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A Birthday To Remember - by Young Writer - The best birthday gift a guy can get. (MMF, swingers, oral, anal)

Adaptation - by Dave - A bacterial infection alters the course of human social mores. (FFM, sci-fi)

A Gift For Her Father - by TheBigLove126 - Robyn returns home for the holidays to find her family falling apart. After learning of the failing relationship between her parents, she decides to give her father the perfect gift. (MF, inc, oral)

A Halloween Treat - by Charles Dick - A wild Halloween party almost turns tragic when the hosts attempts to rape one of the girls. Her brother comforts her, and receives a very nice reward. (MF-teens, nc, rp, inc, exh, rom)

Alana's Confession - by Lisa Rains - An adventurous wife tells her husband about what she did while she was away in Paris. She didn't really cheat... exactly. But she had about as much hot fun with a sexy stranger as a gal can have without actually getting fucked! (MF, exh, voy, mast, cuck, rom) Part 2

Alexei, The Recycled Trophy Wife - by Quid Pro Quo - At 35, Alexei, the wife of Dmitry, a high-ranking Russian politician, has aged to the point where most politicians divorce their first wives and marry younger trophy wives. But Dmitry loves his wife and believes in "reduce, reuse, and recycle". With the help of his lusty mother-in-law, Alexei is transformed into a hot 18-year-old again. (FFM, bi, inc, oral, anal, mc, drugs, preg)

A Moment In Time - by Anon - It's Halloween night and anything can happen. Trick or treat to pranks can happen. The ghouls and spirits come out to play. One demon needs more than just play; he wants one particular girl that night and lures her into his lair. (mf-teens, reluc, 1st, fantasy)

A Mother's Secret Lust - by Lurid Sinner - A mother discovers that her son has been spying on her most intimate moments, and that he knows all about the dirty secret she's hidden from his father for all these years. (Fm, ped, voy, inc, cuck, beast)

A New Lease - by Dave - A retired couple tries a new ED treatment. (MF)

An Interesting Weekend - by Steve Black - An unusual weekend that leads to another weekend then to a gang bang for Sandi and her two teen age daughters along with some very pleasant time spent in an adult book store as well. (M+/Fff, ped, oral, anal, gb)

An Ozark Adventure - by Anon - In 1886 a tall rider tracking a killer enters the Ozark Hills in the middle of Arkansas. His overnight rest is interrupted by a 13 year old girl living nearby, in a cave sans parents, to his camp spot. She spy's his evening activity with his mare. He discovers her hiding nearby invites her into camp. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, mast, oral, beast)

Babysit For An Hour - by Hotcouple - Alone after my wife died I lived in suburbia and had no one in my life that mattered. That is until new neighbors moved in. Though older than me, the husband was nice, but his wife became my fantasy. Amazingly even at 61 she was a Playboy centerfold lookalike. I'd watch her in my pool and dream of being her lover. Still not sure if I was just lucky, or set up, my dream came true--who cares why? (MF, wife, nc, rp, voy, oral, bd)

Balcony - by MonGer - Our first holiday since having kids and the erotic fun we had. (MF-cpls, swingers)

Battle Monkeys - by CarlosRegerado - A man is teleported into a video game and must fend off a bunch of intelligent and horny talking apes in order to win the prize: his own wife. Can he save her from being brutally savaged by one of the apes? Does she want him to? (MF, F/beast?, wife, reluc, oral, cuck, swinger, sci-fi)

Beatrice Learns - by Realoldbill - A young princess discovers what her mother's guards can do and do and do. (M/f-teen)

Betsy's Shower - by Lanziano - A young girl takes a shower but forgets her wash cloth and has to use her hands. (f-solo, mast)

Big Kid Stuff - by Anon - This is a first time gay story that involves teenagers and some incest. (mm-teens, inc, 1st, oral, anal)

Black Stable Club 1 - by Karen Kay - A white couple join a private adult club ran by single black men. Every Saturday night they auction off the white wives to the highest bidder. (MF, nc, exh, intr, swinger)

Bonnie's Office - by Naughtydj - Working late, Bonnie's light is on as I leave. But finding the hottest woman in the office masturbating at her desk is too good to be true and I decide to see how far she'll go to keep her job. (MF, nc, oral) Part 2

Breaking Them In - by Realoldbill - An in-school pornographer finds a real talent among the students. (Mf, ped, voy)

Britney, Teen Slut - by Geminiguy - Britney makes brother feel good, then it's his turn to reciprocate. (mf-teens, inc, oral, celeb-parody)

Bukkake - by Tyler Knight - Graphic firsthand account of a Bukkake Porn Shoot from a male's point of view. (M+/F, facial, extreme, mast, orgy)

Bullied In The Bar - by Black4Blond - Her "fun" night at a bar goes a different way than she expected. (FMM+/F, nc, rp, intr, voy, oral, anal, gb)

Camping In The Rain - by Gpatey - While we were on a camping trip, a storm blew in and flooded a fellow camper out of his campsite, who then needed some assistance, which he got... plus he helped himself to a little extra. (MMF, wife, voy, swingers, cuck, creampie)

Caregivers - by Bigbob - Brother and sister find contentment in each other's arms. (MF, inc, rom)

Carol Comes - by Pskao - After years of marriage, Carol finally has a male-induced orgasm. Then she has many of them, all given to her by her son. (MMF, inc, preg)

Cassie's Rape - by Stephanie Keating - Cassie is a sweet girl-next-door type of wife until one fateful night. Her husband is kind and understanding until... (M+/F, wife, nc, rp, husb-voy, inc, rom)

Caught In The Act, Almost - by Matt Mans - I couldn't figure out how a nerdy half-a-fag guy like me ended up with a hottie like Zoe. It was off-again and on-again at first, but I stuck with it and learned to be the kind of lover she craved. I just wasn't enough for her. (MF/mf-teens, underage, bi, inc, reluc, rom) Part 2 - Part 2 - Part 4

Chant - by Barefoot bandit - We all live on the edge of a fulcrum. Small things, what some consider very inconsequential decisions, change the balance at the fulcrum. The protagonist in this story is a young boy that has the ability, though he isn't aware of it, to change that balance. (F/MM-teens, bi, 1st, reluc, oral, anal, mc) Part 2 - Part 3

Chiropractor Visit - by Cuckolded1946 - Wife's encounters with the chiropractor. (MF, wife, voy) Part 2

Cinderella: The Fairy-Tale Ending - by Vito - What actually happened between midnight and the prince finding her. (MF, rom, fantasy)

Cody. Ryan. Leo. - by Johan Johnson - Dear Science. Please perfect cloning faster. I have three gorgeous boys to clone! Sincerely, Their lover-boy. (MM-teens, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal, sci-fi, mc)

Collapse, The - by Christie - In a post-American future a young woman sells herself into slavery to save her family from starvation. (MF-teens, nc, reluc, 1st, oreg, bd)

Convincing Samantha - by Bigmd666 - My attempt to convince Samantha to allow me to submit the story of our latest adventure featuring Rob's beefy, ex-marine "Uncle Max". (MF, voy, swinger)

Country Boy's Journey Of Discovery - by Kewtieboy - An 18 year old near-virgin gets his first job as a driver around the lanes of Northern Ireland and discovers there's a lot more going on out there than he ever thought. (MF/M-teen, inc, bi, voy, mast, oral, anal, swingers)

Country Wife - by Karen Kay - Darlene is a tomboy wife. A gorgeous blonde country girl with huge tits. An experience with a black man when she was younger taught her all about sex. Now that experience is about to change her marriage. (MF, voy, intr) Part 2

Couple for Abuse - by Nigel & Mary - A couple with a submissive side audition for a new master. (MMMdom/MF, d/s, bi, oral, anal, orgy)

Curmudgeon And The Nurses Aid, The - by Adom - Seventy year old Adom screws women from the Senior Center but then brakes his leg and hires a Nurses Aid who takes care of more than his broken leg. (MF, oral, intr)

Dad Fooled Me - by Callisto - Ellie is blackmailed into depravity only to realize that her father had set her up to fall so low. (M+/f, ped, extreme, nc, rp, tor, beast, ws)

Dana and the Angel of Lost Girls - by Sailbad - A detailed story of a pretty, young hermaphrodite woman with a wounded spirit who struggles with a world that does not understand her dual sexuality. She sets out on an adventure to test her alternate sexual identity. On sex in the first part. The sex picks up in the later posts. (FF, herm, prost) Part 2 - Part 3

Daughters Five - by Steve Black - A glimpse in the life of divorced man with five daughters - triplets and twins. (M/f+, ped, inc)

Daughter's Friend - by Barefoot Bandit - A friend of a man's daughter comes to age, while cumming again and again. (M/f-teen, underage, 1st, exh, oral, anal)

David's New Flat - by Robandlinda - David looks at a new flat and finds love with the next door neighbor. (MF, rom, mc)

Dawn Of A New Life - by Abadone - I am telling you this as I cannot believe my luck, this bird is a stunner. I am not a guy that chases tail, but this hot girl and I just sort of hit it off is a bar, even before the night club was open. (M+/Ff, ped, reluc, tv, inc, 1st, mast, oral, anal, bi)

Death by Money - by Heatherann - Kris Allen is rich, beautiful, eighteen and a recent high school graduate. So, party hearty until college starts? No, she decides to investigate the death of her mother, a case more than a decade old. (MF, mast, voy, mc)

Derek's Friend - by Dean Rogers Fuller - A gay stepfather falls for a trap set by his precocious teenage son and his best friend. (M/mm-teens, underage, oral, anal)

Doing Jeannie - by Realoldbill - A horny boy gets a chance to enjoy one of the prettiest girls in the neighborhood. (mf-teens, youths, nc, rp, 1st, voy)

Enchanted Forest, The - by Raven - Three friends take a shortcut through the woods on their way to the next magic lessons, only to find a strange, rare beast and it's friends. (FF-teens, oral, anal, beast, fant, orgy)

Euphamisms - by Neil F. - Susan could have been a famous actress, at least that's what many of her clients say. She plays every role to the fullest to make them happy. (MF, oral, anal, prost) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Family Love - by Robnlinda - Twins find love when their parents leave them alone at home over the weekend. (mf-teens, youths, nc, rp, inc, 1st, oral)

Finding Myself In Gran Canaria - by Kewtieboy - Four teenage friends go on holiday to the Canary Islands in search of girls for sex. Two of the group find more than they expected about Gran Canaria and themselves. (MMm, 1st-gay-expr, nc, mast, oral, anal, exh, alcohol, orgy)

First Night At Katie's - by Sir Edward - Ted and his younger cousin get together after a lusty encounter at her daddy's barbeque. (mf-teens, youths, inc, oral)

First Sexual Experience - by Michie - This is a story about following my brother downstairs one night. (m-solo, mf-teens, 1st, inc, voy)

Football Hero - by Realoldbill - The third-string quarterback wins juicy rewards for his scores. (mf-teens, youths, 1st)

French West Indies Vacation - by LeatherZebra - Submissive blond wife goes on vacation with her dominant husband and enjoys multiple BBCs in the tropical jungle. (MMF, wife, d/s, exh, intr, spank, swingers)

Fulfilling A Fantasy - by Karen Kay - A husband soon discovers that he is turned on having other men see his gorgeous wife's naughty pictures. Things get more interesting when a black man comments on his wife and suggests she may enjoy some strange black cock. (MF, wife, voy, intr, swingers, size) Part 2

Getting Antonia Blacked - by Makeitso - Years of obsession with cuckoldry and wives seduced by black men leads John to try and get his wife Antonia seduced by a black guy. (MF, wife, intr, reluc, husb-voy, preg, cuck)

Getting What I Want - by Neil F. - Molly loved kids. She babysat as often as she could, and not just for the money. When she decided she wanted one of her own, she made a plan and followed it to a fruitful conclusion. (m+/f-teen, youths, mast, oral, orgy, preg)

Ghost Of Me - by Johan Johnson - Upon dying, this story tracks the fleeting moments marking a restless soul's transition into the afterlife, and visit to his teen-crush, who had always been an out-of-reach famous boy, until now. (MM-teens, reluc, mast, oral, anal, sci-fi)

Ginny - by Brody - A nerdy high school boy suddenly scores but his family moves. Little does he know that he actually became a dad! Years later his high school sweet heart finds him and he reconnects with her and her daughter. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, oral, rom) Part 2 - Part 3

Good Old Friday - by Realoldbill - A lovely young daughter eagerly awaits her father on a Friday after for their usual fun and games. (MM/f-teen, ped, inc, threesome)

Greek Beach - by Makeitso - A husband and wife take a holiday in Greece. Whilst sunbathing naked on a beach one day, they are approached by an athletic Greek man who proceeds to give the man's wife a massage. With encouragement from the husband the Greek man makes love to his wife without any protection. (MF, wife, husb-voy, swingers, preg)

Halloween Helping Hand - by Otis Johnson - A guy dressed as a woman for Halloween gets a hand job from another guy in the middle of a packed bar. (MM, reluc, mast, 1st-gay-expr)

Helping Jeff With Puberty - by Anon - A Father is frustrated by his son's behavior, helps him in an unconventional manner. His other two son's join in too. (M+/m, ped, nc, rp, inc, orgy, voy, spank)

Hero's Reward - by Anon - A Bengali boy saves a family from certain death and gets rewarded. (mf-teens, youths, 1st)

Hidden - by Aspiring Deviant - As two young men explore their desires for women they uncover a hidden desire. At first it is repressed, but eventually it becomes too much and they give in to each other. Spanning from high school to their mid-twenties this story covers the struggle and eventual acceptance of their lust for cock. (MM, 1st-bi-expr, reluc, oral)

Home Alone - by Sam Grant - Laura is 17, and a good girl. Her parents finally leave her alone for the weekend, trusting her to be a good girl, but make sure their neighbor, Kathryn, will check in on her. (F/mf-teens, underage, bi, inc) Part 2 - Part 3

Home For The Holidays - by Geminiguy - Scarlett Johansson comes home for the holidays. (MF, inc, oral, celeb-parody)

House Sitting - by Barefoot bandit - A young teenage boy is hired to house sit for the neighbors. He gets a little more than he bargained for. (Mm, 1st-gay-expr, reluc, mast, oral, anal)

I Love You Debbie - by Timberwolf - This story contains material that deals with the love an Uncle feels for his young niece. Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically. There is some truth from my life mixed up in this missive, but the rest is pure fantasy. (Mf, MF, ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral, orgy, rom)

Incest Cruise - by I Writer - After being dumped by her fiance, a young mom and her 16-year-old son go on a cruise, get married and share incestuous love. (F/m-teen, inc, underage, 1st, mast, oral, anal, rom)

I Think We're Alone Now - by Geminiguy - A chance meeting creates an opportunity for Tiffany and a fan to enjoy a romantic interlude. (MF, oral, anal, celeb-parody)

Jennifer - by Serfer - A young girl is ravaged by demons and trolls. (ped, 1st, oral, anal, fantasy)

Jennifer And Her Brother - by Todd Cuck Collins - Brother and Sister get together after seeing their spouses cheating on them together. (MF, cpls, inc, swingers, creampie, voy, preg)

Just A Quiet Weekend - by Tookie - A healthy well-built man indulges in domination sex. (MM, nc, rp, anal, bd, tor)

Kim And Dad - by Williamburns - Kim a fourteen year old convinces her dad to have sex with him during her mother's visit to her lesbian girlfriend. Lots of underage sex. (M/f-teen, ff, ped, inc, mast, oral, anal, bd, ws)

Kate vs Little Limp Dick - by Bigbob - The bitch had it coming! (MMF, oral, anal, spank, gb)

Kaye Lets Go - by Cuckolded1946 - Kaye invites me for coffee when her husband goes on a trip and finds out what it's like to let go and enjoy. (MF, reluc, wife, cheat)

Kyle's Special Birthday Treat - by Robnlanda - Kyle's twin sister has planned a special present for their sixteenth birthday. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st, rom)

Lindsey - by Tunefulbob - This is a true story about my relationship with an extraordinary woman, whose real name might or might not be Lindsey. It's been my good fortune to have had several long-term relationships with women who were wonderfully sexy but Lindsey is in a different league from them, a league where passion and intensity reach levels that were beyond my wildest fantasies. (MF, anal, fist, toys, rom) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Living With The In-Laws - by Tom - A newly married man moves in with his wife's family. He keeps finding the bathroom door open when he gets out of the shower. This leads him to discover the thrill of exhibitionism. Once started down that road he learns more about himself, sexually. This new found freedom allows others to get in touch with their sexual desires too. (MMm, ped, 1st-gay-expr, mast, reluc, voy, exh) Part 2

Losing Her Virgina But Gaining A Vagina - by Johndough - A young girl creates the name virgina out of virgin and vagina and insists she doesn't yet have a vagina. This creates problems when she takes sex ed in school and refuses to admit she has a vagina until some staff members teach her the error of her ways. (MM/f-teen, ped, reluc, 1st, preg)

Making A Mommy - by Neil F. - A girl who loves babies decides she wants one of her own. Getting people to agree to help her is unexpectedly difficult. (mmm+/f, teens, youths, orgy, preg)

Making Of A Cuckold: Unintended Consequences - by Cindi's Toy - The story of a couple experimenting with a threesome and how that experiment played out over the course of thirty years. (MMF, d/s, reluc, bi, anal, swinger, voy, cuck, drugs, alcohol)

Marie Loves Boys - by Kewtieboy - Thirty-something wife has a liking for young lads and when her husband realises the nephew of a friend of theirs likes her, he helps create a new sex-life for all three of them. (Mm+/Ff, ped, wife, bi, oral, anal, orgy, swingers) Part 2

Mexico - by Zula - A business trip across the Mexican border goes wrong and a young American man ends up spending the night in jail. (M+/M, nc, rp, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal)

Mickey Mouse Club by Geminiguy - Knock Knock Knockin' On Christina's Back Door (MF, anal, celeb-parody)

Milking Miranda - by Etaoin Shrdlu - Miranda finds lactation a delight. (FF, mast, oral, lac)

Mom Gives Me My Sex Talk - by Woodyne777 - I trick my mother into giving be a sex talk with a full hands on demonstration. (m-teen/F, inc, 1st)

Mom Plays Nurse - by BLUEgoblin - After braking both of his arms in a motorcycle accident, a teenager has to rely on his mother to help him in everyday things including bathing and going to the toilet, but gets extras in the process. (F/m-teen, ped, voy, inc, 1st, mast)

Mothers In My Life, The - by Len - The story of about my introduction to sex by my mother. (F/m-teen, ped, inc, mast) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

Mrs. Williams' Guest House - by Robandlinda - Salesman meets a changed personality at a guest house when he accidentally mislays a computer pen drive. (MF, oral, anal)

My Best Friend - by Moira's husband - Our life, before and after my wife met Glen my best friend. (MF) Part 2

My First Blowjob - by Reallyenjoydick - My first homosexual encounter was at a private boarding school. (MM-teens, mast, oral, 1st-gay-expr, voy)

My Goddaughter - by Foggy888 - On holiday with friends I see my God daughter for the first time in over a year. She has become the most stunning girl and over the course of the holiday I fall for her charms. (MF, M+/f-teen, ped, oral, anal, voy)

My Little Sister - by Rexie2006 - This is the first story in a series of true stories that were related to me by a friend. They describe to development of a sexual relationship between brother and sister starting in the 1960's. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, oral, ws, rom) Part 2

My Polyamorous Life - by Good Times - Becky and Amanda are 19 year olds who have been best friends since 7th grade who recently moved in together for their sophomore year of college. Becky's sex life is amazing while Amanda's is awful. Eventually, Becky and her boyfriend welcome Amanda into bed with them, for some hot sex and what will blossom into a loving, threeway relationship.

My First Time With Gary - by Reallyenjoydick - Homosexual seduction: first oral cumshot and first anal sex for a young straight/bisexual man by a slightly older gay man. (Mm, underage, adult/teen, 1st-gay-expr, reluc, oral, anal)

NILF, The - by Txmilf69 - Seducing a hot NILF... "Neighbor I'd Like to Fuck". (MF, wife, reluc, exh, mc) Part 2

Nina Does A Favor - by Realoldbill - A sexy youth does a big favor for her friends. A really big favor. (mf-teens, 1st)

One Dance With Mom - by Woodyne777 - It has been a year since my Mom caught my Dad with his secretary. They split up and Mom has not gotten back into the dating scene. I am trying to find a way to help her with her problem and satisfy a boyhood dream. (MF, inc, rom)

One Door Closes And Another Door Opens - by Anon - A dad catches his daughter being ploughed by her well-hung boyfriend and things change in his life. First he finds that he enjoys watching and then he finds that he likes sex with men, and finally he realizes that he's a perv, no going back. (MMF, bi, 1st-gay-expr, inc, intr, orgy)

On Safari - by Black4Blond - While a young couple on Safari are camped by a nice little lake. They get some company from locals. (M+/F, nc, rp, v, oral, anal, intr, voy)

Our First Time - By Ourpussies - Homework with his girlfriend and the parents out of the house leads to a lot more than just book study. (mf-teens, 1st)

Ovi-Surrogate - by Sailbad - A lonely woman escaping her past in the deep Amazon becomes the unwilling(?) link in the procreative process of strange, alien forest creatures. Scorpion-like beings who bind her and ravage her. (F-solo, mc, beast, sci-fi) Part 2

Owned - by Simply's Kai - Woman gives complete control over her life to her Master. (MMF, d/s, reluc, mast, oral, anal, beast, ws, bd)

Papa - by Rex - A farmer loves his granddaughter. (Mmf-teens, ped, inc, 1st)

Partnership, The - by Abadone - I had everything in order and ready for the interview. I knew this job was mine, just this one last interview to prove myself. (MMF, reluc, oral, anal, size)

Pastor Bob's Halloween House Of Whores - by Johndough - Instead of being at risk outdoors on Halloween, a church's Pastor throws a little Halloween party for 8 of his flocks most fertile and ovulating teens where their costumes are barely non-existent and they play out four stories from the Bible. His 12 to 15 year old charges get to know the Pastor quite biblically and they find the enjoy begetting. (M/ff, ped, 1st, orgy, voy)

Patience - by Hotcouple - True story. After years of being friends, finally patience pays off. The combination of an unexpected thunderstorm and the rapport of really good friends over many years combine to make this husband's fantasies come true. (MMF, exh, swingers, rom)

Photographic Memories - by Timberwolf - A young boy finds a camera in the garage, and asks his father to show him how it works. Suddenly, a whole new world opens up for him, and his adventures begin! Look for the twist at the end! (MF/mf-teens, ped, 1st, inc, bi, oral, anal, exh, orgy)

Rachel - by Timberwolf - A man meets his sister who he thought had been dead all his life and their lives are changed after being reunited. (Mf, underage, inc, 1st, bi, oral, rom)

Rear View - by Flightsofantasy - Driving home in your car I decide to give you a show from the back seat you will never forget. (MF, exh, mast)

Red Negligee, The - by Cyberdog - When my wife leaves me... my daughter takes over. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, 1st, preg)

Returning Home - by Abadone - Here is a story about an ex-soldier who comes back home to his beautiful wife unable to perform between the sheets so he persuades his loving spouse to find herself another lover to satisfy her needs. This she does and it leaves a bitter taste in his mouth hearing her call out another man's name. (MMF, reluc, wife, oral, anal, orgy)

Revenge - by Anon - A drunk girl gets taught a lesson she will never forget. (mf-teens, reluc, beast, huml)

Reward - by Realoldbill - When a men cannot solve the problem, she finds a way. (M/f-teen, 1st, slave)

Robopocalypse - by Johan Johnson - Set in a future where people can purchase a wide range of useful robots commercially, this story is an account of a young boys first sexual encounter with his, and as an escape into the wild possibilities our future may bring. (MM-teens, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal, robot, sci-fi)

Ronni's Summer of Love - by Vernica Lumpkin - I was a crazy kid. Loved running around naked, even as a baby, I'm told. Loved the attention that got from Daddy and my little brother, but not the attention I got from my mother. (Mf, fm, ped, tease, 1st, mast, exh) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Sam And The Weasel - by Timberwolf - A drifter finds a feral girl, and his life changes. (M/ff-teen, ped, inc, oral, anal, orgy)

Samantha and Tina's Sexual College Experiences - by WilliamBurns - What happens when two young sexual girls leave for college in mid-summer. (FF, MF, ped, beast, ws, preg)

Sascha - by Timberwolf - This is a story of a man's twisted religious upbringing, a hell of a marriage, and the joy of finding love in the most least-likely of places. You'll have to make your mind up about this story, but I hope you'll like it anyway. (MF, reluc, inc, mast)

School Friends - by Peter Street - Two school friends develop a special relationship with each other and their families after a brief encounter in the pool changing rooms. (MF/mm-teens, ped, inc, 1st-bi-expr, oral, anal, ws)

Second Vacation To The French West Indies - by LeatherZebra - A return visit to a lovely vacation spot with my hot wife serving a Creole BBC on a deserted island, and later being the birthday gift to the same BBC. (MMF, oral, exh, bd, intr, spank, swingers)

Service With A Smile - by Realoldbill - A story about rape and the consequences of that action. (MMF, nc, rp, v, sn)

Serving Beatrice - by Realoldbill - A young woman of the royal household has her first fleshy encounter with one of her mother's famous Lancers. (M/F-teen, underage, rom)

Small Horses, Huge Urges - by Maussie - Sixteen year old Laura has an unexpected adventure with her miniature horse when she's cleaning out the stable. (F-teen/beast, nc, 1st)

Son Takes Charge - by NatashaXXX - Mother towels off her hunky, dominant son. (F/m-teen, underage, reluc, inc, size) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Special Programmes - by RobnLinda - A TV engineer has special clients he has to service. (M/F+, oral, anal)

Stay With Me - by Bigbob - A couple renew their relationship. (MF, anal, rom)

Steele And Jake Forever - by Johan Johnson - A descriptive-oriented story of two strangers and the delicate network of circumstances that drew them together one night, spiraling off into an uncontrollable fit of love, lust and passion. (MM-teens, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal, rom)

Stone Man's Wife, The - by Sailbad - Childhood "games" take on new dimensions for a young girl when she is caught trespassing by The Stone Man. Young Sadie thinks she is just going to get a spanking for her naughty behaviour. He takes her to her limits, where she longs to be. (Mfb, ped, reluc, bd, size, rom)

Sucking My First Older Cock - by Michael Beaty - This is an absolutely true story about how I became addicted to older men and the event that led to me sucking my first cock. This is my first attempt at writing and I will try to recreate the event as accurately as I can remember. I am not a professional writer just a guy wanting to share his first bj experience. (MM, adult/teen, exh, reluc, oral, 1st)

Summer Sisters - by Drewski - Drew is reunited with his childhood sweetheart. They are teenagers now and sex might be an option. (mf-teens, youths, 1st, rom) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Sunday With Annie - by Leslie Moore - I began writing about my cousin Annie and me in Kristen's collection - Directory 60. I take us forward to our teen years. Here is a tale of one Sunday that Ill never forget. (ff-teens, youths, inc, rom) Part 2 - Part 3

Surprise - by JBozobo - Husband surprised by wife who has discovered his secret fantasy of black domination and humiliation. (FMM, 1st-bi-expr, reluc, d/s, anal, intr, huml)

Surrogate - by TheStork - A teenage girl fantasizes about getting knocked up, but fear of taking care of a baby keeps her libido in check. That is until she finds a way to indulge her fetish and skip the consequences. (MM/f-teen, underage, intr, swinger, preg-fetish)

Tales Of Tamsyn - by Realoldbill - The lusty lady who made herself a duchess with her will and wiles has become so well known that there are oft-told tales of her adventures. (MMF, rom, fantasy)

Thanksgiving With Madonna - by Geminiguy - Visiting Madonna on Thanksgiving. (MF, oral, celeb-parody)

Tommy Returns: An Unexpected Gift - by Drewski - My friend from my early childhood comes to visit during the holidays, stirring up old memories and new sensations that lead to a first for both of us and a lifelong love. (mm-teens, youths, 1st, mast, oral, rom) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Tory's Exciting Wedding Night - by Realoldbill - A rebel decides that a rich Tory can't have a rebel girl. (M/f-teen, ped, v, 1st)

T. P. ing - by Newtonguy83 - This story start with Halloween pranks and ends with one hell of a treat. (Fm, ped, nc, 1st, oral, voy, ws)

Trouble At A New School - by Realoldbill - A lovely adolescent girl does not last long at her new school, but it's not her fault. (MMf, ped, reluc, orgy)

Tutoring Gone... Right? - by Anon - A 16 year old girl goes in for tutoring and gets more than she expected but everything she wanted from her tutor. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, oral, rom)

Two More Virgins - by Realoldbill - A virile young man adds to his collection of cherries popped. (mf-teens, youths, 1st)

Uncle Bill's Little Girl Katie - by Sir Edward - Before I started sneaking in through Katie's bedroom window, I hooked up with her at her Daddy's Labor Day Barbeque. She was a bit young but she more than made up for any lack of experience with natural talent. (mf-teens, inc, oral, voy, rom) Part 2 - Part 3

Unpleasant Things - by Black4Blond - It doesn't matter if you are as careful as you can be. If it's going to happen, it will happen to you. I learned that the hard way on our vacation trip when we stayed in South-Africa for few days. (MMMF, nc, rp, wife, v, intr, gb) Part 2

Valerie And Me - by Maussie - I'm a shy and lonely thirteen-year-old when I accidentally meet fourteen year old Valerie, the most beautiful girl in my class, at a secluded spot in a park, after we both had a crappy morning at school. Before this day, we were basically complete strangers to each other, despite of having been in the same class all year, but now we get to talk and know each other for the first time ever. It is warm, we're dressed lightly, one thing leads to another, and we end up having sex with each other. (mf-teens, youths, 1st, mast, oral, rom)

Victorious - Payback Because Of Daddy - by David Oberman - Parody of the Victorious TV show where Tori accompanies Cat to an audition only to be abused and debased by the local crime lord. (MM/f-teen, nc, rp, oral, anal, beast, TV-parody)

Violett - by Sailbad - An attractive, adventurous lesbian gives a light-hearted narration of her life's experiences in dog-sex from her first discoveries while masturbating at age 12 to her adventures while in a committed relationship in her twenties. Parts 3, 4, & 5 are the hottest. (FF, 1st, mast, exh, beast) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

War And Peace - by Cherrypicker - Whoever loses this fighting match will have to face the winner's BIG brother. Will it be Sadie or Anne? (MF, nc, rp, oral, anal, bd, tor, preg)

Watching Wendy - by Pskao - On their first wedding anniversary, a jealous man watches his wife kisses her brother, who was away when they were married. (MMF, wife, inc, voy, preg)

What A Kiss Can Lead To - by Robnlinda - A kiss after a birthday party alters the life of two couples. (FFM, oral, anal, rom, cpls, swingers)

What A Long Strange Trip It's Been - by Anon - I'm a gay guy, have been gay since as far back as I can remember. Though I'm white, I have always been attracted to black guys. I think it's the contrast of skin colors that turns me on. Any way, this work tells of a few of the sexual events in my life that I thought might be of interest to the readers. (MM, MMF, M/mf-teens, underage, bi, inc, intr, drugs, swingers)

What I'm Thankful For - by Geminiguy - A single guy is invited to share Thanksgiving with his neighbors and in a very short time becomes very thankful indeed. (M/ff, MF, ped, mast, oral, anal)

Wife Orders Pizza - by Cuckolded1946 - What happens after the ex-wife and I order pizza and I get called out to work before delivery. (MF, voy)

Wife's Evening With Stu And Me - by Prier B Natter - A trip to the home of someone we met dogging. Follows on from "Wife's First Dogging Experience" but each can be read on their own. (MMF, wife, voy, oral, dogging, true)

Wife's First Dogging Experience - by Anon - The story of my wife's first real dogging experience. (MMF, wife, husb-voy, dogging, oral, swingers)

Wife Shows Off - by Cuckolded1946 - This story is about the three different times the ex-wife showed off her body. (MF, exh, voy, mast, wife)

Wife's Meeting With Jay - by Prier B Natter - A trip home with a man we met dogging. (MMF, wife, voy, oral, swinger, dogging, creampie, true)

Withdrawl - by TheStork - A fertile woman knows she shouldn't go bareback tonight, but she can't resist the risk. (MF, rom, preg)

Yasmine Wins - by Realoldbill - An underage girl and a young boy find lust and happiness together. (mf-teens, youths)

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