The Erotic Love Stories of

(These works are for adults)

Jenn's BI Experience - Jenn visits a gay bar, planning to meet a friend, but things turn out completely different than she would have ever imagined. (ff,fm)

JT's Party - One of the true ones. Not for the faint hearted and very explicit. About my ex-boyfriend's birthday party that turned out to be MY party! Although there are pics (taken by Mark), I don't normally send them "out". (mf,orgy)

!Rape! - A definite work of fiction that I neither endorse nor support. I was very bored house-sitting for my girlfriend in Arizona and wrote it rather than have it happen! About a cable guy who doesn't even resemble Jim Carrey. (mf,rp)

The Bungling Burglar - This is another work of fiction. About a young, female "cat" burglar who gets caught. (mf,dom)

The Closet Part 1 - Some of my most "challenging" in writing. I wanted to try to write a story from a man's perspective. I hope I got it in this raw tale about a husband who spies on his wife from the closet. (ffm,inc,voy)

The Closet Part 2 - I write a lot from the man's point of view in part two of the closet. I hope I got it right, and would appreciate any comments that the peanut gallery care to offer. (ffm,inc,voy)

The Dentist Part 1 - A different kind of dentist story...much more about pleasure than pain. Deals in my favorite subject- seduction but more like taking advantage of a patient who is "gassed". (mff)

The Dentist Part 2 - A continuation of the fun and frolic at the Dentist's office, mmm that chair is so comfy. (mff)

Karen - My other true story of young f/f love. How it happens and what didn't happen. Most guys won't like it as it's probably not graphic enough. Too bad! Girls wondering will LOVE it! (I know I did and still do!) (ff)

Laura - Fictional accounting of meeting a fellow on-liner (who happened to be married). Two women with a guy eventually joining in. (ffm)

Massaged - Some on-liners have said this is my best story to date about meeting a couple for the "first time" in a 3-way. Very erotic and juicy! (ffm)

Megan's - Another challenger! Written as it was "spoken" to me by an on-liner couple who hadn't written about their sexcapade but wanted me to! Thanks for asking! I loved writing it! (mff)

Sheikdown - You've met women like this many times! They think they are going to take advantage of someone and find that they are the suckers! Whether you're a gal or a guy, you will agree these money-grubbers get what they deserve! (ffm,dom)

Summer Pool - Another true one..sorry to say. I threw caution to the wind in getting involved with this very forward teen girl! (She was VERY sexy!) In the end, she won out. I knew I should have listened to my women's intuition!! (ffm)

Travelin' - An "ode" to my longest AOL friend who happens to be married (damn! the best ones are always taken!) traveling salesman and a handsome guy! He is responsible for me being involved in texts! (ffm)

Vantasy - This is another one of those sexy fantasies that I would never want to come true. About a "snatch 'n grab" victim and her captors. (mf,mmf)

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