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A1 Ships Slave - by Cerberus - A 13 year old girl from a British port from a poor family is legitimately under order of government taken as "entertainment" on a pirate ship. She becomes impregnated and has the baby on the ship as source of entertainment. She is tortured, raped, humiliated and abused... everything that should happen to a woman. (MM/f-teen, ped, nc, rp, v, mast, oral, anal, tor, bd, ws, preg)

A1 Wife Conversion - by LJDoofus75 - This is a story about a wife's sexual awakening and what her husband had to do to make it happen. (MF, MM, FF, nc, wife, bi, mast, oral, anal, swingers, public, bd) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

A Bedroom Conversation - by The Dawn - A very dark tale of a husband who finds out his wife has been cheating on him and uses her rape fantasy to get even. (M+/F, nc, rp? wife, gb, rough, bd)

A Bitch Gets Bred - by checkers - A story about a falling apart marriage and a couple sexual exploring with a stubborn wife. (FFM, nc, beast, swingers, bd)

A Bully is Taught a Lesson - by Eraser - Billy likes to blackmails women into doing things they might not do otherwise. (FF, MF, nc, exh, beast, group, bd, blkmail) Part 2

A Cabin Trip With The Maid - by Pallidan - Daughter finds out during a vacation with her mother and their maid, who the real mistress of the house is. (FF, dom, v, bd, intr)

A Chance Meeting In The Inmateria - by Slave to Magick - A world of shared fantasy brings both pleasure and pain as two people meet in the Inmateria to play out their fantasies. (MF, oral, anal, bd, sci-fi)

A Charmed Life - by Kellie - My habit of flirting and teasing my way though school comes back to haunt me. (M+/F-teen, nc, rp, bd, ws)

A Date to Remember - by Izzy_22 - Lilah is excited about her date with Gino, but as the evening progresses things take a turn for the unexpected. Lilah could never even have begun to imagine what the night had in store for her. (MF, nc, v, oral, anal, bd)

A Day At The Zoo - by Anon - A slave must endure the punishment inflicted by her Master, which includes encounters with animals at the local zoo. (Mdom/F, bd, tor, beast)

A Day On Ellen And Ken's Farm - by netsfan_44 & Khan-e - A day on Ken and Ellen's farm... with sister and boyfriend, and some of the nasty things they do to each other. (MF, inc, nc, bd) Part 2

A Deep Desire - by Sleazy E - A young woman meets up with an ex-boyfriend and can't deny her passion to be his plaything. (MF, reluc, anal, bd, sci-fi)

A Demonstration On The Dangers Of Temptation - by Slave to Magick - In the world of Dragon Age a handsome Templar has captured a beautiful apostate and is bringing her back to the Circle. But with the woman's life in his hands and total control over her future he is not able to control his own temptations. (MF, nc, rp, v, oral, anal, bd, sci-fi, tor)

A Family Vacation from Hell - by Uncle Karl - A family meets a well prepared predator who is going to change their lives. Drugged and forced to perform for their new master, how will they get out this and who will they be when it's done? (Mdom/MFf, nc, rp, v, bi, inc, 1st, drugs, bd, ws)

A Father's Destiny - by BMAN - A father tosses out his gay son and gets a tough lesson. (MM, nc, rp, inc, mast, anal, bd, asian)

A Funny Thing Happened To Natalie - by Zinquox - Natalie Portman is kidnapped and drugged and raped.(MMF/f-teen, nc, rp, intr, bd, celeb-parody)

A Girl Named Naomi: Jungle Gym - by Mr. Universe - The pilot story for the series 'A Girl Named Naomi'. Harking back to her schoolgirl days, a young Naomi finds herself in a situation where her academic success comes at a heavy price. (mf-teens, youths, reluc, exh, tor, bd)

A Good Husband - by NoRealWriter - Her husband had seen the young black man at his health club. The youth, who worked as a club lifeguard during the last several summers. The quiet and unassuming young man exuded a raw, youthful and intense animal sexuality and he felt that he would make the perfect partner for his wife. (MFF, reluc-wife, intr, bd)

A Kinky Story - by Luke Warmwater - This story is about no-holds-bared sex threesome, not for the novice reader. (MFF, bi, dom, bd, ws, scat)

A Lesson For The Bitch Wife - by Randy Andy - A nasty wife learns that she is the one who will so as she's told. No longer will she be able to humiliate her husband in public with immunity. (MF, FF, nc, v, huml, catfight, bd)

A Letter To Master Robin - by Virgin - A letter to Master Robin from his beloved new servant about a surprise training he had set up for her while he was out of town. Being new to her task she has not yet seen her masters member, and had to be prepared to take on his large cock. (MF, nc, d/s, bd) Part 2

A Love For Tracy - by Will Rainer - This is an unconventional storyline - written in the form of an online chat. I won't say any more about the content, I think it speaks for itself. Comments are more than welcome. (MF, cyber, oral, bd, intr)

A Lustful Teacher - by Anon - A female teacher at an all girl's school falls in love with her student and can't help keeping it quiet anymore. (Ff, ped, nc, rp, 1st, mast, oral, bd, tor, forced-orgasms)

A Marriage Marred in Heaven - by Winker - A couple decides to live out a fantasy only to find that fantasy and reality are not entirely the same thing. (Mdom/MF, reluc, wife, cpls, intr, huml, bd, drugs, swingers, cuck, preg)

A Night At The Movies - by Pallidan - Mother and daughter decide to enjoy a movie at a local adult movie theatre, but they soon find themselves living it. (FF, exh, bd, mast, oral, anal, inc)

A Night In The Dungeon - by Will Rainer - A fun and fetishistic encounter between a dominant man and submissive female. This story is the first of what will be a series of tales posted on this site that explore sexual taboos and fetishes. Reader comments are more than welcome. (Mdom/Fsub, bd, tor)

A Night Of Introduction And Passion - by Randall - A man is taken and becomes the object of a gangbang for men and dogs. (MM-beats/MM, nc, anal, bd, orgy)

A Night With Heather - by Anon - A couple play with sexual dominance and bondage. (MF, d/s, bd)

A Persian Princess Falls - by Sonya Esperanto - A story about a Persian lady living in Germany who becomes a mind control slave to her German Neo Nazi ex-boyfriend. He makes her suffer for not letting him stay with her after being evicted from his own place. (Mdom/F, nc, rp, oral, anal, tor, bd)

A Pet in the Attic - by genderfluidfreak - A teenage girl is kidnapped and discovers she likes being a pet. (M+/f-teen, ped, nc, rp, v, 1st, bd, tor, ws)

A Pup Named Jessica - by Jessica - A weekend as his puppy girl leads her to contentment and ecstasy. (M-dom/F-sub, reluc, oral, anal, ws, bd)

A Quiet Weekend - by Amanda - Be careful what you wish for in your fantasies as they can sometimes come true. A quiet weekend for the girls turns into a weekend of fun and experiences that we didn't expect but always secretly wanted to experience. (MMF, reluc, oral, bd)

A Ride In The Country - by Pet Shelly - A Master takes his pet to fulfill a fantasy. (MMF, bdsm, beast)

A Rival's Fall - by Slave to Magick - A Hermetic Mage captures a rival and force her to become his slave in revenge for her politically opposing him. What starts out as an attack turn into a special relationship between the two. Fan-fiction in the Mage the Ascension setting. (MF, nc, rp, anal, bd, v, tor, sci-fi)

A Roman Experience - by Prisoner - I write this now, before the images fade in my memory. I have just returned from a dinner party at the home of Marcus Vintorius. Marcus is the most famous man in Rome today. Those who read these words at some later time may not know this, so I will take a few moments to explain. (MM, nc, sm, voy, bd, tor, hist)

A Routine Enslavement - by Falcon - This is a fantasy of a future society featuring indentured servitude and legalized slavery. It is a story of a man who has devoted his life to the business of enslaving insolvent female debtors, and a young professional woman who struggles to avoid becoming his next victim. (MMF, nc, rp, voy, bd, fantasy) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

A Russian Ordeal In Mongolia - by Helena Aranatovya - About a Russian mother living with her daughter in Mongolia having to endure hard economic times, is forced to prostitute herself to not only her landlord whom she is in two months arrears of rent payment but also to the local people. (MMF, reluc, 1st, oral, anal, intr, bd) Part 2

A Schoolgirl's Discipline - by Matt Benson - Cindy Powers a pretty high-schooler with an adventurous nature is put in her place when she acts up at an exclusive prep-school. (MFmf/f-teen, ped, d/s, inc, oral, anal, s/m, spank, exh, huml, bd)

A Short Tail - by Kippy189 - A young woman learns not to let her boyfriend tie her up. (MF, F/beast, nc, bd)

A Simple Black Plan - by Pallidan - A black neighbor daughter has a plan on how to turn their white neighbors into their slaves and proposes it to her mother. They set the plan in motion. (FF, exh, dom, bd)

A Slut Is A Slut - by Pallidan - A bank owner meets the daughter of a lady who used to dominate her in college. The daughter decides to carry on the family tradition. (FF, exh, reluc, dom, bd, anal-play, spank)

A Space Port Story - by Kala Sanura - A Zeltron military operative is caught by surprise at a space port while hunting an ellusive Falleen criminal and is at the mercy of his desire. (MF, nc, rp, bd, sci-fi)

A Story From My Wife - by RickInMD - This story was written by my wife for me. She is a very creative and kinky woman. (MF, wife, voy, bi, bd, orgy, swing)

A Taste for Pussy - by Deborah the Cowgirl - My favorite thing in the world is definitely my own pussy. Not only is it my greatest pleasure source, it is also the source of my power over men, which gives me even more pleasure. I often force my slaves to spend hours worshipping my pussy to make sure it remains the rightful center of their universe. But sometimes dominating a man is not enough for me. Like a cat bored with her favorite toy, I begin to look for new things to explore. In this case, I got the fancy to explore another woman's pussy to see if I could make that mine as well. (FF, d/s, s/m, drugs, oral, toys, bdsm)

A Taxi Driver's Tale - by Speeding Hornet - A Taxi Driver is involved in a minor road accident the events which follow spiral out of control for the other driver. Feel free to comment via email. (MF, nc, rp, oral, anal, bd) Part 2

A Torturous Fuck - by Slave To Magick - This is a Sword of Truth fanfic, a pair of Mord-Sith entertain themselves by sexually torturing their pets. (FFM, nc, rp, oral, anal, bd, sci-fi)

A Truck Driver's Story - by Roman - A truck driver likes to snatch little children and keep them captive for his perverse pleasures. (MF/g+, ped, dom, bd, bi)

A Ukrainian Prostitute's Ordeal in Bangkok - by Natasha Romanov - About a Ukrainian prostitute selling her ass off in Thailand being forced to service a racist white American client. (MF, oral anal, bd)

A Virgin Sacrifice - by Abbey Normal - Deep under the ground, a girl is brought before a monster. But it might not be what it looks like. (F/beast, reluc, 1st, bd, sci-fi)

A Way Of Life - by Caesar - What happens to three friends when a dominant moves into their neighborhood. From the ladies point of view. (mf,dom,mc) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

A Whore Is Born - by Randy Teacher - Two girls are drugged and fucked by black guys and finally made into their whores. (M+/ff-teens, nc, rp, v, bd, intr)

A Wicked Beginning - by Pallidan - Two daughters plot the demise of their mothers. (FF, nc, dom, bi, bd, toys, spank)

A Wife's Fantasy - by J&L - A husband sets his wife up for a night of fun with a stranger. (MMF, reluc, d/s, swing, bd, voy, spank, rom)

A World Away - by This Guy - He's a young high school student walking in a park who falls through a hole in time... off a cliff, into dense forest where he encounters a stunning woman. She takes him prisoner, feeds him, and fucks him and oh, so much more. (Fdom/mf-teens, sci-fi, time travel, bd) Part 2 - Part 3

A Young Woman's Pain - by TheAverageYankee - Young woman is tortured after rejecting the Mailman. (MF, nc, rp, tor, bd)

Abby's "Birth" Day Party - by dale10 - Abby is having a baby. And the guys are throwing a special party for the event. It absolutely obscene. (MMg, ped, nc, rp, v, ws, bd, tor)

Abducted - by Mynameisjudge - Tess finds herself roped and gagged in a dark dungeon. (MF, nc, rp, 1st, oral, anal, bd)

Abducted Bride - by Pixnix Author - What a hell of a way to spend a honeymoon, he had reason to think. Ahead of him in Marseille his bride was waiting after running out on him their first night together in Paris. Utter, utter stupidity, he grimaced, the details of their last hour together flickering through his mind like the reel of an old silent movie. Perhaps he had been a little rough, but by God she had it coming to her... (MF, FF, wife, bond, prost, intr, white-slavery, drugs, dwarfs)

Abducted Social Worker - by The Cryptkeeper - Young, white social worker abducted, drugged, and raped by black, drug-dealing pimp and his black lesbian partner. (MF, FF, nc, rp, bd, intr, drugs, v, mc)

Abducting Lantia - by MercySlayer - Lanita pulled at her uniform from the heat. She had been on the police force for five years and was proud of the fact that she could still wear her rookie uniform. At 5 feet 4 inches and 130 pounds she was the picture of fitness and kept her self in fantastic shape. Her police uniform fit snuggly around her 34B breast sticking her bra to the shirt in the heat of the evening... (MF+/F, intr, bond, policewoman) Part 2 - Part 3

Abduction - by Crispin - I've always loved aliens. I guess they love me, to. (M/F-alien, bd, sci-fi)

Abduction - by The Writer - A man abducts a not so unwilling woman that turns into a threesome that turns the tables on the man who eventually realizes that he's in bondage heaven. (MFF, nc?, bd, s/m, d/s, toys)

Abduction: Raining Cats and Dogs - by Lady Jay and Ken L. Master - A teenage boy runs away from home. Then almost at once he's kidnapped by two men with an unusual fetish. (MM/m-teen, beast/m-teen, nc, rp, 1st, intr, bd, huml, cd, tg, anal) Part 2

Absolute Power - by WarLord - Billy is given great power and as he is tested he confronts other men of power. (FFm, inc, bi, mc, bd, orgy) Part 2 - Part 3

Accident - by SubVee - A young submissive female in search of her true Fem Dom. (Fdom/F, ws, oral, bond, strapon)

Acid Rain - by Frank T. Gilson - Her nails ripped furrows in my flesh as her body straightened, back arched, shaking. As I came, flooding her, matching her orgasm with mine, I ripped the left bedpost and thus my arm, free. I threw myself forward, flipping her off me and onto the floor. (MF, rough-sex, bd, v)

Adventure Ride - by An Erotica Addict - Unbeknownst to you, tonight, your life was about to change forever! (FFM, bi, voy, bd, orgy, toys)

Adventures Of Blackwoman - by Pallidan - Blackwoman with her supernatural powers to control people sets off to right a wrong at a local school. She has to make a stop on the way; however, when she hears a maid being mistreated. (FF, nc, rp, voy, bd)

Adventures Of Jade - by Hummmvee - Jade gets a teaching job at a local Academy for girls. Lots of 'rugmunching' and intrigue. Slow, juicy buildups with character development. (FFf, mc, nc, bdsm, v, sn, medical fetish) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9

Adventures Of Mira - by Terri - A little story about lesbian sex. This might turn into a series if the author submits further episodes. (FF, bd)

Adventures Of Perry The Pig - by bLACKFLAg - A young boy gets into raunch and sexual humiliation. He finds an ideal master in his older brother. (MM/b+, ped, inc, bd, ws, orgy) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Adventures Of Rachel Roundheels, Teen Slutpuppy - by Pudgy Boop - Rachel discovers her parents are more interesting than she'd ever imagined. (MF, FF, MM, family, adults/teens, voy, exh, inc, bd)

Aegean Holiday - by Rose Eastmann - Middle aged couple get rid of the kids and go on their first holiday in ten years. John has won a bet which means that his wife has to agree to do everything he asks her to do. First in a series of stories hopefully! (MF, exh, voy, bd, swing, beast)

African Drums - by Dark Dreamer - (8 part series) About a spoiled young woman who accompanies her rich parents on a safari and gets kidnapped by one of the natives. (M+/f-teen, rp, exh, intr) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8

After The Party Rape - by Wiley04 - This story is about a young girl who is raped on the way home from a party. It is highly descriptive in a purely sexual sense and completely non-consensual. (MM/F-teen, rp, bdsm, v)

Against Her Will - by Wiley06 - An Asian girl has an encounter with three men, late at night. (M+/F, nc, bd, asian, intr, tor, v)

Agency, The - by J. Taylor - This story is about white slavery. An owner of an oriental "talent" agency seduces attractive young American girls with drugs and money. (MF, mc, drugs, nc)

Agreement, The - by Mellanie Hewlitt - This story is all about deception... and a little forced sex. (MM/F-teen, nc, forced, bd)

Al McNeely - by L J J Hanson - A teenage boy is taught all about sadomasochism by a neighbor man, experimenting with young girls in the neighborhood. (Mm/f, ped, nc, d/s, bd)

Alex Mack - Annie Again - by Mike Smith - A parody of the Alex Mack Cable TV Series and movies. These stories have been written by various authors and range all over the place as to content and quality of writing. You be the judge. (ff, mf, bd, parody)

Alex Mack - Trent And Alex - by Mike Smith - A parody of the Alex Mack Cable TV Series and movies. These stories have been written by various authors and range all over the place as to content and quality of writing. You be the judge. (ff, mf, bd, parody)

Alexis Betrayed - by Mercyslayer - Alexis thought Jake was the love of her life. She finally was alone with him and the sex was great. She did not know that Jake had given her to his friends to abuse. (MMF, nc, rp, oral, anal, bd)

Algonquin Memories - by Douglas Fox482 - Unbeknownst to you, tonight, your life was about to change forever! (FFM, bi, voy, bd, orgy, toys) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Alice And Cassie - by Bythe Spirit - Not only was I seduced by an eight year old, but also it was with her parent's connivance - and the there was her brother... eh um sister! (Mg, extreme-ped, inc, cd, bd, spank)

Alice Goes To A Concert - by Dark - A 14 year old girl, Alice Barber, wants to attend a big concert but her parents won't let her, so she goes without their permission. They think she is going to her friend's house. Alice takes the train, where she finds out that the world is more dangerous then she ever imagined. This trip she will never forget. (M+/fteen, ped, nc, rp, v, gb, bd)

Alien Invasion - by L. Clyde - (Part 1) Two school friends discover a series of terrible sex crimes occurring in different parts of the world. The victims are all young women under 21 years old. They are always attacked whilst in groups and in isolated areas. After the assault the victims cannot remember a thing. Despite at least a dozen of these attacks no one in authority seems to have made an obvious link. Will these two English schools girls be able to solve this mystery? Would they do better to ignore the evidence they have chanced across? (M+/f-teens, rp, 1st, voy, bd)

Alison's Bad Day Teaching - by CA Stories - Alison never knew that teaching high school could lead to this. One of her students gets his revenge when she fails him in class. (MF-teens/F, nc, rp, bd, bi, orgy, ws)

Alison's Summertime Surprise - by Christie - A young lady tries to surprise her boyfriend but gets a surprise of her own... and something more. (M/F-teen, underage, reluc, 1st, bd, preg)

All American Boy - by Casandra MX - A guy gets into some really strange shit when he hooks up with a couple of strange women during a business trip and becomes their sex slave. But never fear, all ends well -- for him anyway. (FFdom/M, bd)

All Tied Up - by Abberation - A simple bit of fun turns into a fucking I'll never forget as my wife sets me up for a little fun. Tying me down to the bed, she and her best friend arrange for me to try something new, whether I like it or not! (MMFF, reluc, bi, bd)

All Tied Up - by Negative Creep - A teen abduction, gang rape and cum bath. (M+/f-teen, nc, rp, v, ws, bd)

Allie - by The One - The story of a high school girl's pursuit of an unbearable fetish for skintight clothes that leads her to disaster. (ff-teens, bd, fantasy)

Allie's Weekend - by bbltpt - A young woman awakens from her drunken stupor to discover a cruel rapist had invaded her home. The man not only ravishes her repeatedly but invites his friends over to join in for a weekend of using her for their pleasure. (M+/F, nc, rp, v, d/s, oral, anal, bd, gb)

Allison Gets Caught In The Doggy Door - by Tony Jackyl - My wife Allison gets locked out of the house naked while trying to grab the mail... the neighbor's dog takes advantage of the situation. (MMF, nc, rp, wife, beast, bd)

Allysin Lets Strangers Rape And Abuse Her - by Allysin - A true story about a girl named Allysin who let dozens of men rape and abuse her on Valentine's Day 2012. (MMF, nc, rp, v, bi, mast, oral, anal, bd, drugs, huml)

Alone - by William DuPain - This is a story about a young woman whose past catches up with her and then threatens her current career and social standing. She is blackmailed, harassed, and turned into a mere sexual love slave. But ends up loving it in time. (MF, reluc, exh, bd) Part 2 - Part 3

Alternate Lifestyle: Martin's First Experience - by Kaz - Meeting a strange couple for sex can lead to the unexpected. Martin meets Susan and Tommy for sex and is introduced to mild role-play and bondage. He ends up being screwed by both of them and finds out that he likes it. (MMF, bi, orgy, swing, bd)

Alyssa's Ordeal - by Anon - Alyssa Milano finds the biggest role of her life when she is abducted by aliens. (F/aliens, nc, mc, bd, sci-fi, celeb-parody)

Amanda's Continuing Education - by Vulgas - A young woman graduates from college and gets a job as a counselor in an inner city high school. Before long she becomes a toy to one of her students. (m+f-teens/F, nc, rp, exh, oral, intr, bd, blkmail, huml)

Amateur Porn - by Anon - A guy and his girlfriend really get into watching an amateur porn movie. (MF, bd, voy)

Amber Is Mine - by Lansara_star - A guy rapes a girl who looks just like his sister. (MF, D/d, bdsm, rp, tort)

Amen Sister (Mary's Heavenly Awakening) - By Lisa Rains - The straight-laced wife of a stuffy minister is sexually liberated when a rough, sexy ex-con overpowers the couple and holds them hostage in the church. He dominates the husband and awakens undreamed-of passion in the sex-starved wife. (Mdom/MF, spank, reluc, bd, cuck)

American Concubine - by Cindy Silver Eyes - A Sultan is used to getting what he wants. (MF, d/s, slavery, bd)

Amy's Bad Day - by Karl - Poor girl gets her first love then she gets raped over and over again. The author claims that the story has a happy ending. (M+/f, ped, nc, rp, v, oral, anal, bd, mc, tor, beast, extreme)

An Awakening - by Isadore - A story about a young man's awakening to a new sexuality. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, oral, bd, fisting)

An Exhausting Day - by AnonByDesign - Short little bondage/orgasm control story I had in my head. A woman is tied to a chair and forced to come forever (so to speak). Her reactions receiving nonstop pleasure with no control. (MF, forced, oral, bd)

An Infamous Night In London - by TLVSBD - A seductive young woman makes a bad decision and ends up enduring a bondage session with almost fatal consequences. (MF, bd, v)

An Interracial Fantasy - by Pallidan - Wife comments about a neighbor daughter leads both herself and her husband into a life of slavery to their black neighbors. (FFM, exh, dom, bd, intr)

An On-line Sissy Lives Her Dream - by Sir Liam - A sissy in her early 20s begins a cyber-relationship with a Master that leads to living out her deepest fantasies. (MM, tg, oral, anal, bd, d/s, sci-fi)

An Unfinished Story - by Anonym - A tie-up game turns into making love. The girl however changes her mind after she has lost the control. (MF, nc, rp, bd)

And Justice For Fun - by TopCop69 - It's sad when your paradisiacal neighborhood is shattered by the presence of criminal activity. It's sadder still when that criminal activity is the burglarizing of your own home. However, it's too sweet when you get to mete out justice to the very young and terrified perpetrators staring into the barrels of your police issued revolvers. (MF/f, nc, rp, v, oral, anal, bd, 1st, orgy) Part 2

And Then You Came - by Spoonbender - I first saw you from my bedroom window, tap-tapping along on your high heels with your little tote bag on your back. Short black miniskirt, shapely legs and a tight white blouse, over which a dark jacket was draped decorously. Gaping wide to show the swell of your breasts. Thick dark hair cascading over your shoulders, a perplexing mixture of trepidation and what looked suspiciously like anticipation playing across your pretty oriental features. (MF, bd, cons, asian)

Andrej - by Tess Darcy - Tess gets home from a long day at work to find a man in her apartment who proceeds to "rape" and abuse her. (MF, nc, rp, bd, spank, oral, anal)

Andrew James Wellington III, Esq. - by Sirbosk1 - A rich under endowed Philly Lawyer date-rapes a young virgin, then marries her to silence her and later tries to destroy her when she finds out his "normal" cock, isn't. She gets some help from an old college girlfriend to turn the tables on him. (MF, FFdom/M, nc, oral, anal, voy, bd, huml, toys)

Angel, Open To The Public - by Max - A guy trains his girlfriend to be a public receptacle. (Mdom/F, exh, bd, toys)

Angie Comes Home - by RopeBinder - Tonight, in our own little world, we would define some important terms... respect, penance and frustration. By the time we were done, Angie would have a deep appreciation for all three. (MF, bd, sm)

Animal Cruelty - by Ed Rider - A mean man who hurt Dorothy's dog gets what he deserves when a neighbor friend decides to help her seek justice for his act of animal cruelty. (M/beast, nc, rp, bd, huml, voy)

Annie And Julie - by Philip Harris - Annie watched the spread-tied girl's narrow hips thrash as the young victim tried futilely to kick her legs free. Her open-legged struggle caused her pussy to "dance" above the bed delightfully. Annie reached out and grabbed a thatch of the girl's pubic hair, pulling her upward by it until the girl tore her hips away. (FFdom/F, lesbian, rp, bd)

Anniversary Present - by Rachel Gumm - For a few seconds, Leanne stared at the door, wondering whether she should just turn around and walk away. This was the first time she'd ever answered a personal ad of this nature. Eventually, she tentatively raised her arm and pressed the doorbell. (Fdom/FF, nc, bd)

Ann's Awakening - by Mervsaylor - A modest housewife decides to step outside her comfort zone while out one evening with her neighbors. She wonders what goes on behind the door of a strip club and finds out that she becomes the show. Chapters 1 through 5. (FF, reluc-exh, mast, bd)

Another Prize For Bratten - by El Ciego - Wealthy Atlanta businessman Paul Bratten is a man who has everything, including a beautiful black prostitute who is about to give him the birthday gift of a lifetime. (M/Ff-teen, intr, inc, rom, bd, prost)

Another Time and Place - by Realoldbill - Perhaps now... but certainly not here and now... a lovely young girl is raped and murdered. (M/f-teen, intr, nc, rp, v, bd, sn)

Ante-Bellum South - by biddle - Letters describe life at a camp where slaves are taught to please their masters and mistresses. (MF, intr, rp, v, bd, tor)

Appetitus Rationi Pareat - by The Confidence Man - A wimpy high school teen fantasizes about his mom, a lawyer, being raped by the school bully. The bully finds out, and has the wimp drug his mom. (Mf, nc, rp, inc, oral, bd)

April May - by Dennis C. Lee MC - A college girl becomes the victim of mind control, and is sold to a sadistic pimp. (MF, voy, nc, v, bd, mc, forced-prost)

Arab Slave - by Kinara in Thorns - A young American woman becomes lost in Zanzibar only to be held against her will and then sold into painful slavery. (M+/F, nc, rp, intr, oral, anal, bd)

Arriving Home Late - by Jello the Writer - A woman attempts to sneak into her home late. Little does she know that her spouse is waiting for her. (MF, d/s, forced-orgasm, v, spank, bd)

Art Of Pain, The - by Argus - A lovely young art critic finds herself captured by a provocative artist whose work depicts females in bondage and pain. (M/f-teen, bd)

Art Of Teaching, The - by Pallidan - A Teacher's secret is found out and a student takes full advantage of it. (FF, dom, bd)

Asian Adventures - by dale10 - My Adventures in Asia began with a very charming man and is son. (M+/m, ped, nc, rp, inc, v, bd, huml, ws, asian) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Asian Date - by Billybond06 - A military man discovers his Asian wife having an affair by accidentally finding a video tape. (MF, exh, v, mast, oral, anal, bd, asian, military)

At The Window - by Zig Bushing - Boyfriend traps his girlfriend at the window as she's talking to a neighbor, and takes her from behind. (MF, reluc, bdsm)

Attorney Cum Laude - by Ringle - A woman confronts her fears of sexuality. (FF, nc, exh, bd, tor, sm, rom)

Aunt Margaret's Stable - by Emily Rose - Three redheaded nymphomaniacs, three horses with a craving for human cunt. (F/ff-teens, ped, nc, beast, inc, 1st, voy, bd)

Aunty Jean: Another Visit To My Niece - by Anon - We go for another weekend at my niece and her partners. What starts of as a frustrating visit finally turns into a great few days. (FFM, age, inc, oral, anal, bd, spank)

Aunty Jean's Revenge - by Anon - After I fucked my cleaning lady I showed my Aunty Jean the video of my antics. This is her story of how she took her revenge on my hapless cleaning lady. (FFM, reluc, bi, bd, spank)

Auto-Closet, The - by Kristen O - A lone figure was accidently transported into the not too distant future using a time machine of his own creation. He emerged in a lady's bedroom filled with futuristic equipment. He did not recognize where he was. A machine in the corner of the room caught his eye. (MF, cd, tg, bd, sci-fi)

Autographs: Devon Sawa Gets Milked - by Arthur Wild, Le Marquis De Zade - Actor Devon Sawa is tricked, sucked, fucked, raped, and painfully milked for an autograph. (Mm-teen, mf-teens, ped, nc, rp, v, bi, oral, anal, bd, tor, celeb-parody)

Awaken - by Stanley_AC - A man is abducted and held against his will by a group of women who use him to satisfy their dominant sexual desires. (FFM, bi, nc, bd, orgy) Part 2

Babysit For An Hour - by Hotcouple - Alone after my wife died I lived in suburbia and had no one in my life that mattered. That is until new neighbors moved in. Though older than me, the husband was nice, but his wife became my fantasy. Amazingly even at 61 she was a Playboy centerfold lookalike. I'd watch her in my pool and dream of being her lover. Still not sure if I was just lucky, or set up, my dream came true--who cares why? (MF, wife, nc, rp, voy, oral, bd)

Babysitter, The - by Looney - Revenge on a babysitter goes way beyond a prank. (MF, teens, nc, rp, v, oral, bd, tort)

Back To Neighbors - by Pallidan - Mother catches her son with bondage magizines the neighbor daughter had given him and decides to go next door to tell her mother. Not what she expected. (FF, exh, bd)

Backyard Show - by Showife - I'm doing some work on a rental and my wife Samantha comes over one day and decides to lie out in the backyard to work on her tan. (MF, wife, mast, exh, bd)

Bad Medicine - by BigStudlyDude - I find out my fiancee, Dee is an unrepentant racist. I hate racism and plan to cure her of any hate she may be harboring, only to find out that I relied on some bad really bad medicine. (MMF, nc, intr, intr, bd)

Banana Guy - by Jeri - A kinky masturbation story. (M-solo, mast, anal, bd)

Baron's Childe, The - by Slave To Magick - The City's Prince sends his Sheriff to discipline the local Anarch leader. The Sheriff decides that hurting the Anarch himself would not be as effective as forcing him to watch as three ghouls brutally rape his young progeny. (MMF, nc, rp, v, tor, bd, ws, sci-fi, fan-fic)

Barroom Girl - by Rogue Alan - A female college student's introduction to being on his own in a new town away from his parents. (M+/F, intr, bd, exh, college, alcohol)

Barscene: Texas Bondage Story - by TXPleasure - He lifts a cold beer bottle to her mouth and pours it down her throat, forcing the bottle through her lips. He starts slipping the bottle farther and farther into her mouth, making her take that cold, hard bottle as she is about to take His cock... (Mdom/F, reluc, bd)

Basic Examination - by Zippo - Jim goes for a check-up and the nurses check him out.(FFM, reluc, bd, sci-fi)

BBW On Our Wedding Night - by Yod Gimel Hen - Bibs has shown me that she has learned to overcome her shyness from others (see collections 62, 63). After she got pregnant, on our wedding night, she has taught me a lesson of her own. (MMF, nc, gb, cuck, bd, ws)

Beach Party - by Abadone - Hammy's stag weekend where the boys get a bit wild on the beach. (M+/Ff, youths, nc, rp, v, 1st, bi, oral, anal, bd)

Beat - by Wiley06 - An Ethiopian High School freshman girl is grabbed by some of her racist classmates and raped and tortured and treated like an animal. (Mteens, nc, rp, oral, anal, intr, v, bd)

Beauty And The Beast - by Katieslave - The tale of true love and going beyond looks -- turns dirty in this tale of bondage and deceit. (MMF, voy, nc, v, bd)

Becca Brooke - by Dim - This is a true story, sort of. Some details are exaggerated, some completely made up. And some of the names have been changed to protect those that like to pretend they're innocent. But SOME of this is true. I'll let you fantasize about what's real and what's not. (FF, reluc, exh, v, bd, tor)

Becky And Kristy - by Dark Things Come - A short story about getting it on with future stepdaughter, turns into a novelle. (FFMf, ped, inc, 1st, bd, ws)

Becoming A Winner - by Benwa - Hal transforms Betty and himself from nerdy losers to gorgeous winners. (Mdom/F, mc, 1st, reluc, bd)

Becoming Her True Self - by Kellyn Kerrigan - She had been a submissive before, but now she was prepared to suffer for a cruel sadistic Master who took her pain as his pleasure. (MF d/s, reluc, v, bd, anal, ws)

Begging On All Fours - Steve - I've always suspected that woman have richer, wilder fantasies than men. Men are only beginning to perceive the true nature of woman's being. They have created a false image of her. She's' neither an angel nor a bitch in heat. If she is no longer an enigma, She's' certainly an everlasting source of wonder and rich in unexplored possibilities in every domain of life. (Mdom/F, oral, anal, beast, bd)

Beginning, The - by DuncanAtty - Attorney client relationship turns into a bondage relationship. (MF, bd)

Beginning, The - By Emily Francis - A young college student begins an affair with her older brother. (MF, FF, inc, anal, dp, bd, blkmail)

Behavioral Experiment Case Study #1012 - by Quid Pro Quo - A boy, his mother and sister on a family camping trip stumble upon a remote clinic, where they become unwilling subjects in a behavioral modification experiment. (F-adult/FM-teens, underage, inc, reluc, oral, anal, bd, mc, drugs)

Beth and Julie - by The Middle Digit - Friends living in London explore all types of sex. (MMF, dom, bi, exh, orgy, ws, beast, bd)

Beth Jorgans, Sex Slave - by Anon - A thirteen year old girl is accosted by two boys she knows and descends into a nightmare world not of her making. (Mm/f-teens, nc, rp, v, bd)

Beth's Not So Virgin Anymore - by BroRicard - A man acts on his boredom and frustration with his used-to-be virgin girlfriend. He decides to expand her horizons under the guise of some birthday bondage in an out-of-town excursion. (MMF, ped, nc, rp mc, tor, bd) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Bible Thumper - by Pantyh - Don't you hate it when people come to your door to push or sell you something? This story is a fantasy about what happens when they come to the wrong house. (MF, nc, v, bd, murd, nec)

Biker Slave - by hammerhead8950 - A bisexual man willingly becomes a sex slave and prostitute for the woman he loves. (MM-bi, MF, oral, anal, bd, orgy, tg, intr, rom) Part 2

Bill-The-Traitor Dot Com - by Sirbosk1 - Bill, a gambling addict, tries to cheat his best friends, his former construction crew, and gets caught. They punish him and take their revenge by sexually humiliating him publicly. (MM, nc, v, 1st, oral, anal, exh, tor, bd, blkmail, cast)

A two volume e-novel written by Zack
Entitled Bride of the Sun God.
(MF, sci-fi, mystical, bdsm, slave)

The Amalgamation Survey Ship Interloper moved in a synchronous orbit above the third planet of star U1256637. Far below on the planet's surface Lieutenant Thar Breg, the ship's Xenologist, sauntered through the streets of Lanudu, the capitol of Bridium, the island nation that improbably dominated the planet.

It was late spring in this northern hemisphere, and for once the sunshine wasn't blocked by clouds. He entered the cobblestoned square that surrounded the Temple of the Sun God, a massive granite structure that dwarfed all of the other buildings in the city...

Book One: Field Survey
Book Two: Bride of the Sun God

Birthday Girl, The - by Marcia R. Hooper - Rachel is the loving mother of five. At the age of 38, she is healthy, vital, a good provider for her children, needy of sex on a regular basis, and otherwise thoroughly messed up. Read this four-page short story to find out what her son Danny, has planned for her thirty-ninth birthday. (Mdom/F, inc, reluc, oral, anal, bd)

Birthday Present - by Dim - I selfishly write stories to amuse myself, and this one is no exception. Just a simple fantasy about a man making his sister-in-law's birthday memorable... whether he likes it or not. (Fdom/M, nc, bd, tor)

Bitch in the Bedroom - by Mind Yob - Loving husband and wife play with bondage, threesomes and bestiality during their sex sessions. (MFF, beast, oral, anal, bd)

Bitchy - by Dr. Fellowes - Karen's a chronic bitch. She finds fault with everyone and tells them so at the drop of a hat. Then one day all that changes when her boyfriend finally decides to teach her a lesson. (M/F-teen, nc, inc, bd)

Black Girls Get What They Want - by Anon - Kevin was a pretty traditional guy until one of his employees wanted him to impregnate her. Being a successful businessman, Kevin saw a chance to live out some of his fantasies. Political correctness be damned as a black admin assistant figures out a way to get what she wants but has to involve her college friend to seal the deal. (Mdom/FF, intr, bd, orgy)

Black IN White Video - by Shakespeare_I._Aint - A few minutes before midnight on a warm May night, Paul Winters carefully surveyed his preparations in the den. A half an hour before show-time, but he wanted to know everything was ready. He had pulled the couch into the center of the room -- it would look strange there for any other purpose than what Paul had in mind. (MMF, intr, wife, bd, ws, anal, voy)

Black Lotus - by PJ - A man watches pretty teenage girls with the intent of catching one unaware and using her as his very own little sex slave. (M/f-teen, nc, rp, bd, drugs)

Black Master's Whore - by Anon - How my sweet wife became a black cock slave. (MMF, dom, wife, intr, bd, orgy)

Black Mistress Society - by Pallidan - A woman is caught watching the neighbor being dominated by a young black girl in the next yard and suffers the same. (Fdom/FM, dom, exh, bd, mast, oral, anal, intr)

Black Mistress, White Family - by Pallidan - A wife watches a young black girl dominate her husband, then her daughter, and finally herself. They are turned into slaves for the girl and her family amusement. (MMF, dom, exh, bd, intr)

Black Owned Couple - by Karen Kay - New white owners of a large farm hire the previous black hired hand. They soon get caught up in a love triangle. The wife & husband become submissive slaves to their new black owner. (Mdom/MF, intr, bd, exh)

Black Owned Plantation - by Pallidan - Slaves revolt and take over a white plantation. (M+/F, exh, nc, rp, intr, tor, bd)

Black Room, The: A Halloween Story - by The Technician - One of the blue devils of Ireland stops by with a special request. (MF, sm, bd, fantasy)

Black Student - by dale10 - A male teacher is threatened by a black student and ends up becoming his sexual slave. (Mm-teen, nc, rp, 1st-gay-expr, oral, bd, huml, intr) Part 2

Black Teen Masters - by Maritimesub - A young white male arrives for his regular tutoring session only to find his 4 black teen students have something else on their minds - sexual slavery. (MM+/M, nc, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal, bd, tor, intr) Part 2

Blackmail Of A Tourist - by Sonya Esperanto - About a French tourist getting blackmailed by a local girl working in a Malaysian hotel resort to become her personal slave during her duration there. (FF, nc, intr, asian, bd, huml, v)

Blame It On The Potion - by Deputy Duffy - A young woman endures a humiliating experience in the lab. "How did it feel knowing all eyes were on you? Hmmm, knowing all eyes were on your naked body, your ample breasts, your big brown, erect nipples, you're exposed pussy, all for the taking." (MMF, exh, nc, bd)

Blankets - by Tiggs - A young girl finds herself in a bad situation when she is suddenly kidnapped in broad daylight, just a few blocks from her home. The two high-class young men are able to do with her and to her, anything they please. (MM/f-teen, ped, rp, nc, 1st, bd) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Blindfolded - by Chac - Ever want to live out a fantasy? Well, watch out what you wish for, you might just get it. A kinky bondage story. (MF, rape, bdsm, sn)

Blindfolded and Tied Down - by Max M - Julia will do just about anything for a raise at work, just about anything at all! (MF/F, d/s, oral, creampie, blindfolded, voy, bd)

Block Party - by Mr. Ledft - Husband and wife have gotten into playing around with bondage, only the wife is becoming a little tired of being the one on the receiving end all the time. (M+/F, d/s, s/m, bdsm)

Blowjob Story - by Laura Ann Davidson - My body tenses for the blow that does not come. Is it over? Or did I pause too long before begging You for the next blow, earning myself another punishment? I hear... something, but I can't tell what could be making the sound. I dare not turn to look. (Mdom/F, d/s, love-slave, bdsm)

Blue Chair, The - by Verythick06 - The wife and I pick up a guy at a bar for some hot fun. (M+/F, wife-sharing, gb, cream-pie, bd)

Blue Planet - by Mararch - Robert and Debbie, newly married innocents, get pulled into the far future in order to help free humanity from a race of Dominant females. Novel length. (MF, bi, nc, 1st, orgy, bd, mc, sci-fi) Part 2

Bondage Club, The - by Shaved Jerry & Lyn Duke - Jerry and Lyn go to a bondage club to experience the full scene only to discover that things can quickly get out of hand when you have no choices left but to lay there and take it. (MF, unsafe-sex, bd, ped)

Bondage In Public - by Anonymous Author - My girlfriend always seemed to enjoy seeing just how much she could getaway with doing some form of our bondage in public. She does this partly because she finds it fun, mostly because she knows it drives me out of my tree. Usually, I'm able to fast talk my way out of potentially embarrassing situations with Mundanes, but yesterday she very nearly got me fired. (MF, bd, S&M)

Bookstore, The - by Stoneyconn - An enovel about a virgin who is abducted and taken to a training center where she is instructed in the acts of submission and then later into domination as well. She wonders who sent her and why and does eventually find out. (MMFdom/F, slave, reluc, bdsm)

Boss's Revenge - by MercySlayer - Carol straightened her skirt and took one more look in the mirror. She detested being stuck in this horrible country, but she was trying to work her way up to anchor, and this was the place to find the news stories. Her boss at the network sent her here to find the leader of the rebel forces, interview him, and bring the videotape back as an exclusive. If she did that, he promised her a weekend night anchor on the news. (M-hispanics+/F-caucasion, rp, bdsm)

Bound - by Doubledged - A husband is bound to the same bed that his wife is being fucked in. (MMF, wife-sharing, bi, voy, bd)

Bound And Helpless - EzRiter A young man finds a friend's sister tied up and blindfolded on her bed. He also finds that the feeling of power he feels over her is exciting. After all she can't tell who has entered the room, and he has always had a thing for his friends sister. (MF-teens, bd, rom)

Bound For Fun - by Author Obscure - A guy rents a woman's daughter to use anyway he wants. (MF/f-teen, sm, bd, preg)

Bound For Glory - by Peter Pan - Shannon is just a cute teenager. It's not her fault she has fantasies she shouldn't. Problem is when your "nice" boyfriend has a vivid imagination also. Toss in a decent-size Hotel suite and you're talking a game played with high-stake prison rules! (Mf-teen, mast, 1st, bd, rom)

Bound: Late One Night, Linsey And Her Daddy - by Sumddy - Linsey's father finds her in the middle of the night, having bound herself and unable to free herself, dripping hot wet, and takes advantage of his daughter's predicament. (Mg, ped, inc, reluc, mast, oral, bd)

Boy Gets Trained - by Subboy - A sixteen-year-old boy has to find a place to live. He does and the training begins. (MM/m-teen, nc, rp, v, oral, anal, bd) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Branded Brandi - by Samdog - Drug dealers capture Brandi a female Texas Ranger. Things go downhill for Brandi at this point. (MMF, rp, nc, v, bd, tor)

Brat, The - by Dark Dreamer - My parents have always been extremely liberal, almost to the point of giving me near total freedom from an early age. I was an only child, with parents who seemed, at least to me, to pay little attention to what I did. (M+/f-teen, bdsm, S&M, nc)

Breaking Maria - by R Bissell - Becky was my sex slave, not the only one I had, but my favorite. She had been walking the runways for Ford when I met her a couple of years ago, and what drew me to her was her almost total lack of ego. She seemed to think that her sole purpose on this planet was to be fucked by important men. (Mdom/F+, bd, tort, ws, piercing)

Breaking Point - by Anon - A captured and tortured female secret agent finally knows her breaking point when another captive enters the scene. (MMFf, ped, nc, bd, tor)

Breaking The Gifted - by Yanoo - An elite schoolgirl is drugged in a restroom and forced to ask to be raped. (M/f-teen, nc, rp, 1st, bd, preg) Part 2

Breeding Room - by maddog35 - Female submits to multiple doggy fuckings. (MF, reluc, huml, beast, voy, bd)

Brenda's Adventure In Real Estate - by Anonymous - A real estate assistant clintches the deal. (M+/F, orgy, bd)

Brian Is Gone - by Vulgus - A young woman is left alone when her husband is sent to Iraq. She goes to a friend's party and is drugged and raped and then blackmailed with the pictures that were taken while she was drugged. (M+/F, nc, rp, exh, intr, drugs, wife, blkmail, oral, anal, bd, huml)

Bride And Groom Tormented - by dale10 - A Christian Bride and Groom are kidnapped on their wedding day. (M+/MF, nc, rp, bi, intr, voy, bd, tor, huml, sacrilegious) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Broken In - by Scorpio00155 - An MILF becomes the object of a bunch of teenage boys, whether or not she wants to. (m+/F, milf, d/s, oral, anal, gb, bd)

Brownstone On Broderick Avenue - by Andrew Troy Keller - After the band known as Van Halen completes another successful concert at a Chicago music hall, both Eddie and Valerie drive their rental car back to their hotel, only to have that car slow to a complete stop in front of a brownstone residence. (FF, MF, bi, celeb, bd, drugs, voy)

Bukake Party - by dale10 - A father has a bukake party with his son as the main attraction and one hundred black men as guests. (M+/b, ped, nc, rp, oral, inc, orgy, v, intr, bd)

Bull Session - by Ed Rider - Three coeds decide to try an experiment in animal husbandry on an obnoxious fellow student named Brad. (M/beast, nc, bd, huml)

Bullied Victim - by Publicunt - A girl gets bullied by a gang at school and ends up being dog raped. (M+/f, nc, rp, 1st, bd, mc, orgy, beast)

Burst - by Wesley Brown - This story is about friends being nice to friends. (FF, oral, bd, ws)

But Which One? - by Wendy Hard - It was that strange question her husband asked her that changed her life. For Teddy, whose real name was Edwina, the shock was when Mark asked her if he could tie her up. However, she gradually began to accept it, then enjoy it. Until, finally, she was talked into being part of a bondage foursome with their friends, Bruce and Susan. (MF-couples, reluc, sm, tor, bd, swing)

Caning Giovanna - by Slave To Magick - A Dom/sub couple decide to live out a fantasy involving hard caning. It will be a painful evening for Giovanna. (MF, bd, d/s, s/m, tor, rom)

Capture And Surrender - by Enigma Angel - Sweet, well-brought up virgin girl from a very wealthy family is taken two days before her wedding and begins the process of her enslavement: body, mind, soul. She is rescued a year and a half later with unexpected results. (MMf, d/s, nc, rp, bd, tor, v, 1st, beast)

Captured Caroline - By Quin - Caroline stood there horrified at what she was doing and of the thought that it was captured on film. I seized on her confusion and quickly tossed her the latex stockings with instructions to put them on. I took more photos as she pulled them up her legs and fastened them to the garters of the bustier. (Mdom/F, mc, huml, bd, rom)

Captured Princess, The - by Marc Magus - A young bride to be is raped and locked away by the jealous suitors she refused. After years of rape and humiliation, she begins to enjoy it. So much so, she involves a would-be rescuer in her debasement. (M+/F, nc, rp, 1st, bd, tor, ws, beast)

Carol's Understanding - by EzRiter - A mother catches her daughter having sex with her bosses son and is indignant and dispenses corporal punishment on the spot. She soon wishes that she had stayed her hand when she finds that her boss feels her punishment was uncalled for. (MmFf, ped, bd, ds, spank)

Carson's Catastrophe - by dale10 - Carson is a high school stud. But he falls into the hands of some gay men who intend to punish him for his fag bashing. (MMm, nc, rp, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal, bd)

Carving Her Intitals - by Abdulbenthere - Sexy wife carves her initials... in her hubby's skin. Sequel to "What the Cab Driver Saw" also available in this directory. (MF, voy, exh, oral, bd, tor, rom)

Cassandra - by Crimson Dragon - A troubled woman tries to seduce her psychiatrist only to be taught a lesson. (MF, FF, mc, bd)

Cassandra's Problem - by Pop-O - A teenage girl finds herself tied up in someone's basement. She is used by an adult male and female, then by a young male and female. (Mf, Ff, ff, mf, bi, inc, ped, nc, rp, bd, spank, anal)

Cat Fight Duel - by Pallidan - A mother and daughter tag team match up is arrange with everything at stake. (FF, dom, exh, bd)

Catch, The - by Pallidan - A female store owner enjoys internet domination by several mistresses before cutting one of them off who was getting to personal. The young black girl arrives at her store unexpected and totally takes control of her life. Leading her to satisfy her fantasies forever. (FF, voy, reluc, bd, dom, spank)

Cathy's Permission And Fall - by Anon - My wife gave me permission for anything, to do anything. So I asked for a little help from my friends. (M+/F, wife, reluc, exh, orgy, bd)

Caught - by MercySlayer - A wife is seduced by a man over the internet, then she finds herself doing things she never imagined she would. (FF, MF, forced, wife, bd)

Caught In Panties - by Teresa Bowers - A robbery gone very wrong as Michael realizes that stealing from his neighbors was not a good idea. (MF, nc, cd, bd)

Cave, The - by Leviticus - Jill Garvey woke with a start, coughing in the dusty air. She curled up into a ball while she cleared her lungs and then carefully wiped the sand off her face before opening her eyes. She looked toward the mouth of the cave and saw from the angle of the sunlight that it was still early, the beginning of another day. (MF, nc, bd)

Cell #13 - by Duke - This is a story about love and betrayal in prison and at home. (MM, intr, bdsm)

Center, The - by Iotonka - In 1960 the government issued a mandate that any child with Telepathy, ESP, or telekinesis to be cataloged and held prisoner at a special government facility. This facility is called the Center. They have placed a person in every library, school, and hospital to ensure these children are found, In 1990 Project Tele-search went online, a super computer that decrypts and scans all email and phone calls. They are watching, No one is safe! (Mf, beast-rp, v, ped, ws, bd) Part 2

Chained Cheerleader - by Mark Carver - (e-novel) The biggest problem Phil Jenkins faced in running the Del Mar Theater was not the attendance. In spite of the local drive-in, the only movie house in town did a packed business every night. Phil's problem was not outraged parents, either. The Del Mar showed only wholesome family entertainment. The real problem Phil Jenkins faced at the age of forty-two was hot, innocent and eager young pussy. Like the gum-chewing angel now facing him across his desk in his private office in the Del Mar... (M+f-teen, ff, bd, inc, slut)

Chattel Females - by b biddle - In the near future laws change to make all woman property. Males are required to use and discipline them regularly. (MF, nc, sci-fi, bd, intr)

Cheerleader Coach, The - by Pallidan - A Cheerleader coach gets caught going to an adult book store by one of her students working there and learns the ways of submission. (FF, exh, bd, spank)

Cheerleader, The - by Ninja - Both Paul and Anne had been very careful to keep Anne's "normal" life separate from her life with Paul. Just a whisper of Anne's seeing an older man, older being anyone out of High School, would bring way too much scrutiny from Ann's father, and possibly the police. -- This is part of a larger work, but can stand alone. (Mdom/F-teen, nc, bd)

Cheerleaders: Possesed For Pleasure - by Anon - Winning Cheerleaders get an all expense trip to Rio, only things turn out differently than they could have dreamed. They end up becoming part of the illicit white slave trade and become breeders for hire. (M+/F, nc, rp, bd, preg)

Child's Play - by Demetrius - Two young brothers, a teen-aged babysitter and a movie. If you are scenting trouble ahead, you're correct. (mf-teens, youths, reluc, 1st, mast, oral, bd)

China Connection, The - by Pallidan - When the company starts to slide, a woman is sent to China for training. Not the training she expected as she soon finds out. (FF, exh, reluc, bd)

Chronicles Of Narnia XXX The White Witch, Peter & Edmund - by Arthur Wilde, Le Marquis De Zade - The war over Narnia is over and the White Witch and her minions have won. Peter is captured and humiliated in ways he never imagined. Edmund attempts to rescue Peter, but is in turned captured. Both failed heroes of Narnia become the play things of the White Witch and her dark creatures. (FFm, ped, nc, rp, v, mast, oral, anal, bd, tor)

Church Camp - by Obmuj - This year Sally was a camp aide and at 17 her religion was her source of pride, along with her virginity of course. (M/f-teen, ped, reluc, 1st, bd)

Claiming Of Lisa, The - by Chaotic-Insanity - A friend becomes Master, a wife becomes a slave, a husband becomes a cuckhold. Thus beginning a 4-year ownership. (MF, nc, rp, d/s, size, v, tor, bd, cuck)

Claire's Awakening - by Slutgirl - The story of a young woman who eventually discovers her reason for being: that of a sex slave to a dog. (Mdom/F, beast, bdsm, ws)

Claire's Stables - by Ivan Wilson - A party-girl is kidnapped and taken to Claire's stables. She is hypnotised and converted to a ponygirl, satisfying all of her new Master's fantasies. At the stables, she joins an increasing group, including Claire herself, who live as human equines. (MF, MM, FF, nc, beast, inc, 1st, anal, bd, bi, mc, fetish, preg)

Cleaning Girl - by Old Grey Duck - A divorced man finds that his cleaning service is NOT up to his satisfaction. But then he hires on a new service with an unusual twist. (MF, exh, 1st, oral, bd)

Cleaning Room 211 - by Triple Delta - Pacifica Medina is an illegal Mexican immigrant working at a hotel resort near San Diego. Whilst cleaning Room 211, she stumbles upon the rather unusual contents of a certain guest's luggage, followed by an encounter with the unusual guest himself. (MFF, reluc, v, bd, Mexican)

Cock Drain, The - by Kari Alarus - Jim's daughter takes charge when her little brother is caught jacking off onto her collection of nasty pictures that were taken of her. (mMf, mast, anal, inc, tease, bd)

Coffee Please - by Pet Kaili - A chance meeting at the coffee shop before work becomes much, much more as Kaili explores her deep desires and kinks. (Mdom/F, sm, exh, spank, bdsm) Part 2

Collapse, The - by Christie - In a post-American future a young woman sells herself into slavery to save her family from starvation. (MF-teens, nc, reluc, 1st, oreg, bd)

Come The Dawn - by Cazna Rochester - The night before the solstice, a drug researcher and his daughters catch and punish some local high school students who've been destroying his experiments, $250,000 worth of damage done. Using the results of his work they make them into sex their slaves. (FFM/M+, teens, nc, inc, orgy, sci-fi, bd)

Community "Ass" "Ette" - by Matt Shaver - A young man becomes a sex slave to a whole community. (MMF/M, bi, d/s, sissy, oral, anal, exh, intr, huml, bd, ws)

Completely Naked - by Anon - A guy minding his own business is kidnapped and made to "perform" for a crowd of horny women. (MF, nc, bd, exh)

Compulsion - by Cate Murray - We were both women, both naked and a little more than half drunk; just what I would call an ideal situation. (FF, bd, nc, mast)

Concubine - by Captive - A concubine's virginity is stolen when she is forced to be sex slave. (MF, nc, v, d/s, 1st, oral, bd)

Conference, The - by ZeroFucksGiven - Two conference attendees give in to their desire for one another. (MF, bd) Part 2 - Part 3

Confessions - by Wiley06 - This is the story of one man's descent into the world of white slavery, where he trains women for their new lives. (MF, nc, bd)

Connecticut Bitch in Torquemada's Court - by Hornster - A beautiful, rich woman, who abuses men all her life, is transformed after meeting a stranger and undergoes the tortures of the Inquisition. (MF, mc, v, tort)

Construction Workers' Slave - by Maritimesub - A twenty-two year-old college boy is taken by two gay construction crew men and used as their sex slave during a weekend of humiliation and submission. (MM/M, nc, rp, v, oral, anal, bd) Part 2

Contractor, The - by Shayla - This adventure happened while I still lived in Washington State, working for a biotech company there. (MF, bd, rom)

Convent, The - by Doghead_2000 - A violent story of the sacking of a convent, and of the rape, torture and murder of the nuns at the hands of the foriegn knights. (M+/F+, nc, rp, v, bd, tor, sn)

Converting Rachel - by MercySlayer - Rachel awoke Friday morning ready to start her journey to the church in the next county. She was used to these occasional weekend trips. Rachel was married to a fundamentalist minister and a preacher's wife was expected to visit area churches. Rachel and John had been married for twenty years and the marriage produced four children, now grown and on their own. At forty-four, she felt she looked pretty good. And so did a group of men she'd never met before. (M+/F, bdsm, nc)

Copluver - by Wet 4u Sir - An incident in Darwin Australia, about a shower and force, and more force. (MF, nc, bdsm)

Cougars Lost, The - Felix Dartmouth - Cynthia loses a bet and has to let Jeff have his way with her. (MF, dom, bd)

Countess, The - by Herr Oberst - Countess Christiana von Keller was a socialite living the high life in Munich during 1944. Her life fell apart when she was arrested in connection with the attempt on Hitler's life. Her ordeal at the hands of Stiener, a Gestapo officer, began. (MF, bd, tor, v) Part 2

Crawl - by Ed Rider - Boyfriend has a drinking problem and promises to do something about it but his girlfriend makes a deal with him that he has to live up to. (Fdom/M, nc, bd, fisting, anal, alcohol)

Criamon's Trust, The - by Slave to Magick - Magi of House Criamon is marked by a myriad of intricate imprints, these symbols link directly to their Avatar, the source of their magick. A submissive mage of House Criamon decide to trust her Dom, another mage of the Order of Hermes enough to let him whip her, knowing her Sir will never harm the delicate marks that cover her body and she quite literary put her soul in his hands. This story is a fan fiction set in White Wolf's Mage the Ascension setting. (MF, oral, anal, bd, fant, sci-fi, rom)

Crucifixion Play - by Bert Hart - Eight people decide to explore the eroticism of no nail crucifixion. It's Mona's turn to be suspended, but something goes horribly wrong. (MF, bd, orgy)

Crucifying a Farmer's Son - by Kimmie Holland & Meeah Mackenzie - Billy is broken on the cross in an old fertility ritual that still survives today. (MF/m, nc, rp, bd, tor, v, sn)

Cuckold Hotel Fantasy - by Strap-On Hubby - This is a fantasy that I would like to act out, that is an Interracial fantasy and a first time bi-hubby experience. (FdomM/M, bi, intr, exh, voy, bd, cream-pie, ws)

Cum Initiations - by Navakantam - A man is brought into a select fetish club of cumlovers and discovers his own limits and desires. (MM, mast, oral, orgy, bd)

Cumming In The Closet - by Missytv - A story of how a submissive transvestite prepares 'herself' for the attention of 'her' Mistress and what ensues after Mistress comes home. (Fm, tv, cd, bd)

Cumsumption - by Htsxkttn - Three men meet these two beautiful women at a bar, and Timothy wants something to drink, but it's not beer, however. Its baby milk. They use a sump pump to pump hot juicy cum constantly into these women to impregnate them. The women soon find out that their identity to the world, is gone, and they are no more than breeding machines. (MMMFF, orgy, bi, reluc, oral, anal, bd, mc, preg)

Curiosity Killed The Cat - by Pallidan - A woman learns her neighbor is a dominatrix and her curiosity gets the best of her. (FF, dom, exh, bd)

Cut-Rate Fertility Clinic - by Phoebe - Some times a deal isn't a deal and sometimes it is. It all depends on your point of view. A story about a wife who is having trouble getting pregnant by her husband and the cut-rate fertility clinic they go to. (M+/F, wife, gb, bd, intr, preg)

Daddy Disciplines Lisa - by Charles Dodgson - Seven year old Lisa, affectionately called Cuddlebunny by her dad, a very cute, adorable little girl, masturbates constantly. Dad designs a special discipline session for Lisa that he hopes will cure her of her compulsive masturbating, once and for all. (M/g, extreme-ped, reluc, inc, bd)

Daddy Made Me - by Sumddy - Insolent daughter tries to leave the house, and father stopping her leads to her saying no, but really meaning, yes. (Mg, ped, nc, rp, inc, 1st, mast, oral, bd, v)

Daddy's Angels - by Web Rider - This is a story about a single father, and his gorgeous young daughter, and her friend. The daughter is eager to let her father enjoy the benefits of having a sexy young daughter and her friend at his disposal. (Mff, ped, inc, bi, exh, mast, oral, anal, bd)

Daddy's Girl - by Girlie's Girl - This story is about a 10 year old girl who adores her father and gets a chance to experience her Daddy in ways she never knew could be possible. (M/g, extreme-ped, inc, bd, ws)

Daddy's Girls - By Fgh198803 - A teenage girl and her younger step-sister are subjected to sadistic and inhumane acts at the hands of their father and the men they are sold to. (M+/Fg, nc, rp, v, bi, bd, sn, nec, scat, huml, extreme)

Dahala and the Dragon - by Jeff Q - Rumors of a dragon, a foul platinum colored thing, swept the land. It was said that this dragon was once kind and good but now it had been conquered and corrupted by the evil goddess Tiamat. Now Dahala rode forth to find it. And slay it. (F/beast, nc, rp, bd, mc, fantasy, preg)

Dancing with Wendy - by MercySlayer - Wendy was excited about her date with John. They had been a couple for over a year and generally went out every weekend. Their dates almost always ended in passionate sex. But for the last four weeks, John was out of town. (M+/F, reluc, gb, mild-bd)

Danielle - by Terri Madison - A subservient takes revenge on her dominant employer. (MF, FF, bdsm, beast, work)

Daphne's Diary of Elegance and Decadence - by Daphne Bishop - Transvestite Daphne has a reunion with The Prof, the world's greatest dildo-maker. Kinky escapades ensue. Screamingly funny and wildly erotic in its own transgender way. (Mdom/cd, bond, rel, tg, spank, drugs) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Dark Day For Two Sisters - by Ynyn - Two young siblings arrive home from school, only to discover an intruder in their home. What he wants is them. (M/ff, ped, nc, rp, v, 1st, oral, bd)

Dark Fantasy Trilogy - by Kinkabella - This short tale began as a letter from a submissive woman to her Mistress to explain one of her darkest dreams. It hints at non-consensual desires including forced submission, group sex, and bdsm, however the subject matter is dealt with more from an intellectual perspective than a physical one. As such it is explicit but hopefully in an imaginative way and without the usual pornographic story cliches. (MMF, reluc, rom, bd)

Dark Palace - by Ron Dalanor - I knew that look, and a part of me feared it while the other part rejoiced. He was mine physically, mentally, and emotionally. The look on his face was love. He loved me because he had to, and he loved me because he wanted to. It was clear that he would remain mine forever. (MM, d/s, bd, s/m)

Dark Virgin, The - by WinterBard - Held in the grip of hesitation he knew the next step would throw him over the point of no return. This was it, the final moment before back out. His hands shook, his stomach swirled, and his dick was harder than it had ever been before. His dark eyes, filled with carnal desire, stared like balls of hellfire through his sunglasses, through the window and came to full rapture upon his prey. (MF-teens, high school, rp, v, bd)

Darla's Discontent - by Anon - In the darkened room, tied on the bed as he was, Michael could not really see her hand, but he could tell by the motion of her body that she was moving it faster, sliding it down between the lips, caressing herself as far back as she could reach. She moaned softly and brought the hand forward again, teasing herself, circling, never quite touching the center of her desire. (MF, bd, rom)

Date From Hell - by Miss Ravie - Girl meets a guy through an internet encounter and finds herself in a slave ring. She goes through initiation but is rejected - but then finds out that her competition was her babysitter and her daughter. (FMdom/F, nc, rp, v, tor, ws, oral, anal, bd)

Date Night - by Duncan - A young husband decides to treat his submissive wife to a night of decadence. (M+/F, exh, wife, reluc, bi, v, oral, anal, bd)

Date Rape - by Bad Mojo - Sam traps his sister in a compromising position and takes advantage of her against her will. (mf, bro/sis, inc-rape)

Daughter Gets The Goat - by Bob Hawkins - It all started one day while Dawn was sitting in the woods reading a library book and a small boy in a cowboy costume came up to her and talked her into letting him tie her up with his toy lasso. (MFFb, ped, nc, rp, inc, beast, bi, bd, gb, voy)

Deal, The - by LWM - The family maid offers a deal to her boss to keep her out of jail after she is discovered having sex with his son. (Mf, Fm, ped, voy, inc, bd, ws, beast)

DeAnna's 30th Birthday Present - by Skinny - A beautiful mystery gift on my 30th Birthday. (MF, rom, stranger-sex, blindfold, bd)

Dear Diary - by Parker - A Scottish aristocrat plays host to two young American women tourists. (M+/FF, nc, bd, s/m, d/s, tort)

Debt, The - by Karen Kay - A gorgeous blonde housewife is forced to pay back her husband's gambling debt by spending a weekend at a black bikers club. (M+/F, nc, voy, intr, bd)

Deep Space Nine: Education Of Julian Bashir - by The Phantom - Part 1 - Julian Bashir's fingers trembled slightly as he pressed the door chime. It was only a scant few hours ago since he had met her, when she had come to the infirmary with a slashed hand. (MF, FF, bd, mc, parody)

Deep Space Nine: Education Of Julian Bashir - by The Phantom - Part 2 - "Lady," he gasped, his voice soft and pleading. She turned back to face him, and he saw in her eyes what she saw: his bare body, shining with the light sheen of sweat that had formed on him, long legs stretched out along the bed with his rigid sex between them, arms forced wide, face alive with a mix of fear and arousal. (MF, FF, mc, parody)

Deep Space Nine: Education Of Julian Bashir - by The Phantom - Part 3 - When he woke, he was alone in the bed and completely unaware of how much time had passed. In a panic, he tried to sit up, and found that he was yet bound. Sounds issued at him from the next room, and he called, "Lady?" The sounds stopped, but there was nothing further. "Lady, are you there?" She appeared in the room, with no boots and no gloves, but dripping wet, her muscular body glistening with water. (MF, FF, bd, mc, parody)

Deep Space Nine: Education Of Julian Bashir - by The Phantom - Part 4 - The flame lamps went out, leaving him in complete darkness. He looked around himself wildly, the metallic noises from his chain dropping into the stygian darkness like tiny bits of broken glass. (MF, FF, bd, mc, parody)

Deep Space Nine: Education Of Julian Bashir - by The Phantom - Part 5 - She felt icy metal at her own back and his fists at her neck and realized that she had been backed into the headboard, pressed into it as Julian pressed into her. At first, she tried to push him away, her hands at his driving hips. (MF, FF, bd, mc, parody)

Deepest Desires - Trilogy - by Kewtieboy - I shouldn't really feel the way I do. I have a great girlfriend. But I have this overpowering craving to have Jill fucked by almost anyone who is willing I want to see her being a slut. Even more I suppose I want to be forced to watch her being a slut. (MMF, nc, bi, intr, voy, alcohol, bd)

Denial - by Deirdre - A guy is caught in a compromising position with another boy by his sister. (MM, MF, teens, reluc, bd, ds, anal)

Derrick Gets A Father - by Mwriter65 - Derrick, an orphan who is struggling with his sexuality, runs away from his foster home looking for a new life. Unfortunately he runs into the wrong man. (Mm-teen, underage, nc, bd)

Descent Into Depravity - by Bhmcs - Older Bi white male becomes the plaything for the guests of a working ranch, pain, humiliation, bestiality, insects how far will he sink. (MM, d/s, v, beast, anal, bd, ws, huml, s/m)

Desk, The - Suki - She crawled under the desk and turned around so she was facing him. He took each wrist and secured it with wide leather straps to eyebolts he had added to the top of the underside of the desk. (MF, ds, cons, oral, bd)

Devil's Bull - A Halloween Story - by The Technician - Be careful when you dance on the Devil's doorstep. You never know when he might come out and ask you to come inside. One of my Grandmother's sayings. (MF, nc, bd, spank, v, halloween, beast, s&m, toys)

Diary Of A Sex Slave In Space - by Plaything37 - A young woman in a future world, finds herself in the role of a sex slave on a long space journey. (M+/F, exh, reluc, mast, oral, bd, sci-fi)

Dick, The - by Sandmann - The day in the life of a sleazy private eye. (MF+, intr, anal, feet, ds, prost)

Dinotopia - by Krahnis and Arkain - The raptor thrusts his thick cock into the lizard's body and moans around Arkain's neck in his jaws as the hunter starts to thrust in and out of him beside the sleeps Brachiosaurus as she sleeps to recover from her sickness then K-Raptor gently chews on the lizard's neck as he continues to take his body in pleasure. (M+/F, bd, bi, sci-fi)

Discovering You're A Gay Sub - by GayBard - A straight man discovers he loves being kidnapped and dominated by another man. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, reluc, bd, oral, anal, enema)

Dismaid - by Adrian Hunter - Good help is hard to come by these days. (Mdom/Fsub, toys, bd)

Do You Want To Be My Slavegirl? - by b biddle - A girl is interviewed to become a slavegirl. (MF, bd)

Doctor Lipscomb DDS - by Toe Jam Man - A Doctor kidnaps five 16 year boys and runs a series of tests on their cocks. (M/m+-teen, ped, nc, v, tor, bd, asian)

Doctor, The - by Thndrshark - I run a service that takes young girls, runaways largely, off the street and puts them to some use as sex slaves. (Ff, bd, sm, tor, nc)

Doctor's Orders - by OneIdleHand - A wife's mid-life crisis turns into the couple's new way of life. (M+/F, wife, voy, exh, mild-bd, mc, intr, cream-pie, cuck)

Doctor's Orders - by Parker - A female doctor has an unusual fetish that involves her attractive female patients. (Fdom/Ff, mc, nc, v, bdsm, ped)

Domination - by Anonymous - A cunt finds the answers to all her questions. (Mdom/F, v, bd, tor, ws)

Donor, The - by Slim n' Dusty - Sometime in the future: Leanne was desperate for a baby at a time when sperm was becoming rare and expensive. Just as she is about to give up, a perverted stranger arrives in her neighbourhood, but this would require some careful planning. (MF, nc, v, bd, tor, sn, nec)

Don't Misbehave Ilene - by Rachel Perez - Ilene lives in an alternate existence where some are slaves and others are masters. She escapes from her mistress only to be tracked down and returned. Punishment ensues. (Fdom/F, sex-slave)

Down In A Hole - by Dim - A mostly-true story. The details have been exaggerated (this story is much more extreme than the real events), and the names and parties involved have been changed. But the basic story elements are true. A party LIKE this really happened, and I really was subjected to treatment SIMILAR to this. I've merely taken a bit of artistic license. (F+/M, nc, v, tor, mast, bd)

Dr. Stern's Menagerie - by QuidProQuo - A disgraced physician, falsely accused, has lost everything his wife, his home, and his practice. He's thinking of ending it when the phone rings. He ends up running a remote clinic for people who don't want any questions asked. In return, he gets to take revenge on his accusers. These experiences change a kind and caring physician into a cruel Master. This leads him to torture, human slavery, and breeding, and he finds he enjoys it. He begins to build his own menagerie of women. (MF, FF, nc, v, tor, bd, asphx, scat, ws, asian) Part 2

Drama Gang(bang) - by Willis - A young man's experiences in 'bonding' with the other students in his school's drama class. Some true, some embellished, some taken from hearsay, some complete fantasy, but all hot! (M+/F+-teens, 1st, bi, orgy, bd, gb)

Dream Punch - by Dream Ali - In this erotic story based on the anime series Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Usagi invites Rei to a party. Rei's looking forward to a quiet night with her friends, but it turns out Usagi has something quite different in mind. (MMf, ped, nc, rp, 1st, oral, anal, orgy, asian, bd)

Dreams Can Come True - by b biddle - I asked Mary to let me be her sex slave for my birthday present. Boy, did I love it! (Fdom/M, bd)

Dress - by Deirdre - A man plays around with cross-dressing because his pretty sister-in-law persuades him to. But things soon escalate beyond his wildest dreams. (MF, MM, tv, bd, d/s)

Driving Lesson, The - by Mellanie Hewlitt - A young woman needs badly to pass her driving test, but instead she is unwillingly test driven by two men. (MMF, nc, bd, mc)

Drugged Into Sin - by Anon - The man at the end of the hall moved slowly and quietly toward the bathroom, standing just far enough behind the open door so that he could see her in the shower, but she couldn't see him! (MF, nc, rp, bd, drugs)

Drunken Bastard - by ViperX - A rather nasty coworker gets his due when Kathy his comanager decides that she's had enough. Among other things, Kathy dominates Julie the new girl, and drives the drunken bastard craze with a lesbian domination show just for him. (Fdom/fM, exh, bond)

Dry Water Springs - by Abadone - A local Sheriff follows two army cadets late at night as they head to a local beauty spot. (M-adult/MF-teens, underage, nc, rp, v, bi 1st, oral, anal, size, tor, bd)

Dual Submissions - by MercySlayer - A wife keeps humiliating her husband, time and time again. Until one day someone steps in to teach her and her henpecked husband how they should really act. (M+/MF, slut-wife, bdsm, cuck) Part 2 - Part 3

DUI Girl - by Shasta - A young woman makes a bad mistake and pays for it with her body. (Mdom/F, reluc, exh, oral, anal, bd, ws, beast)

Dungeon - by TXPleasure - My back bowed as much as the restraints allowed and he saw the flow of cum running down my legs. He continued to fuck me... (MF, d/s, bd, blindfold)

E.R. Abduction - by guitman69 - A guy is snatched out of the ER by women who want to use his body for their nefarious sexual activities. (FFM, bi, bd, drugs, orgy)

Eager Students - by Exfeelin - This story is about two high school age couples who like to do kinky things to each other. (teens-bi, couples, bd)

Ebony Towers - by Pallidan - Two black dommes takes over the life of a white couple as they submit to their fate. (Fdom/MF, bi, exh, bd, mast, oral, anal, intr)

Education of Jennifer, The - by Zula - A young inexperienced girl goes off to college from a small farming town and receives an education not found in the textbooks. (MMF, nc, rp, 1st, bd) Part 2 - Part 3

Education Of Slave Jim Brodie - by b biddle - Jim Brodie's Mistress sends him to cunt-slave school. (Fdom/M, nc, v, bd)

Elki The Victim - by Anon - Part 1 - Girl gets tortured, sexual bondage - "My name is Elki Winters. I am 22 years old. Statistically I measure 35-22-33. My face is ugly, well not ugly, just plain. When I fix myself up, I am pretty. There is a gap between my buck teeth in front. My hair is straight. The rest of me is great. My large separated breasts are very conical. I want my breasts to be cones, so I wear a plastic cone over each breast under my bra. The hole in the cone is just large enough to let my dark circles through. (Fdom/F, MF, bd)

Elki The Victim - by Anon - Part 2 - Elki opens her eyes and looks at Sandy's shoes. It takes her a moment to remember how she got there. Elki slowly struggles to her knees. "I beg you to let me take Jack's punishment. I promise to let you do whatever you want to me anytime you say. I will never complain. You have my word." (Fdom/F, MF, bd)

Elki The Victim - by Anon - Part 3 - Paul is knocking on the door. Elki manages to spit the panties out of her mouth and shout for him to get help. Instead, Paul opens the door and looks in. "Please untie me." Paul nods but reaches for her pussy dildo instead. As Paul works the dildo out and in, he has Elki tell him how she came to be tied up and naked. (Fdom/F, MF, bd)

Emails To My Master - by Fairfax - This is not fiction. These are real emails, dated when they were sent and apart note: This is not fiction. These are real emails, dated when they were sent and apart from the clearly indicated fantasies, everything described actually happened. I have edited them very slightly, but only to remove anything that would identify us. (Mdom/F, ws, reluc, bdsm) Enolah & Mike - by Lady Seyton - A submissive's narcissistic passions give her master a new hold over her pleasure and pain. (MF, reluc, bdsm)

Entertainment Center - by The StoryMaster - A man drugs and kidnaps a pretty young teenage girl and then rapes her while she's flying high and doesn't know what is happening to her. (M/f-teen, ped, nc, bd)

Erin And Samantha - by Spectrevk - Erin is a young, naive, athletic college freshman. Samantha is her roommate. On their first night sharing a room together, Samantha has a rather interesting way of breaking the ice. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, reluc, oral, bd)

Eternal Hearts - by Viper Noj - Kylie Minogue gets made a Vampire by a hot, seductive Vampire Countess. (FF, inc, mc, bd, fantasy) Part 2

Even If It Takes Forever - by Peter Pan - Inspired by the earlier "confessions" shall we say, of 'Playfulgirl2001' Patti is a most beautiful girl still and has a heart the size of Texas. This is HER story. (Mg, ped, v, bd)

Even In The Best Families: Who Needs A Goblet Of Fire? - by Peter Pan - (Earlier episodes can be found in Directory 39) Shelley continues to confound the sceptics who thought her incestuous dealings were but a passing phase in adolescence. Thing is, have the Richardsons finally bitten off more than they can chew - as it were? (Mf, ped, FF, bi, inc, 1st, bd)

Evil Bondage - by The Occultist - With cruel abandon I brought the whip down onto the flesh of her breasts. She screamed as the shards of glass in it tore through her skin, releasing scattered drops of blood. Again I brought it onto her breasts, whipping them again and again, until they were thoroughly oozing the red fluid. (MF, bd, tor, v, sn)

Evil Queen, The - by Mandible - Captivated and enchanted wouldn't be too drastic of a description when a yeoman is captured and toyed with by an evil Queen who knows how to manipulate men to get what she wanted, to get what she needs. (MF, nc, bd, tort, mc, fantasy)

Exploring Jay's Huge Cock - by Pantyboy - After finding a guy with a big cock I take him home for the night. Knowing he loves to see my panties makes it all the more special as I find he'll do anything for kinky sex. (MM, oral, anal, bd, cd, size) Part 2

Extras - by Robert E. Epps - A woman decides to try to be an 'extra' in a movie production. (MMF, nc, exh, bd)

Face Sitting - by Jeff - A guy goes over to a pretty woman's house hoping to get laid, but instead she and her girlfriends ride his face every which way. (Fdom+/M, bd, oral, anal, huml)

Fairer Sex, The - by Naughty Prof - An arrogant college professor is kidnapped and abused. (?/F, nc, rp, bd)

Faith Chastity Myer - by Anon - Jack is a vicious power freak and when he gets his hands on young Faith Myer he never intends to let her go. (M/f-teen, nc, rp, 1st, oral, anal, tor, bd)

Family In Bondage - by Pallidan - A family must submit to the whims of their dad new wife and her daughter who wants to totally dominate the family into being their servants. (FFM, dom, exh, reluc, bd, oral, anal, spank, ws)

Family Punishment - by Darla - Family discipline is a tradition in this household. (Mf, d/s, family-inc, bd, spank)

Family Ties - by Fdowg - It tells the story of an almost 14-year-old girl who does everything in her power to protect her 9-year-old sister. Fate however is very cruel and they both get brutally raped in the end. It contains predominantly sex and not a lot of plot or character development. (M+/f-teen, extreme-ped, nc, rp, v, 1st, oral, anal, bd, tor)

Family's Bad Mistake - by Kinkyboy - A swinging couple decides to attend a jungle fever party and are horrified at what happens to their family. (M+/g, ped, nc, inc, 1st, anal, bd)

Family's Big Vacation - by Pallidan - Family vacation turns out to be the family night bar as the boss, his wife and son take over their lives. (FFM, exh, bd)

Fantasy Club - by Wife Watcher - A wife joins a Fantasy Club so she can act out her fantasy of being tied to a bed and used by strange men. (M+/F, wife, bd, intr, cuck, cream-pie)

Fantasy In The Woods - by Pallidan - A man discovers two young girls spanking an elderly woman in the woods who he discovers to be his neighbor. He gets so excited watching, he decides to ask them to use him forgetting about his wife still back home. Soon he is turned into their slave too and receives a nice surprise. (FFM, nc, rp, voy, mast, bd, tor)

Fantasy Overload - by Old Barabus - My dream came true. I finally found an exam table like the doctors used and had my wife spread her legs on it for her yearly exam, and she was all mine. (MF, wife, bd)

Farm Life - by Anon Author - Maw and my oldest sister Jane came out on the back porch where I was standing in a washtub all soaped up. "Maw" Sue said, "Look at this," as she held my little dick out for them to see. (Ff+/m, exh, inc, mast, oral, bd, ped)

Farm Slaves - by Pallidan - A man, his wife and a friend are lost in a remote countryside and stops at a local farmhouse. Ma and Pa know just how to welcome their new guests. (MMF, exh, bd)

Fate - by Mistress Jytte & Musker - A beautiful young college athlete has an accident that changes her life and brings Mistress Liaa to her rescue. (FF, dom, bdsm, tor, control)

Father Flanigan - by Slowwhiite - "I was watching when it happened. When he pushed you into the corner and you just crumbled. I don't know how it started, but you were shaking. Something dirty strapped over your mouth and a face full of tears. You were sweating. Your body was trembling and your hands were in a jumble. Your shirt was torn so I could see the curve of your left breast and the pailness of your flesh..." (MMF, tort, nc)

Father Phillip, The Confessor - by Charles Dodgson - Father Phillip, a Jesuit priest, is the confessor at St. Margaret's School For Girls, a Catholic boarding school for girls only from the first through the sixth grade. Sexual fun with preteen girls. (M/g+, ped, reluc, bd) Part 2

Female Domination Games - by Pallidan - The story title says it all. Women can be so dominating when they get the upper hand. (FFM, dom, exh, bd)

Feminized, Faggified, And Fixed For Life - by Kimmie Holland & Meeah Mackenzie - A wife decides she and her lover would be happier if her sissy hubby were gay and castrated. (MFdom/M, forced, bi, anal, bd, tv, cuck, cast)

Fifty Things - by Ed Rider - A guy meets up many years later with a girl from high school known as the school slut. She is tracking down all her detractors and making them pay. (MMF, nc, bi, bd)

Film Star - by Mr. Kane - Would it be possible to find yourself in this position? A business dinner and meet a famous film star. You make is acquaintance with the utmost confidence. Confidence that is shattered when you become the powerful man's sexual plaything, and then it gets "worse" and you're given to his bodyguards to do with what they will. Would it be possible, would it? (Mdom+/F, reluc, v, bdsm)

Filmed With Dogs - by Bob Wallace - "I like anything that will give me pleasure," Felicia purred, "whether it's a man, a woman..." She paused, looking Charlotte right in the eye. "...or animals." (MF/FF/beast, nc, rp, s&m, voy, bd, drugs)

Final Exams - by Ed Rider - There is sexual tension between the teacher and his female students. They are ripe and ready and they are tired of the fumbling boys they have hooked up with. From the signals he's giving them, they feel he's responding to their unspoken invitation to initiate them into the mysteries of adult love, or at least that is what he thinks. (F+/M, nc, bd, d/s, control)

First Day Of Training - by Susan - Follow a sub through her first day of slave training, after being collared by her Mistress. (FFdom/F, bdsm)

First Encounter - by TKJE - After several years of chatting on-line, two people with "similar interests" finally have a chance to meet. What happens when they get home is anyones guess! (M-dom/F, reluc, oral, bd)

First Time Anal - by Druid Knight - A girl's refusal to give up her anal virginity is "kidnapped" by her long-time lover, who binds her and teases her into submission until she willingly grants him entrance to her final untouched realms. And, she finds out she loves it. (MF-teens, reluc, anal, bd, rom)

First Time At Sea - by Will - John, a British seaman, is taught the ways of men in cadet training, turned over to a ship's mate at sea. (MM, inc, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal, bd, v, tor)

Firtility Drugs - by Oeddie - Son makes mother take fertility drugs. (F/m-teen, nc, inc, bd, preg)

Foolish Games - by Sue be-do - A woman and her boyfriend get into deep trouble when he has to leave her helpless and alone for just a short while... (M+/F, mexicans, nc-bond, rp)

For Her Birthday - by Rajah Dodger - A woman has a very surprising birthday party from her colleague. (FM, bd)

For Oona - by jeddack1982 - A curious woman meets her online Dom for the first time and gets exactly what she wants. (MF, reluc, d/s, bd)

Force Me - by Canary - When she posted an ad on the internet looking for a man to rape her, she wasn't really serious and she never imagined what she was getting herself into. (MF, nc, rp, v, bd, tor) Part 2

Forced To Suck Cock - by Byron - A white boy is forced to suck black cock in juvenile custody. (mm-teens, reluc, forced-gay, ws, oral, intr, bd)

Foster Child - by LWM - A young girl becomes a foster child and finds herself being sexually used and loving it. (F/ffm, voy, ped, bd)

Fountain And The Spellspinner - by Slave to Magick - In a fantasy world where spellspinners have to be charged with the magick found in the juiced of special men called fountains. A young woman becomes the slave of a powerful fountain and learn what it means to serve in order to be completed. (MMF, oral, anal, bd, fant, rom)

Four Glasses Of Water - by Candy - Not everything is as simple as it seems. How being ordered to drink 4 glasses of water led to me being chained to a stake by my dog collar in our back yard. (MMF, exh, bd, mast, oral, anal, ws)

Fox And Hounds - by Ken L. Master - A runaway teen is picked up by two women and finds herself taking care of the dogs in their breeding kennel. (FF/F-teen, nc, bd, voy, 1st, beast) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16

Fraternity Initiation - by dale10 - The perverse account of a college fraternity and sorority initiation. (MF-teens, nc, exh, bi, bd, ws, orgy) Part 2

Free Woman's Lament, The - by Slave to Magick - This is just a short little fan-fiction set in the Gor world where a Free woman is lamenting not being a slave anymore and is fighting between pride of being a Free woman and her desire to submit as a slave. More psychological than erotic as there is no actual sex in this story. (MF, rom, bd, sci-fi, no-sex)

Freedom And Love For A Masked Slave - by Nick Green - An over-18 first-time story for two very kinky (and real) people. This story is somewhat autobiographical and draws from personal experience. (MF, inc, 1st, oral, anal, exh, bd, rom)

Freedom? Denied! - by Jonnerz - A young man wanders into a massive castle like mansion only to find himself enslaved by its inhabitants and forced to submit. Frustrated with his new life, he finds peace in a young girl and a canine companion. (M/f, M/beast, nc, v, ped, bd)

French Roulette - by Chronosfoe - A guy and two girls play an interesting game of strip poker. The author does an admirable job of describing the erotic action, and makes especially the females very appealing. (FF/M, oral, anal, bd)

Fresh Seed - by Eric Waters - Have you ever heard the one about the farmer's daughters? (MF/FF-teens, nc, rp, bd, preg)

Friendly Wager - by TenToWin - Two couples become great friends, but when a wager is made, the women become even better friends than before. (FF, bd, spank)

From Asia To Africa - by Phill - [An E-novel] Damon was a twenty year old soldier who had been abducted by two Asian men and then sold to some Africans who lived in Liberia. When kidnapped he was well developed young man, fit and confident, a man's man. But what happens to this young viral man over the next few months will change his life for ever. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, nc, rp, tor, ws, scat, mutilation, cast, bd)

Frosty - by Satin - A wife comes home from a long day at working and her husband helps her relax. (MF, bdsm, sm)

Fuck-O-Rama - by dale10 - Four well-hung high school jocks enter an internet contest, fucking four virgin high school girls. (M+F+-teens, underage, reluc, 1st, mast, oral, anal, exh, bd)

Fuck Team - by dale10 - When the boys find out one student is a faggot, they have a real good time with him. He is totally degraded and used. (Mm+/m, teens, exh, inc, ped, ws, nc, v, tor, beast, bd)

Fuck Toy - by Master's Bitch - James comes home from a hard day's work, he is furious to find his slave pleasuring herself. this is the first installment in the punishment which he gives her. (Mdom/F, mast, oral, bd)

Fucked Like A Dog - by Sam Grant - John gets more than he asked for when he agrees he wants his beautiful wife to be fucked like a dog. He ends up being cuckolded by the family pet. (MMF/beast, cuck, bd, creampie)

Fulfilling My Fantasies - by T - There's a couple of fantasies I would like to fulfill. (FFM, voy, bd, mc, bi, tor)

Full House - by LWM - A single mom finds the best way to turn a profit with a farm these days is to convert it into a whorehouse using her daughters as the whores. (M+/Fgg, inc, ped, beast, exh, s&m, oral, anal, public, bd)

Fun With The Neighbors - by Pallidan - Ever thought of finding out that your neighbors were submissive and that you had the opportunity to take advantage of it? (Fdom/MF, nc, voy, bd, spank, toys)

Furniture Store Affair - by Anonymous - A man sitting in a bar meets a pretty woman and gets a big surprise. (MF, affair, bd)

Games - by Elliemae - A husband's desire to live out his sexual fantasy game backfires. (MMF, bdsm, nc)

Games We Play - by Thadsgood - A couple like to play games, not scrabble or anything like that. Their games are all about sex involving dares, exhibitionism, doing it in public, that sort of thing. (MF, FF, reluc, exh, bd, swing) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Garage Girl - by Anon - A good girl who likes the feeling of being bad, but not wanting to be caught acting out by her disciplinarian father, gets caught out anyway. (MF, bd, cons, tor, spank)

Gasping Couple, The - by Christopher Meier - His big hands came from behind me and covered my mouth and pinched my nose shut. His arms encircled me and kept me from moving. I struggled briefly and felt a sexual chill in my spine as I realized he had me completely in his power. (MF, asphyxia sex, bd, cons)

Gentlemen's Club - by Yourcaptive - Take a tour of a gentlemen's club in the future, when pussy is property and available for club members to use and enjoy it however they see fit. Don't forget to stop by for the breeder show. (MF, nc, voy, v, oral, anal, bd, tor, ws)

Georgetta - The Dolphin A couple play at bondage and submission, enjoying every sensation they create between themselves. (MF, bd, oral, anal, toys, rom)

Getting Back At Kathy - by Maussie - A young police officer comes home after a long day only to be raped in her own apartment by a stranger. But is he really a stranger? (MF, nc, rp, bd, rom)

Gift - by Dee Ann Marie - Some pleasant bondage play between an adult couple. Adults can be sexy too, you know. (MF, bd, rom, xmas)

Giftwrapped - by Ny - What would you do if you found a pretty young woman tied up and stashed in your dorm room closet? (MF, bbw, bd, rom)

Gillian And Jane - by Maddog - A lesbian couple who are into mutual panty pooping get involved with Gillian's daughter, Kate. (FF, teens, inc, bd, ws, scat)

Girlfriend Becomes Obeying Slave - by Sonya Esperanto - A semi-romantic BDSM story that takes place in the modern day German city of Berlin, that surrounds an arrogant cohabiting couple: an aggressive Blond German guy and his equally assertive smart-mouth part Persian Brunnete girlfriend. (MF, anal, bd, mc, rom)

Girl's Revenge - by Perb69 - A reverse roles story, about women who rape men. I hated men, damn them all. All they wanted was sex, however they could get it. (Fdom+/M, rp, oral, bd, huml)

Gloryhole For Lyn - by ShavedJerry - A couple attend an initiation party to a sex club and even though they aren't new to "kinky" they experience things they hadn't done before during their initiation. (MF, ped, bd, sm, exh, orgy)

Golden Emperor, Silver Stallion, Moonlight Mare - by Anon - Translator's note: Caligula's odd political promotions are a matter for historical fact. And Roman horses were small, rarely over 13 hands high. (MF, F/beast, nc, bd, historical)

Good Hospital Care Is Hard to Find - by MorningWood - The wife, Maggie, is hospitalized, yet has no intention in missing the joy of oral sex. When hubby pushes his erection through the safety rail, he is caught with his pants down by the evening nurse. (MFF, reluc, oral, bd)

Good Neighbor - by Jean-Marc Conier - It's been said that the true test of a good friend is the house key test. Ask yourself if you would feel comfortable giving your friend a key to your house. If you wouldn't, get a new friend. (FM, bd, toys)

Good Samaritan, The - by Silvergun - A modern day spin on the biblical story of the good Samaritan with a sexual twist. (MMF, nc, rp, wife, exh, v, bd)

Goodbye Patti - by Old Grey Duck - They had communicated on-line for years. Now they would meet. However, things did NOT go as she had planned. (MF, d/s, v, oral, anal, bd, mc, v, ws, scat)

Governor's Bed, The - by Kayla - Sarah Palin's naughty intern has to go without the company of her lesbian sex tutor - until an unexpected snowstorm paves the way for an unexpected reunion. Previous exploits may be read in directory 60. (Ff, mast, oral, anal, bd, rom, celeb-parody)

Governor's Heart, The - by Kayla - A teenage girl's unexpected initiation into steamy lesbian sex by her sexy Governor. (Ff, ped, 1st-lesbian-expr, oral, rom, bd, celebrity-parody)

Grabbed From Behind - by 14bees - A man assists beautiful redhead with her classes and is humiliated by her in front of her friends so he decides to even up the score. (MMF, nc, rp, v, bd, mc, tor)

Grandma's Farewell Party - by MLG - Grandmother had lived a full 60 years, and done just about everything she ever wanted. But not everything. Her farewell party is intended to break taboos she grew up with, but had never witnessed or tried herself. (MMF, ped, nc, v, bi, inc, cast, bd, tor, scat, canib, sn)

Greatest Birthday Present Ever - by JackBro - A story about a young woman and the present that her mother bought her. This story is set either in the distant past or an altered future, but either way it's about human bondage and female dominance over a man. Interesting take. (Fdom/Msub, slavery, bd)

Greek Vacation - by FIN - A woman from the states meets a stranger and falls for him. He is exotic, foreign and sexy. This is their tale. (MF, rom, bd)

Gretchen And The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn - by Alex - The ring of mushrooms made a circle about 30 feet in diameter. There is a name for these odd even. It's called a faery circle. For thousands of years they have been believed to be mystical places where the world of reality and the fantastic overlap. (MF, reluc, rom, beast, bd, fantasy)

Ground Control - by Roccotool - Two female flight attendants. One man. Fly the friendly bed. (FFM, bi, voy, oral, bd, smoking, rom)

Guess Who's Comin' For Dinner - by The Chef - Two schoolgirls start a fight over a boy they both love. Then finally they decide to flip a coin, one of them gets him and the other ends up on the menu. (Ff-teens, bd, can)

Gym Rape - by Anon - A man rapes a young gymnast who was left alone to do her routine in the Gym. He plays cat and mouse with the girl, making her do her routines before he rapes her. Then her older brother shows up to walk her home. (Mdom/mg, extreme, ped, nc, rp, bd, toys, forced-inc, voy)

Hairgoddess Reena - by Marc - The old memory of a very "long haired lady". And I was so lucky that I had her hair in every way I could possibly have. (MF, v, bd, hanging)

Halloween Costume Party - by Felix Dartmouth - When my new boyfriend asked me to his firm's costume party, I was kind of surprised. He seemed real insistent on his getting the costumes. We had dated a few times, but things did not seem to be progressing real well between us, in fact we hadn't even slept together. But things really changed between us after that party. (MF, bbw, bdsm, no sex)

Hammered - by Pet Kaili - She finally gets her chance to ride in the truck with him. Hanging spread eagle in the back watching the traffic pass she feels his hunger for her pain as well as her need to exhibit herself. In the end he has her complete submission... based on a true event. (Mdom/F, sm, d/s, exh, toys, fisting, bd, cons)

Handcuffs - by Teresa - A woman let's a strange man handcuff her in a parking garage. (MF, alcohol, cons, bd)

Happy Little Pussy - by Mredfox - I go away to a seminar and my roommate gives me a new pussy to take home. (FF, dom/sub, forced, 1st-lesbian-expr, spank, bd)

Happy Wife - by Easy girl8 - I thought I married a great girl, but within a few years we decided to divorce. We stayed fuck buddies for a time and then she decided to do something that would make me forever hers. (FFM, reluc, v, bd, cast, bd) Part 2

Harajuku Love Story - by Nozomi - My friend Maiko and I have a fun day out, where we meet some interesting people and make some money on the way. (MFF, exh, bi, bd, asian, beast, cream-pie)

Hard Body Shop Clerk - by DL Sloan - Twenty-two year old Cori Banks lands a job putting her looks and talents to use at a body shop. Her four male co-workers and their clients enjoy the fringe benefits of a hot babe who wears whatever they want her to and fulfills all their sexual needs and fantasies upon demand. (M+/F, reluc, exh, intr, mast, oral, anal, bd) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12

Hard Case - by DR WHO - A couple like to play rough. (Mdom/Fsub, bd, tor, cons)

Harper Valley Angels - by Peter Pan - Just one of the previously un-published Harper Valley episodes that occurred last year and which I am now more at ease in sharing with the general populous. (Mf, ped, inc, mast, bd, orgy)

Harper Valley Fallout - by Peter Pan - Sometimes the past comes back to haunt you. Haunting I can deal with, it's the spectre of lost self-esteem and unmitigated sexual debasement. hanging over the life your own flesh and blood that warrants treading a very careful path. One's resolve may be strong but eternally, the spirit is weak! (MMf, ped, bi, bd, orgy, ws)

Harper Valley: Last Rites - by Peter Pan - Although pre-dating the last three HV recollections on Kirsten, I am now bowing to reader pressure and submitting the two "lost" stories that followed our withdrawal from Harpers. (The next episode will be next week) These have not been published in the earlier series. (Mf, ped, mast, bd, orgy)

Harumi's Birthday - by Dale10 - Harumi's Birthday is not a happy one, as his brother and friends work him over. (MM/m, asian, nc, v, inc, bd)

He Sells Me - by TxEric - I was in shock. I was to be sold as a whore. I would have to fuck anyone who paid the price to my husband. (Mdom/F, nc, wife, intr, bd, d/s, anal, ws)

Headmaster`s Time - by Lindaloo - Headmaster has to punish a girl but only in the way he knows. (M/F-teen, underage, bd)

Helping Hand - by Fred Madison - A husband suspects his wife of cheating on him, only to find that his fears are justified. (MMF, wife, cuck, intr, bd)

Helpless - by Dark Dreamer - A tease is taught a lesson by a handsome and dangerous Latino man who isn't fooling around. (MF, nc, rp, intr, bd, s&m)

Her Choice - by Navakantam - A story of a truly demented BDSM couple who live on the edge until one scene that ends in death. (MF, hanging, sn)

Her Master - by Cuisinart13 - Her Master's early arrival caught her completely off guard. Not only was she wearing clothes, but also her Master's home was a mess, and she was lying on the couch smoking a cigarette and reading a book. The empty pint of ice cream, full ashtray, empty DP cans, and discarded burger wrappers spoke volumes about what she did not do during his weeklong absence. (Mdom/F, reluc, bdsm)

Her Master's Whore - by J.J. - A man's submissive girlfriend is instructed to stay in bed all day and that friends of his would stop by from time to time to use her body. (M+/F, d/s, anal, whip, bd)

Her Private Stud - by Anonymous - Both my wife and I love a lot of the stories posted here, but we really love the one's that are real, or "true life" stories much more than the fantasy stories. ALL of ours are true, so it is sometimes a little while between posts, because adventures don't happen every day. (MMF, wife-sharing, swinger, bd)

Her Punishment - by Tat2diver - This is a story of a meeting I had with a consenting adult female and Myself. As My slave I dabble into age play with her and one of our favorites is Daddy/daughter. This story is true except for the references to Daddy and Daughter. I am not related to the female in this story and we both are well above age. (MF, reluc, v, bd, tor)

Her Surprise For Him - by Simka Vbah - A young man is tied-up and used by his girlfriend, only to discover, too late, her secret. (M/herm, reluc, bd, oral, anal)

Hidden Camera Leads To Unbelievable Find - by Pnatyfan466 - A boy is abused by his sister and mother. (Mfb, ped, nc, rp, v, d/s, inc, anal, bd)

Highwayman - by Doghead_2000 - The robbery went badly wrong for Jack Black the Highwayman this time, but at least he left the scene with a big smile on his face and some interesting memories. MFF, inc, nc, rp, v, oral, bd, preg)

Hi-School Girl - by Dark Avenger - An older man has a fetish for young schoolgirls and he has the money to live out his fantasies. (M/ff-teens, asian, nc, bd, prost)

Hit And Run - by Patrick Flanagan - A man is victimized by a hit and run driver, then he turns the tables on her. (MF, rp, bdsm, 1st)

Honesty - by SlaveKas - This was to be my third public sex show, and the crowd appeared ten times larger than usual. I wondered if every freak in Atlanta had shown up tonight. I perched on the cushioned table up on stage, my head leaning against the wall, my legs spread apart showing my perfectly waxed pussy. I silently wondered what percent of the audience was secretly rubbing themselves like the man in the khaki pants. (M+/F, MM, FF, bi, exh, bd)

Honeymoon - by Parker - A professor courts and marries a beautiful student. And to show his love for his young bride, he gives her a unique present... the female professor who had given her such a hard time the previous semester... (MFF, nc, bd, mc, bi)

Hooker Fantasy - by Pallidan - A rich woman loved to buy hookers and dominate them. This time she chose a black hooker who had something else in mind. (FF, dom, exh, bd)

Hormone Changes - by subtony - Chat room fantasy changes an older married male into a real life cum slut sissy. (MM, nc, orgy, bd, ws)

Horsewomen, The - by Jeanne de Stein - In an alternate universe it's not so nice being a male, when females run the world. (Fdom/M, bi, nc, rp, tor, bd, fantasy)

Hostage - by Maussie - Early morning. A female junior clerk at the local bank is being held hostage while a man is robbing the bank. Then he turns his attention to her. (MF, nc, rp, bd)

Hostess - by Old Gray Dick - It was their turn to host the party, and she wanted to make sure everyone had a good time. (MF, couples, bi, reluc, voy, oral, bd, swing)

Hot Coffee Incident, The - by Arsomnia - Kidnapped and enslaved in a brothel run by the mysterious Cartel, Arwyn learns a hard lesson in obedience at the hands of Dmitry. (MF, nc, rp, v, tor, bd, prost)

Hot For Teacher - by Dim - This story is about how we never really know what people are like in the privacy of their own lives. It's always the quiet ones, so they say. (FF, nc, voy, v, oral, bd, tor)

Hotel Encounter - by Andy - A man-to-man encounter in my hotel room, a purely sexual adventure between to hot men. The true story includes mutual masturbation, oral sex, and anal exploration. We try many experiments to see how much pleasure two men can derive from each other. (MM, mast, oral, anal, bd)

Hothouse - by the Technician - Stacy tries self-bondage sessions in the greenhouse at new home. (Self-bd, F-solo, exh, puplic-bd)

Hotwife's New Year's Eve With BBC - by LeatherZebra - My wife is used by a Dominant BBC at a sleazy hotel on New Year's Eve. (MMF, wife, bd, huml, exh, mast, oral, intr, huml, d/s)

House Of Domination - by Pallidan - A woman pays to attend a house where the guests will be dominated and serve as a slave. She will get her money's worth. I believe this to be my best story ever so far and hope to continue it. (FFM, dom, exh, reluc, bd, mc)

House Of Horror - by Ynyn - Three sexy teens trick or treat on Halloween at the old house down the street that is inhabited by a deviant madman, who has evil plans for the young girls. (M/fff-teens, ped, nc, rp, 1st, oral, anal, bd)

How My Second Wife got Pregnant - by Tim - A neighbor takes advantage of his friend's wife without her knowing it is him. (MMF, wife, nc, cuck, bd, preg)

How To Catch A Pixie - by SlaveKimura - Obsession leads to abduction of a pixie haired college girl by the person she'd least expect. A Female classmate. (FF, reluc, bd, 1st-lesbian-expr)

How to Handle Her - by Ozymandius - She had heard about his reputation for sadomasochism and it intrigued her so she asked her roommate to ask him to call her for a date. (MF, s/m, whip, d/s, bd, apx)

Hypnodentist, The - by RC - An interesting visit to the dentist's office. (MFF, nc, drugs, bd)

I Am From These Hills - by LaPetiteMort - Transplanted city boy has to return to his mountain roots for help controlling a city girl who went bitch. Some rough play and four guys and their dogs get her to mellow out. (M+/F, nc, exh, anal, bd, beast)

I Am Willow and I Am a Sex Slave - by Willow - A different kind of mile-high experience. (MF, FF, d/s, rough, anal, bdsm)

I Love Being A Whore - by Nastyladie - As a 5 year old, I learned that a good wife is a whore and will do what her husband wants her to. She will never question anything her husband orders her to do. (MF, exh, orgy, ws, nc, bd, prost, beast)

I Made You Mine - by Little One Emmi - In a forgotten town, a truly evil Mistress breaks and kills slaves, that is until she acquires a "slave" that is unlike anyone before. (MF, bd, fantasy)

I Was a Teenage Sorceress - by J R D - A convoluted story about a teenage boy with special powers and the love in his life. Call this story "Strange" would be an understatement. (m/tg, rom, bd, fantasy)

I Wonder If She Really Knew? - by Hotcouple - While nude, tied up and blindfolded in a sex game a friend of mine drops by. I decide to fulfill a secret fantasy of mine and let him fuck my wife. Afterward, I never knew for sure if she knew it wasn't me. To this day I wonder. (MMF, wife, nc, husb-voy, bd, swingers)

If He Hollers, Make Him Pay 2 - by Cameron Brock III - I'm a student just starting college but I'm a total alpha male who knows what I want to do with my life and how I can bend the world to my will. I've devoted my life to subjugating and manipulating creatures weaker than myself (faggot cocksuckers, mostly) and enslaving them for purposes of my pleasure and improving my overall quality of life. Part one may be found in directory 74. (MM, nc, oral, anal, bd, mc, cast) Part 3 - Part 4

In My Life - by Fantasy Man - A history of my life or at least some of it. It is partly true -- mostly fiction. Can you tell which are which? (M/F, b/g-youths, bi, voy, mast, oral, anal, bd)

In Soviet Russia, The Dead Rape You - by Dodom - Or maybe it's not Soviet Russia. In any case, bondage is not a good idea when zombies are roaming the streets. First they eat your boyfriend, then when they're full and there you are, naked and bound, oh boy! (MF, nc, rp, bd, sn, nec, can, v)

In The Ambulance - by Abadone - Jackie goes to see her favourite rock band only to get crushed in the crowd and passes out. She wakes in an ambulance where she undergoes an examination. (MM/f-teen, nc, rp, ped, 1st, oral, anal, bd, preg)

In The Dorm - by VP Viddler - There's four of us and only one of you. Four guys and one girl. We could make you suck you suck all our cocks. Couldn't we? (MMMF, dom, reluc, bd, orgy)

In The Meadow - by Robin Young - A guy wants to be used like a whore by his woman. (Fdom/M, cd, anal, oral, dildo, bd)

Indian Savage Lesbian Rape - by Pulsar - I saw the breathtaking form of the chief's daughter staring down at my upturned spread thighs and my heavy bikini tanned globes that displayed a sensually firm swing at the slightest movement. I felt a tingle of lust run through my body and my large nipples erected again as if touched by icy cold. (FF, forced, bd, beast, cast)

Inexperienced Nanny - by Enigma Desparatus - Nikki, a sixteen-year old student trying to earn some money, takes a job babysitting two young teenagers for the night. Unfortunately for her, whilst they may be young, they are by no means innocent. (mf-teens, youths, nc, v, bd)

Inga Comes To America - by Vulgus - A fan of my stories contacts me and we correspond about our mutual fantasies of male domination and humiliation and the many forms of abuse that turn her on. She agrees to spend her two week vacation with me and be my total slave. (M+/F, nc, rp, bi, exh, bd, beast, ws)

Inquisitor's Dark Pleasures - by Slave to Magick - A member of the Society of Leopold, a group of vampire hunters have a bit of perverted fun with a female vampire prisoner. Fan fiction set in the World of Darkness RPG game setting. (MF, nc, rp, bd, v, tor, sci-fi)

Internet Predator - by Seltador - Was the gentleman she talked to on the net what he seemed? A cautionary tale about giving out too much information to a stranger. (MF, nc, rp, v, bd)

IronMan - by SirBosk1 - A buff construction worker foreman tries out his submissive bisexual side with a Male Master while his live in girl friend is out of the country. His girl friend comes back unexpectedly and catches him. The boy friend's life takes a drastic turn. (MM, MF/M, d/s, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal, bd)

Is It Really Him? - Sexywritr4u - A sweet little story about anonymous sex, light consensual bondage and doubt. (MF, wife, oral, bd)

Island Of Pleasure And Submission - by Pallidan - An older couple decides to take a vacation on an island where blacks rule. (FFM, reluc, bi, dom, exh, bd)

Island Of White Slavery - by Karen Kay - White couples are tricked into working at a tropical resort and soon learn they will become slaves to their black clients. Some wives will become pregnant. (FFM, reluc, exh, intr, orgy, mc, bd)

Istanbul Strip Search - by Leo Sanderson - An American woman is detained by officials in Istanbul and becomes terrorized by her interrogator when Cocaine is found in her luggage. (MF, nc, bd, humil, rp)

It All Started with A Chocolate Biscuit - by Lion24655 - Christine caught me eating a chocolate biscuit when I was on a diet and grassed me to my wife! I told her she should be spanked and she agreed. We both loved it. (MF, reluc, oral, bd, spanking)

It Comes In Pairs - by Pallidan - Two girls and neighbors work in the same office and one of them catches the other stealing. She blackmails her till she refuses to continue and then go over to tell her mother which she still refuses. Things change fast. (FF, exh, oral, anal, bd)

It Started In The Laundromat - by Pallidan - A white couple is caught by an all black girl gang at a Laundromat who decides to have their fun with them. (F+/MF, reluc, exh, intr, bd, huml)

It's How You Play the Game - by Julia - A high school football coach fulfils his promise to his team: win the big game and you'll soon have an even bigger and better game to celebrate. (m+/f+, teens, nc, rp, bd, 1st)

It's The Real Thing - by Lee Betters - My family trains high class prostitutes. In story form I'll detail some of the basic training techniques we use to make high class ladies of the night. (MF, nc, rp, v, bd)

I've Been Very Very Bad, Daddy - by Sumddy - Young girl and her father, in the course of disciplining her, find themselves both intensely aroused. She later purposefully does something to get her daddy to come to her room where she's waiting for him to spank her again. (Mg, extreme-ped, v, 1st, mast, oral, bd, spank)

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