister: A Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Chemistry class.
Vanessa Shearer: A Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math and Chemistry classes. Wants a private study session with Corey.
Zahia Qadir: A Junior at St. Maria Theodora. A submissive, Arab Christian that is eager to learn naughty things from Corey. Suspected to be the Marid.

Mrs. Abigail Reynolds: A teacher at St. Maria Theodora.
Ms. Allie Reid: Corey's English teacher and the librarian at St. Maria Theodora. A naughty teacher doing wicked things with Corey. Now his girlfriend.
Coach Denise Bennett: Corey's PE teacher at St. Maria Theodora.
Mrs. Donna Blackwood: A philosophy teacher at St. Maria Theodora.
Sister Anna Petra: A nun and Corey's Chemistry teacher at St. Maria Theodora.
Sister Doris Suzette: A nun and teacher at St. Maria Theodora.
Sister Ester Sarah: A nun and Corey's Math teacher at St. Maria Theodora.
Sister Francis Jean: A nun and Corey's History teacher at St. Maria Theodora. Suspects Corey of having sex at school. Not happy about it.
Sister Nova Victoria: A nun and new headmistress at St. Maria Theodora. Corey suspects she's the Ifrit after she initiates a sexual relationship with him. Arranges for Corey to live in the dorms in a special room. Basically his sex slave.
Ms. Valerie Terrence: A teacher at St. Maria Theodora.

Corey Derrickson – Wednesday, September 9th

Asra stayed on my mind through the rest of lunch. Even while I was hearing about my harem's fun in the bathroom, she lurked there. A thorn in my side, not wanting me to have fun at the all-girls' high school. The lesbian didn't like my presence here. She had issues with me and was trying to get me expelled.

So far, all her tactics had failed.

She kept reporting me to either the headmistress, who was now all but my sex slave and definitely the Ifrit, or to another nun who I had just dominated. Sister Francis Jean had caught me having a threesome in the boys' restroom. However, she hadn't busted me right away and instead had listened to the fun.

I realized she wanted me. So I called her bluff and popped Vanessa's cherry in front of her before having the nun suck my cock clean. She'd obeyed.

I had no idea what Asra's next plan would be. This was a Catholic school. An all-girls' school. I was only here thanks to a wish my friend made. Would she go to the archdiocese office and get outside interference?

I had to do something about her.

"You're awfully quiet, Master,” Aleah said as she walked beside me to our philosophy class taught by Mrs. Blackwood. "You hardly said a word when I told you about the fun I had with my sister and In'am.”

My eyes glanced ahead to Asra Duff. The goth girl stalked down the hallway in her combat boots and fishnet stockings, clashing with her white schoolgirl blouse and red-and-green tartan skirt. Like everyone else, she wore the school's uniform. Even me, gray slacks, white dress shirt, and a tartan tie.

"She's becoming more and more of a problem,” I said.

"Mmm, Vanessa and Zahia did talk about their lesson with Sister Francis Jean.” Aleah took my arm and pressed against me. "That's so hot that you dominated her, Master. Is she going to be wearing your collar beneath her habit.”

I smiled. "I think so.”

Asra vanished into Mrs. Blackwood's class. I really, really had to do something about her. She was a lesbian who needed to get laid. Now that was something I could fix. I would make sure that she got laid. That she had a wild romp with some hotties and doesn't have the time to scheme to get me expelled.

My mind flitted through the possible girls. Two came to mind. Two that I had my next class with. I smiled as Mrs. Blackwood lectured on the grandfather of philosophy, the OG Aristotle himself. It had already flitted through my mind, but the details were falling into place.

Aleah also had chemistry with me, so she was more than happy to cling to my arm. I had my eyes peeled for the two girls I was thinking about. The two girls that I felt were just perfect to seduce a goth lesbian and get her off my back.

They were sexy and would make an intoxicating pair. Could I get them to leap into the fun with her?

Thanks to Aaliyah's magic, my friend's genie-wife who granted his wish that made this all possible, most girls attending the private high school were attracted to me on some level. I had to use that to my advantage.

When we walked into the chemistry lab, Vanessa looked up with a hopeful smile on her face. Our private tutoring had been great. She would make another great girlfriend like Jennifer, Regina, and Nadia. I sent Aleah to her while I approached Ursula and Pita.

Ursula's face lit up when I approached their table. She wore her hair in a delightful way. She had a small braid that ran from both her temples and at the back of her head, falling down over the rest of her hair that hung loose down her back. Pita was a delicious Hispanic girl with a plump rump that she'd shown off to me earlier.

"Corey,” Pita breathed, lighting up as I leaned across their chemistry table. They marched in two rows down the classroom, all facing the front where Sister Anna Petra taught.

"Oh, hi,” Ursula said, her cheeks going scarlet.

"Want to do something wicked and wild?” I asked them. I reached out and took both their hands, stroking across their skin.

"Like?” Ursula said, her breasts rising and falling in her schoolgirl blouse.

My smile grew. My thumbs caressed across the back of their hands. Both girls trembled. "You two are friends, right.”

Both girls nodded. Pita leaned in. "We like doing things, Corey. We wouldn't be jealous if you wanted us both.”

"Bold,” I said. "Ever do anything with each other?”

They both shook their heads, though Ursula bit her lower lip. "We could. I mean, for you, Corey. Guys like that.”

"Oh, and some girls,” I said. "Care to demonstrate it for me?” I arched my eyebrow. "After school? Behind the gym?”

Ursula fanned her face. "I mean... Yes, I would. I'm so... You know, down there.”

"I'm wet, chico,” Pita said. "All the time because of you. I need a release. I'll do it. You'll be there to watch.”

"Of course I will,” I said.

I broke away from them as Sister Anna started class. I joined Aleah and Vanessa at our chemistry table. I slipped between my sex slave and girlfriend. I liked my growing harem. Once I had Asra off my back, it would be smooth sailing. I'd figured out the identity of the four genies. I would confront them after school, and then we'd figure out how they could persuade me to choose one of them.

It would be exciting.

The class went by fast. It was a fun lesson. We got to mess around with the chemicals. Well, mess around wasn't the right term, but we made hydrogen and then did some control burning with it under Sister Anna's watchful eyes.

I slipped out the classroom with Ursula and Pita clinging to my arms, the other girls watching in envy save Aleah and Vanessa. I wasn't surprised at all to find Asra lurking in the hallway already. That goth girl was way too interested in me. Her obsession needed to be changed.

"After school and behind the gym,” I told Ursula and Pita. "I want you there. Naked.”

"We'll be there,” Pita said. She said something in Spanish, her golden-brown cheeks darkening.

"Yes, we won't let you down,” said Ursula.

The two broke away from me and whispered to each other as they headed to their last class. Asra was already marching towards the gym. She was in my PE class. I stalked after her, watching her bristling step, boots thudding. The fury animating her limbs was palpable. She hated me. I'd change her mind.

How could she despise me after what I was setting up for her?

I changed in my private locker room. Being the only guy on campus came with plenty of advantages, though it would be fun to hang out with the girls. Once I had this Asra thing sorted out, maybe...

An orgy in the locker room sounded wild. Asra and I could play with the girls. Share them. There was plenty to go around. I mean, I couldn't make the entire school into my harem. I didn't have that sort of time on my hands.

Suited up in my red athletic shorts and a white t-shirt, with the school's logo as a monogram, I headed into the gym. Nadia waited for me, my girlfriend looking steamy and sensual. PE clothes fit her athletic body, her round breast stretching out her tank top, her long, lean legs flexing as she flowed towards me. She made my blood boil with that naughty grin on her face.

"I arranged for a little lezzie show to take place after classes,” I told her, arching my eyebrows at her.

"Sounds fun,” she said. "I'm in. I'd love to watch some girls getting naughty with each other. Mmm, I'll make sure to do something naughty for you.” My girlfriend squeezed my cock through my jogging shorts, stroking up and down me. Her eyes brimmed with liquid heat.

"I knew you would,” I said, Asra bristling out of the corner of my eye.

Coach Bennett, a petite and perky woman, had us playing volleyball today. It was an exhilarating game. Breasts were bouncing everywhere. We were split up into four teams, Nadia, Briana, Tammy, and Sheila on mine. They were energetic girls, especially my Nadia. She always seemed to be in the right place making explosive plays, a geyser erupting all over the other team.

Asra had skill, too. She dominated the court, her team almost useless because she darted around the other side of the net when we faced against her. She pounced on the ball with the fierceness of a lioness. Her black hair flowed and pale thighs flexed.

Shame she was a lesbian and hated my guts. She had passion. A vicious, angry, and wild passion. Fucking her must be like bedding a cougar. She'd leave me bleeding and satiated all at the same time. I could see it in her eyes. Her black-painted fingernails wanted to find my flesh.

It would be worth getting scratched up to fuck her.

After PE, In'am waited in my locker room again.

"Sahib,” she said, waiting naked in the shower. She already had her boobs coated in a lather of soap. "I'm ready to wash you clean.”

I groaned. "We have to be fast,” I told her, advancing on her. "I have plans.”

The Si'lat smiled. "Oh, Sahib, you can take as much or as little time with me as you want. You know that I'm just here to love you. To please you.”

"Goddamn, I do know that,” I said and ripped off my t-shirt. I threw it down.

Her eyes flicked up and down my muscular chest. At seventeen, I had a man's strength. She bit her lip and squeezed her sudsy tits. I shoved down my shorts and boxers, my cock springing out hard and ready for her.

Socks off, I marched to her, my dick bobbing before me. My nuts swayed, aching to feel her pussy around my cock. I would enjoy every moment with her. I would have so much fun. I would fuck her hard. I would pound her and then move onto my lesbian delight.

I couldn't wait to get Asra off my back.

Until then, I'd enjoy In'am.

I stepped up to the shower and hit the button. The water sprayed on, coming out warm. It splashed over my body, spilling down me. In'am shuddered. She was all dusky beauty, her skin that lovely shade of light brown. Her nipples a richer shade, half-concealed by the soap covering them. She had big tits and a flirty smile, her black hair pinned up in a loose bun.

"Mmm, Sahib, let me wash you clean,” she purred, moving behind me.

I enjoyed her breasts washing my back as I showered. She pressed her big boobies into my flesh and worked them up and down my skin. I leaned against the wall, the water spraying hot on my chest. Her nipples poked into my skin, surrounded by the pillowy softness of her breasts.

Her shaved pussy found my ass. She ground against me, humping, working her hot flesh against me. I groaned, reveling in the feel of her. I loved every second of being washed by my Si'lat, of feeling her body doing such wicked things to me.

I would cum so hard.

"Mmm, getting you all nice and clean,” she moaned, working her boobs lower.

The submissive girl brought her breasts to my ass. She rubbed them up and down my rump, nipples sliding across my crack. The soap and water made her skin slippery. I shuddered, loving how delightful it was.

My Si'lat made one submissive sex slave.

"I need my cock washed,” I groaned. "Watching all those tits bouncing while we played volleyball...”

"Were they topless, Sahib?” she asked.

"No,” I groaned. "I haven't seduced Coach Bennett.”

"Yet,” she said, working those tits across my ass. "So, how do you want me to wash your cock? My tits... or my pussy.”

"Pussy!” I groaned, my dick throbbing, bathed by the water running down my body. A stream poured off the tip, stimulating it.

"The best way, Sahib,” moaned my Si'lat. She rose and then moved before me. She ducked beneath my arms. And pressed back into the wall beside the shower controls. Her large tits, still with some suds, quivered.

My eyes fell one her shaved pussy.

She grabbed my cock and pulled me to her, so greedy for it. Her passion swirled through her eyes. She grinned at me as she rubbed my tip into her pussy. She slid my dick's crown up and down her silky flesh, teasing me.

Then she pressed me right against her hole. Her eyes brimmed with her need. She wanted me in her bad. I wanted to be in her. I thrust forward, sliding into her while the thoughts of topless volleyball rippled through my mind.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!” gasped In'am. She trembled, her breasts pressing into my chest. This wild heat surged through me as I sank deeper into her cunt.

Her hot flesh held me tight. That wonderful and delicious pussy massaged me. Cleaned my cock. I stared into my sex slave's eyes. Her breasts pressed into my chest, soft flesh and hard nubs. I grabbed her wet thighs, my hand sliding up them.

She squeezed her cunt around me. Then she quickly wrapped her legs around my waist. I gripped her ass, holding her upright and pressing her against the wall. Her arms slid around my neck, holding me so tight to her.

She undulated her hips.

She washed her pussy around my cock. I groaned at the pleasure of it. I kissed her hard on the mouth and drew back my dick. Her hot cunt gripped it. She buffed my pole with that hot cunt. Her tongue dueled with mine.

I thrust back into her. I fucked into my Si'lat hard. Fast. Maybe I should keep her? But Sister Nova Victoria was such a thrill. And Zahia needed to learn about more sex. How could I get rid of innocent and submissive Havva?

I drove hard into In'am. I wanted them all. I squeezed and kneaded her ass. I gripped her hard as I plowed into her. I buried to the hilt in hot cunt again and again and again. I rammed deep into that delicious flesh. It was incredible to enjoy. A wild passion that would surge rapture through me. I ached for my orgasm to burst through me.

I fucked her hard. Fast. I plowed into her with powerful strokes. My cock thrust into her as I kissed her mouth. Her pussy squeezed around me, massaging me. Her hot flesh brought me closer and closer to that wild climax.

I would spurt so much jizz in her.

Her breasts rubbed into my chest, washing me as her pussy cleaned my dick. My balls smacked into her. Distantly, the bell tolled, ending the final class of the day at the private high school. I didn't care. I was in my sex slave's pussy.

School could go on for a little longer.

The shower spray fell on the top of my head. Water spilled around us. Her thighs gripped me tight. She held me as I plunged into her cunt over and over. I buried hard into her. Fast. I pumped with hard strokes. Powerful strokes.

Her pussy squeezed around me, building and building that ache at the tip of my cock. Every thrust into her juicy pussy, bathing in her cunt cream, brought me closer and closer to my explosion. I squeezed her ass, holding on tight.

She broke the kiss and moaned, "Sahib!” Her body trembled. "Oh, yes, yes, Sahib! Playing with your other sex slaves was fun, but this is what I need. Cock! Your cock!”

"Yes!” I growled and buried into her over and over.

Her pussy convulsed around my cock. She bucked and spasmed against me as her orgasm rippled out of her. She trembled in my embrace, her legs squeezing tight about me. Her big tits rubbed across my chest as she cried out her orgasmic rapture.

Her wild flesh rippled around my cock. Her passion sucked at my dick. The ache swelled to that feverish point. I rammed to the hilt in her. My cum exploded out of my cock. Hot spurts of jizz that fired with powerful spurts out of me. They flooded into her cunt.

"Fuck, yes!” I growled.

My jizz pumped into her fast. The pleasure slammed through my mind. She bucked in my embrace. Stars burst across my vision. My fingers dug into her rump. I held her tight while she whimpered and groaned.

Her pussy wiggled from side to side, stirring around me. She gave me such bliss. It was incredible to experience. I groaned and panted, loving the way her cunt writhed around me. How she spasmed with such wild passion.

"Damn,” I groaned as I fired the last of my cum in her. "I think you have to sneak out of your last class every time.”

"Good thing the headmistress is your slut,” moaned In'am. She smiled at me. "She's a fiery whore, isn't she?”

"She's an Ifrit,” I said. Like she didn't know that.

In'am burst into laughter. "Mmm, you're wild, Sahib. I love that about you. We definitely have to play with your Ifrit again. That was hot.”

"It was,” I groaned and pulled from her.

We dried off and dressed. Then I told her, "Head back to my dorm room. I'll be there as soon as took care of something.”

"More girls for us to play with?” she asked. "I hear a rumor you're doing something with Ursula and Pita.”

"That's already a rumor?” I asked in surprise. "I just set that up.”

"Aleah likes to talk in our group chat,” In'am said.

I blinked. "My harem has a group chat. Was I invited.”

In'am gave me a big grin. "Sahib, do you want to be bombarded by girl talk?”

I frowned as she sauntered to her clothing. What did my women talk about? Me? Other things? Did they plan surprises? Complain about me? Clearly, they told each other what I was up to. Was Ms. Reid or Sister Nova Victoria in this chat? Or was it just the schoolgirls?

Nadia waited for me outside of the locker room, her black hair damp and gleaming. She was back in her uniform, her skirt showing off her toned legs almost as well as her athletic shorts. She flowed to me and gave me a steamy kiss on the lips, the heat almost melting me. I grew hard.

In'am had drained me, but I was ready for more.

"I'm so interested in this lezzie show,” she said, clinging to me. "What are you up to, Corey?”

"I'm just spreading the love,” I said. "I can't fuck every girl in school, can I?”

"Wouldn't it be fun to try?” she asked, her dark eyes brimming with passion. "I know I would if I were in your position.”

"And would that be you fucking every girl at this school, or would you be the only girl at an all-boys' school?”

Her smile grew. "Why, both have their charms.”

I laughed. She had a pleased smile on her lips.

We headed out a side door that led behind the gym. It was on the far side of the school from the connected dorms and convent. Thick hedge towered thirty feet in the air before, stretching the definition of "bush” to the extreme. They grew along the perimeter, shielding us from the residential houses around the St. Maria Theodora's campus.

Waiting for us were two naked girls. Ursula and Pita held each other's hands, their bodies beautiful and different. Pita had small breasts, her nipples a dark brown compared to Ursula's softer pink topping her round tits. Pita turned slightly, letting me see the curve of her plump rump, clearly the assets she was most proud of. Ursula's cheeks blazed crimson, her titties rising and falling.

Pita trembled then she hooked her free arm around Ursula's neck. The brunette squeaked in shock as she was pulled forward. Their lips met in a hot kiss. Round boobs pressed into golden-brown titties. The two girls whimpered, tongues flashing as they put on a show for me, both eager to do things to each other.

"That is hot,” Nadia said, her hand stroking my cock through my gray slacks. "How did you set this up?”

"I asked politely,” I said. "It's amazing what people will do.”

Nadia giggled. "Mmm, that's it? Just asked them? You don't think that's weird at all?”

"Oh, there's definitely some magic going at this school.” I breathed in the sight of the girls kissing, breasts pressed tight. They were really getting into it. For first time lesbians, they had passion. "Want to watch them lick each other?”

"Yes,” Nadia moaned. Her finger unsnapped my pants. "Badly.”

Before I could say anything, Pita broke the kiss and arched an eyebrow at her friend. "Let's just go for it. Sixty-nine. Do each other at the same time!”

Ursula glanced at me and nodded. "Oh, my. I can't think, but... Yes, let's do it.” She smiled at me. "Corey's watching us.”

"And Nadia,” moaned Pita. "You didn't mention bringing a date.”

"You're lucky I only brought one girl,” I said, Nadia's hand drawing down my zipper.

Pita sank down to the grass and pulled Ursula on her. The two squirmed on the ground, struggling to get in place. But then they were sixty-nining. I groaned at the sight of them together. Pita's head vanished between Ursula's thighs. They were moaning. Feasting.

Damn, this wish Kyle made for me was amazing. What would my own genie wife do for me? I should find out about their powers, too. I had to know what their abilities were. My cock throbbed as Nadia pulled it out and stroked it. My hand slid down her back to find her ass. I squeezed her skirt, lifting it up.

Around the corner of the building, Asra appeared. The goth girl had her phone out and filming. She marched right at us, combat boots stomping on the grass. Nadia stiffened. She ripped her hand from my cock. Heat boiled off of her. A liquid growl burst from her lips.

"Not that bitch again,” she snarled.

"It's okay,” I said, shoving my cock back into my pants and breaking away. I approached the goth girl.

Asra's pale features looked like they'd never seen the sun. She had heavy eye shadow on, giving her eyes an almost sunken feature, like she was a living corpse. A sexy one, to be sure. Black lips and those fishnet stockings vanishing beneath her Catholic schoolgirl skirt were enticing.


Even the combat boots added their own charm. She stared at me while filming the girls on the grass. Her dark eyes brimmed with smoky hatred. A dark fume that almost wanted to devour me. I arched an eyebrow against her.

"Aren't they beautiful, Asra?” I asked, speaking even-handed.

Her eyes narrowed. "This is going straight to the archdiocese office. Your charms won't work on a man.”

"True,” I said. "Though it seems like a waste.”

"What?” She broke into laughter, mocking. "Getting you expelled is a waste of time.”

"Sure,” I said. "How much energy are you putting into this. How much time are you wasting stalking me to catch me having fun? You're missing out on all this school has to offer you. The many distractions that you could be enjoying.”

Her lips curled back in disgust.

"See, that's what I'm talking about. You're focusing all this effort on hating me when you could be using it to have fun.” I glanced at those two girls. "I mean, look at them. They're going at it. You could slip in and join. They'd be happy to do things for you. I think they're really discovering how much they love pussy. Listen to them lick and lap. They are loving cunt.

"They could be loving your pussy just as enthusiastically.”

Asra fixed me a gaze of such pure, deathly fury I was surprised my heart didn't stop right then and there. If you'd ever heard of the evil eye, a look that could curse you and wither your bones to dust, then there it was.

"Why do you think I want to fuck them!” she snarled. "I'm not gay!”

Bafflement rippled across me. "Then why do you hate me being here?”

"Because it's disgusting! Sordid!” Her lips peeled back. "You never should have been given this opportunity.”

"Well, I'm not going to let you rui—”

She threw herself at me like a wild animal. Her feet left the ground. She landed before me, hands slashing at me almost before I could react. I raised my right arm to fend off her attack. Her fingernails ripped through the sleeve of my shirt and clawed down my arm. Pain burst from the wounds. Blood soaked red my shirt.

She growled like an animal, her mouth flashing open wide. She lunged at my throat, teeth snapping like she planned on ripping it out. I grabbed her wrists, clutching them in my arms. The force of her lunge pushed me back on the grass. My muscles bulged as I fought to control her. I had four inches in height and fifty or sixty pounds of muscle on her and it was all I could do to hold on.

Hot spittle rained across my face. Pita and Ursula screamed behind me. Footsteps thudded. My arm throbbed with my pounding heart. The fury crossing her corpse-pale face flared with inhuman rage.

Flashes of that day at my last high school when Zane hauled Aaliyah out of my class filled my mind. I had tried to stop him, and he turned inhuman. This bug thing. He cracked me in the side of the head so hard, I spent a month in the hospital.

Asra wasn't human.

"You fucking bitch!” Nadia snarled, racing up beside me. "I'll kick that skinny, skank ass all up and down this school! What the fuck do you think you're doing?”

"I can fight my own battles,” I growled, struggling to hold Asra. I couldn't let Nadia get wrapped up in this. "Get back.”

"Don't be an idiot,” Nadia snarled. "You don't have to waste time with this bitch. I'll beat her ass for that!”

Asra snarled at Nadia. "You think you—”

I saw my opening. Took it.

My right hand released her left wrist and then crashed into her face. Hard. I'd never punched a girl. Never thought I would, but this thing was a monster. Her head snapped back. She stumbled two steps back and shook her head.

I didn't see a single bruise on her. She panted, her eyes wild. They flicked back and forth between Nadia and myself. She wiped at the spittle on her lip. "I will remember this, piss drinker!”

"Bring it, bitch!” I snarled, energy pumping through me.

She hissed and then whirled around and marched off, combat boots kicking up grass.

"Fuck me,” I muttered, my arm throbbing. "She's going to be a problem.”

"Yeah, no shit,” said Nadia. "Damn, your arm looks bad.”

She unbuttoned my cuff and rolled up my sleeve with care. She revealed three scratches that furrowed across my arm. None were deeper than skin. The blood already congealed in spots. They stung with my heartbeat, but nothing major.

"I'm fine,” I muttered.

"No, you're not,” she said, dragging me to the door. "Who knows what that bitch's fingernails have been digging around in.”

"Yeah, probably right,” I muttered. "Probably fingering her diseased cunt all the time.”

"Yeah.” Nadia steamed with anger.

"Corey?” Pita called.

I glanced at the two naked girls clutching their blouses to them. "Sorry that she ruined our fun. I'll make it up to you tomorrow. Just get dressed. Don't worry about it, okay? I'll handle it.”

"Okay,” Pita answered while Ursula just nodded, tears in her eyes.

Nadia dragged me to the bathroom by the locker rooms. She took me in the girls', not a big deal with no one around, and thrust my arm under the faucet. She used soap and gently washed the wounds. Her touch was soothing. My blood whisked down the drain as she stroked me.

"I'll be right back,” she told me, her voice soft. "I know where there are some bandages. In the coach's office.”

"Sure,” I said and held some paper towels to my scratches. Still bleeding, spots of my blood bled through.

Nadia ran. She returned fast, holding a small first aid kit. "Coach Bennett was gone, but her office was unlocked.”

She opened it up and wrapped gauze around my arm then taped it in place. "You make a great nurse.”

A tight smile flashed on her face. "It pays to know about these things if you're in sports, right? Knowing about athleticism isn't just understanding how muscles perform so you can be your best, but what to do if something goes wrong.”

"Yeah,” I said, flexing my arms. "Feels good as new.”

Nadia returned the first aid kit, and we headed to the dorms. To my new home away from home. Not just my own room, but this special suite for the student council. Several bedrooms connected to a living room for them to work closely with each other. It sounded perfect. I was glad the headmistress, Sister Nova Victoria, had come up with it.

She wanted to keep a close eye on me.

Even better, Ms. Reid, my flirty English teacher, was the floor monitor. Her job was to make sure nothing naughty happened. Well, she'd be in my dorm supervising, making sure all the sex was perfectly delicious and consensual.

"I'm still tempted to kick that skank's ass,” Nadia muttered as we left the building and headed to the dorms. There were plenty of girls out on the grounds. This side had plenty of benches to sit on, tables that were drinking in the last few good days of the year. As September would wear on, the warmth and sunny days would be replaced by Washington's famous dreary winters. "She went too far. She has to be punished.”

"Yeah, I'll talk to the headmistress,” I said. "And a few others.” It was time to confront the genies.

Girls watched us head to the dorms. I kept my wounded arm low, not wanting to show them I was injured. I smiled at them. Pita and Ursula were sitting on a bench, arms around each other, looking dazed. I felt bad for them. It should have been a fun time for them, but that Asra bitch, whatever she was, had ruined it.

The dorms rose three stories into the air, dwarfing the smaller convent where the nun's lived. Both were built in the same stone and style as the school, looking as old and austere as it. The windows for the rooms looked smaller than modern ones would be. There was a small wing that connected the two buildings, looking almost like an addition.

It was strange to see. It didn't quite fit.

My dorm was in this extra wing. Nadia, who lived in the dorms already, opened a side door into the new wing. She looked around and smiled in approval at the hallway that ran through it, one end leading into the dorm proper, a small lounge where some girls were sitting at tables working on homework while pop music play. A stout door leading into the convent lay at the other end.

We passed Ms. Reid's room to reach the "Student Council Dorms,” or so the sign on door declared.

"So official,” said Nadia. "Does this mean you're in charge of the school?”

"Why not,” I said. "Don't you think I'd be great at it.”

"I think you'd use the position to molest every last girl you could,” she said, this concerned look flashing across her face. "All those young things you'd prey on.”

My hand slipped down and squeezed her ass. The cut on my arm hardly throbbed at all any longer. "Mmm, like you. I could take you in there and discuss how naughty you been and what you have to do to get out of trouble.”

She laughed.

I opened the door for her and loved how the buzz of conversation inside stopped. I swept into what I expected to be a living room and resembled more a large bedroom. Since there was a bed in it currently occupied by a very naked Sister Nova Victoria, her large, dusky breasts rising and falling. She still wore her wimple and veil, the white cloth wrapped around the Arab nun's gorgeous face, the black veil spilling across the pillows. She had her legs spread, waiting for me just like I'd commanded her to do.

I just expected my bed to be in the bedroom.

There were several couches that faced the bed the other side of the room, Jennifer and Havva cuddled up on one, Aleah, Tania, and In'am on the other, the busty, Arab slut in the middle having her big tits played with. Regina lounged on a beanbag with Vanessa against her, while Zahia, wearing her headscarf and nothing else, sat on a comfy chair, legs folded beneath her. Bettie leaned against the front of the bed, her legs spread wide, the pussy I'd deflowered aimed right at me.

All my women were deliciously naked. Ms. Reid lounged in the corner. And beside her, to my surprise, was Sister Francis Jean. She wore her wimple and veil, too, but nothing else. She looked a little dazed at being here. She had round breasts, still nice and firm, her body toned from exercise. She had an outie bellybutton, looking rather cute, and a wild and thick bush.

Like seventies porn bush going on, her blonde curls dripping with her juices.

"I've been making sure she stayed out of trouble, Mr. Derrickson,” Ms. Reid said, a smile playing on her lips. "Miss Shearer and Miss Qadir told me your orders regarding her punishment.” That was Vanessa and Zahia who were with me when I'd admonished the nun.

She wouldn't get any fun until tomorrow.

"Thank you, Ms. Reid,” I said, staring out at my harem. I had gained so much so fast thanks to Kyle's wish. How could I ever thank the man?

There weren't enough words in the world, and if he was truly the sultan of the genies, then he had more wealth and power than anything I could get for him. He had his own harem of beauties. Wives and concubines all eager to serve him.

"This is incredible to see you all—”

"You have a bandage on, Corey!” Aleah gasped and burst from the couch.

My first sex slave, my first woman, ran towards me, her dark-red pigtails bouncing about her worried face. Her small breasts quivered. She grabbed my arm. Tania, her sister and my second sex slave, chased after while the others all stood up or moved closer, murmuring.

"What happened?” asked Aleah, her hand stroking up to my bandage. "Master?”

"Just some scratches,” I told her, giving her a reassuring smile. Your first was always special. She would never be my wife. Never be more than a concubine and sex slave, but that didn't mean I didn't love her. "I'm fine.”

"It was that cunt Asra,” Nadia said. "She attacked him.”

"That little bitch,” growled Ms. Reid.

"What?” the headmistress said, fury blazed across her face. "I'll see her disciplined severely... Master.” That was the first time she'd called me that. It made my dick throb. She should be the most powerful woman at the school. She ran St. Maria Theodora, but she was my sex slave. She knelt before me, staring up at me wearing her modest wimple and veil and nothing else. Her large breasts rose and fell. "I'll see to it.”

"I bet you will,” I said. "Havva, Zahia, and In'am, join her. It's time we got things out in the air.”

Aleah and Tania both shot me excited looks. They pressed in on my sides. They were the only ones who knew about my quest to find the four genies. I had figured out who they were and which tribe they belonged to. It might have been harder, but they were all Arabic, just like the genies with Kyle.

In'am and Havva practically ran. They were sex slaves. Havva had a look of eager servitude on her face. She, like Zahia, wore her tartan headscarf. It was so sexy. In'am didn't bother with one, letting her black hair flow as free as those big tits of hers. She had a look of abject lust on her face, an eager need to please me.

Zahia moved with all the grace of a flowing river. Not one tumbling fast over rapids, but crossing a plain. Moving at not a hurried pace, but also not sluggish. She sank down before me, her glasses shifting on her nose. Did she need those? Where they an affectation? She was the Marid, after all.

"It's time to end this,” I said, staring down at the four. "I know you're the genies. The Jann.” I pointed at submissive Havva, as eager to serve and love me as Aaliyah was for Kyle. "The Ifrit.” I pointed at the headmistress, just blazing with passions. Her anger at Asra just one more proof. "The Marid.” Zahia loved to study and learn. I was teaching her all about sex. I had to take her cherry in our next lesson. "And the Si'lat.”

"Big time, Sahib,” said In'am. "I'm your slutty siren.”

"Ifrit?” the headmistress asked, her face furrowing in confusion.

"What do you mean that I'm a Jann, Master?” she asked. "That's a Djinn, no?”

"In some legends,” said Zahia. "Like Marid are supposedly a subtype associated with water. Or intellect. Why do you think we're Djinn?”

"Because we're so sexy,” said In'am. "Mmm, I mean, I could be a Si'lat, right? Aren't I hot enough to be one of those seductresses?”

Confusion rippled through me. "No, no, you're them.”

Aleah shifted beside me. Tania squeezed my arm, not the injured one, tighter to her body.

"You have to be them. There are four hiding in this school. You're the only Arab women attending the school. You fit. Each of you has the right personality. And you're all new to this school.”

"This is my third year,” said Zahia. "I've been attending since I was a freshman.”

"Me, too,” said In'am, stretching her back and thrusting her tits out at me. "My parents thrust me into this school to keep me out of trouble. I was an early bloomer.”

"It's my second year,” Havva said. "I'm sorry I'm not this Djinn.”

My cheeks burned. "Not even you, Sister Nova Victoria?”

"I don't know anything about being a genie,” she said. "I'm just a nun. A horny nun. One willing to love you, but... Master, are you okay?”

"You said you were a Si'lat!” I accused In'am.

"Well, I liked the idea of being one.” She jiggled her tits. "I liked to think I'm just that naughty. It's a fun fantasy. I can still be your Si'lat, and I'm sure they'll be your other genies. We'll get some hot outfits. Ooh, ooh, Halloween's coming soon, so there’ll be slutty harem girl outfits we can buy for you.”

"Master?” whimpered Tania.

"They're here somewhere,” said Aleah.

Those words rippled through me. They were here. Kyle had set this up for me to find them, promising I'd pick up other harem members along the way. To have all the fun I could. I bet the genies were competing for me. They'd want to get noticed by me.

I glanced at Nadia. The athletic girl who challenged me to a race with the promise of sex. I didn't come up to her. No, she just boldly strolled up to me in PE yesterday. She had this wild heat to her. She blazed with passion.

The Ifrit? If they were genies, why did I think they had to limit themselves to looking like an Arab woman?

"What is Asra?” I asked.

"A Ghul,” she answered, not even hiding. She strolled out before me, her toned legs flexing, her hips curving. She stared at me with those steamy, dark eyes. "The fifth type of Djinn. The one the sultan didn't send.”

"And which one are you?” I asked.

She shrugged and arched an eyebrow.

"You're the Ifrit. Fiery and passionate.”

She snorted like that was the most absurd thing she'd ever heard. Then my gaze looked around at my harem. Some of them looked confused. Jennifer and Vanessa had drifted to each other and were giving me strange looks. Sister Francis Jean looked like she was about to start having a fit. But Regina still lounged on the beanbag. She had that innocence about her I'd noticed when she first moved in next door.

But she had parents. I saw them.

Yet the way she was acting...

"Regina, you're one, aren't you?” I said.

She gave a nod.

"What?” Tania gasped. "I met your mother.”

"Did you?” Regina asked. "I am a Djinn.” She grinned at me, her blonde pigtails spilling around her face. "And you told me I'm yours, Corey. You chose me.”

"I didn't know you were the Djinn,” I said. Then my gaze darted to Ms. Reid. "The Marid, right. You jerked me off in class, giving me quite the lesson.”

The busty, redheaded teacher shook her gaze. "I'm not the Marid. You think they're the only ones who can know anything?”

I was thoroughly confused. "But you're the Jann at least. Right, Regina? You're the most virginal and...” I could see it in her eyes. In her smirk. She really had changed since I took her cherry. It had freed her passions. "Fuck, so I guess you're not the Si'lat then, were you, Bettie?”

She was the last girl who hadn't reacted. Still lying on the floor with her legs spread wide. She had all the look of a Si'lat. A slut. A spoiled princess. She brimmed with fertile promise. "Sorry, Master. Not the Si'lat. But I think you can figure out who I am.”

I was thoroughly bamboozled. "None of you are how Kyle explained your kind operate.”

"How naughty of him,” said Bettie. "Maybe the sultan was having a little fun with you. Mmm, we could have some fun. Just slide into me. Till my soil. You can't make a baby in me, yet, but the sultan's wives are looking for a way around that problem. I would make you a wonderful queen.”

"Shit, you're the Jann,” I said.

"Aren't I an earthy sort of girl?” she asked, fingering her twat. "Mmm, and I came to you a virgin. How many others can say that?”

"I did,” Regina said, her cheeks blushing. "That was wonderful, Corey. You made it delicious. I could have just floated away.”

Floated... "Fuck, you're the Si'lat? You?”

"She's been acting like a complete slut since she got her cherry popped,” gasped Tania. "Groping me between classes and playing footsie with me in them.” They were both sophomores and in none of my classes.

"And illusions are our sphere,” said the Si'lat. Blonde and petite, her body so innocent looking. Beguiling. "Lies and whispers and all that.”

"You were still a virgin,” I groaned.

"Every Si'lat has to lose her cherry eventually.” She groaned. "I got to do it with a hot mortal. My sisters are all going to be jealous.”

I glanced back at Nadia. "So you're the Marid. Process of elimination.”

"I can't be athletic and smart?” she said, rolling her eyes. "I told you I studied athleticism. It's knowledge. Kinesthetics. Muscle strength. Bone density. Endurance. Blood flow and blood chemistry. Lung capacity. Hormones. There are so many fascinating things to study in the physiological abilities of humans.”

"And I am passionate about poetry,” moaned the Ifrit. "It's the language of lust. Of love. Of all the vagary emotions of the soul.” Ms. Reid squeezed her tits together and then marched towards me. The other women in my harem were all looking confused, including the four Arab beauties kneeling before me. "So, who are you going to choose?”

"Which one of us are you going to keep,” Nadia said, this liquid grin spreading on her lips. "Which one of us best matches you? Who are you, Corey? The strong man who loves to run and needs a woman who can keep up?”

"The dominating man needing his woman to sing when he commands,” moaned Bettie, rising.

"The horny man who needs a virgin slut willing to do anything for him?” Regina moaned. "All with an innocent smile her face? Isn't that what men want? A virgin on the streets and a slut beneath the sheets.”

"Are you a hot, young man who needs a sexy, older woman to stimulate and titillate?” Ms. Reid moaned. "A busty MILF eager to educate you and teach you so many wicked things?”

"Fuck,” I groaned as they all advanced on me. How could I choose?

Aleah and Tania broke away from me. I was vaguely aware of them gathering the non-genie members of the harem and explaining things to them. The four mythical beings stopped before me. All naked and lovely in their own ways. Different. Beautiful. Intoxicating. A melange of scents wreathed the air.

"Do you like your dorm?” Ms. Reid asked. "My idea. I arranged it. The Marid designed it, the Jann created it, I filled it with the emotional weight of age, and the Si'lat made it so everyone accepted its existence.”

"It's great,” I said, glancing at the bed.

"Mmm, let's get that bandage off,” said the Marid. Nadia unwound it. "Your wounds have healed by now. It was just for show, but since you know.”

"Subtle, little wench,” I said. "Damn, I didn't suspect any of you.”

"The sultan made sure there were four perfect decoys to draw your attention,” said Bettie. "He wanted you to have as much fun as possible. He chose us all for this, too.”

"Isn't he a great friend to send the perfect Djinn to love you?” asked Regina. The Si'lat's innocent-looking face, especially with those glasses perched daintily on her nose, shone with such delight. Her hand grabbed my cock through my slacks. She squeezed me.

"How am I supposed to choose?” I groaned, my chest rising and falling. "You're all too gorgeous. Too perfect.”

"Mmm, that is a predicament,” said Ms. Reid. Her coal-dark eyes smoldered. She licked her lips. "You'll just have to try us all out, won't you?”

"Yes, I will,” I groaned as they attacked my clothing.

My heart pounded in my chest as Regina unsnapped my slacks. Ms. Reid and Nadia went for the buttons of my dress shirt while Bettie began undoing my tie. She whisked it through my collar and draped it around her neck, the tails dangling down to her breasts. I groaned. Ms. Reid and Nadia pulled off my shirt while Regina tugged down my pants and boxers.

She licked the tip of my cock, her tongue stroking over the spongy crown.

I moaned from the joy flooding up my dick. The pleasure surging through my body. It felt incredible to experience. They were all around me, pressing their naked bodies against me then. I was surrounded by their feminine flesh. The scents of them rose up and filled my nose. Their musks were intoxicating.

Spicy and sweet and tangy and tart.

Ms. Reid's heavy breasts rubbed against my back. Bettie's round breasts pressed into my right arm. I glanced down at her pierced clit. I grabbed the Jann's naughty pussy ring and tugged on it. She gasped and quivered in submissive delight.


"Mmm, you're so sexy, Corey,” Regina moaned. She licked her tongue up my right pectoral to my own nipple. The naughty blonde swirled her tongue around it. She sucked it into her mouth.

Nadia went for the other one. I gasped at how strange it was to feel two girls sucking on my nipples. Little tingles rippled from them. I groaned, leaning into Ms. Reid's heavy breasts. She purred as she rubbed them against my back. My heart pounded in my chest. Heat rippled through me. A wild tide. The heat swelled through me. My blood boiled from the delight these four Djinn were delivering to me.

They guided me to the bed. I didn't fight them.

They pressed me down on the soft covers. I felt my harem around me, watching the fun, all staring with eager eyes as the four genies swarmed me. They licked at my chest, their tongues bathing me. My cock twitched and throbbed with my passion. It pulsed and flexed. My heart pumped hot blood through my veins.

They kissed me one after the other. Ms. Reid's lips brimmed with smoky passion. Bettie thrust her tongue into my mouth, her lips plump and delicious. Nadia's kiss was steamy, as usual, but I felt her exploring my mouth, studying it with eager delight. Regina's was sloppy, full of tongue, her small breasts rubbing into my side, her pigtails dangling down to brush my face.

I loved them all. How could I choose?

They moved down my body. They kissed and smooched, Nadia and Ms. Reid on my right side, Regina and Bettie on my left. They moved together, their silky hair caressing down my body. They all went for my cock. Bettie grabbed the base, holding it up for them.

They all moaned and leaned in to feast together. I had no idea how I would pick one of them to be my wife, but I would love every moment of it.

To be continued...