Part 1

by Girl Talk

(Fg, 1st, oral, rim, ws)

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First Thoughts

Vicky rushed up the walk to the apartment, opened the entrance door and moved quickly to the closed elevator.  Impatiently she punched the up button, then punched it again and finally punched it a third time just as the doors moved smoothly open.  The ride up to the twelfth floor seemed to take forever, but it did end and she walked swiftly to her apartment number 1205.  Once in the pleasant apartment she kicked off her heels.Still moving she dropped her jacket on the sofa as she passed and went into her bedroom.  Dropping the mail on the bed she checked the clock� it would be an hour before Kerry would be home so she had time.  Returning to the kitchen she poured herself a tall glass of wine and brought it back to her bedroom.  She took a long drink and felt the magic start to relax her.  She stripped off all her clothing, fluffed up two pillows and laid down nude finally relaxing.

Vicky had been dreaming lately about sex with young girls, very wet, very stimulating forbidden sex.  Each night she had woken up panting with her hand between her thighs and then finished herself with three fingers thrust deep into her pussy and a picture in her mind of a girl between her thighs, ending in a breathless thrilling climax.  Then she had found a magazine advertised on the internet called �Lips� that promised to explain all about adult female/girl sex.  She had just received her first copy in the mail and was very anxious to read it.  Vicky had been wet since she had picked up the mail at the post office twenty minutes before.  She half admitted to herself that the girl in the dream was her own daughter� but that couldn�t be� that was impossible�a bsolutely impossible� but still the half-a-thought was there, and the thought made her even wetter.  She shuttered as a warm thrill ran the length of her body.

She tore off the brown paper cover to the magazine and gasped.  The cover was a picture of a nude adult female reclined on a large bed with a young girl also nude with her mouth pressed against the adult�s cunt. It was not only the picture that surprised Vicky but the fact that based on looks, the girl could have been her Kerry.  There was the long blond hair that she noticed first, exactly the same as her daughter, then the body size and shape with very white skin.  Of course she couldn�t see the girls face very well and her eyes were closed so Vicky couldn�t see if they were the pale blue of Kerr�s.  The girl�s age must have been close to that of Kerry�s (five) and her height and weight could have been close.  Of course it wasn�t her daughter, but the very idea of some girl satisfying her mother, if it was her mother, was at once startling and stimulating.  Vicky�s fingers began to work in a slow even rhythm in her yearning, sopping cunt and over her erect clitoris.  There was an inside the magazine page number for more about the particular couple.

Inside the magazine Vicky was delighted to find several more pictures and a short story about the couple on the cover.  She was almost disappointed to see clearly that the girl in the pictures was not her �Kerry�.  Not just not Kerry, but the young girl had brown eyes, was not nearly as cute as her daughter and looked a year or more older.  Still the reality of mother-daughter sex was something in real life and not at all an abstract idea.  Somehow knowing that it was made her feel better; she wasn�t alone in her thoughts.

It was just a few minutes more before Vicky satisfied herself with a flamboyant climax that made every nerve in her body tingle and scream.  Moments later she fell into a light sleep with a sly smile on her face.



An Invitation

�Mommy� Mommy!Wake up, Mommy.�  Kerry was surprised and curious to see her mother sleeping without clothes.  She saw the magazine lying next to her and the cover of the girl her age kissing or doing something between her mother�s legs.  She didn�t think about it then, but rather touched her mother�s shoulder.  �Mommy, wake up� I have a note for you and my work has an �A� on it.�

Vicky slid back into consciousness slowly from her dreamless nap.  She looked up and smiled at her daughter Kerry who was smiling back at her.

�Hi, Baby. Mommy must have dropped off to sleep.�  Realizing she was nude she pulled a sheet over herself.  �Well, an �A� is wonderful, Kerry.  I didn�t really understand what else it was you said.�

�My teacher, Miss Thompson, sent you a note.  She said it wasn�t about me.  I�m hungry Mom. Can I have some of the ice cream we had left over last night?�

�You know better.  You can have three cookies and a glass of milk.  Run along while I get dressed and give me a minute to read the note your new teacher sent me.�

Vicky couldn�t imagine what Kerry�s teacher wanted with her; she didn�t know the women as far as she was aware of.  She broke the seal on the envelope and read the message.

�Vicky� How nice to find you!  I�m Julie Thompson.We were in collage together  at Boston Collage until I transferred to a west coast university in my senior year.

�I couldn�t believe it when I first saw Kerry�s last name.  How many, �Saint La Care�s can there be?  Then I checked her folder and there you were, my old friend.  First, let me say you have a very �special� little girl in Kerry.Absolutely beautiful obviously and smart as a whip.  I love having her in my reading class as well as being her home room teacher.

�We have an open house on Thursday.I hope you can make it.  Then if you�re interested perhaps we can get together Friday or Saturday and have dinner  Later have some drinks like the old days. Look forward to seeing you.�

Vicky looked almost stunned.  A woman she hadn�t seen in years, now out of the blue shows up and she is Vicky�s daughter�s teacher.  And that was not the strangest part.  Stranger still was Julie�s chosen sex perversion� kink is a nicer word, she corrected herself.  She loved little girls and had bragged to Vicky (who for some reason wasn�t that surprised), about using both of her younger sisters as her sex slaves.  Now she showed up while Vicky was thinking about the same thing for her daughter.How weird was that?

Vicky stared at the note for a minute not seeing the writing but thinking.  Wouldn�t it make sense to see if Julie would try to teach Kerry about adult female�little girl sex?  She smiled to herself.  If it frightened Kerry, then that was that. It would be over and Vicky would not have involved herself.But if Kerry liked it, then Vicky was in luck and could use her the way she really wanted to. 

Kerry had been talking about her new teacher all week and seemed to really like her.And if Vicky read the tea leaves correctly, her old friend Julie liked Kerry just fine too. The Julie she knew only liked �special little girls� for one reason.     

Vicky looked forward to her first meeting with her daughter�s teacher.�Well,� she smiled to herself, �what were teachers for if not to teach?�  She  grinned at the thought and lifted her (now warm) glass of wine in a toast to herself, imagined the clinking of glasses and drank.



The Arrangement

Vicky couldn�t believe her eyes or her luck.  What are the chances that the �Lips� magazine and a note from an old friend both happening on the same day and of course both were very �little girl� orientated.  She sent a note back with Kerry accepting the invitation and adding that she was excited about the meeting at the open house and even more so the private meeting on Friday.  �Where we can catch up on our lives and discuss old times and old preferences.� 

The following Thursday a nervous Vicky with a very excited Kerry in tow, attended Kerry�s first grade, �parents-teachers night�.  At the front of Kerry�s home room Vicky saw Julie for the first time in many, many years.  She was amazed.  Julie looked wonderful for her more or less forty years, tall and trim with curves she didn�t seem to be trying to hide.  Vicky inhaled sharply then relaxed, realizing she had been holding her breath.

They met later but just chatted briefly about Kerry�s school work.  However just before they parted, Julie took a moment to whisper to Vicky, �I�m so excited about seeing you again.  I can�t wait until tomorrow.  Eight o�clock at Christian�s Steak House.�  She smiled, then bent to Vicky�s ear once again and added, �and we can discuss��old preferences� if you like.�  She pulled away just a bit and gave Vicky a knowing look with arched eyebrows.  A moment later she was gone, absorbed in a tangle of mothers.  Vicky stared after her, her faced flushed, and she realized her lips were dry.

�O.K. Honey let�s go get an ice cream.  We�re done here.�

The next night Vicky arrived right on time at Christian�s Steak House.  Julie was already there and had reserved a table.

�Oh, Vicky!You look terrific!You look ten years younger than me.�  Julie kissed Vicky�s cheek, her eyes bright and sincerely excited.�

�Don�t be silly, Julie, you�re the one that has kept her looks; I�m jealous.  How do you do it?�

�Thank you � even if it�s a lie,� Julie laughed as they were led to their table.

The dinner was delicious and both women enjoyed trading stories and just being back together for the moment.  Finally Vicky moved the conversation toward the dominating thing on her mind.  �Julie, I remember the stories about your sisters you used to tell me.  How are they?  Are you still �ummm�seeing them?�

Julie quickly looked to be sure no one was listening.  �I don�t know how I knew that that would come up, but I did.  They both live hours away and one is no longer interested but one is and we do get together every so often.  Let�s not discuss it here, there are too many ears nearby.�

They changed the subject and finished the meal discussing Kerry�s school work and other mundane subjects.  It was obvious that both women were looking forward to getting back to the little girl discussion as quickly as possible.  They skipped desert, paid their check and left as soon as they reasonable could do so.     

Julie said she knew of a local place where they could have a private conversation and everyone minded their own business.  It was a short walk to the Hollis Hotel and �The Circus� cocktail lounge on the second floor.  The drinks were strong and expensive, the music just loud enough to guarantee privacy, the dance floor small and crowed, lighting discreetly dim.  Vicky and Julie were led, at their request, to a semi-deserted corner of the room and a comfortable booth.

When her eyes adjusted to the dim blue light, Vicky was surprised to find that almost all the customers were women.  She watched as women danced with women and drank together at the bar and at tables.  �Oh, my Julie, this is the first time I�ve ever been in a lesbian bar.  It is very nice.  Much nicer than I would have imagined.�

Julie smiled at the comment; �I should have told you first.I do hope you don�t mind.  I come here all the time.�

�Oh, no, I don�t mind at all� Hell, Julie, I don�t know who I am half the time.  I know I�m damn tired of men and all their lies and bullshit.  Maybe this is the right place for me anyway.�  She smiled at her friend.  �Anyway I have a confession to make and I hope you won�t hate me for it.�  Vicky looked down at the table, then at her drink, she didn�t seem to know what to do with her hands, she wiggled in her seat obviously uncomfortable.  She didn�t know how to continue. 

Julie just relaxed, sipped her drink and looked at Vicky with a thin knowing smile.  Stirring her drink slowly with the small straw she didn�t say a word, she just waited.

Vicky decided to say it.She met Julie�s stare.  �It�s this, Julie� I hope you�ll understand and� of course I hope you will keep this all to yourself.�

�Why of course I will,� Vicky�s old friend reassured.

�I have been having dreams, lots of dreams, almost every night.�Vicky paused, gathering her courage to go forward.�Dreams about having sex with a little girl.�  She waited for her friend to speak but she didn�t.  �It�s just that I don�t know what to do about it� and sometimes it is even more disturbing. I dream ab��  She couldn�t say it, she stopped.

Julie reached across the table and took one of Vicky�s hands in hers.  �Stop being so nervous, Sweetheart.Let me finish the sentence for you.�  She gave Vicky�s hand a squeeze and continued, �You have dreams about having sex with Kerry.�  She smiled at the surprised look on Vicky�s face.  �Fuck hell, girl!I don�t blame you at all.  She is priceless� the perfect child sex slave� companion�partner or whatever you want to call it.  I don�t dream about her Vicky, but I sure as hell have thought about her while I get myself off� many, many times.  And I think it�s a great day when I can get a glimpse of her panties in class, and that�s not often enough I can tell you that too.�

�You think she is sexy?�  Relief showed on Vick�s face as she held on tightly to Julie�s hand.

�Of course she is sexy for Christ�s sake.  You know how I am�and no, I haven�t changed.  I love females and little girls most of all.  If she looks that good to you and she obviously does, you should be fucking her now.  In fact why aren�t you?�

�I�m so glad you don�t think I�m � you know � weird or something.  She is in my mind too when I masturbate.I just can�t get her out of my sexual brain, if there is such a thing.�  She took a slow drink then continued feeling like a dam had burst and she had to talk.  �I haven�t touched her, Julie, as much as I would love to because I�m not sure how she will react.  If she gets scared or just doesn�t like it, she may end up hating me.  She may think of me as a molester.  I couldn�t risk that.Really I would rather just keep thinking about her than to lose her love.�  She looked back at her drink and then back at Julie, �Can you help me?�  

�Me?  How can I help?�

�Can you be her �special friend�?She already loves you.She can�t stop talking about you.  Maybe you could � you know � be with her� teach her.�

Julie looked surprised and then her eyes met Vicky�s.  �You�re serious aren�t you?  You want me to fuck your five year old daughter?  You�d like me to teach her to eat my cunt and worship my ass?  Everything including.�  She ran her tongue along her lips; they felt suddenly dry as she continued.  �You know I have this thing about�.I�ve been gazing at Kerry�s sexy little mouth from my desk, and I have to admit it's been giving me hot flushes whenever I've thought of doing it with her.�  She gave Vicky a searching look before continuing in a hushed voice, �Can I pee in her mouth?"  It felt as though the rest of the room had gone suddenly quiet, she saw Vicky blink in surprise at her words for a moment before she continued in her most persuasive tone.  "If it works out and you would like to try it, we can have her drinking from both of us.  Just think how beautiful that could be.�

Vicky had trouble replying at first.  She knew all about Julie�s little kinks and shared this particular one.  Her wish list of things she wanted to do with Kerry had always extended to water sports, but the thought of turning her fantasy into reality was so damned incredible that it rendered Vicky almost speechless.  She hesitated a half minute, aware of the soreness of her nipples as they suddenly sprouted up in excitement and rubbed against the material of her bra, her eyes roamed the room as if the word was out there somewhere and she had to find it.  Then she simply said, �Yes� Yes all of that� unless she resists.�  Her hand in Julie�s tightened. �The answer is yes.  You would have to promise me only that you won�t force her or hurt her in any way.  You have to promise to stop if she decided not to continue, or if she gets scared.  Kerry can�t be hurt, not even a little.  Can you promise me that?�

�Vicky there is nothing I would rather do than to become Kerry�s �special friend�, I would never, ever hurt or scare her.Believe me.�

Vicky squeezed her hand again.  �I never thought you would, Julie, or I never would have asked you.�  The decision having been made, she relaxed.  �You know, Julie, in my dreams Kerry sometimes drinks my pee too� so of course I�m not as shocked as you might have thought,� she smiled.  �But the thought of actually doing it with her has me mentally pinching myself.� 

Julie gave a shiver of pleasure as she spoke of the erotic possibilities.  �I�m amazed, thrilled, and very excited about holding her for the first time� kissing her for the first time, tasting her mouth for the first time.  And I can see your point now, if she rejects me� and I doubt she will, then you haven�t taken any risk of rejection by your own daughter.  But when she accepts, then she will go to your bed trained and ready.  �Maybe I could take her on a weekend date, Vicky.  My brother has a place at the beach and we would be alone for two days. I bet she would love that.�

�Yes and three nights,� added Vicky with a newfound grin.

�Exactly,� giggled Julie.  �If you like I can send you pictures and e-mails about what we�re up to, assuming she is fine with the whole thing.�  

�Oh, God, Julie, that would be so good if you could.  I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch you take her for the first time.�  Vicky was aware that her own panties were soaked as a result of the conversation and the mental picture of Julie holding a nude Kerry, giving her a full mouth kiss.  She pictured Kerry�s little face pressed against Julie�s shaved pussy.  It was all too delicious.

Julie's eyes took on a distant quality for a second until they came back down again and fastened on Vicky's and she let out a slow, "Wow!"

"Yeah, what is it?"

"What if this deal included a threesome?" she said in a hushed voice.

"You mean the both of us taking turns with her.  Wouldn�t we wear her out?� asked Vicky raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, but in a nice way,"  Julie countered with a mischievous chuckle.

"How often were you thinking of?"

"Ohh, let�s see... Once a week."

Vicky had a mental image of Kerry's trusting features wedged between the crease of Julie's rounded buttocks.  She saw herself kneeling behind her daughter and holding her in place gently but firmly by her pigtails while Julie moaned for more and churned her ass into her face.

"Hot," Vicky purred.  �But we are getting a little ahead of ourselves.  Let�s see what happens over the weekend.  God, I hope she is as ready as we are.  All we can do is try, so she is yours to seduce if you can.�

�Deal!� the ladies said in unison as their glasses clicked in a toast.



Getting Ready

Vicky never considered changing her mind or wondered if she had made the right choice for her daughter.  That was all behind her and now the stunning reality washed over her like a giant wave, this was it, yes it was happening.  She pictured herself manipulating a canoe through the rapids of a swiftly moving river; the outcome depended on her doing the right thing the first time�no second guesses, no second chances.  She lie awake late deciding how to present the situation to Kerry.  She knew she had to be as honest as she could be without talking about sex.  Very late she walked silently into Kerry�s room.  The five year old was sleeping peacefully with her teddy bear held tight to her chest.  Vicky just stared at her knowing she was the most precious thing in her life.  �I hope you enjoy your new adventure sweetheart.  I�m sure you will and then we can be together for wonderful years of mother-daughter love.� 

She just watched her sleep for a few minutes then sighed and returned to her own bed and sleep.

In the morning Vicky found that she had slept a half hour more than she would have on a school day.  She wondered if it had been the drinks with Julie or the long episodes of pleasing herself after she returned home that was to blame for her over sleeping.  Putting on her bathrobe she went straight to the kitchen.

�Hi Mom, mom how come your late?  Did you and Miss. Thompson have a nice time?�

Vicky started the coffee pot and sat across from her daughter.  �I have some wonderful news for you Kerry.  Julie�that is Miss Thompson has invited you to spend the week end with her at the sea shore.  She really likes you Honey�really a lot.  She wants to become close friends with you.  Isn�t that nice?� 

Kerry seemed confused for a moment; she put her spoon down in her bowl of cereal interest in eating gone� then, �Me?  She really likes me?� 

�Yes dear you like her too don�t you?  I remember you said you did.�  Vicky could see Kerry, weighting the question, more overwhelmed by the thought of her pretty teacher wanting to be friends than questioning the idea itself.  �I do like her mom I like her a lot she is pretty and she always smells good.  I would like to be her friend too.�  Kerry relaxed and began eating again.  She smiled at her mother while her bare legs swung freely from her chair under the table.  �She has nice cloths doesn�t she?�

�Yes she does, very nice and sexy too.  You have to remember one thing I�m afraid, it has to be a secret honey.  She has to be your secret friend so other kids won�t get jealous, so you can�t tell anyone except me.    

�I won�t tell anyone not even Carol my best friend�only Oscar.�

Vicky grinned to herself; Oscar was Kerry�s oldest friend, a stuffed teddy bear that was always with her.  At the moment Oscar was sitting on the chair beside her.

�Oscar is the only one you can tell Kerry, Oscar and me.�  Vicky poured herself a cup of black coffee then blowing gently on the edge of her cup took a tentative, halting sip of the hot liquid.  �Mummmmm that�s good.�  She said to no one.  �You have to pack a few things and get dressed as soon as you�re done so you will be ready when Julie gets here�mommy will help you.  Julie will be here in about an hour.�

After they had packed her small bag and Vicky had dressed her daughter, Vicky sat Kerry down on the side of her bed.  �Now you have to listen to me very carefully Baby.  Julie will be showing you some new things, things girl friends do to each other, some grown up things.  You don�t have to be scared of Julie I know she will always be nice to you but you have to remember this.  I want you to do whatever Julie tells you to do.  Do you understand, anything and everything, just do whatever she tells you to do, no arguments.  Now repeat that to me.�

Kerry smiled sweetly and repeated;� I have to do anything Julie says to do�.is that right Mommy?�

�Yes honey, that�s it and she may take you swimming with no clothes on� that�s OK too.�

�Just like in the bath tub�, Kerry thought that was funny and she giggled a bit.

�When you get home you can show me all the new things you learned.�  Then Vicky did something she had never done.  Sitting beside her daughter she placed a hand lightly against Kerry�s cheek bent down to the five year old and kissed her on the lips.  She kissed her twice, first with warm dry lips then a few seconds later with much warmer wet lips.  Her daughters lips were just as sweet as she had imagined, �Do you like to kiss like that Kerry?�

Kerry had been surprised by the new kind of kiss but had closed her eyes and liked it.  �Yes mom it was like in the movies.�

A knock at the front door startled both females.  That must be Julie,� Vicky said, �You can try the new kind of kiss on Julie if you want to Kerry, girl friends always kiss like that.�

Kerry met Julie at the front door with her small bag in one hand and Oscar in the other.  Her mother had dressed her in a light green and white summer sun skirt that ended above Kerry�s knees and had wide shoulder straps holding it up.  It was last year�s skirt and actually a little small for her now.  She had a simple white Tee shirt with a yellow flower and a blue humming bird.  Underneath she wore a pair of white lacy panties and a white undershirt.  She had on green sneakers and white socks with frills at the ankles.  Her long blonde hair was held at the back of her head by a green pom-pom.

�Hi Julie� she said a little shy.

�Hi Sweet heart, are you ready for a date with me?�  �My, don�t you look beautiful.  I think we should be girlfriends.�  �.what do you think Vicky?�  Julie knelt to touch Kerry�s face, her short black leather skirt riding up to mid thigh.  Even Vicky standing behind Kerry could see that Julie wasn�t wearing any panties, but Kerry didn�t seem to notice.  �I love your pretty skirt, Kerry,�  with a twinkle in her eye, she stared into Kerry�s eyes but found only welcome and openness, then she ran her hand over Kerry�s calf as she spoke, and was pleased that Kerry didn�t move away.

Vicky watched the beginning of the seduction of her daughter with open increased confidence.  Kerry showed no signs of being uncomfortable.

Vicky went down in the elevator with her daughter and Julie, then kissed her daughter good bye with a big squeeze and the final words.  �Remember honey do whatever Julie tells you to do�.and show her the new way you kiss when you get to the car.� 

Julie took Kerry by the hand and led her to her car parked at the curb.  Vicky had gone back into the condo, but was watching them out of view.

As they got settled with Mr. Oscar between them, Julie started the car but left it in park while she asked, what did you mother mean Honey about a new way to kiss?�

Kerry was of course still a little shy with Julie so she simple said in a tiny voice, �Oh she just showed me how girl friends kiss, that�s all.  Do you want a girl friend kiss?�

Julie smiled to herself, �oh how I want a girl-friend kiss you little cunt�, but aloud said, �Oh yes I would love that Kerry�.

Kerry knelt on the front seat of the car and put her arms around Julie�s neck and pushed her lips against Julie�s.  Julie was immediately turned on and grasping Kerry�s face between her hands and kissed her back.  The second kiss was much wetter and more serious than the first and included Julie�s tongue running over Kerry�s closed lips.

Kerry sat back down and smiled at Julie saying, �that was fun Julie�but mommy didn�t use her tongue�it felt weird but� fun weird.�

�I can teach you lots more at the cottage Honey� Julie moved the shift lever into drive but didn�t start move the car yet.  �We can start your lesions right now Kerry.  I want you to take off your panties and not wear any panties all week end.  Go ahead take them off and let me see your little pee hole.�

Kerry wasn�t sure at first but remembered her mother�s instructions and with a serious look wiggled out of her panties.  �OK no panties.�  She announced.

�Wonderful Kerry now buckle up and we can get going.�  She watched Kerry buckle her seat belt then reached over and pushed Kerry�s skirt up to her waist so she could clearly see her little girl cunt.

�What a good student you�re going to be Sweetie.  We are going to have a wonderful week end I can see that.�

A few minutes more and they were on the toll road heading east toward the sea side cottage.     Julie put the car on cruise control and relaxed.

�Did your mom tell you that girl friends do lots of neat thing that you may never have done before?�

Kerry looked at Julie with a bit of shyness in her demeanor�, yes she said you would teach me lots of cool stuff that girl friends do.  Are we really girl friends Julie?�  Calling her teacher by her first name felt really weird.

�Oh yes sweet heart, we are girl friends now.  Girl friends never hurt each other or tell other people what we do alone�except your mom of course.  We can do lots of grown up sexy things.�  Julie had a flash of a picture of Kerry kneeling nude with her butt in the air waiting for a tongue in her dark hole.

�That sounds nice, as long as my mom doesn�t get mad. �Kerry squirmed a bit.

�She won�t believe me Honey, she wants me to teach you.�  Julie thought to herself, �she wants your little girl cunt as bad as I do.�  �Right now why don�t you spread your legs so I can feel your pussy Kerry?�  Then without waiting Julie reached over and pushed Kerry�s thighs apart then ran a finger down Kerry�s slit touching the wetness.  She kept her eyes on the road but felt a rush of pleasure pass through her body.  She felt Kerry open her thighs even more and she risked a glance at the sweet little cunt.  �God Kerry you are beautiful.�  She moved her wet finger to her own mouth and sucked on it while Kerry watched her.  �And your cunt taste like honey-water.  Cunt is the the word grown up girl friends call their pee-hole.  Can you say cunt my little  sex-slave?�  Julie glanced again at Kerry and focused on her lips for just a second or so, she easily pictured those sweet, soft lips pushed against her pussy, drinking from her cunt.

Kerry was surprised to see Julie touch her pee-�cunt and then taste her wetness.  �Yes I can say cunt�that felt funny good when you put your finger in my cunt Julie.  You can do it some more if you want to, but isn�t that dirty to put in your mouth?�

�No Kerry it isn�t�it�s really clean and taste good too.�  You can touch my cunt too.  Julie wiggled her leather skirt up above her pussy, she wasn�t wearing any panties.  Realizing that Kerry was hesitating she took Kerry�s left had in her right hand and pushed it between her thighs.  She opened her thighs while continuing to drive.  �Feel my cunt Baby� do you want to be my girl slut Kerry?  These are the things friends do with each other Honey.

�Oh yes Julie I want to be whatever you want me to be.�  Kerry was confused about what to do first.  She had seen her mother�s pussy and kind of expected a lot of hair but there was just a little,  Julie evidently shaved it off Kerry decided�her own mom shaved some.  She could feel Julie�s wetness and enjoyed running her fingers up and down her teachers slit for a couple of minutes    .

�Does that feel nice Kerry?  I mean to feel my cunt like that?�

�Ya it gives me a funny feeling in my tummy Julie.  Do girl friends do this to each other all the time?�  Kerry could feel her teacher�s slickness and began to smell a faint smell of pussy.

�Yes Honey all the time.  It�s called fingering your girl friends pussy.�  Julie could fee Kerry�s finger squirming around with little direction between her legs.  �I can show you how to do that even better at the cottage.  Now why don�t you put your fingers in your mouth and taste my honey water.  I think you�ll like it a lot Kerry.  Do what your told Honey�remember you must do anything your told to do, because you�re my little sex slave for the week-end.�

Kerry put her fingers tentatively to her mouth, then slid them inside and sucked.

�Does my little sex slave like the taste of my cunt?�

Kerry smiled up at her and said, �Uumm-humm�it taste good Julie can I taste some more when we get to the cottage?�

�Yes I�d love you to Baby.  We have all week end to play girl-friend games.�



At the Beach

It had been hours since Vicky had bid good bye to her daughter Kerry and Kerry�s first grade teacher Julie.  She had tried to calm her nervousness with a strong drink without success.  Then she had gone shopping to quiet her imagination, but that hadn�t worked either.  Shortly after she lay in her family room and watched a movie that she didn�t care about and just fidgeted uncomfortable� only then did she surrender to her deepest desire.  Vicky went up to her bed room, striped off her clothes, and lay on her bed with her  favorite vibrator between her thighs and deep in her own steaming cunt.  Her hole was sopping wet, while, with her eye closed, she imagined her daughter having sex with Julie for the first time, perhaps at that very moment far away and out of her control.  She squirmed at the thought of Kerry having sex with Julie and all at her invitation.  She imagined her daughter screaming in sexual pleasure as Julie sucked at her young pussy giving her her first climax.  As she began her climax Vicky imagined Julie cumming in Kerry mouth and followed that with ounces of urine.  Minutes later Vicky was sound asleep her fingers lying limp between her thighs soaked in her own sticky sweetness. 

Pretty much, only her timing would have been wrong.  It had taken over four hours to get to the sea-side cabin.  The cabin Julie knew was always fully equipped and ready for use.  She and Kerry did stop for lunch and then to buy some fresh food for the week end.  Of course Julie hadn�t wasted the time in the car, but used it as a preview to what would happen later.  They had touched each other �like grown up girl-friends�, did.  And kissed a few times when the car wasn�t moving.

Kerry loved the cottage.  She could see the beach and the ocean from the living room and could hardly wait until she could go out to swim.  There were two bed rooms and a kitchen in addition to the living room.  Kerry wasn�t surprised when she asked about where she would sleep to find that it would be with Julie.  Julie turned on the electricity and the hot water, then they both put away the groceries that they had bought.  Kerry helped pick out bedding from the linen closet.  She picked pink lacy pillow cases and pink sheets.  She said that pink was Oscar�s favorite color.

There was a lot of laughing and girl play while they unpacked suite cases and groceries, and a bit of grabbing of Kerry�s panty-less ass.  Close to the cottage they had stopped to buy a take-out pizza (mushrooms for Julie and extra cheese for Kerry) and they finally settled in the kitchen to eat it and share some wine.  Julie had bought two bottles of a good Chianti and let Kerry drink the wine with a little water to dilute it.  They talked, giggled, and chomped away.  Finished with enough left over to have for breakfast Julie cleared the table and asked Kerry if she would like to play a grown up girl game.

�Sure �.I would �of course �is it about sex?�  Kerry smiled surprised when Julie told her ��No�.

�Well not exactly, maybe just a little.  We play like this�.�  She hesitated a moment surprised that Kerry had even used the word sex �perhaps it was the wine.  She had stayed away from the word on purpose not wanting to scare the five year old.  With a big smile Julie produced a pressurized can of Miracle-Whip she had bought earlier.  �The game goes like this Sweetie.  You put just a bit of cream on yourself where ever you want me to lap.  Then I have to lap away the cream using just my tongue.  Simple right?  Then when I do it, it is my turn to put a dab of cream where I want you to lap, O.K.? ��  She had planned this little diversion before the bed room to help the girl relax but now she wondered if she had really needed to have worried about it.

�OK�cool, that sounds like fun�do I go first?�  She had taken hold of the cold can.

�Sure Kerry you go first.�  Julie leaned closer to Kerry at the table; she was sitting next to her.  Kerry giggled as she contemplated where to put the sweet tasting cream. �I know she said� with a satisfied nod of her head.  She squeezed a bit of cream out of the can, a grape sized blob and put it on her baby smooth cheek, �there� she declared.

Julie smiled and leaned forward to lap away the cream.  �All gone�, she said, (she had added a small kiss at the end).  The kiss on the cheek was a signal of sorts to Kerry and she understood that this was not just a fun game that made her tummy feel happy� it was more.   

�My turn,�  Julie took the can and put a small blob on her ear lobe.

�That�s a funny place �said Kerry but bent to her task and lapped the cream away slowly as if she were an old hand at the game�she did in fact like it an deliberately took her time, enjoying the intimate touching with her tongue.

The tiny tongue on her ear lobe was like a drink of water to a thirsty lady.  Julie loved it and knew the night and week-end were going to go well.

The next dab went to Kerry�s ear lobe copying her teacher and she loved, loved, loved� the feeling of Julie lapping it away, this was a fun game. �This is fun Julie�.

Julie put her dab on her lips closed her eyes and just waited for the delightful little tongue.  It come in a moment and little by little by little� excruciatingly� torturously slowly lapped away the cream.  Julie could feel her cunt, hot between her legs, seething in its own juices, itching to be touched to be sucked.  Kerry felt a similar natural compulsion toward her new friend�she couldn�t get enough of Julie, but her lack of experience made it hard for her to understand the new feelings.

Kerry with a devilish giggle put sweet cream on her lips.  �Now you do it to me�,   she challenged Julie.  Kerry had nothing to worry about; Julie was more than pleased to accommodate her young friends wish.  Julie gently but firmly held Kerry�s face between her hands, she looked at the sweet face for a moment and keeping her eyes open to watch Kerry�s reaction touched her tongue to Kerry�s whipped cream covered lips.  Kerry, who had her eyes closed this time, smiled at the tender touch.  Julie affectionately lapped away more cream and then caught Kerry�s lower lip between her teeth and pulled it gently; quickly she covered Kerry�s mouth with her own and pushed her tongue into the first grader�s mouth.  �This is to good�, she said to herself.  Her tongue played with Kerry�s small tongue and tasted the girl�s syrupy delicious saliva. 

They played the game a while longer but not as long as Julie had planned.  She needed her new little girl-toy in her bed quickly.  The sexual tension the the pretty teacher felt was more than she could stand.  The sweet torture of waiting was just to unbearably sweet/painful and Julie had to get on with it.  Smelling a fragrant bloom was fine but seeing it, touching it, and owning it completely was now her almost fanatical desire.     

�Come along Kerry lets go into the bed room and we can play some other girl friend games.�  Julie took Kerry�s small hand and walked her down the short hall.

�Are we going to play the games in bed Julie?�  Kerry her blond hair bouncing, as she half danced, half walked, along looking up at Julie.  Kerry was indeed a beautiful child her blue eyes questioned Julie while her smile said she was happy and delighting in her new friendship.  

Julie answered her as they turned the corner into the master bed room.  �Yes �that would be the most comfortable don�t you think?�

�I guess so.  Julie I really like being with you.�  Kerry jumped up and sat on the edge of the king sized bed, and bounced there for a moment, �what happens first Julie?�

Julie bent forward and kissed Kerry�s nose, �well �first�, she said while fingers of her hand barely touching the girls chin, held her gaze�� first we get undressed.�   

�Goody� Kerry said with a giggle and pulled off a sneaker.

�No Honey not like that, you undress me and then I undress you.  That�s a lot more fun.  Have you ever seem a big girl undressed?�

Kerry suddenly had a serious look on her face.  �Una una�maybe mommy a little but you know, I couldn�t see everything.�

�Well I�ll let you see everything.  So why don�t you start by taking my clothes off.  You can see everything and touch anything too, go ahead sweetie start with my shirt.

Kerry kicked off her other sneaker and stood up on the bed.  �O.K., it�s a pretty blouse Julie.�  Julie held her arms at her sides and watched Kerry with amusement. 

The little girl started slowly to unbutton the shirt with a concentration she seldom showed.  Carefully she slowly unbuttoned one button at a time and inch by inch Julie�s blouse opened, revealing a very sexy silk and satin lacy bra.  Kerry looked up at Julie with a bit of question in her eyes.

�That O.K. Sweetheart�I want you to take all my clothes off.�

Kerry went back to her task encouraged by Julie words and finished unbuttoning Julie�s blouse.  Julie shrugged off the thin blouse and watched as Kerry stared at her bra encased tits.  �You like my big boobs don�t you Kerry?�  She glanced at Kerry as she turned around, �I bet you do.  Just un-hook the hook in back and you can see my tity�s all naked.�  Julie felt Kerry fumbling then her bra fell loose.  She let it slide down her arms and drop to the floor then she turned around letting Kerry get her first look.  Julie�s nipples had been hard since she had picked up Kerry that morning but they seemed to be even more erect as Kerry examined them.  She was thrilled and amazed.   

Kerry looked on more curious than astonished.  She had seen some pictures of tits in her mom�s magazines but this was different.  This was live and this was her friend and first grade teacher, Julie.  She couldn�t believe how big they were�really, really big.  They were soft looking and all curves�somehow sexy, that is if that is what sexy meant, Kerry wasn�t sure.  She looked carefully at Julies nipples.  Each nipple appeared purplish-black and the circle around them was a shade of light brown.  She reached out to touch them, stopped and looked at Julie, then went on and gently touched the hard nipple.

Julie was loving this part, the part where she could show her body to a female five year old.  She wanted to touch Kerry but didn�t want to break the magic of the girl�s enjoyment of her tits.  She softly swung her tits to show Kerry how they looked moving and then when Kerry had wanted to touch her she had nodded yes.  The joy and amazement in the girls eyes as she looked on and then touched flooded Julie�s cunt with a fresh supply of juice.

�Why don�t you suck one of the nipples Honey?  That�s what they�re for and you�ll like the taste and feel.  Suck it and touch it with your tongue.

�O.K.�  Kerry said as she used two hands to grasp Julie�s right tit and pull the nipple into her mouth.  She sucked gently not wanting to hurt Julie and pushed back and forth over the rubbery nipple with her tongue.  �Does that hurt you Julie (?),�Kerry asked looking up at Julie, �and you�re right it dose taste good.�

�I�m glad �why don�t you do the other one now Honey and then you can finish undressing me.�

�Alright but I want to suck your tity�s again later�.can I do that?�  She began to suck on the left nipple.

�Of course you can suck on it all night if you want to.�

Finished Kerry jumped down from the bed and began to take off Julie�s black leather skirt.  Prompted a bit by Julie she unbuckled the thin belt and unzipped the zipper on her hip.  That was all and the soft black leather skirt drifted down folding on itself to the floor.  Julie turned slowly in a circle to let Kerry see all of her.  The thrill she felt in her stomach was the best ever�the feeling of the little eyes admiring her tits or her lace panty covered ass was practically disarming.  She knew she had a good body and loved that Kerry liked it too.  More than liked Kerry seemed to Julie to be fascinated and that fascinated Julie, every nerve in her body tingled.    

�You can take down my panties Kerry,� offered her eyes sparkled �her tongue slyly poked out to moisten her lips.  

Kerry looked up at Julie not so much for permission as to reassure herself with Julie�s smile, her fingers already sliding under the elastic of Julie�s panties.  Julie helped some by swaying her hips and in no time her white lace panties were on the floor.  Kerry stared at Julie�s cunt.  There only a small patch of hair, the rest had been carefully removed.  The thin tan lips were not a lot different from Kerry except in size and the fact that Kerry�s pussy lips were pink almost transparent.  Julie�s garter belt and hose were still in place�forgotten for the time being.

�You can touch my cunt Honey�kiss it if you want to.�  Julie was pleased that her first sight of an adult cunt hadn�t seemed to surprise Kerry and she seemed really interested in looking at it without embarrassment.

Kerry put her hands on Julie�s thighs and hesitated.  �Go ahead Sweetie give my pussy a big girlfriend kisses�.  Julie held her breath as the five year old bent forward and gave her swollen outer lips a quick kiss.  It was tentative, it was just a peck but� it was wonderful�Julie�s mind felt like it would explode.

�That was so nice Kerry; I just know we are going to be such great friends.  Julie swayed and did a slow rotation forgetting how absurd it would look to an outsider to watch the show, a grown woman exposing herself to a young child, exhibiting herself for sexual satisfaction.  Julie loved it, and the perversion part� most of all.

Kerry like looking at her first grade teacher.  It gave her a wonderful feeling in her tummy �it was not just fun but exciting in a way she really didn�t fully understand but certainly felt.  It was a little scary but she knew Julie wouldn�t hurt her and her mother had told her to do whatever she was told to do.  Even in class she had noticed (everyone had noticed), that Julie�s butt was very curvy and now she could see it for herself.  Naked it was very pretty and Kerry ran her hands over Julie�s ass while she slowly turned, then as Julie hesitated to give Kerry a good look she just naturally bent forward and kissed Julie�s smooth pink ass cheek.

The small hands on her ass and the tiny kiss sent shivers down Julie�s back and made her cunt drip.  �Oh Baby you make me want to make girlfriend love so bad�your to much�the good way to much.  Now it�s my turn to take off your clothes O.K.?�  

�Sure if you want to.  Then we will be bare naked together�and we can kiss right?�  Kerry popped back up on the bed and held her hands over her head so Julie could pull off her Tee shirt.

�Yes bare naked is what we�ll be.  Let me slip off the skirt straps first Sweetheart.�  Julie slid off Kerry�s skirt shoulder straps and her skirt fell onto the bed�now the little sex toy was standing nude from the waist down.  Julie stared at her and almost drooled��Dam girl, look at you, I can see Kerry�s bare cunt and her bare ass too� yummy.  I want to kiss you down there Kerry�O.K.�

Kerry giggled and felt warm all over.  �Sure if you want to��

�I certainly do but let�s get your top off first.�  She lifted off the Tee shirt and then the white undershirt.  Kerry�s nipples were nickel size tan circles on her very white chest.  The nipples themselves were a slightly pinker tan shade and they seemed aroused.  �What nice tity�s you have little girl�I think your teacher would like to kiss and suck them.  In fact I think your teacher wants to make love to you right now.�

Julie wrapped her arms around Kerry and pulled her as close as possible to her then holding her tight in her arms she moved a step away from the bed.  She kissed Kerry hard and long forcing, with little resistance, her tongue into Kerry�s mouth.  It was one of the most delicious kisses Julie had ever had.  Kerry sucked on her teachers tongue and let their saliva mix freely� mixing like honey and butter.  Kerry wrapped her legs around Julie�s waist and hooked her ankles together in back.  She thrilled to the feeling of Julie�s big tits pressing against her tummy.

Julie kept their lips locked together as she swayed back and forth, her little passenger had wrapped her legs around her, and she could feel Kerry�s wet cunt against her belly�that was driving her crazy.  Julie ended their kissing dance by sitting down on the edge of the bed and lying down backward.  She rolled over finally breaking the kiss. 

�Oh Kerry I love being with you like this �you are so sexy to me�my nipples are hard for you and my cunt is dripping wet just for you too.  I want you to be my girl friend.  Will you be my girl friend?�

�Yes I like you too Julie�I want to be your girl friend.�

�Wonderful Honey�and do you want to do sexy things together�secret things, just between you, me, and your mother?�

�Yes �yes I want to.  I�ll only tell Mommy and Oscar, he�s sitting on the table watching us ya know?  Is it alright with my Mommy?�

�Oh yes she wants me to teach you, to teach you to make girlfriend sex.�

�Then I want to do all those things.�

Julie didn�t say anything else but just rolled over and put Kerry in the middle of the giant bed with her head on a pillow.  �This is what you have to do first Sweet heart.  Pull your knees back toward your chest and hold them there with your hands.  Now spread your legs apart Honey so I can see your pretty cunt open like a flower.  That�s it just like that.�

For a moment Julie just stared at Kerry�s open pussy, she loved little girl pussy and Kerry�s was the nicest she had seen.  �Oh fuck Baby girl you are perfect.�  She used her fingers to open Kerry�s cunt a bit further. The subtle changes in color from pink to soft red to flaming red excited her even more.  She smiled at Kerry as she put her middle finger into her mouth sucked on it a moment then removing the saliva covered finger, slowly pushed it up Kerry�s ass hole.  �Don�t fight my finger Kerry just relax your hole and in a minute it will begin to feel real good.�  Kerry did relax and in a moment Julie�s finger was moving in and out of Kerry ass.  While she fingered the girls dark hole she bent and began to suck on one of her nipples.  She pulled on it gently and flipped it back and forth with the tip of her tongue.  Then she moved to the girls mouth and kissed her gently she bit on her lip as Kerry moaned her approval, she run her tongue all over Kerry�s lips and into the corners of her mouth.  Removing her finger from Kerry�s ass she introduced the finger to Kerry�s mouth where it was enjoyably received.

�You are such a little slut Kerry �just like me.  We are girlfriend sluts.�  She gently rolled Kerry�s nipples between her fingers and watched the wave of pleasure that washed over Kerry�s face.  Kerry continued to hold her legs up and open evidently comfortable.  Julie slid lower and flicked her tongue along the edges of Kerry�s pussy.  She used her finger to open the five year old cunt further and began to lap, lick, taste and fuck her with her tongue.  Kerry tasted like honey water to her.  Kerry�s clit was bigger than Julie had imagined and she sucked on it for a few minutes until Kerry became very excited wiggled and thrashed pushing her cunt into Julie�s face.  Then a moment later pushed Julie�s head away.  �Oh stop, stop�, Kerry pleaded ��it feels so funny�stop please stop I can�t breathe�oh Julie what was that feeling?�

Julie lifted her head smiling at her small charge, she moved up close to her face.  �That little one is what we can call�, she took time to kiss Kerry�s nose and finished ��the beginning�, then she covered Kerry�s mouth with her own.   



The Final Lesson

For the next ten minutes they lay together kissing gently, touching.  Finally Julie pushed herself up on one elbow.  She stroked Kerry�s pretty blond hair and pushed it back behind her ear.  She smiled then kissed her on the forehead and asked.  �Are you O.K. now Honey?� 

�Umm-Humm, I feel good�.warm and fuzzy.  I like girl friend loving Julie.  I love you.�  Then she smiled at Julie.

�And I love you Sweetheart�ready for your next lesion?  It�s your turn to make me feel good; grownups call that super feeling cumming�.  OK?�

�Yep�.OK.  What do we do now?�

�You get down between my legs Kerry and I�ll show you what to do.�  Both females got into position.  Julie put a pillow against the back board of the bed and rested back against it.  Kerry mimicking what she had seen Julie do lay parallel between Julie�s legs.  She could see that Julie�s pussy lips were swollen and wet.

Julie spread open her cunt lips with her fingers.  �See what a pussy looks like Kerry?�

�Ya its really red �.and it looks warm and wet�it�s cool.�

�OK- see this little thing that looks like a small finger.  It�s my clit.  It�s kind of stiff now because it is horny for you.�

�For me?  Really Julie?�

�Yes just for you!  I want you to kiss my pussy and then to suck on my clit for a few minutes.  That is how I get that neat feeling you got from me.  The only thing I want to warn you about Honey is this.�  She looked deeply into Kerry�s eyes�, when I cum sweetie my pussy gets really wet and keeps dripping juice for a minute or two.  I want you to be sure to swallow all my juice even if I pee a little in your mouth�..understand just keep swallowing.�

�OK �I�ll do it just like you said.�  Kerry wondered if she really could drink all the juice and pee but she would try.

Kerry started by taking a long lap up the length of Julie�s slit. It was in fact what she had seen Julie do to her.  It tasted a bit sweet and a bit salty but not really much taste at all.  She replaced Julie�s fingers with her own and liked the feel of Julie�s flesh under her fingers.  She took several more licks before she remembered the kiss and she kissed the clit twice with little pecks.  �Does that feel good yet Julie?�

Julie had her head back now with her eyes closed, �Oh God yes Sweetie. Keep doing whatever it is your doing.�

Kerry did continue for a few minutes then she began to suck Julie�s clit.  As soon as she did Julie stiffened a little, looked down at Kerry with a big smile.  She reached down and threaded her fingers into Kerry�s long yellow hair and pulled her face close to her cunt.  �Do it baby, do it for Julie, suck my cunt you little devil�suck it�suck it good.  That�s it honey now touch my clit with your tongue �yes like that�perfect.�  Julie could barely stand it she was in heaven the girl between her thighs was what she had hoped for since before she had met the mother.  It was everything she had dreamed it might be.  �Oh Baby suck it some more� suck Julie�s pussy...that�s a good sex slave�a little faster Sweetie a little faster �yes, yes..�  Still looking down she felt herself losing control then the rockets started to explode in her brain and she pulled Kerry�s head tight against her cunt and started to cum. �God faster �faster�harder Kerry harder.�  She thrust her cunt up into Kerry�s face as tight as possible.

Kerry drank in Julie�s juice a quickly as she could but more kept cumming.  Her bigger problem was that it was becoming hard to get a breath of air. Then Julie seemed to finish she spread her legs even more and watched as Kerry cleaned up the last of her juice.

�Now one last thing honey, lay down facing up�I want you to lap all around my butt hole�do it a few times�.I love the feeling of a little tongue on my hole.  Then I want to pee in your mouth a little bit.�  Kerry didn�t hesitate a second as she rolled over so Julie could squat over her face.  Facing Kerry�s feet it made putting her ass hole close to Kerry�s mouth very easy.  Kerry acted like a professional and rimmed Julie perfectly�Julie just sighed.  Kerry�s little tongue glided over Julie�s hole slowly several times clockwise, tested the tightness once and several times she retraced her hole counter-clockwise.  It took only a minor adjustment for Julie to position her cunt over Kerry�s mouth.

A moment later Kerry felt the first of Julie�s pee begin to fill her mouth.  It wasn�t a flood of urine but a slow golden flow.  Kerry found it not unpleasant and swallowed it easily, she swallowed several times.  A minute later Julie was finished and laid down beside her first grade student.  She pulled a sheet over the both of them and turned out the bed side light.  Kerry was asleep in a few moments.  Julie thought about what a wonderful day they had, had and all the good things she would tell Kerry�s mother on the phone in the morning.  She was sure that Kerry had enjoyed her first girl-girl experience and they still had two full days.  �Oh my she� thought, �that little five year old mouth is going to be very tired of all the pussy sucking she will be doing.  But she can rest her mouth in school during the week�.  She smiled and drifted off to sleep




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