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Latest new story added 08/17/00

Baby Brenda

Added 12/30/99 - This story explores Brenda's youthful sexual discovery. You can read about Brenda when she is all grown up and her adventures with a new and different sort of sexual discovery in our story, "Like Mother, Like Daughter." (g solo, b/g, g/g)

BD's Harem

Added 10/15/99 - BD's an average kind of guy, living an average kind of life, until one day he misses his commuter train home. He calls his loving wife to tell her that he'll be late, but while he's waiting for the next train his life changes forever. (mff, cheat, rom)

Billy and Jilly

Two pre-teens sexual awakening and experimentation takes shape as Billy and Jilly are playing a game. Things somehow get out of hand, and the two find themselves in Billy's closet learning the meaning of sex. (mf, youth, first, mast)

Billy and Jilly: The Deed

Two hyper-active pre-teens fool around to the point of "doing the deed." They find they like it a lot and from that point on they have a "new" relationship. (mf, youth, first, intercourse)

Castle Blackbern

Added 08/14/99 - In a time far far in the past, the lovely princess Gwenyth and her family are put to the sword after being subjected to unspeakable torture. Gwenyth walks the lonely corridors of her ancestral castle for centuries before finding the right human being to dominate. Then she begins her revenge upon all men. (mf, gang-rape, v, ghostly revenge)

The Cyber Meet

Steve and Marsha meet "on-line" and carry on a close relationship, sharing their innermost feeling via their computers. Finally the day comes when they meet in real life. (mf, cyber, rom)

Dusty's Deflowering

Added 11/18/99 - The throaty vocalizations of Dusty's arousal filled the air, as she lay there naked across her bed. Her fingers flew over her open and very stimulated snatch. The beautiful little 16-year-old was well on her way to a very intense orgasm. For the record, it was her third self-generated cum of the day. The first was a quick little cunny cum before she even got up. The second was another little quickie in the girls' room at school. But this promised to be the best of the day. At least so far! (m+/f, cons, f solo, first)

Graduation Trip

Kamiko and her best friend Cindy get a high school graduation gift. They get permission to take a weeklong trip to New York City, all by themselves. What their parents don't know is that they plan on visiting a Lesbian bar in the hopes of being "picked up" by real Lesbians. (ff, ff, teen, lesbian)

Hit the Showers

Added 07/28/00 - Julie and Jennie giggled as they entered the locker room. They were the last girls to leave the pool, Julie giving Jennie a little lesson that would help her make her turns a bit tighter and faster. All the things Julie had been teaching Jennie over the years had paid dividends. (f/f, incest, voy, F solo, M solo)

I Enjoy Being a Girl

Added 04/10/99 - Angie is a beautiful young woman who discovers the power that she has over boys at an early age. She uses her sexual magnetism to her advantage. (b+g, voy, exhib, ff, mf)

Jimmy and Kenny Complete Their Education

Added 05/03/99 - This story is not exactly a sequel to our work "I Enjoy Being a Girl," but if you have read that one then some of the references in this story will make a bit more sense. (bbf, inc, ped, first)

Johnny Stayed After

Johnny has to stay after class to complete a report that he should have done during class. The reason he hadn't completed his assignment was because he kept daydreaming about his teacher Miss Simpson. (mf, teacher/teen, first)

Katie Becomes a Woman

Added 04/10/99 - For those who enjoyed our story of Melissa (Melissa's Special Afternoon), we offer this story about Melissa's friend Katie and the advent of her womanhood. (mf, adult/teen, first, ped)

Krissy's Discoveries

Added 05/13/99 - Little 8 year-old Krissy is really naughty. She watches her parents while they have sex in their bedroom without their knowledge. She likes to play with uncle Randy, or at least she did like too, until her father caught them. But that doesn't stop little Krissy's voyage of discovery; as you'll see if you read this story. (g solo, M/F, M/g, b/g)

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Added 12/30/99 - This is the story of Brenda, an attractive young widow with a teenage daughter. Despite her considerable sexual experience Brenda discovers that there are STILL new physical delights to discover. If you would like to read more about Brenda's sexual awakening as a young girl, please read our story "Baby Brenda." (F solo, f solo, F/f, inc)

Melissa's Special Afternon

Melissa comes home from school tired and frustrated. The boys at her school are such pigs, that she's depressed. But being a healthy teenage girl she still can't help dreaming. In this short story Melissa is caught pleasuring herself by her father. He is drawn into his daughter's fantasy and commits incest with her. (mf, inc, teen/adult, first)

Peepers Pay

Added 08/17/00 - A nieve virgin 6 months ago, Becka was rapidly becoming familiar with her body's signs of sexual arousal. It was right here in Bobby's car that Becka had surrendered her virginity. (voy, group)

Rachel's Rape; Rachel's Revenge

A young woman is used and abused by her boyfriend and his friends. But the story doesn't end there -- Rachel gets her revenge. (gang-rape, violence, murder)

Semester Break

Michelle and Marty are two college girls who meet at the school cafeteria and strike up a friendship, which becomes a love affair. (ff, college, rom)

Snowy Saturday Night

Added 05/28/99 - Bill and Cheryl have been dating for almost a year. Cheryl was a "good girl" and always stopped their petting sessions before Bill could go all the way. But one snowy Saturday night she found that she couldn't put him off any longer. (mf, first, college)

Steamy Summer Day

Added 05/28/99 - Natalie is a wild young woman where anything goes. She seduces her boyfriend Dan and his best buddy Joe into putting on a little show for her. If Joe will suck Dan's dick, Natalie will let Joe have his way with her while Dan watches. (mm, 1st-bi, mf, exh, voy)

The Old Swimming Hole

Added 11/20/99 - Betsy and Trisha were thoroughly enjoying their mid- summer break from their brothers. For two whole weeks the boys were off to camp, and Betsy and Trisha were relishing the air of freedom that prevailed. Not that things were all that different. And yet it seemed as though they were. (gg, first)

'Twas the Day After Christmas

Added 12/30/99 - Christmas Eve was quiet. It was not a quiet of peace and contentment. It was a quiet of emptiness and loneliness. When you're bi and have had your girl- friend around since college days, you know that the possibility exists that for one of you, or both, Mr. Right might someday come along. With things as they are, it could even be a Ms. Right who separates you. (FF, rom)

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