You may have noticed that this website has not been updated for a considerable amount of time - this is because I want to concentrate on what I do best... WRITING... rather than spend my time mucking about with a webpage!

Therefore, I have decided to move all my stories to:

Please click on the link name and it will take you to the index page there, where you will find not only stories by both CARROLL LEWIS & DARLES CHICKENS,
but many other writers on a similar theme
- and it is totally FREE!

Not only will you find the stories that you love there, such as "Sweet Little Lauren", "One Stop Paedo Shop", "Diddakoi Boy", "Emily" and many more by DARLES CHICKENS, that is where all NEW stories will be posted. In additon, ALL previously posted stories have been re-checked with spelling and grammtical errors removed, some text removed and some parts re-written!
You will also find my NEW stories written using my other pen name of CARROLL LEWIS!
These stories have ONLY been previously available on a paysite. Now I am making them available at Loliwood Studios for FREE!

Loliwood Studios also provide you with the opportunity to leave a review for each and every story (anonymously if you wish) right there on the story page, and there is also a chat forum whereby you can communicate directly with the authors and/or other readers, so all in all it is great news for YOU!
I hope, therefore, that you will continue to read and enjoy my stories whether that be by Carroll Lewis or Darles Chickens, and I look forward to seeing you there!
All stories are Darles Chickens/Carroll Lewis

Stories must NOT be reposted ANYWHERE (including usenet) without the express written permission of the author!

This page was uploaded on 15 April 2012 & last UPDATED on 16 October 2012

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