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Abducted Social Worker - by The Cryptkeeper - Young, white social worker abducted, drugged, and raped by black, drug-dealing pimp and his black lesbian partner. (MF, FF, nc, rp, bd, intr, drugs, v, mc)

A Bedroom Conversation - by The Dawn - A very dark tale of a husband who finds out his wife has been cheating on him and uses her rape fantasy to get even. (M+/F, nc, rp? wife, gb, rough, bd)

A Beginning To An End - by JMS - A man controlling a young girl in her sexual development aided by young boys who want sex to fulfill their fantasies. (M/f-teen, mf-teens, 1st, mc)

A Bet Is A Bet Is A Bet - by JMS - A poker game with four guys who like to bet and a young girl who likes to impress. (M+/F-teen, underage, mc, beast, voy) Part 2

Abuse Of Chloe Moretz - by Chuck MacGrliber - A young man decides that he is going to take advantage of Chloe Moretz. A celebrity teen that he has had an obsession with for years. Her parents are away for the weekend so it is time for his years of planning to pay off. (M/f-teen, ped, nc, rp, v, 1st, anal, preg, celeb-parody)

A Chance Meeting In The Inmateria - by Slave to Magick - A world of shared fantasy brings both pleasure and pain as two people meet in the Inmateria to play out their fantasies. (MF, oral, anal, bd, sci-fi)

A Coming Together - by JMS - Breeding canine with human. (MMF, beast)

A Dance For Daddy - by Sumddy - Music drifting down the hall from her bedroom, Jill dances into her father's bedroom on a Saturday morning intent upon seducing him. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, exh, 1st, mast)

A Deep Desire - by Sleazy E - A young woman meets up with an ex-boyfriend and can't deny her passion to be his plaything. (MF, reluc, anal, bd, sci-fi)

A Demonstration On The Dangers Of Temptation - by Slave to Magick - In the world of Dragon Age a handsome Templar has captured a beautiful apostate and is bringing her back to the Circle. But with the woman's life in his hands and total control over her future he is not able to control his own temptations. (MF, nc, rp, v, oral, anal, bd, sci-fi, tor)

Adopt a Family Program - by MarkDavis - In the near future, white families living in poverty stricken, gang controlled, L.A. are "adopted" by black gang members to be used as sex slaves. (Mm, ped, nc, rp, intr, v, tor, sn) Part 2

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Shower - by Justin Amured - A fantasy about a brother and sister who expand their relationship while their parents are away. I've tried to create personalities and leave most descriptions to the reader. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st, mast, oral, rom)

Alexis At Home - by Snow Ghost - I had hypnotized Alexis, but an oversight on my part led to some totally unexpected, but not unwelcome, episodes at my daughter's house. (Ff, ped, inc, oral, anal, mc)

All My Sisters - by Charles Dick - A teen's adventures with his sisters leads to a relationship with a girl who abandons him, and he later turns again to one of the sisters. (MF-teens, inc, 1st, mast, oral, rom)

Amanda And Laura's Habit - by Anon - Amanda and Laura are sisters who enjoy each others company in odd ways. One night when their parents are out they discover a love for each other's bodies and especially what comes out the bottom of them. This is my first attempt at writing so please be gentle. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, inc, mast, scat)

Amy Gets What She Wants - by Robandlinda - Young Amy is always teasing her twin brother, one day he has had enough and gives her what she secretly wanted. (mf-teens, M/f-teen, ped, reluc?, inc, 1st)

Annie Gets A Surprise - by Otis Johnson - Wife gets a surprise in the morning from daughter's friend. (M-teen/F, reluc)

Anne Seduces Her Black Co-worker - by Ilike2watch1065 - This is a true story of how Anne seduced Brandi, her black co-worker after months of flirting and dropping subtle hints. (FF, intr)

Apocalypse Fun With Uncle Jim - by Incest GoddessB - Starring at my hot uncle with his muscular tan body, all sweaty, dark brown hair, with blue eyes, made me so hot. I couldn't resist the temptation to bring my hand to my virgin pussy and play with my button. (M/f-teen, underage, inc, mast, anal, zombies, nec)

A Rare Weekend - by The Slim One - A surprising weekend similar to the 1980s sitcom "Three's Company." But this story, partly true, takes the scenario beyond the limits of network television. (FFM, 1st, bi, orgy)

A Sex Filled All Night Bus Trip - by LaPetiteMort - On a long over night bus ride, a true cum slut gives a teenage boy his first sex, starts a teenage girl on her wild sex-filled life by having her fuck her dad and then, as a "Thank You," her female student arranges for her to have more cock than she can handle. (FfmM, ped, 1st, oral, size, orgy)

A Wife's Revenge - by Lesley Dudley - A wife finds her husband's fling irritating and plans and executes her revenge. Based on fact. (MF, voy, oral, cheat)

Barbara's Awakening - by Bigdog - This is a story about an ex-girlfriend, her brother and me. (MMF, 1st-bi, inc, true)

Barely - by Bigbob - Friends repair the damage from their first marriages. (MF, rom)

Baron's First Time - by Skylara - A sympathetic owner finds a way to satisfy his depressed dog. The dog has sex with a female porn star. It was the first time for both dog and porn star. The owner also participates and the three all have the best sex of their lives. (MF/beast)

Behavioral Experiment Case Study #1012 - by Quid Pro Quo - A boy, his mother and sister on a family camping trip stumble upon a remote clinic where they become unwilling subjects in a behavioral modification experiment. (F-adult/FM-teens, underage, inc, reluc, oral, anal, bd, mc, drugs)

Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy - by Baranbrat - An X-rated episode where Raj gains his voice and Penny, Bernadette and Amy, enjoy the guys. (MMFF, bi, swinger-orgy, sitcom-parody)

Boobs, A Love Story - by Anon - After her husband died Claire got her sexual fulfillment by compulsive and very imaginative masturbation sessions. After many hours of breast play she achieved her goal of self-induced lactation. She truly enjoyed her milky tits as did her new lover. A true story. (MF, mast, lact, rom)

Boss's Secretary, The - by Cuckolded1946 - After months of teasing I finally get a chance to fuck my bosses secretary. (MF, cheat)

Bunny's Story - by DeviantAgenda - A young woman's love of a dog leads her into a nightmare of perversion. (MF/beast, reluc)

Busty Slut Samantha - by Bustyslut - A new head mistress arrives at Samantha's school. (Ff, ped, d/s)

Call Center Affair - by Mon Beltran - Working in a call center opens up many opportunities for new relationships and new sexual experiences. This is one... (MF, oral, anal)

Catching Margaret - by Cuckolded1946 - I catch Margaret spying on John and Pat fucking in his office. (MF, voy, cheat)

Chase And Justin Forever - by Jake B - Gay Young Celebrity Erotic Story about Justin Bieber and Chase Ellison. (mm-teens, ped, mast, oral, anal, celeb-parody)

Cindy And Her Impotent Husband - by Stephanie Keating - They were in each other's arms, the driving, pulsing passion of my 24 year old wife and her 17 year old nephew. (M/F-teen, wife, cheating, inc, underage)

Cindy, My Bestie - by Am101 - Lifelong girl-friends become deep lovers at the middle stage of their lives. It is a beautiful beginning which sprung from deeply repressed feelings that only two girls can feel. These ladies are beautiful, one is married, and the other divorced. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr) Part 2

Coach's Secret - by Vmancini - I get summoned to the coach's office after school... (Mm, adult/teen, ped, reluc, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal)

Consequences - by Bigbob - A mature couple takes their relationship to the next level. (MF, rom, no-sex)

Convincing My Wife - by spider007 - Wife convinced to spread her charms. (MMF, wife) Part 2 - Part 3

Coworker Passion In Toronto - By Anon - Two longtime male/female coworkers who are also best friends, on a business trip. She unloads her sexual history to him, getting aroused in the process. (MF, mast, oral, anal, rom)

Daddy's Little Cumdump Sissy - by Allysin & Madysin - The true story of how Allysin met Madysin at a gangbang in 2005. (MMm, mf, ped, inc, bi, 1st, gb)

Dark Voice, The - by Bigguy - A woman goes for a morning walk and ends up coming to the attention of a group of men and their pet. (M+/F, nc, rp, beast, anal) Part 2

David's Birthday Present - by Robnlinda - Widowed mother seeks relief from her son the night before his 16th birthday. (F/m-teen, underage, inc, 1st)

Day Trip - by Revelen - Zeke and Remmi, two playful, rambunctious seventeen-year-olds head out to a deserted sand pit, some short trails, and a pond on a hot, dry, early summer day. As the day progresses, events unfold which leave both teens questioning the true meaning of "male bonding." (mm-teens, youths, 1st, reluc, mast)

Deedee Gets It - by Realoldbill - The moral of this story is probably that crime sometimes does pay. But then you knew that. (MF, nc, v, murder, ws)

Descent Into Depravity - by Bhmcs - Older Bi white male becomes the plaything for the guests of a working ranch, pain, humiliation, bestiality, insects, how far will he sink. (MM, d/s, v, beast, anal, bd, ws, huml, s/m)

Dildock Virus, The - by Ziglo - Laurel attempts to rid her computer of the Dildock Virus. (MF, reluc, exh, mc) Part 2 - Part 3

Dry Water Springs - by Abadone - A local Sheriff follows two army cadets late at night as they head to a local beauty spot. (M-adult/MF-teens, underage, nc, rp, v, bi 1st, oral, anal, size, tor, bd)

Earning The First Gold Star - by Dawn (Dawn in Red) - A series of events, several things my husband did that bothered me, a very sexy neighbor, some competitive fire sparked by a younger woman's attitude and a couple of coincidences all combined to lead me cheat on my husband for the first time. And that wasn't the only first of the night. But in the end I got the gold star. (MF, oral, anal)

Eighth Virgin, The - by Realoldbill - A young female is on the prowl for unsullied boys and finds her eighth victim almost by chance. (mf-teens, youths, reluc, 1st)

Elsie, The Borden Hucow - By Anon - Woman convinces a veterinarian to inject her with bovine milk producing hormones to enable her to nurse her boyfriend while making love. (MF, exh, oral, lac, rom)

Emma In Control - by Kewtieboy - I may have had deep bisexual feelings but my girlfriend pushed me further than I dared to ever go. (MMF, 1st-bi-expr, mast, oral anal, intr, gb, swingers)

Eyes Wide Open - By SusieB - The man I loved wanted to share me. This is my story of how I dipped my toe into the world of swinging. (MF, wife-sharing, swingers)

Families that Cum Together Stay Together - by Robnlinda - A family holiday where two virgins become women and many family secrets are shared. (FFM, inc, 1st, mast, oral, anal, orgy)

Farm, The - by Randyolegoat - Sexual awakening with the neighbors and later my sister. (mf-teens, inc)

Fergus Riordan: Ghost Riding - by Jake B - Gay Young Celebrity Erotic Story about Fergus Riordan of Ghost Rider2. (Mb, ped, nc, rp, sci-fi, celeb-parody)

First Threesome With Sam - by Dildo Daggins - A spur of the moment comment during sex leads to a couple's first threesome. (MMF, swingers)

First Wife's First Time - by Cuckolded1946 - My first wife tells me about losing her cherry to her brother when she was twelve years old. (mg, ped, inc, 1st)

Flash - by Todd Kasper - A young teen is caught nude by his sister's friends. He get to know his sister and her best friend better than most brothers and sisters. (mff, ped, inc, voy)

Fountain And The Spellspinner - by Slave to Magick - In a fantasy world where spellspinners have to be charged with the magick found in the juiced of special men called fountains. A young woman becomes the slave of a powerful fountain and learn what it means to serve in order to be completed. (MMF, oral, anal, bd, fant, rom)

Friday Afternoon At Home - by Heatheranne - This is the story of an average American family and how it deals with the invasion of their home, their refuge. The invader, barely known by the family's daughter, wreaks havoc as he dramatically changes their lives forever. OR It's just another big cock stroke story. Yes, to tell the truth it's the latter, complete with overwrought descriptions and anatomical impossibilities. I checked off the humiliation and dominance boxes for the search engine, but that doesn't play a big part of the story. It's mostly firm bosoms and above average penises. Enjoy. (F/m-teen, mf-teens, mast, oral, size)

Friends And Neighbors - by Realoldbill - A newlywed young woman is seduced by her well-hung neighbor. (MF, relc, cheat)

Fucking My Lover Behind His Wife's Back - by qf4dude - Traveling slut wife meets up with husband's friend and fucks him repeatedly overnight while his wife sleeps upstairs. (FM, cheat, cuck)

Getting Even - by El Dee - This is a story from a request I received. It's about a very sexy and very mean high school girl and the way her victims finally get their revenge. The story is rather lengthy, so it takes some time to read. (mf-teen-cpls, youths, nc, 1st, bi, oral, anal, blkmail)

Gifted - by MrHookman - Young David has a gift. It's made him very popular around town. His mother thinks she might know what it is, but she has to be sure. (bg, pre-teens, youths, inc, voy, size) Part 2

Girl They Call Hot, The - by Realoldbill - A freshman female gets to know nineteen men during her first week at college and wonders if that's a record. (M+/F, orgy)

Glory Survives - by Realoldbill - A young woman recovers after being sold into slavery. (M/F-teen, underage, nc, v, tor)

Good Girl Diane, Loses Her Virginity - by Anon - Diane, a naive girl, loses her virginity at the Sophomore Prom, where she is brutally gang raped. She is mortified to find that she actually enjoyed the experience. (MF-teens, cpls, nc, rp, v, 1st, orgy)

Happy Accident - by Madame McNight - A young woman who secretly loves to binge takes a trip into the hills where she meets a man who shares her passion for filling her belly till it sticks out. An accidental car wreck leads to a night of stuffed bellies and carnal desires. (MF, reluc, rom, food-fetish)

Happy Anniversary - by Hotcouple - A massage ad catches my attention in a local paper. Maybe this is the way to finally get my wife fucked... in front of me? I arrange a massage for her anniversary gift and it pays off. (MF, reluc, wife, husb-voy, swingers)

Haunted House - by wldathrt - Halloween night turns into sexcapades for an older husband and wife. (MF, exh, oral)

Hello, My Name Is Cellia - by Sweet F A - This is my story, a true story. A biopic if you like. (FF, reluc, rom)

Hotel North Goa - by NightCowboy - I told the wife I found the cleaner attractive, she told me to go for it. (MM, mast, oral, anal, intr, india)

Hotel Threesome - by Julestyne - This story is true and is about me, my wife and a stranger and our bisexual encounter. We had the time of our lives. (MMF, wife, bi, ws)

iCarly: iFound Bigfoot - by David Oberman - The popular iCarly gang sees a news report on Bigfoot and goes out hunting for the legendary creature. However, young Carly is abducted by a hoaxer and is tormented, only to be rescued by the legendary man-beast, but he too has his own motives. And being a creature of the forest, he of course shares his bounty with others. (Mf, teens, nc, rp, oral, anal, beast, fantasy)

If He Hollers Make Him Pay - by Cameron Brock III - I've devoted my life to subjugating and manipulating creatures weaker than myself (faggot cocksuckers, mostly) and enslaving them for purposes of my pleasure and improving my overall quality of life. What follows is not really a story but my memoranda, notes, studies, general sketches for my eventual graduate paper studying the true nature of a subspecies known variously as cocksuckers, queers, faggots, etc. Make of it what you will. It's all true. (MM, nc, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal, mc) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

In Claire - by Anon - Divorced but very attractive college professor Claire suffers from PSAS, a condition requiring here to give herself repeated climaxes. She engineers a permanent personality switch with her teenage son. He now inhabits her body while she inhabits his. Son is forced to cope with all the ramifications of female sexuality including PSAS and a succession of male and female lovers. Very explicit lovemaking and masturbation episodes. (F/m-teen, ped, inc, bi, mast, oral, mc)

In The Ambulance - by Abadone - Jackie goes to see her favourite rock band only to get crushed in the crowd and passes out. She wakes in an ambulance where she undergoes an examination. (MM/f-teen, nc, rp, ped, 1st, oral, anal, bd, preg)

In the Elevator - by DW - Two married co-workers meet in the office elevator late one night. But their elevator doesn't stop where expected leading to a wild, coerced erotic encounter. (MMF, nc, asian)

I Wonder If She Really Knew? - by Hotcouple - While nude, tied up and blindfolded in a sex game a friend of mine drops by. I decide to fulfill a secret fantasy of mine and let him fuck my wife. Afterward, I never knew for sure if she knew it wasn't me. To this day I wonder. (MMF, wife, nc, husb-voy, bd, swingers)

Jack Dominates His Just Widowed Mom - by Melissa Ann Tice - Sixteen year old Jack has been waiting for his terminally ill father to pass away so he can start living out his fantasy of dominating, raping, and humiliating his classy, sexy mother, in order to make her his very own sex slave. (m-teen/F, nc, rp, inc, d/s, v, bd, huml)

Jemma's Experiment - by Little Ernie - Scientific misconduct has it punishments. (MF, reluc, anal, mc)

Jerkoff Buddies - by Scott Nelson - This is the true account of how one man, and some of his friends, introduced me to the wonderful world of sex with other men. It was the summer of '79 and I was 13 years old. Though the finer details may not be exact since they have been clouded by over 30 years of time, the general accounts are factual. (mm-teens, mf, Mf, ped, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal)

Jessie For My Gambling Debt - by Stephanie Keating - My thirteen year old daughter, Jessie, walks in on an enforcer visiting to collect my gambling debts. (M/f-teen, ped, nc, mast, voy)

JuraSex Park - by Netman169 - Billionaire industrialist, Jura Belcrast III, decided to use his fortune to establish a county, where man/girl sex was legal. Located on a private island, off the coast of South America, it was not subject to the laws of any nation. In this county, he created a theme park. The park was a place where men could come and have sex with young girls, in a variety of fantasy situations. (M/f+, ped, 1st, mast, oral, anal, bd, ws) Part 2 - Part 3

Justin, Fergus and Dakota - by Jake B - Gay Young Celebrity Erotic Story about Justin Bieber, Fergus Riordan and Dakota Goyo. (Mbbb, ped, mast, oral, anal, sci-fi, celeb-parody)

Karen And Laci - by Letoria - A 30-something recently out lesbian, and her estranged daughter's 14 year old best friend, begin a passionate love affair. (M/f-teen, 1st, oral, rom) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

Katie Thinks She's Fat - by Anon - She thinks she's fat but Katie is just a little plump. (mf-teens, cpls, inc, 1st)

Kelly - by Jennifer Bennett - A father and daughter are sexual from a very early age and one of the first things his daughter wants to do is give birth. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, rom)

Last Ones There, The - By Anon - Two staff members of an art museum are left to close together after a cocktail reception. The only problem is that the female boss has no idea how out of control her male employee's obsession with her has become. This story is written in two parts - one from her perspective, and one from his. (MF, nc, rp, v)

Late Night, Date Night - by Georgia Greene - "Miss Glass. Can you tell me anything about what happened?" The doctor's clipboard already wore some chicken scratches and her pen was poised for more. "Please. Anything at all would help us help you." Alice stared at the floor where the seed running down her legs started to drip from her toes in a steady even beat. She still felt their hands on her pinning her down. She parted her split lip and whimpered, "I just wanted to get home." (MMF, nc, rp, anal, v)

Learning More Than Music From Teacher - by Netman169 - A teacher teaches more than just music to the high school students in her classes. It is based on a true incident. (F/mf-teens, ped, 1st, mast, oral)

Left Alone - by Anon - Oversexed wife, anticipating an evening of passionate lovemaking, writes of marathon masturbation session when husband is called away for an emergency. (F-solo, mast)

Little Debbie, School Entrepreneur - by Netman169 - Little ten-year-old Debbie had a unique way of making money at school, until, that is, she got busted by her teacher. (gb, Mg, extreme-ped, 1st, oral, voy)

Little Debbie, Slut of Middle School - by Netman169 - This is the first sequel to Little Debbie, School Entrepreneur. Debbie, now twelve years old, is a seventh grader in Middle School. Still suffering from a low self-esteem, from being poor, she uses her sexual knowledge and skills to try to become popular. (mmff-teens, youths, nc, bi, 1st, mast, oral)

Little Debbie, Truck Stop Hooker - by Netman169 - This is the second sequel to Little Debbie, School Entrepreneur. Debbie, now fourteen years old, is a Freshman in High School. Debbie learns that sex alone, is not enough to keep her popularity going in High School. She must also maintain a certain level economic/social status. To achieve this, Debbie resorts to turning tricks at the local truck stop after school and at night. (M/f-teen, mf-teens, ped, nc, 1st, oral)

Little Debbie, Ultimate Webcam Girl - by Netman169 - This is the third and final sequel to Little Debbie, School Entrepreneur. Debbie, was now fifteen years old, and had been expelled from High School. In order to earn money, she becomes a webcam girl. (M/f-teen, ped, mf, ff, bi, 1st, mast, oral)

Loving Mom, An Erotic Novel - by Anon - Fraternal twins switch bodies during incestual lovemaking and are discovered by their mother. She explains that "sex swapping" is a family trait and helps the twins recover their original bodies. The twins switch frequently as they mature, sharing numerous lovers. The sex scenes are extremely graphic and explicit with overtones of lesbianism, lactation fantasies, and psychopathology. (Fm, Ff, ped, nc, rp, inc, mast, oral, orgy, breasts, lac, rom)

Lucky - by Realoldbill - A brother has two sisters who love him, really love him. (mff-teens, inc, 1st)

Lucky And Me - by Anon - This is just a story about me, my best friend and my other best friend Lucky. (mf-teens/beast, foot-fetish)

Magic of MILFs - by Kit Fine - If anyone asks me my job I say gardener or handyman. It's true, although it's not how I make my money. But it's a great way to meet stay at home women. (MF) Part 2

Mandy's Holiday - by Robnlinda - Mandy takes her two teenage daughters and her nephew on holiday. Things develop and he ends up screwing them all. (ffm-teens, youths, bi, inc, 1st, mast, voy) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Marriage Guidance Counsellor - by Ivan Wilson - Ivan is a most unusual Marriage Guidance Counsellor. He uses hypnosis to solve the marriage problems of young wives while using them for his own pleasure. (MFF, nc, anal, hypno, mc)

Mary's Story - by Anon - A young oversexed girl, the victim of a gang rape, becomes promiscuous in high school, then she is recruited as an escort for lonely business men and women. One of her clients fulfills her wildest fantasies and changes her life forever. (MMF, nc, rp, 1st, mast rom, prost, gb)

Miley and Me - by The Old Sarg - How did Miley become so wild? (Mg, Mf, ped, cons, 1st, oral, anal, celeb-parody)

Misfortunes Of Twinks, The - by Arthur Wilde - A very dark night at a county fair for a very unlucky and unfortunate teenager. This story is not for the faint of heart or those who read pornographic erotica for the lovey dovey stuff. (M+/m-teen, underage, nc, rp, tor, v, mast, oral, anal, intr, voy)

Mommies Little Bitch - by DVM - A Mother and son discover their roles. (Fb, bb-bi, ped, inc, 1st, anal, ws, coa)

Mom's Erotic Illness - by Anon - Single Mom's brain tumor eliminated her inhibitions and dramatically increased her sexual desires. Son and daughter satisfied her sexual needs both individually and together. (FFM, inc, mast, oral, prost)

Moving Day Slut - by LeatherZebra - My hotwife submits to 2 BBCs while she experiences her first DVP. Further true stories of the training of my sub wife. (MMF, wife, exh, d/s, intr, spank, oral)

Mrs. Harrison's Ordeal - by Realoldbill - During the American Revolution a loyal young woman is rescued by a rebel. (Mf, v, hist)

Musi's Whipping - by Slave to Magick - A beautiful slave girl insults a warrior's free companion and gets her punishment. (MF, nc, bd, anal, mc, sci-fi)

My Family Gave Me A long-Term Birthday Gift - By Anon - Incestuous, bisexual, sadomasochist family forces son to serve as slave. (MF/mf-teens, reluc, inc, bi, huml, sci-fi, bd)

My Intro To Men - by Kaypee - My first experience with a pedophile at a football match. (M/m-teen, ped, 1st-gay-expr)

My Seattle Airport Adventure - by AB-2012 - An adventure in the SeaTac International airport terminal one day while waiting to pick up a business client. (MF, exh, mast, public)

My Sister Curls - by Am101 - My sister and I lived in an area with few other kids to play with. So we did what all kids do when at the age of puberty, we helped each other understand what was happening to our bodies and emotions. As I said, we were as intimate as two people could possibly be. (FF, inc, mast, oral, coa)

My Wife Is Fucked By Someone Else While Sleeping - by TCG - A weekend getaway turns into a wife's little adventure. (MF, wife, husb-voy, sleepy-sex)

New Advanced Nursing Procedures - by Anon - A young nurse gets to know her fellow nurses at her new job in a hospital in Alabama. (FF+/F, intr)

New Ark - by Anon - All the adult men on a starship die of a mysterious illness and a small group of surviving boys must copulate with the remaining women and girls to replenish the population. Naturally sexual mores change and social complications develop. The sex scenes are graphic. Because of the limited number of fertile males, incest is encouraged. Based on "Ad Astra," a story written by Sakka and published in Kristen's Archives in 2001. (m+F+, inc, 1st, rom, sci-fi, preg)

New Sales Rep On Campus - by Anon - A guy gets much more that he expected when he tries to buy some put from the local supplier. (MF, intr, pot, oral, anal, plot-twist)

One Last Time - by Ps2geneve - A friendly neighbour says good bye to her retired neighbour who is heading to the country. It turns out he has a very special talent. (MF, voy, oral)

Ordeal - by Realoldbill - Our hero meets a young married woman on the road, adventures ensue. (MF, nc, rp, v, rom)

Our Grandma's Pony - by Flinders - Brother and sister are tutored in morning delights by their Grandmother. (F/mf-teens, ped, inc, toys, mast, voy)

Our Troll Trekking - by Flinders - Daughter and Dad trek the King River in Tasmania only to be convinced they could breed a forest troll along this magical river valley. (MF, inc)

Pack Mentality - by Zummer - An alpha female and her pack of werewolf sisters descend upon a modest village, with the intent to rape the human men and harvest their spiritual energy. But the village is not as defenseless as it appears. (F/beast, reluc, oral, anal, bd, fant)

Perfect Housewife, The - by Karen Kay - Tony is married to a much younger woman. A knockout well-endowed redhead. A black man moves into the vacant house next door and thinks that Tony is her Father. Things get heated when the new neighbor starts flirting with his younger wife. (MF, exh, intr, rom)

Persuading Lucy - by kewtieboy - I found the young lad at work really cute and when I found out he fancied my girlfriend I found a way to get in his pants. (MMF, bi, mast, oral, anal, voy, swingers)

Pirated for Pleasure - by DinoMagick - Lady Tessa and her maid Isabella become captives of a soon-to-be-retiring group of lust-filled pirates, the women's ordeal will be long and their lives forever changed. (MMF, nc, rp, tor, v, exh, orgy, bd, preg)

Pleasures Of Three, The - by Anon - I led him to the room so we could get ready for the hot chat with Mathew. As usual I am wearing something easily removed, a dress and pantries, Mathew would always be in his boxers and t-shirt. He also had to be careful and not wake the other guy he shared the room with. (MMF, swingers) Part 2

Pool Party In Victorville - by Victor Lima - Wife gets turned on by friend from the office. (MMF, wife-sharing, swingers)

Pregnant At Twelve - by The Editor - A girl relates the story of how she got pregnant at twelve, with five possibilities as to the father. (mmm+/f-teens, youths, bi, orgy, inc, preg)

Price Of An Apprentice - by Slave to Magick - To pay some tass debt a Mage is forced to sell his apprentice to some rather shady characters who then moves on to have their way with their new possession. (MMF, nc, oral, anal, bd, sci-fi, tor)

Price Of Pleasure, The - by Realoldbill - Our hero enjoys the fruits of his victory before considering a good offer. (Mf, underage, nc, rp, v)

Professor Cuckold - by Bitch Monkey - A foreign university professor in China has always fantasized about seeing his wife with other men, he has whispered this in her ear many times. So he shouldn't have been so surprised to return home one time to find his cum soaked wife recently ravaged and passed out in bed. Of course, hearing the details would make up for it. (MMF, wife, cheat, gb, cream-pie, cuck)

Queen Bee Sora - by Shabobo - Sora is unhappy since moving from Japan. She wants to be the most popular girl in her new school. Sora always gets what she wants. (MF, intr, asian)

Rained Out At Work - by Cuckolded1946 - I come home during the middle of the week to find wife fucking another man. (MF, wife, cheating, voy)

Rapture, The - by Lady Cheeky - My Lover and I gently tease each other to a passionate crescendo. (MF, rom)

Reality Of BBC, The - by Shabobo - A reality show contestant is willing to do anything to stay in the game, and the cameras are watching. (MF, intr, exh)

Real Steel Deleted Scene - by Jake B - Gay Young Celebrity Erotic story based on the movie Real Steel. Characters: Max and the robot Atom. (Mb, ped, oral, anal, sci-fi, movie-parody)

Reluctant Cuckold - by Karen Kay - Tony and Cindy decided to have an open style marriage after they got into too many fights lately. Tony has no luck picking up single women at the bar. Cindy found herself a nice black boyfriend she brings home to meet Tony. (MF, reluc, voy, swing, cuck, intr, rom)

Rent - by Art S Healing - A scummy, trailer trash uncle moves in with his brother, sister-in-law and their little girl after he wins a sizable sum in the lottery. He insists on paying rent out of his new found wealth but it quickly becomes obvious that he has reasons other than generosity. Good ol' Uncle Buddy is paying the rent alright, but what is he really renting? (MMFg, ped, nc, rp, drugs, beast, tor, ws, cuck)

Revised Classic: Brittany - by Steve Jensen, Edited by The Editor - A rewrite of the classic brother/sister incest story. This is a revised classic based on "Brittany" by Steve Jensen, Circa 1993. (mmf-teens, youths, inc, 1st, bi, oral)

Riots, The - by Abadone - Two police officers wander off searching buildings for stragglers from the riots and get more than they bargained for. (MM/FF, nc, rp, v, tor, bi, oral, anal)

RJ's Birthday Surprise - by ilike2watch - As a birthday surprise for RJ, Anne arranged for a K9 adventure as a special treat for him. This is a true story. (MF, beast)

Rochelle's Surprise - by Rochelle's Friend - Rochelle is a sexy young woman that likes to get into sexual adventures when the opportunities arise. In this story she meets a friend of hers for some fun in a hotel room. (MF, F/beast, oral, anal) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

San Diego Slutwife - by Scara and Tish - New wife's first time in a threesome. (MMF, intr, swing)

Sandie's First Swing - by JennyGently - Two families on their first holiday together find an unexpected way to spend their last night away. (MF-cpls, wife-sharing, voy, swingers, preg)

Sandy Needs A Shave - by Anon - Mike is asked for a shaving lesson. By his little sister! (Mf, ped, inc, 1st)

Sarah, Rob And Me - by Sean Ssss - This is the story of just one encounter between Sarah (my wife), me, and our shared boyfriend Rob. She got a little tied up this night... (MMF, bi, wife, reluc, oral, bd, rom)

Scholarship Opportunity - By Anon - A college professor becomes the subject of a study group. (MF+/F, bi, oral, anal, orgy)

Secret Girlfriend - by The Editor - A revised version of the classic early 1990s story by Steve Jensen! A teenage boy's younger sister discovers him masturbating. Things get steamy from there. (mf-teens, inc, 1st, mast, voy)

Showtime for Susan - Diary of a Porn Star - by Anon - Susan's reflections on life as a TV porn star. (MF, exh, mast, oral, rom)

Sleeping Bag Surprise - by Realoldbill - An innocent young man finds himself in a very arousing situation. (mf-teens, youths, 1st)

Slut Wife In A Black Club - by LeatherZebra - Submissive Blond Hotwife is taken to a club and is used by BBC in his van in the club parking lot. (M+/F, exh, oral, intr)

Special Hospital, The - by TheBigLove126 -Actress Nina Dobrev wakes up in a dark "hospital" room following a car crash. Little did she know that the accident would be the end of her "old life". (MF, nc, rp, oral, anal, for, v, ws, celeb-parody)

Stone Man's Wife - by Sailbad - Childhood "games" take on new dimensions for a young girl when she is caught trespassing by The Stone Man. Young Sadie thinks she is just going to get a spanking for her naughty behaviour. He takes her to her limits, where she longs to be. (Mf, fbb, ped, reluc, orgy, bd, size)

Surprised By Margaret - by Cuckolded1946 - Margaret surprises me when I come out of the shower at work. We end up fucking for the second time. (MF, cheating)

Surprising Carrie - by TheBigLove126 - A man decides to visit his favorite singer, Carrie Underwood, in the middle of the night, while she is all alone. Little did she know that it would just be the beginning of a horrible series of events. (MF, nc, rp, v, drugs, celeb-parody)

Svengali Device - by Anon - A NASA device to control an astronaut's body is used on a female development team member with pleasurable consequences. It is not mind control but physical control of all muscles below the neck. A thinly disguised true story. (FF, reluc, mast, exh, sci-fi)

Taken - by Fergison01 - A middle-aged trophy wife is kidnapped and held for ransom, but when her abductors begin using her for their own sexual gratification, her frequent engagements in rape fantasies create an erotic mental struggle between resistance and letting go. (MMF, FF-bi, nc, rp, oral, anal, bd)

Tamsyn - by Realoldbill - In Medieval times, a lovely young woman finds herself in the power of her mad brother who has become Duke by killing their father. Captured and tortured, she manages to prevail. Caution: violence. (Mf, nc, rp, v, inc) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Tanya's Tits - by Anon - Nursing daughter moves back home to widowed father. She seduces him by getting him to suck her tits, then offers to act as his surrogate wife. (MF, inc, oral, bd, lac, rom)

Tattle Tale Gail - by Netman169 - Sixth grader Gail, was the class tattle tale. One day Dan, a male classmate, decided he had had enough, and with the help of some friends, decided to teach her a lesson. (f/mf+, youths, nc, 1st, oral)

Things I Saw Happen In The Basement - by virginfantasies - Karen and Mandy are sisters but Mandy gets treated very differently. When Karen is punished she is sent to her room but Mandy gets sent to the basement. Karen decides that she wants to find out what really happens down there. (Ff, MFf, ped, inc, oral, anal, bd)

To Serve And Protect - by DC - Young police officer meets friendly working girl. (MF, oral)

Training Of A Porn Arcade Slut - by LeatherZebra - True story of my girlfriend's first experience with a black janitor in a porn arcade. (MMF, exh, oral, d/s, intr)

Trouble With George, The - by Realoldbill - There's always action for this lovely young woman. Note changes in point of view. (MF, nc, rp, inc)

Turn Abouts Fair Play - by Cumfreak1952 - A husband informs wife of two fantasies. She considered his fantasies only to tell him she would perform any fantasy of his, if he performed the same fantasy first. (MF, MM, intr, beast, exh, swingers)

Tutoring Jamie - by TheBigLove126 - Jamie struggles while studying for her math final and seeks help from her brother's friend Rob. Too bad that she doesn't remember that first night. (mf-teens, youths, nc, 1st, oral, anal, drugs, blkmail)

Wanting Sam - by Kazz - A fourteen year old boy named Jack has had gay feelings towards his feminine looking friend Sam for years so he finally decides to take action and attempts to seduce him. (mm-teens, youths, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal) Part 2

Weekend With Daddy - by TheBigLove126 - Still dealing with aftermath of her mother's infidelity towards her father, 14 year old Rachel looks forward to spending quality time with her father on the weekends. This particular weekend though, was a much more memorable time. (M/f-teen, ped, inc, mast, oral, voy)

Wife's Bar Stool Fuck - by ronz56 - A guy learns to like sharing his hot wife. (MF, wife, voy)

Wife's Younger Sister - by Cuckolded1946 - Fucking my wife's younger sister. (MF, husb-cheat) Part 2

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