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I had the idea of writing a sort of frank sexual memoir along the lines of MY SECRET LIFE or MY LIFE AND LOVES, starting with my first real sexual experience, up until the age of 25 or so. So I wrote a few chapters and posted them as separate stories, and here they are. There are quite a few unwritten chapters and I may never get around to writing them, but here's what I have so far.

Chapter 1. Sex And The Single Girl Scout

My first time. I didn't plan it, it just sort of happened. My chest was about 3 years ahead of me and that was probably a contributing factor.

Chapter 2. Call Me Jailbait

My first older man. And my first...well, read it.

Chapter 3. Eager Beaver

Well, I certainly wanted to do *that* again. But I had to find a new guy to do it with. I considered calling this one "I Was A Teenage Size Queen", but I thought better of it.

Chapter 4. Be Prepared

Fun at Girl Scout camp. Did you hear the one about the boy who was kicked out of the Cub Scouts for eating Brownies?


1942 - Added 10/01

Heidi led the German soldier down the stony path to the old barn. It was a beautiful summer day and the larks were singing. The hot summer sun gleamed on the greens and reds and purples of the meadow flowers. Heidi's heart hammered in her chest as she led the handsome young soldier into the barn. She was 14 years old, her blonde pigtails swaying in the breeze behind her, her "Bund Deutscher Madchen" badge proudly pinned to her ripening bosom. She turned and smiled bravely at the soldier, and then sank to her knees and lay on her back in the soft straw that covered the floor. Heidi looked up at him and smiled as she lay on her back on the ground. She raised her knees and spread them apart. Then she pulled back her skirt. The soldier's eyes widened in surprise.

Algebra Lesson - Added 10/01

Is it okay to keep your glasses on during sex? I kept mine on while Mr. Fisher was pulling my white cotton panties down because I wanted to see what he was doing. They say that men don't make passes at lasses in glasses, but in my case that never stopped anyone.

A Moving Experience

A man, a plan, a canal...oh, wait, that's something else. This one is about a hunky young man with a great body who helped me move.

Amanda's Honeymoon - Added 09/00

A Victorian girl gets a sexual education on her honeymoon.

Boy Magnets

"Tea And Sympathy", "Summer of '42", Mrs. Robinson, Mary Kay LeTourneau... is it really so wrong for a woman to be nice to a growing boy? Especially when the part of him that keeps growing is between his legs?

Calling All Girls - Added 10/01

Tommy woke up with a raging hard-on. God, it was so hard it hurt! He opened the fly of his pajamas and took a look. His dick was huge, purple and swollen. It was so heavy it would not even stand up straight. Boy, it looks really big, he thought. I wonder how big? It was Saturday, so he did not have to get up and go to school. His mom didn't even call him to breakfast. He went over to his bureau, opened a drawer and rummaged around until he found a measuring tape...

Coco The Gorilla - Added 09/00

A gorilla's observations on human monkey business.

College Widow - Added 10/01

He was 48, she was 22. He was virile and experienced and on their honeymoon he taught her the art of love. She had her first orgasm on ship in the middle of the Atlantic, one night late after midnight, and a purser passing by on the deck heard her little cry.

Grocer's Boy, The - Added 10/22/03

"The newly organized women's social gathering known as "The Club" met for the second time last Thursday at the home of Mrs. Warrington on Alameda Street. A light luncheon was served and Mrs. Amelia Stringer, of 1124 Fillmore, gave a lively talk on the history of beekeeping in early California, followed by open discussion. The once a month sessions of "The Club" are closed to invited members only."

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