Winning A Genie Harem

Chapter Eleven: Harem Instructs the Naughty Teacher

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2019

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Main Characters

Corey Derrickson: High school senior, friend of Kyle Unmei, given the chance to marry one of four genie, each from a different tribe, if he can find them at St. Maria Theodora Catholic School! Aleah Buckley: Corey's first sex slave. High school senior. He claimed her after Kyle suggested she'd be a good candidate for starting Corey's harem. Tania Buckley: Aleah's younger sister. Corey's second sex slave. High school sophomore. Seduced into the harem by Aleah.


Asra Duff: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Philosophy and PE. A goth lesbian who doesn't like Corey being at her school and is trying to get him expelled.
Bettie Black: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's English and History classes. A spoiled princess dripping for a man to take her in hand. Now his sex slave.
Briana Hamilton: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's English and PE classes.
Brenda Nevada: A senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math and Chemistry classes.
Debbie Goffe: Sophomore at St. Maria Theodora.
Franny Keighley: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.
Jennifer Nielson: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.
Hallie Hunt: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's English and Chemistry classes.
Havva Najjar: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math class. After eating her pussy and seeing her submissive nature, Corey suspects she is the Jann. She is also his sex slave.
In'am Alfarsi: Junior at St. Maria Theodora. A slutty Arab girl who waited naked in Corey's locker room eager to enjoy the only boy at school. Corey suspects she is the Si'lat. After obeying his command, now his sex slave.
Lisa Comstock: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math class.
Megan Scrivenor: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.
Nadia Rivers: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's PE class. Challenges Corey to a hot race. When he caught her, he claimed her. Now his girlfriend.
Natiqua Osbourne: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math class.
Regina Florence: Girl who moved in next door to Corey, sophomore at St. Maria Theodora. In Tania's math class. Is seduced by Tania and becomes Corey's girlfriend.
Pita Reyes: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Philosophy and Chemistry class.
Ritsuko Takayama: A Sophmore at St. Maria Theodora.
Rita Pickle: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.
Sheila Thorne: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's History and PE class.
Tammy Fredrick: A Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math and PE Class
Ursula Bannister: A Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Chemistry class.
Vanessa Shearer: A Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math and Chemistry classes. Wants a private study session with Corey.
Zahia Qadir: A Junior at St. Maria Theodora. A submissive, Arab Christian that is eager to learn naughty things from Corey. Suspected to be the Marid.

Mrs. Abigail Reynolds: A teacher at St. Maria Theodora.
Ms. Allie Reid: Corey's English teacher and the librarian at St. Maria Theodora. A naughty teacher doing wicked things with Corey. Now his girlfriend.
Coach Denise Bennett: Corey's PE teacher at St. Maria Theodora.
Mrs. Donna Blackwood: A philosophy teacher at St. Maria Theodora.
Sister Anna Petra: A nun and Corey's Chemistry teacher at St. Maria Theodora.
Sister Doris Suzette: A nun and teacher at St. Maria Theodora.
Sister Ester Sarah: A nun and Corey's Math teacher at St. Maria Theodora.
Sister Francis Jean: A nun and Corey's History teacher at St. Maria Theodora. Suspects Corey of having sex at school. Not happy about it.
Sister Nova Victoria: A nun and new headmistress at St. Maria Theodora. Corey suspects she's the Ifrit after she initiates a sexual relationship with him. Arranges for Corey to live in the dorms in a special room. Basically his sex slave.
Ms. Valerie Terrence: A teacher at St. Maria Theodora.

Corey Derrickson – Wednesday, September 9th

Sister Francis Jean's presence looming before the small hallway that led to the door shocked me.

The nun glared at me, her face a mask of apoplectic anger. The two girls I was in here with—Zahia and Vanessa—both gasped and froze, naked from the waist down. Vanessa, a busty brunette, was on her back, her legs spread wide, moments from losing her virginity to my cock. Zahia, an Arab beauty with her head still wrapped up in a red-and-green tartan headscarf and face dripping with my cum, trembled. She was poised to plant her pussy right on Vanessa's mouth.

I hadn't realized that the nun entered. I didn't hear the door, not visible thanks to a privacy wall that kept anyone in the hallway from seeing into the restroom. I should have. I wasn't that busy. I was about to fuck Vanessa, my cock aching and throbbing.

"Get dressed," hissed the nun, her cheeks scarlet. She wore the black habit like the other nuns of the order that ran the school, her face and head wrapped in a tight wimple that hid her hair. A black veil draped over it and spilled over her shoulders.

I hadn't heard her enter now, but... I had heard the outside sounds get loud for a moment when Zahia and Vanessa had blown me. I thought that it was just a group of girls who'd talked right outside the bathroom door, being loud for a moment before moving on. But, no, it was Sister Francis sneaking in.

She had let me finish my blowjob. Let me cum all over the girls' faces and now only intervened as I prepared to take Vanessa's virginity. Realization crashed through my mind at that moment. I grinned at Sister Francis.

"Are you sure you want us to get dressed?" I asked, bringing my cock closer and closer to Vanessa's pussy.

"Mr. Derrickson!" the nun gasped. "You are in violation of so many school rules. Get dressed, now!"

"But..." I said, grinning at her. I rubbed my cock against the virgin folds of Vanessa's cunt. "I don't want to deny you the chance to see me pop her cherry."

"Corey," Zahia whimpered, trembling, her dusky thighs tensed as she held herself over Vanessa's face.

I glanced at the virgin Marid, one of the four genies. "Just sit on her face. We're not in trouble."

Zahia swallowed and, to my delight, obeyed me. Pushing up her cum-smeared glasses, she lowered her pussy down the last few inches while a strangled gasp came from the nun. She marched forward two steps, her habit rustling. Zahia planted her shaved pussy on Vanessa's cum-smeared face.

"You are in trouble," hissed the nun, her face twisted. "Miss Qadir, get off Miss Shearer this instant!"

"And miss out on more naughty fun for you to watch?" I asked, rubbing my cock up and down Vanessa's cunt. "I'm about to pop Miss Shearer's cherry. Don't you want to watch that up close? I mean, you didn't stop the blowjob, did you."

"What?" the teacher demanded.

"You entered when they were in the middle of blowing me and yet you didn't march in here. You waited in the little hallway and listened to us." I shook my head at her while my dick drank in the silky feel of Vanessa's hot pussy. "I'm a little disappointed, Sister Francis. You should have stepped out and watched. You missed me cumming all over their faces."

"Mr. Derrickson!" she hissed, marching forward to stand right over me.

"Mmm, you want a front-row seat, don't you?" I grinned at her. "I get it. Look, can you see? My cock's right against her twat. Is her bush in the way of you seeing?"

The nun let out a strangled sound, staring down at his cock.

"No objection then," I said, sliding my cock down and pressing into Vanessa's hymen. "You can see perfectly. So, on the count of three. One. Two."

The nun's hands balled into fists. But she didn't try to stop me. Zahia sat with rigid fright on Vanessa's face.


I thrust against Vanessa's hymen. She gasped into Zahia's pussy. Her thighs spasmed. Her hymen stretched. The feel of that delicious membrane stretching and stretching before my cock sent heat rippling down my shaft. I smiled as I pushed harder.

The girl groaned as her hymen resisted and resisted. I kept up the pressure, my hands stroking across her belly, massaging her. Then her cherry popped. The membrane tore and my dick buried into virgin flesh.

Sister Francis Jean watched me deflower her student.

Vanessa groaned into Zahia's cunt. The brunette's thighs wrapped around my waist. She held me tight as I sank deeper and deeper into her hot cunt. Her silky flesh engulfed me. I slid inch after inch into her once-pure depths.

"Damn, Sister Francis, did that make your cunt wet?" I asked, glancing at the nun just standing there, her face a bright scarlet. "Is your naughty nun-pussy soaking your panties beneath your habit. You like watching my cock vanishing into her pussy, don't you?"

I bottomed out in Vanessa waiting on the nun's answer.

"You have to stop this, Mr. Derrickson," she said, her voice weak.

"Stop what?" I asked, pulling back my cock. My shaft slid through the girl's tight pussy. Her cunt gripped it. She whimpered and moaned into Zahia's pussy. "Stop fucking her?"

I rammed back into Vanessa's depths. My balls smacked into her flesh. She moaned and trembled. Her hands grabbed Zahia's dusky thighs, holding tight on the Arab girl. Zahia relaxed. Her hips squirmed while cum dribbled down her face and soaked into her headscarf wrapped tight over her hair and around her neck.

"Please, Mr. Derrickson," the nun asked, body swaying like a tall pine tree in a wind storm. "You have to stop."

"Stop what?" I demanded, drawing back my hips again. I felt the nun's eyes on my cock emerging from Vanessa's deflowered cunt. I slammed back into the virgin, loving how she moaned into Zahia's twat.

"This," the nun whimpered. "Fornicating."

I grinned. "Stop me then. Pull me away. Keep me from fornicating with Vanessa's sweet, sweet pussy. Because she feels amazing wrapped around my cock. Just amazing. I want to fuck her and pound her and stay in her juicy twat."

"Mmm, yes," Vanessa moaned, growing bolder. The more the nun failed to stop us, the less and less afraid the two schoolgirls became. "Stop him, Sister Francis."

"Stop him," whimpered Zahia, her hips grinding on Vanessa's face.

"You need to stop that, too," the nun whimpered. "You're engaged in carnal sin. I know you're a faithful Christian, Miss Qadir."

"But... but..." Zahia shuddered. "Corey is teaching me so many new things. I like them. She's licking me, Sister Francis. Her tongue feels so good on me and... Why aren't you stopping us?"

"I... Well..."

"She's getting off watching," I panted, pumping away hard. "She's a dirty nun. A horny and naughty nun. Look at her squirm. She's got a hot pussy. She wants to masturbate."

"Oh, no, that's so bad of you, Sister Francis," Zahia moaned. She bit her lower lip, the cum dribbling down her face in thick rivulets. Then she attacked the buttons of her blouse. She squirmed on Vanessa's face while baring her small breasts clad in a white bra. Her blouse hung open, swaying. "You shouldn't watch naughty girls like us. You're supposed to be a pure woman."

"Mmm, doesn't seem pure to me," I groaned, pumping away at Vanessa's cunt. Our words echoed through the bathroom. "She's a wanton nun."

Zahia giggled and nodded at me.

Having an audience—especially the uptight Sister Francis who'd been trying to get me expelled since yesterday—watching had my dick throbbing. Aching. I pumped it in and out of Vanessa's deflowered depths. I drove deep into her cunt. I buried to the hilt in her and drew back, savoring the way her cunt clung to my shaft.

That delicious sheath gripped me. Held me tight. The pleasure flowed through me as I pumped away hard and fast. I buried my dick deep into her cunt. I reveled in her silky flesh holding me. Massaging me.

Vanessa whimpered and moaned. Her lower jaw worked as she feasted on Zahia's cunt. The virgin Arab girl shuddered. Her face twisted in pleasure. Her headscarf rustled about her shoulders. The cum soaking the modest garment made her look so slutty.

So beautiful.

The Marid gasped and moaned, her glasses shifting as she squirmed. The jizz coating her face grew fainter, drying into silvery lines. Her hands squeezed her small titties through her bra. She whimpered and moaned.

"Cum while Sister Francis watches," I panted, pumping my hips forward fast. "Savor teaching Vanessa how to eat cunt."

"She's doing so well, Corey," moaned the Marid. "Her tongue's licking across my hymen. Mmm, she's brushing my clitoris. My labia. She's stirring an orgasm in me."

"An exciting one with our horny nun watching us, right?" I asked.

"Yes!" Zahia moaned.

"Lord, please, stop them," whimpered the nun beside us, her hands balled into tight fists like she didn't trust them.

"He's not going to stop us if you're not," I said, pumping hard and fast at Vanessa's cunt. I drove my cock into her silky heaven, reveling in the heat of her snatch wrapped around my cock. The delicious sensation massaging me.

I groaned at the hot delight gripping my cock. The pressure built and built in my balls. I would blow my load into her cunt. Thanks to Aaliyah's genie magic, I had stamina. My friend Kyle had set this all up, and I was enjoying it.

The nun whimpered with my two lovers. Vanessa's muffled moans grew louder and louder. She licked with hunger, feasting on Zahia's virgin twat. The potential Marid moaned, her face scrunching, glasses shifting.

"Yes, yes, yes!" she moaned. "Oh, Vanessa, you are getting so skilled at licking pussy and... and... Oh, yes!"

The virgin clearly came.

Her glasses shifted on her nose. Her headscarf rustled around her face as she moaned through her orgasm, feeding Vanessa her tangy virgin cream. The aroma filled my nose as I drilled hard into Vanessa's cunt, savoring her deflowered depths massaging me.

"Such a good pussy licker!" moaned Zahia. "You're such a quick learner, Vanessa! Oh, yes, yes! This has been such a naughty lesson."

"You must be proud, Sister Francis," I panted, glancing up at the watching nun, her blue eyes glossy. She licked her pink lips, wetting them. "To see one of your students so eager to tutor another. It must have your blood pumping with excitement to watch."

A strangled moan came from the nun.

"Mmm, yes, yes, you are proud. Look at you, watching." I shuddered, pumping hard at Vanessa's cunt. "I'm tutoring Vanessa in all manner of subjects."

"Yes, he is, Sister Francis," whimpered the former virgin, her hot snatch clenching around me. "Oh, I love his tutoring sessions! They're so much fun and... and.. Yes!"

I buried deep into her cunt and groaned as her flesh writhed about me. She joined Zahia in the delights of cumming, her pussy spasming wildly on my cock. I pumped away at her climaxing flesh, her silky pussy rippling around my shaft, massaging my dick.

I groaned and slammed hard into her. Zahia's cunt muffled Vanessa's moans. The Arab girl shuddered through her orgasm, her moans liquid and beautiful. She wiggled her hips back and forth, grinding her twat on Vanessa's face.

"Look at them both cum, Sister Francis!" I panted. "Oh, yes, yes, you got a front-row seat and... And... I'm going to bust my nut in Vanessa's cunt! Just fire all my jizz into her."

"Yes!" Vanessa squealed, her cunt practically sucking at me as her orgasmic delight rippled through her body.

Sister Francis's hot, blue eyes watched me slam my cock forward. I buried to the hilt in Vanessa's cunt. Deep and hard. I planted into her cunt and reveled in her silky flesh writhing and spasming around my dick. My tip drank in all the delightful sensations.

With a groan, I erupted.

"Fuck, yes!" I snarled.

My cum fired into the virgin's depths. I pumped blast after blast of jizz into her. I grunted as I filled her twat with my spunk. My back arched. My heart pounded in my chest. This delightful heat swept through me as I basted her twat with all my spunk.

I glanced up at the nun and growled, "I'm flooding her pussy!"

"He is, Sister Francis!" she gasped, her twat writhing and spasming and rippling around my cock.

The pleasure surged through my body. I groaned as I spurted blast after blast of cum into her depths. My jizz bathed her flesh. My cock throbbed and ached as I pumped her full of my cum. The pleasure slammed into my mind. Stars burst across my vision.

I savored every moment of the stars dancing and shimmering. My cock spurted over and over. the pleasure rushed out of me. It flooded into her cunt. I basted her again and again. I pumped her full of my jizz, groaning through my orgasm.

"Oh, yes, yes, Corey!" Zahia panted, slumping. "Oh, Vanessa, you gave me such bliss."

"Me, too," I told her. "Mmm, and you look so hot covered in my cum."

"I love your cum." She glanced up at the trembling nun. "It's so good. I could just suck his cock all day long."

The nun whimpered.

I panted, my pleasure past. The ripples of Vanessa's cunt around my cock slowed. She panted into Zahia's pussy. The nun kept watching us. I smiled and then I ripped my dick out of the girl's pussy. My shaft emerged gleaming in cunt cream, a little pink in spots.

"Sister Francis," I said, shaking my head as I stood. "Aren't you just a naughty nun?"

The nun swallowed. Then she backed away from me even as her blue eyes locked on my cock. I loved the rustle of her habit. I caught her before she could take another step back. I didn't want her to escape. My hands slid up her sleeves to her shoulders. I pressed down.

She didn't resist.

Sister Francis Jean knelt before me trembling. Her blue eyes locked on my cock bobbing right before her eyes. She let out a whimpering moan. I smiled, savoring the power I had over this uptight nun.

No wonder she was so curious about my sex life. She liked to watch.


Sister Francis Jean

I stared at my first cock. I had never seen one before. Not even in pictures. When sex education had come up when I'd been a girl, my parents refused to let me participate. I had to leave the class. My heart pounded in my chest as Corey Derrickson's dick pulsed before me.

It had a thick, spongy crown with a slit in it. The shaft was long and as wide as three of my fingers. It thrust from thick, red curls. More adorned his balls that swayed before him. He was still hard despite ejaculating in Vanessa Shearer's vagina.

Weren't boys supposed to go soft?

He grabbed my head through my veil and wimple. A naughty shudder ran through me. I should stop this. I was a woman of faith. I had kept a vow of chastity before I'd become a nun. I had joined the order the moment I turned eighteen. I wanted to live a life devoted to serving god.

To educating his flock.

When I walked in, I had fully intended to stop him, and yet the sounds I heard halted me. This sinful heat rippled through me. I surrendered to temptation and listened to the girls sucking on his cock. They were loving him. Pleasing him with their mouths. I had heard of blowjobs, but two girls doing it together...

It was so naughty.

I couldn't fight that sinful fire like I should have. I had become a slave to it. I stood there rooted, wanting to touch myself. This nascent need to pleasure myself, an impulse I thought I'd conquered when I was a girl younger than them.

Now it was back.

Guilt had swept through me for listening to this young man degrading my two students. He ejaculated on their faces. They sounded so excited by it, too. Like that wasn't a humiliating and demeaning thing he'd done to them. Then he arranged to deflower Vanessa Shearer while making Zahia Qadir sit on her face.

Of course, I had to stop that. I was a teacher. A nun. I swept out and... and...

He wasn't scared of me. He knew my sin. Now he pulled my mouth towards his cock, prepared to press it against my lips. I couldn't stop him. He had exposed this wanton flaw in my soul. My lips opened to swallow his cock coated in Vanessa Shearer's intimate juices.

I couldn't help myself. All those years of self-denial had trapped something inside of me. A pressure I didn't even realize was building and building and building in me. Then Corey Derrickson came to our school. I saw him up close, the first real man I'd interacted with in a decade. Young. Still growing but confident. Mature.

And then he showed up the day before to my class clearly disheveled. Clearly just indulging his sordid lusts with that new girl, Bettie Black. That surge of naughty desire inside of me had to be stopped. I had to make sure no lusts would stir in me again. I'd marched him to the headmistress's office personally.

He'd escaped with no punishment.

Then that nosy Asra had sent me those pictures after classes. Corey Derrickson naked with Nadia Rivers. I'd looked at them for hours last night after forwarding my complaint to the headmistress. Studying his body. I could see his cock in it, but it was a distant shot. Not up close like now with his shaft coming closer and closer to my mouth.

I tried to be strong. To eradicate temptation, but it was too much for me.

His cock pressed against my lips. It had this sweet flavor, a little salty, and I groaned as I realized I tasted Vanessa Shearer's vaginal fluids. That same naughty liquid that soaked my panties. I whimpered as my lips slid over his cock.

"Mind your teeth," Zahia Qadir said. I had never heard her speak with such confidence. "You don't want to hurt him. You want to give him a good blowjob, Sister Francis."

The two girls were watching, clothing rustling. They knew I was doing something wicked. My eyes squeezed shut. I just started sucking. I surrendered to all these emotions bursting through me. My cheeks hollowed.

"Damn," groaned Corey Derrickson. He stared down at me, this big smile on his lips. "That's it. Just swallow that cock. Mmm, you like that, don't you?"

I whimpered and nodded, sucking and nursing with hunger on his cock. This was so wicked. I couldn't believe that I was doing this. My tongue darted around his dick's crown. I tasted more and more of Vanessa Shearer's juices.

"Yeah, suck those virginal juices off of me," he said, grinning. His hands gripped my head tight through my veil and wimple. "Mmm, you got a sexy pair of lips on you, Sister Francis."

I shuddered at his compliment. I sucked harder, nursing on him.

I couldn't believe I was doing this. I felt almost divorced from my body, my intellect sundered from my lusts. My flesh just acted. Sucked. Nursed. Loved his cock. My tongue moved. My body shuddered. The heat built and built between my thighs. In my vagina.

No, my pussy.

My naughty cunt.

I shuddered thinking that horrid word. The C word rang in my mind. I had a horny, itching, sinful cunt. It controlled me. I couldn't do anything to stop my mouth from sucking on him. Nursing. Loving him. I made such obscene sounds while my pussy grew hotter and hotter.

"Goddamn, yes, you got a hungry mouth," Corey Derrickson said. He glanced behind him. "And look those cuties go. Mmm, they are just feasting on each other. How hot is that?"

I whimpered, my cunt on fire.

"Yeah, that's fucking hot and you know it," he groaned. "Damn, that makes my dick throb and ache. They're just going at it. Practicing their pussy licking while you're learning how to suck cock."

He drew back his hips. His cock slid out of my mouth. For one moment, I thought he was going to free my sinful body, but just when the tip remained, he rammed back in. He buried his cock to the hilt in me. He filled me up.

I gasped in shock.

His cock plunged deep into my mouth. I groaned and shuddered as his cock hit the back of my throat. He drew back again. Thrust again. He used my mouth like a vagina. A pussy. He fucked my naughty mouth.

"Mmm, you like being used, don't you, Sister Francis," he groaned, pumping away at my mouth. "Yeah, you just love it. Damn, you're just sucking hard on my dick, aren't you?"

I was. I sucked and slurped. My drool ran over my chin. Why did he have to unleash this wantonness in me? Why couldn't I resist him? What was so flawed in me?

My pussy burned.

I wanted to touch myself. I squirmed and groaned as he fucked my mouth. The flavor of Vanessa Shearer dwindled as the only male student at St. Maria Theodora used me. He groaned, his face twisting with pleasure, his naked chest flexing.

He had such strength.


I sucked so hard, my pussy soaking my panties. My naughty cunt wanted his dick ramming in me. There was another cherry hole in this room. I whimpered, wondering if he'd make me surrender it to him.

I shuddered, sucking with such hunger. This salty flavor grew and grew in my mouth. My tongue ran across his slit. Was his cock leaking something slippery? It was good. I nursed on him, wanting to taste more of it.

"Damn, Sister Francis," he moaned and buried deep into my mouth. "What a fucking mouth!"

He erupted.

I gasped in shock at the first splash of cum hitting the back of my throat. His seed spilled with salty delight around in my mouth. I groaned and gulped it down. I shuddered at how wicked this felt. His seed slid down my gullet to sit warm in my stomach.

My pussy clenched. Ached. I wanted him to take my virginity. My body quivered beneath my nun's habits. My intellect couldn't stop my body's wants and needs. I whimpered around his cock while he groaned his pleasure.

"Look at you swallowing every drop," he said. "Mmm, you're such a naughty nun, aren't you?"

I whimpered, my body trembling.

"Yeah, you are," he groaned as I nursed out the last drops. He pulled his cock out of my mouth. "How wet is your pussy."

My cheeks blazed. "So wet, Mr. Derrickson." I shifted, wanting to ask the question. To beg him to do things to me. "I... It's... I mean..."

"I know just what you mean. You want me to fuck you like I did Vanessa."

I glanced at the girls writhing in their lesbian passion. They were both naked, both feasting on the other's pussy at the same time. They whimpered and moaned. They gasped and groaned. Their passion was such a delicious thing to hear. I shuddered, naughty impulses rippling through me.

"Yes, Mr. Derrickson," I admitted, blushing with my shameful passions. I rose and went for my belt. I would strip naked. Let him take me here. I couldn't stop myself.

"Oh, no, you don't get it today," he said, grabbing my hand. "You were naughty. You tried to stop us from having our fun."

"I... But..." I shuddered.

"Tomorrow," he said, grinning at me. "Tomorrow, I'll take care of that hot little cunt of yours."

I shuddered and nodded, submitting to him.


Tania Buckley

I couldn't believe how naughty Regina became after getting her cherry popped last night.

I loved it.

As we headed to the cafeteria to enjoy lunch, the naughty blonde had her hand groping my ass through my tartan skirt. I didn't have panties on underneath, my shaved pussy drooling with delight. My friend, as well as my quasi-mistress since she was one of Corey's girlfriend-concubines and not a sex slave like me, leaned in to whisper naughty things in my ear.

"I'm going to cover your pussy in maple syrup and lick you clean for breakfast tomorrow," the girl moaned, her airy perfume filling my nose.

"How utterly whimsical," I said, grinning at her. "You were just bottling up every kinky idea, weren't you. All trapped by that cherry."

"Yes," she moaned. "I was so scared to be myself. But now... I have Corey. He chose me and loved me and took my virginity. I can just let it all out of me."

"Hurricane Regina is a raging storm," I grinned. "I'll gladly let you eat my pussy draped in maple syrup. And after dinner, you can have chocolate syrup with your dessert."

She grinned at me.

I was eager to get to lunch and meet up with the rest of the harem. I was two years younger than Corey. Two years behind him. So I didn't get to see much of my Master. Who knew what naughty things he'd been getting up to. I heard something about him, Aleah, and Ms. Reid, the busty English teacher, having fun in the library.

We stepped into the cafeteria, eyes scanning. I spotted a group of girls gathering at one table. Aleah was there, along with Bettie and Havva. In'am, that naughty girl with the vibrator in her cunt, sat on the table's edge. Jennifer had arrived, another of Corey's girlfriends. The tomboyish Nadia sauntered up, looking sexy in her tartan skirt.

I hadn't had a chance to play with her yet. Or In'am or Bettie. Corey's harem was growing so fast.

"I'm going to make you slide beneath the table and eat me out," said Regina. "Won't that churn up a naughty storm? Mmm, let's make Hurricane Regina memorable."

"Oh, you are a wicked one. I can't believe it. What was going through your head when I seduced you yesterday."

"That I was so glad you made me strip naked. That you were leading me to all the things that were flashing through my mind." She threw her arms wide and spun around, her blonde pigtails dancing through the air. "I'm free now. You and Corey set me free."

I smiled in delight, her skirt flaring.

"I'll definitely do that," I said, nodding to Ritsuko, the Japanese cutie who was in my English and PE class. She had this bemused expression on her face. Her blue-black hair flowed behind her as she headed to her seat.

Wouldn't she look hot on my Master's cock?

"Tania," Aleah called, motioning to me.

Regina and I hurried over. I grinned at my sister, about to tell her what I had to do when Bettie stepped up before me. She had intense, hazel eyes with flecks of gold and green in them. They flicked up and down my body, making me shudder. Her skin had a golden tan to it, making her burnished-brown hair look delicious. She smiled, looking like a spoiled girl who was just given a new toy.

"Me, you, and Aleah are going to get it on," she said.

I blinked while my older sister nodded. Aleah had a huge grin on her lips. "She's got a vibrator shoved up her cunt and needs us to play with her."

"She's eating my pussy right now," Regina said, grabbing my arm. She peered past me to Bettie. "You're one of his slaves, right? I'm Regina, so you can call me Miss Regina."

Bettie's lips twitched. "Well, I'm following Corey's orders. He is rewarding me with Aleah and Tania playing with my body." She pulled up her skirt, showing off her shaved pussy, her clit pierced by a gold ring, a vibrator humming away in her. "I've had this in me for an hour, and I get to play with them now."

"Master's orders," Aleah said.

"Mmm, isn't that a wonderful vibrator?" In'am gushed. The Arab girl's large breasts swelled her bra as she leaned back on the table. "Always drives me wild."

"It's driving me wild, so let's go to the girls' restroom," said Bettie. "We have to obey our master, Miss Regina. Sorry."

Bettie hooked my arm and pulled me closer to her. I gave my friend a conciliatory smile. "Sorry, if Corey gave me an order, I have to obey him."

Annoyance gusted across Regina's face. Then she glanced over at the submissive Havva. She wore a tartan headscarf around her cute, dusky face. She was a senior, but she looked like a Freshman. Petite and quiet, easy to overlook like the ground beneath your feet. She was the Jann and so cute. "I'll just play with Havva then."

"Great," Aleah said. "Havva, make sure you take care of Miss Regina and keep her happy."

"Of course, Aleah," Havva said. She moved around the table to Regina. They were both the same size, slender and petite. "I would be honored to serve my Master's girlfriend in any way."

She made such a wonderful sex slave. I was thrilled to have her in the harem.

"And Miss Jennifer and Miss Nadia," Aleah continued, "feel free to take advantage of In'am. She appears to be my type of concubine."

"A whore?" In'am asked and shuddered. "A submissive whore that does whatever Sahib says? Definitely. Well, want to take advantage of my body?"

"I think Jennifer and I want to get to know each other," said Nadia. She glanced at Regina. "I just want to get close to Corey's other girlfriends. Show him that I am down with it." She put her arm around Jennifer, a steamy look passing across the tomboy's face. "I can go down on you to prove it."

Jennifer giggled and nodded. "Yeah, sorry, In'am."

In'am pouted.

"Just more fun for me," Regina said, the passion gusting out of her. "In'am, you can play with me."

"Ooh, two cuties," In'am said. She was a junior and was stacked in the boob department. Her big breasts jiggled in her blouse. "Let's have fun."

As a group of giggling, horny, teenage girls, we headed to the restroom. I knew Corey was giving a private lesson to Vanessa, something Aleah had arranged for him, so we had some time to play before meeting up with him and finishing off the lunch hour.

And I wanted to play. I had Regina whispering naughty things to me all day. That girl used to be so quiet, now she just wouldn't stop talking about the wild fun she would have with me and Corey. She was so eager for it all.

We piled into the restroom and headed for the stalls. Jennifer and Nadia took the farthest stall, the two girls vanishing into there, Jennifer giggling. Then my sister, Bettie, and I took the next, putting us in the middle as Regina led the other two sex slaves into the one beside ours.

"Do such naughty things to me," Bettie moaned, hiking her green-and-red tartan skirt, flashing that shaved pussy at us again.

"I love your clit piercing," I said, sinking down to my knees before her. "What do you think, sis?"

"That we're going to have to make her cum and cum," said Aleah. "Master's orders."

"And we always obey him," I said, staring up at the spoiled girl. I couldn't wait for Corey to make more of those "Corey's Girl" chokers and give them to the others. This spoiled brat grinning down at me needed to be collared.

And leashed.

"Good, good, make me cum!" she moaned, her earthy musk filling the air. She had such a fertile scent. I hoped Corey knocked her up. That would show the spoiled princess. Give the world proof she was Corey's.

My sister and I both grabbed the base of the dildo. I grinned at my sister, our shoulders rubbing. Naughty tingles raced through my body. My cunt clenched. Heat rippled through my flesh, naughty waves that spilled through my flesh. My clit throbbed.

It was so naughty to do this with my sister. We came from the same womb, so it was wild that we got to play together. We drew out the vibrator. It slid from Bettie's cunt. Her tangy aroma filled my nose. Her pussy lips clung to the buzzing shaft. Its hum grew louder and louder and louder as more of its shiny body emerged from her cunt.

"Mmm, you like it when we do this?" Aleah asked, stirring the end of the dildo around in the slut's cunt. I loved it, massaging her.

Bettie bucked and nodded. She tucked her skirt into its waistband to hold it up before her fingers worked at her bow tie. She pulled on the tartan ribbons, the knot whisking. Her moans mixed with the gasps and whimpers coming from either side of us. The others were having their own fun.

"Then you'll love this!" I said and fucked the vibrator deep into Bettie's cunt.

She ripped her bow tie from her collar and nodded. Her beautiful face twisted in pleasure. She grabbed her tits through her blouse, squeezing the round mounds through the white cloth. Then her fingers went for the buttons. She undid them fast.

She ripped her blouse open, her breasts jiggling in a bright-red bra trimmed with a deep-blue lace. She shuddered and unclasped it in the front. Her breasts sprang out, firm and bouncing. They were tan all over.

"Naughty slut," I moaned as my sister and I pumped the dildo in and out of Bettie's cunt. We reamed her. She gasped and moaned, her pleasure echoing through the bathroom. Her body trembled. It was such an exciting delight to listen to. I reveled in it.

Juices spilled down the shaft to soak my fingers sharing the vibrator's base with Aleah. We grinned at each other and pumped the dildo in and out of Bettie's tangy cunt. The slut's moans and gasps echoed through our stall, spilling over with the passion happening on either side of us.

I stared into Aleah's green eyes. Her dark-auburn hair swayed in pigtails, matching my own black locks. I pushed up my glasses before I leaned in to give my sister a naughty kiss. Our lips melted together in incestuous passion, heat flaring through me.

"Oh, that's hot," moaned Bettie. "Yes, yes, so fucking hot. Mmm, ram that dildo in and out of my cunt. I'm going to cum so hard. So fast!"

We did just that.

Aleah and I plundered Bettie's cunt with the dildo while our tongues danced. Our lips moved together. My pussy drank in the incestuous heat. My nose brushed hers. My tongue danced through her mouth. I loved every moment of us kissing, sharing our forbidden love. I was so glad we were sex slaves together.

That Corey's harem was getting wild.

"Oh, yes, yes, lick my asshole, In'am!" Regina moaned, her voice breathy. "And Havva... Ooh, you know how to lick pussy, don't you! Wow, yes, get that tongue in me! You look so naughty with that headscarf on. Such a bad, bad Muslim girl."

From the other side just came kissing and whimpering, Nadia and Jennifer getting to know each other like was proper. They were both girlfriends of Corey. They might even be his wives one day. Marrying him along with the genie. Who knew.

I broke the kiss with Aleah and shuddered, glancing up at the squirming Bettie. "Come on and explode!"

"Yes, yes!" Aleah moaned, driving the dildo faster and harder. "Just cum, you naughty slut."

"You're just a whore!" I moaned. "Corey's whorish princess!"

"Yes, yes, yes!" gasped Bettie. "His princess-slave! I'll love him so much!"

She bucked. Juices gushed out of her pussy and bathed my hand holding the base of the dildo. I smiled and jammed the vibrating toy deep in her. My sister and I both let go and let the toy hum away inside of her, buzzing and teasing and driving her wild.

I shuddered and watched the pleasure cross her face. Her burnished-brown hair danced in wild curls about her tan features. She leaned back, pressing into the wall above the toilet. Pussy cream dripped from the vibrator as she gasped out in rapture.

"Mmm, let's get wild with this, sis," Aleah said and ripped the vibrator out of Bettie's pussy.

"Wait, no!" groaned Bettie. "I could have cum again on it. Just shove it back in me!"

"I have a better place to shove this," purred my sister. "Bettie, face the wall and shove that ass out at us."

"Ooh, I like it," moaned the rich girl. She turned around with deft ease. She braced her arms on the tiled wall and thrust out her booty. She gave it a little shake, her plump rump jiggling.

"Now you," Aleah said, giving me a piercing look, "get that face between her butt-cheeks and lick."

"Yum!" I groaned, eager to lick out the princess-slave's asshole. "I bet she's got an earthy, dirty flavor."

"One way to find out," moaned Bettie. "Come on, Tania, get that mouth on my asshole! You're going to love it!"

Of course, I would. "But what are you going to be up to?" I asked as I shifted. I grabbed Bettie's plump rump. "Huh, sis?"

"Why, fucking your tight cunt with this naughty toy," Aleah said, holding up the vibrator.

My pussy clenched in incestuous anticipation.

I buried my face between the plump butt-cheeks of Bettie's rear and smooched down her crack. I worked lower and lower while my sister flipped up my skirt. She exposed my shaved twat to the air. My glasses shifted when bumped by Bettie's butt-cheeks.

I ripped them off and set them on the ground along the toilet bowl. They should be safe there.

I kept kissing. Smooching. The earthy flavor of her asshole came closer and closer. Then I nuzzled into her backdoor. My tongue danced around her sphincter. She gasped, her asscheeks squeezing around my face.

"Ooh, yes, Tania," she moaned. "Mmm, just feast on my ass!"

I did. With hunger.

As my sister brought the vibrator closer and closer to my pussy, sliding the buzzing tip up my thigh, I danced my tongue around Bettie's dirty hole. I caressed her. Teased her. I stroked over her sphincter, reveling in stroking every inch of her naughty flesh.

I pressed my tongue against her wicked opening. I teased her, lightly pushing, threatening to invade her bowels before backing off. The moans echoed around us, coming especially from Regina's stall.

"Yes, yes, yes!" she gasped, her hurricane raging strong. "Oh, you naughty sluts! Lick up my cream, Havva! Oh, yes, then In'am, I want to feel those titties on my face!"

They were having their fun, and we were having ours. Aleah brought the vibrator to my cunt. My sister teased me. My pussy drank in the buzzing toy. My tongue danced faster around Bettie's asshole, caressing her, teasing her.

She moaned, squeezing her butt-cheeks around my face. I pressed my tongue against her asshole with more force. As Aleah penetrated my cunt with the humming shaft, I thrust my tongue into Bettie's bowels.

Her anal ring parted.

My pussy celebrated being filled.

Aleah worked the dildo deeper and deeper into my cunt. I moaned into Bettie's bowels. My tongue danced around inside of her, teasing the naughty slut. She squeezed her bowels around my face. My sister twisted and wiggled the vibrator around inside of my pussy, sending such hot pleasure surging through my body.

I whimpered in delight, my pussy walls drinking in the bliss. She reamed it into me fast and hard while my tongue danced around in Bettie's asshole. My hand shot between the tanned slut's thighs. I grabbed her clit piercing, twisted it.

"Oh, my god, yes!" she moaned as I gripped the cream-coated piercing. "Mmm, I love to play with my jewelry."

I tugged on it. Twerked it. Her butt-cheeks clenched, squeezing around my face. Her moans grew louder, her asshole tighter. I swirled my tongue through that naughty hole, savoring the dirty, earthy flavor of her bowels. That sour musk that stained my lips and tongue.

My pussy clamped down hard on the vibrator pumping in and out of me. It teased my flesh, making me feel incredible. I shuddered and groaned, my hips swiveling back and forth. The pleasure rushed through my body, my cunt melting from the buzzing.

My sister drove me towards an orgasm.

"Yes, yes, shit!" Bettie moaned. "Ooh, twist that clit piercing. Oh, that's great. Just tug on it. Pull it. Drive me wild! I want to cum!"

I swirled my tongue around inside of her bowels and played with her gold ring. I stretched on it and she gasped. Her moans burst through the stall. Hot pussy juices gushed out. They bathed my hand, coating me in her tangy cream.

It was so hot to make her cum. To feel her bowels spasming around my tongue probing her asshole. I shuddered, my own climax building and building. My pussy drank in Aleah's plunging strokes with the vibrator, the buzzing toy felt incredible inside of me, churning me up, driving me towards my orgasm.

Then my sister buried her face between my butt-cheeks and sucked on my asshole.

"Aleah!" I gasped, my head ripping up from Bettie's sphincter. "Oh, my god, I love you, Aleah!"

I came.

My pussy convulsed around the vibrating toy. I bucked and shuddered, stars shooting out of my eyes and dancing before me. It was incredible to experience this incestuous bliss. I grew dizzy from the wonderful sight. My cunt clenched as the heat boiled around me. Juices gushed out, bathing over the toy and down my thighs.

My moans joined Regina's as she howled her head off. The other girls in there with her were gasping and whimpering, too. The stall wall rattled as someone thrashed against it. I loved it, my mind drinking in the ecstasy flowing through me.

"Oh, fuck, yes!" moaned Bettie. "Ooh, you two are so naughty. I see why Corey owns you."

"Body and soul!" I howled, my climax still flowing through me, my spasming pussy drinking in the pleasure of the vibrator humming away inside of me. "We're his!"

I hung there at the pinnacle of my orgasm at howling those words. I was so glad to be Corey's. My pussy spasmed around the toy. My body trembled. Then my pleasure died. I panted and groaned, rubbing my face into Bettie's plump ass.

I panted and luxuriated in the bliss of my dwindling orgasm.

Aleah ripped the vibrator out of my cunt and we all switched. I turned around and plunged it into her asshole, fucking her hard while Bettie slid past us. She leaned against the stall door and enjoyed my older sister feasting on that juicy cunt.

Jennifer and Nadia were both groaning in their stall, sounding like they were sixty-nining. Things were going wild in Regina's. All three girls were caught up in the wild, sexy storm my friend had conjured. Their moans bled through, making this all so exciting.

I had so much fun reaming the dildo in and out of Aleah's asshole and licking her incestuous pussy until she came. She drowned me in juices. I savored them all, licking up the spicy flood, my own twat on fire. Bettie joined her, the stall door rattling.

It was so much fun.

"I think we fulfilled Master's commands," I said, panting. My body felt incredible.

"Mmm, definitely," moaned Bettie. "We should go tell him."

"And sounds like the others are wrapping up," I said, listening to the soft kisses coming from Jennifer and Nadia. Hurricane Regina had calmed down to panting whimpers. "I want to hear about this study session with Vanessa."

"She's got a cherry cunt," said Aleah. "You're not the only one that can find virgins for him to fuck, sis."

I winked at her. "Well, you are my sister."

I smoothed down my skirt, adjusted my blouse and grabbed my glasses while Bettie dressed in haste. I opened the stall door, slipping out with the others. We all looked flushed and happy, ready to enjoy the remaining half of the lunch hour and talk with our sexy Master.


Corey Derrickson

As I walked out of the bathroom dressed, I hoped the rest of my harem were finding ways to amuse themselves. I couldn't wait to hear about what Aleah and Tania did to Bettie. Would it have sparked passion in my other women?

Vanessa and Zahia followed me. They were delicious. Two more girlfriends for the harem. I was getting a nice set. And having Sister Francis in it would be hot, too. After I let that naughty cunt of hers simmer over night.

She headed in the other way when she left, rushing to deal with that itching pussy. Asra watched us, leaning against the wall. Her dark eyebrows narrowed. Her black lips pursed tight. She had her arms folded across her white blouse, her hands gripping her arms above the elbows.

Her fingernails bit into her flesh as fury crossed her face. Cold and deathly.

"You'll need to find another teacher," I said and paused. "Maybe Mrs. Blackwood. I wouldn't mind fucking a married MILF."

Asra curled back her lips in snarling fury.

"Just tell me who you want," I said. "Any girl. Two. Three. How about Pita and Ursula? I bet you'd love to have them sucking on your tits."

"You are a disgusting piece of filth," she growled. She stalked up to me on her combat boots. "I just want to peel the skin off your flesh inch by inch."

"You really need to get laid. I'll tell you what, I'll make sure Pita and Ursula show up at your dorm. You give them a great time. Make them cum hard, and I'm sure they'll be your girlfriends."

With a hissing shriek, Asra marched off.

"Wow, she really needs to have her pussy licked," said Vanessa. "She's tightly wound."

"Uh-huh," Zahia said, sounding worried. "She wouldn't actually try to hurt you?"

I snorted in laughter for a moment, then I remembered last year. Dark forces had tried to take Kyle's genie. When they grabbed Aaliyah, I intervened and ended up in the hospital for a month. I definitely had to confront the genies after school and make sure there were no dangers lurking out there.

"Do you think she would?" I asked my Marid.

Zahia blinked her eyes behind her glasses. Then she nodded her head. "She frightens me. I think she can be a big problem."

The Marid's wise eyes sent a tingle of worry through me. I would have to be on my guard around Asra. Would she try anything in PE? I rolled my shoulders. All the fun and games were nice, but I didn't want anyone to get hurt.

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To be continued...